Recession Gives Rise to the NEW Wealthy

Strike while the iron is hot!

THIS IS the time of greatest opportunity for entrepreneurs.

I am serious – you need to heed this call to action. This is not some Pollyanna, head-in-the-clouds statement – this is a fact of history.


“Old money” failures give way to “new money” opportunities:

Every so often our capital structure “purges” and the existing deck of power, those holding and controlling the wealth, gets reshuffled. Those once-dominant institutions with existing critical mass, whose tentacles are deeply entrenched throughout the supply chain, controlling the market, get busted up.

I’m sure it also seemed like a terrible “crisis” when the dinosaurs died out – NOT for the smaller animals, that’s when they flourished! Pay attention… those that once ruled the earth are dying out and the top of the market kingdom is wide open!

Some of the greatest companies of our time were born during recessions or depressions:

Hyatt Corp., Sports Illustrated – recession of 1950s.
– recession of 1970s.
CNN, MTV – recession of 1980s.

16 of 30 Dow Companies – started in recession or depression.
Procter & Gamble, Disney, Alcoa, McDonald’s, General Electric and Johnson & Johnson.

See a Video on: Why Now?

New problems for entrepreneurs to solve:

Additionally, these economic shakeups create problems and social shifts. Problems are the food of life for the entrepreneur. The basic formula for entrepreneurialism is “find a problem and solve it.” Well, there are a ton of new problems that didn’t exist just a year or two ago. There is boundless opportunity for the problem solver!

Here is what you need: an economic adrenaline shot:

You need to jump-start your opportunity mindset and rejuvenate your creative energy. In a little more than three weeks, several thousand motivated, ambitious-minded entrepreneurs are coming to Dallas for our SUCCESS Symposium. The ideas you could gain, the people you could meet and the creative energy shot you will get from being in this room can truly change your life – and help you seize this important moment in time!

What I wrote about the SUCCESS Symposium in the March 2009 issue of SUCCESS:

“Twenty-one years ago I was invited to a seminar, and that day changed my life forever,” says SUCCESS publisher Darren Hardy. “When I am asked about the single, defining moment that changed the course and trajectory of my life, it is this one event that has made my life since then possible. Can a single day, a single event have that kind of impact? I am here to tell you it can.”

Whether you want to make a small improvement in one area of your life or give your life – and business – a complete overhaul, this one day could make it happen.

See article in: Digital Edition of SUCCESS

What is the value of obtaining a single idea?

A single idea has given birth to great enterprises and created vast fortunes. What would you pay to get an idea, refine the skill or meet the person that changes the trajectory of your life and helps you become wealthy and financially independent? On March 28 we are going to be doling out a parade of those ideas to a room of high-caliber, ambitious-minded leaders ready to take charge and take advantage of their futures.

I invite you to join us.

Now more than ever an event like this can have a life-changing impact on what’s possible for you and your future. Don’t miss it. Order a ticket for you and for anyone you need to be successful for your business to be successful. Keep in mind that seating is very limited and tickets are selling fast. For more information and to secure your seats now, go to or call 877.243.8383.

Below I have pasted a letter written by Jim Rohn International about the upcoming SUCCESS Symposium:

12 Lifetime Rewards You’ll Gain from Attending the SUCCESS Symposium

1. You will discover ways to grow as a leader.
2. You will be inspired to elevate your life and business to the next level.
3. You will have the opportunity to network with other top achievers from all over the U.S. and the world.
4. You will learn from great minds committed to your success.
5. You will gain insight into creating wealth and attaining financial independence.
6. You will rediscover your hidden strengths and talents.
7. You will learn how to take responsibility for attaining your life dreams.
8. You will refine your personal philosophy to positively affect all aspects of your life.
9. You will discover the power of influence.
10. You will learn the benefits of helping others to achieve their goals.
11. You will gain important advice on how to be a more effective communicator for business and personal success.
12. You will experience a defining moment in your life!

All incredible rewards that last a lifetime. And your time investment is just one day!
Don’t wait. Make your plans now to attend the SUCCESS Symposium.

To your SUCCESS!
The Jim Rohn Intl. Team

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16 responses to “Recession Gives Rise to the NEW Wealthy”

  1. I am thoughroughly enjoying your magazines!!! Can you add more articles for women in the entertainment arena?
    Thank you.

  2. I attended the first symposium with my then 17 year old son. Both our lives were changed. He is now 18 in college and working with me in my herbalife business. Designing his own life………within 3 weeks he has sold over 600.00 worth of products , gained 5 customers and see’s the future as a bright one. Thank you for continuing to educate and show others to think and grow beyond one’s wildest dreams.
    Jen Micheli

  3. Darren, I just heard you on the channel 5 news in Dallas speaking about teaching children about what it means to be in recession. I have 3 sons age 9, 7 and 5. Yesterday we made lawn business flyers and passed them around our subdivision and before we returned to the house…they had a neighbor call wanting to hire them. They completed their work within 2 hours of passing out the flyers, delivered an invoice for the work, and deposited their first profits in the bank. America is still alive for the entrepreneur!

    [FROM DARREN HARDY] Mark, that is awesome!! You are doing their future a great favor by teaching them entrepreneurialism now! They are lucky to have such a great dad!

  4. I agree with you on this. When times get tough, people are looking for an opportunity to not only get out of this situation, but to better prepare them for the next round.

  5. Wishing you well in this training. We shall forever remain grateful for your enormous contribution

  6. Great article and an even greater event Darren.

    I am bringing a couple of hundred people. It will be a barn burner. The iron is hot…and never been hotter for our residual income opportunities. It is time to strike with a million velvet hammers.

  7. It sounds like a superb event. But not all of us can benefit — not because of the speakers or content. It’s because of the inability to get that content. It’d be great if people can share their notes for those of us who can’t make the most of the event.

  8. Thanks for the reminder. I am not bitching, I just do not have any money.
    I am on a fixed income ($1,000.00) month. A Veteran. I will continue to read
    my hero…Earl Nightingale and Jim Rohn. I try to keep a PMA Clement Stone
    attitude and I am looking forward to the next one!
    Please continue to send the Success Stores and other motivational stories.

  9. I just heard you speak in St. Louis for the MonaVie Team convention and you were absolutely amazing. The passion in your speech resonates through your blog. As an up and coming entrepreneur, I was inspired when I read the following comment “Problems are the food of life for the entrepreneur. The basic formula for entrepreneurialism is “find a problem and solve it.”.

    Keep up the great posts!

    Vikash Shah

  10. I’m with you, Darren. Now is the Time for New Money Creation! Opportunity is NOWHERE; seen another way…Opportunity is NOW – HERE — eResumes4Vips