BIG IDEAS – How to Make Big Money in Bad Times… and More!

I have made several appearances on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch (this month’s SUCCESS cover feature). On the show, we addressed key issues for not only how to survive as an entrepreneur during tough times, but how to actually rise above the competition and make this your time of greatest opportunity.

We have compiled some of these important discussions and made the abridged (2-3 minutes each) video clips available for you.

Video 1 – How to Make Big Money in Bad Times

Tips Include:

  • Five specific reasons why this economy is the best time for entrepreneurs
  • Making real estate riches in recessionary times
  • How to explain these tough times to vendors and employees
  • Finding and hiring top talent

Video 2 – The Art of Taking Risks

Tips Include:

  • How to build a side business while being employed full time
  • How to go about taking risk
  • How to ask for a raise
  • How to transfer PR to product sales
  • Taking your new idea to market

Video 3 – Reinventing Yourself

Tips Include:

  • How to go about finding a partner
  • Getting the edge on tough competitors
  • Handling offshore technology vendors
  • How to engage sponsors into your Big Idea

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8 responses to “BIG IDEAS – How to Make Big Money in Bad Times… and More!”

  1. […] [DARREN HARDY] Benjamin, congratulations on your ambition, diligence to take this process seriously and for finding a great company like ACN to associate with. Direct sales is what I did at 18 years old to start making a six-figure income so you have found an excellent vehicle to help you realize your goals. And yes, when you are young with fewer responsibilities (spouse, children, etc.) you can swing for the fences and have a little more reckless abandon than those who have a family to consider. If if you go bust, the only person affected is you and you can chalk it up to the price of entrepreneurial tuition. Go for it Benjamin!! Video on the Art of Taking Risks […]

  2. I love the positiveness of this site and videos. In my fitness marketing business and my 24 hour gym business, i have used cheap marketing techniques to make more money in these hard times than i did when the economy was going great, all i can say is it’s all in your attitude and the way you market your business, but right now, keep marketing while your competition is saving their money because when your attitude is positive, you dont worry about all the money you spend on getting your message to your prospects and you will end up in front of your competition.
    thanks, shannon cook fitness marketing expert

  3. Darren,

    Just a quick note to let you know how much I loved the clips that you provided from Donny Deutsch’s TV show which address some of today’s business concerns.

    Video 1 was especially inspiring.

    Kudos on all that you have accomplished and on the super job that you and your team are doing with Success magazine.

    Keep it coming!

    Scott Bruyea
    Toronto, Canada

  4. Hi my name is Kathy Jager, and I’m a fun, passionate hairdresser from Chicago. I love your magazine and want to share with you how I was inspired by your articcles to host a fundraiser in my salon called ‘Dresses for Dignity” this was created to help support the Fistula Foundation. Kathy Jager

  5. How to Make Big Money in Bad Times

    Answer was —- Change your mindset to Success. Stay away the thinking of fail. If they thinking of success then big money will come to their bucket with full of water and woll be overflow out of the bucket.

    Change the mindset to success is power of change. Most people ask me how to change the mindset. I say go get Success Magazine and also go to Success’s website there a store with many book, dvd, cd and more. those is best tool that can help people’s mindset change to success.

    That it.

    Jennifer Pearsall