Workaholics Anonymous—A 12-Step Program of Recovery and Personal Transformation (1st Quarter Check-up)

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First Quarter Check-Up

We have finished the first quarter (three steps out of 12) on our journey to workaholic recovery and personal transformation. Now is a good time to ask yourself: How am I doing?

Take a moment to assess whether you are just reading along or really integrating these steps into your life. If you are integrating the steps, how consistently are you doing so? I ask this question because I have not been as faithful to my declarations as I need to be. I have fallen off the wagon one, two… OK, maybe a dozen times over the past month.

There were several times when my addictions got the best of me. I have gotten involved in projects I shouldn’t have because I couldn’t let go of control. I checked my e-mail too many times, worried I was missing something. I allowed distractions when I knew better. I said yes to things I promised myself to say no to. I fussed over small projects when I knew I shouldn’t. I also didn’t spend enough time thinking about big-picture items and giving enough effort to the vital few factors necessary for the major progress I seek.

Here is a self-assessment you can take. Answer “True” or “False” to the questions below.

  1. Since I started the 12-step program, I have checked my e-mail less than three times each day.
  2. Of the 10 projects I committed to stop doing, I have done none since.
  3. I have written down two to three major objectives for each day, and spent 80 percent or more of my time only on those objectives.
  4. I have said no to at least five requests I would have said yes to in the past.
  5. I have not tolerated the piercing of any boundary I have set.
  6. I have calculated my time’s value, and have spent each hour of each day on activities of equal or greater value.
  7. I have not let any distraction enter my declared family/personal time.
  8. I have stuck 100 percent to my health and fitness plan.
  9. I have stayed out of all meetings that were not in alignment with my major objectives.
  10. I have not conducted any personal business during productive work hours.
  11. I have stayed out of all gossip and negative conversations.
  12. I have slept at least seven to eight hours each night.

How’d you do? I’d say if you are on track with two or three objectives, you are doing pretty well and are already starting to experience some great personal transformation. What if you only got one… or struck out completely? It’s exactly why we are pausing to check in here. What’s important is to not let this slippery slope continue.

If you have fallen off the wagon, it’s important to dust yourself off and get back on. It’s a new month and an opportunity for a fresh start. Imagine the big “Reset” button being pushed, and you are starting anew. From today forward, the goal is to say true to all the questions above each day, each week and each month. Every day you get out of bed and your feet hit the floor is a chance to go 12 for 12.

Use this week to get yourself back on track and back into the rhythm of stress-free, high-value productivity. We will continue with Step 4 next week.

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  1. Anirudh says:

    Fantastic and very very relevant follow up !

    Though i got just 2-3 from the 12, the questions being asked will keep me in check.

    I agree with Gloria, you indeed doing a good job !


  2. Gloria Christiansen says:

    I will use this week to get myself fack on track. I only got done two.
    Thank you for this awesome follow up. I needed it. What a great job you are doing.

    God bless you!

  3. Dr Dick Mitchem says:

    I read all twelve questions and did really well. Not perfect but better than last year when I worked 60 plus hours a week. I spent little time with friends, gym or even outside. I was so involved in work that it became ” easy” to forget all of life’s other benefits.
    In reflecting I am reminded that God gave us time. Our time is a true measurement of who we are. How we spend it tells volumes about our character and desires. I am also reminded that God gave us 24 hour days and 365 days a year. If we fail one day then we fine tune our process and try harder the next day. Can you imagine if we had only one day to get it right and failed?
    I want to thank Success magazine for providing insight into living not only and successful life but a complete one as well.

    Dr Dick Mitchem

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