The Revolution of the Mind – Take back your mind and take back control of your life

The one thing that separates humans from all other animals is our mind—our ability to think, and especially, to think for ourselves. It is our most powerful asset. But many people have lost their minds… or at least complete control over them.

The mind produces your expectancy, which manifests your reality, your life and lifestyle. Whoever or whatever is controlling your mind is also controlling your life. Every day we are bombarded with other people trying to access, persuade and influence our minds. Who are these other people? They write news headlines, radio and TV commercials, billboard messages, e-mail offers, Internet pop-ups and direct mail solicitations. They also are politicians, teachers, and even (and sometimes most especially) your parents, friends and colleagues. All of them, at some level, want to control, or at least influence, your mind.

Whoever or whatever is controlling your mind is also controlling your life.

It’s time to take back control of your mind so you can take back your life. Stop letting other people influence your attitude, your hope for the future and your potential to do something great. Stop letting the media influence your health choices, relationship outlook, business expectations and spending habits. Identify what you might have given up control over. In the December issue of SUCCESS (now on newsstands!) we show you how to take control of your relationships, your finances, your business, your health, your time, and, most especially, your mind.

As our good friend Donny Deutsch says at the opening of his CNBC show The Big Idea:

“Now, more than ever, it’s time to take control of your life, because in today’s world you can’t count on anyone for success but you!”

Live on your terms with your values, your standards and your decisions about the world. This is the only way to live a free, abundant, peaceful and joyful life.

Join the revolution! Liberate your mind and take back control of your life!

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25 responses to “The Revolution of the Mind – Take back your mind and take back control of your life”

  1. NO what separates us from animals isnt our ability to speak! other animals can do that to, actually most in fact! (wolves, dolphins, most whales, elephants and you name it) It is one our ability to think (our minds) and two THE OPPOSABLE THUMB! Think about it… how would we have faired as a species without the thumb and consequently no griping???? Just thought i’d and in my two sense!

  2. thanks for the revolutionary advice..i love to be seperated from the masses!! i appreciate all the fullfilling articles.
    Alvaro M.

  3. this is timely and handy for people to realize that we are just as good as mind
    i.e a bad mind produces a bad result! more often than not output is always fashioned after input…let us control our minds and then our llives can be rightly positioned for excellence!

  4. I take the Magazine and really enjoy every article and watch the DVD’s. It amazes me how they fit right in with “The Slight Edge”

  5. As the saying goes,god has given all that is needed for Man,if he is not ready to take it ,no one can do anything .Thank God for sending me daily inputs for a strong life and in this turbulent times,we need these kind of strong motivation to keep moving and getting things done.
    Am sure this will give the energy like Multi vitamins for the body everyday and i thank god and glod bless you all for the effort.

  6. Wow, what a way to think. Really worth sharing.
    Thanks for showing us that dimension of life and KEEP IT UP.

  7. I went from losing my job, house, cars, and a divorce, then I started reading all your books, and this magazine, and it has changed my life for the best. I now have a good job, and I’m starting a film school in Las Vegas, and a production company. My dream is to get into Hollywood, and we got George Clooney to read one of feature scripts. Thanks for putting all this out there. Law Of Attraction got to love it.

  8. Thanks for all the beautiful words and thoughts of sharing and incouragement.
    in todays world we certainly don’t hear or speak much of it unless you connect yourself with people like yourselves to hear it and share the great possibilities that are still out their for the taken. I’ve had this subscribtion for almost a year know and have mist listenning to some of my cd but I can’t say that I have’t injoyed every single one I’ ve listened to. Thanks for being out there and keeping me thinking and energyed. Sincerely Alphena

  9. SIMPLE TRUTHS, yet so many individuals are so unaware of the power our own individual thoughts and words have to create and to destroy our present realities.I have recently had a “prodical son” experience, i CHOICE to walk with individuals who had very unhealthy attitudes towards life and society(against my beautiful mothers best wishes). What i did notice was how draining of my life force energy it was to be in their presence and how preverlant amongst them was the stronghold of negative poison they chose to think and speak into their very existence(unknowingly or ignorantly).I only hope and pray they oneday see the beauty in the light of our minds as i now choose to see.Our inner light is truely a gift, worthy of a life committed to making it shine.It need only start with one positive thought followed by another then another,it’s that easy.

    Thankyou for your article,it was the conformation i needed.GOD BLESS

  10. Thanks for all the great work. I know that when we have positive thoughts, we perform better and have better lives. I’m living proof. When I have wallowed in self pity, I have failed even more. When I have pushed on with faith, I have succeeded with God’s help. I love your newsletter and you magazine.

  11. What a fantastic article! It always amazes me that I can relate to so many of your articles. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to join this insightful newsletter.

    Thanks again Darren for the wonderful information.

    Lynn Burchard

  12. Life gives us a choice but not necessarily the outcome of that choice. This is where attitude come into play. Attitude is what controls our mind and our life. It’s so simple, that it’s mind boggling to some.
    Just like with our computers, you put garbage in you will get garbage out.

  13. I agree with this point.

    We have to control ourselves by feeding our mind and heart with those thoughts, emotions and feelengs which we need to live a happy life.

    Have a nice day 😉


  14. Wow! Your article is great. I have only been introduced to positive thinking, personal development and articles like yours for about 1 year now. I have a brand new life now. I wake up excited to start the day because, like your article ,I am now taking control of my life , sorting out negatives in my life (not too easy sometimes) and I now am setting up a site to sell personal development products. Will I make money? Probably, but in the meantime I am meeting wonderful and exciting people like you, following my passion and the gifts God gave me while at the same time, replacing negative with positive relationships.
    I now am in circumstances that build me in one way or the other. Thank you and I greatly appreciate you and your article.

  15. Success.. “its not reached by chance, its reached by choice…”
    the comprehension sometimes plays a trick with me, and i want to get over that!

    So i think that living at the house and im 19 has been a distraction. I want to be successful but i still haven’t had a focused path yet on what i want to do. Im going for my business major. Im at a jr college right now and i want to transfer to UC berk or SDSU.

    Since im still a little undecided on what i want to do, what things could i be doing everyday to build a foundation within myself and gain more knowledge.

  16. Hey Darren,

    Great post … nothing is truer than you are what you think … period. However there is one element I would like to add and it is this.

    Another thing that separates us from the animal kingdom is our ability to speak. In the biblical account of creation it says “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Gen 1:27” … the Hebrew translation goes on to say that God “created another speaking spirit”

    While thinking is crucial, speaking out what we think is taking life to a new level. Zig Ziglar has been teaching this for years …

    To see radical change we must verbalize our thoughts … in the animal kingdom a duck is a duck is a duck a no amount of quacking will ever change that … but with mankind we can speak our destiny into existence. What we say can change not only our lives but the lives of those around us.

    Great thinkers have given us thoughts to ponder, but great men have spoken words that have changed the course of history.