In a Word—WOW! Lessons, Laughs and Key Takeaways from This Weekend’s SUCCESS Symposium

What a sensational event! More than 2,000 people came from all over the world-20 countries in all! What an honor it was to meet and host people from the Netherlands, Australia, England, India, Bulgaria, Norway and Germany, as well as people from all over the United States and Canada who came in just to attend the SUCCESS Symposium. After the event was over, they all said it was life-changing and worth it!

Even if you weren’t able to be there, I’ll share some of my notes from the event and give you access to some of the exclusive resources we released there. 

From my (Darren Hardy) opening talk:

  • Every aspect of your life is a mirror of you. YOU are the cause of every external effect in your life.
  • You will only have the external outcomes of money, success, health, relationships, prestige, etc. that matches your level of internal personal development.
  • Your money will meet you where you are. Like water, it seeks its own level.
  • Who you are speaks so loud I can’t hear a word you are saying.
  • If you grow, everything in your life will grow.
  • What controls your attitude, PROTECT (from negative news, information and influences) and FEED your mind (positive, uplifting and achievement input).
  • Consistency is the key to winning in any area of your life. It’s why the tortoise beats the hare every race.
  • Learn to love failure, as it is the entry price to success.

“It brought me back to reality of who I need and want to become for me and my family!”
—Heather Brown, Brandon, Fla.

“Great ideas and practical information I can start using tomorrow to grow my business. I had never heard some of these ideas before. Very impressed!”
—Juliana Krijan, San Diego

Connie Podesta:

  • Every day, ask yourself if you’re living the life you want.
  • Self-evaluation is the first step to success.
  • I can’t stop aging, but I don’t have to get older.
  • Character is how we choose to behave when life doesn’t go as planned.
  • Leadership is a personal choice to live life with integrity, compassion and respect.
  • We are usually treated exactly the way we feel we deserve to be treated.
  • Break through instead of break down.

John Fleming:

  • Be the architect of your own destiny.
  • Take an honest look at your life.
  • Focus on your vision.
  • Search out mentors and coaches.
  • Let your core beliefs guide you and your code of principles define you.
  • Use your passion, commitment and dedication to build your vision.
  • John also presented the SUCCESS Foundation. See the new video HERE.

“This is one of the best meetings I’ve been to. It’s amazing to meet so many same-minded people in this event.”
—Jodi Chang, Toronto

“The ideas that came forth in this Symposium will propel my business and success to higher levels. Very powerful.”
—Edwin Grimwood, Richland Hills, Texas

John Maxwell:

  • My parents paid me to read good books, but not to do chores, not to be part of the family. Paying me to read good books changed my life.
  • Dreams: Everyone has them, very few people achieve them. You can’t be scared of failure.
    The more valid reasons you have for achieving your dream, the more likely you will.
  • Three of the 10 questions to test your dream:
    • Is my dream really my dream? (the ownership question)
    • Am I depending on factors within my control to achieve my dream? (the reality question)
    • Have I included the people I need to realize my dream? (the people question)
  • “The dream is within you. Let it out. It will bless you. And it will bless a whole bunch of people around you.”

Stedman Graham:

  • You can be wealthy and still not know who you are.
  • What do you do with your 24 hours?
  • You know who you are when you organize all the things you want to achieve in your life, all the things you’re passionate about.

“It reminded me of key principles I have heard and learned, but needed to go back to take action on. The event was awesome!”
—Jeff Ulery, Austin, Texas

“I’ve chosen the first three things to implement. Once those are accomplished, I will pick three more. I learned so much I will be implementing for years.”
—Dianna Kokoska, Lakeway, Texas

Mel Robbins:

  • Write down three things to get you started toward your biggest dream:
  • What do you really want?
  • What is the spokesperson/model company you’d like to follow?
  • What is the embarrassing level of this dream?
  • Give up your timeline for the really big one.
  • Become a Ph.D. in your category, in the thing that inspires you the most.
  • Play six degrees of separation. Use your network to get connections to the people in your field.
  • To get what you want, say it out loud. Admit it. Admit to yourself what you really want.

Chris Widener:

  • What separates the successful from the unsuccessful? Character traits you must have to succeed:
    • Integrity: operating out of a single set of morals and values.
    • Positive optimistic attitude: including the words we say to ourselves, to others, and what others say to us. Breathe life into the people around you. Be a person of praise.
      Consider other people’s interests more important than your own.
    • Positive attitude: The tongue has the power to create life and death. Your words have that power. What we say to ourselves and others can be a powerful force for good.
      You have to have tenacity and perseverance. Push through no matter what.

Jim Rohn:

When asked about our current times and what people can do to succeed he gave us two suggestions:

  • Say an encouraging word to another. Help another and you will be the one who benefits most.
  • Pass along a book that made a difference in your life to another. Let your name appear in someone else’s testimonial for having given them the information that changed their life.

See the Special Jim Rohn Tribute Video:

“I have tons of new ideas. I will attend regularly. I am more motivated!”
—Mary Blye Howe, Duncanville, Texas

“This has given me the tools and insights to explode my life into something awesome!”
—Ian Hurley, Bayfield, New Brunswick, Canada

John Addison:

  • Don’t have a pity party; it does no one any good.
  • Leaders are people magnets. Leaders are happy and smile. Bosses are intimidators.
    In life there are two things: results and excuses. Be a person who removes excuses.
  • Don’t sit around and wait for things to get better, make things better.
  • Be careful what you hear and respond to.
  • Find people who win and succeed and spend time with them.
  • Be careful who and what you listen to.
  • Be careful who you give the keys to your brain to.
  • Expect great things.
  • You have to go through a mess to get to a triumph, a harvest.
  • Show up and fight. Show up and win.
  • News: Turn off that crap. Feed your dreams and starve your nightmares (From A Beautiful Mind).
  • It’s easy to be positive when everything is going great.
  • Be someone people can count on.
  • You have to have a core; you can’t just care about money.

SUCCESS Symoposium Exclusive Discount Resource Offerings

Every speaker was asked to offer a package of their best resources at the lowest price ever offered for our SUCCESS Symposium attendees. This offer will be extended to you for one week only. See HERE.

A philosophy I was taught at age 18 was to take 10 percent of your income and reinvest it in yourself, into your personal development. Never begrudge the money you spend to improve yourself, as it will reap a harvest in every area of your life and the lives of those around you.

That evening was also the launch of the SUCCESS Foundation:

If you were at the Symposium or the Foundation launch you are welcome to relate your experience in the comments below.

Follow Darren behind the scenes of SUCCESS:

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  1. I did not attend the Symposium and am jealous of those who were able to attend. I know how much I gain out of reading the magazine, and can only imagine what it would have been like to be present at Symposium.

    I am the President/CEO of our Chamber of Commerce. I would love to be able to offer a simulcast of your next event to my members. Is that possible? I think this would be a great opportunity to inspire even more people.

    Continue the great work!


    [FROM DARREN HARDY] Hi Jeanine! I hate to have this sound as a shameless plug, I am actually trying to be helpful, you can order the SUCCESS Symposium Gift Set which is 10 speakers and over 7-hours of the best content pulled from two of our Symposiums – incredible content! Something you could show at your chamber meetings. See it here:

  2. Darren, thank you for another fabulous event. You and the rest of the speakers were on fire!

    I took 150 of our top sales leaders and without exception they loved it…worth its weight in gold literally providing we all just execute a few of the timeless principles shared.

    We can’t wait for the next one. RB

  3. It was an honor to be part of such incredible event. Darren, the Success Team and the Exceptional Speakers gave us all what we where looking for to receive and so much more. I’m originally from Argentina South America, I reside in NY for the last 18 years and I’ve never been in a presence of such an Incredible group of people. The experience was Untouchable, the big classroom was filled with magnificent positive energy and great disposition to share, teach and learn. And the phone call with Mr. Jim Rohn made it so much more special for all of us. Specially his message about us being the carrier in our own personal lives of the wisdom we are seeking and learning, to share it at home, at work, in school, with friends and our fellow humans. Specially to people that don’t have access or interest or knowledge that this movement exist. I discovered Success magazine and everything about this by my personal interest in improving my life, it took me a while to encounter it but I did, I didn’t have the fortune of having a mentor or somebody who gave it to me. Thinking about this and hearing Jim Rohn suggesting to share it in this particular time that we are leaving, is probably one of the greatest things we all can do for our country and fellow humans, besides using it to improve our lives, businesses etc. It’s not only for leaders and people with ambition, I would be wonderful that everybody at least get the chance to hear about it, and be exposed to it, no matter what age, or circumstance they are in. The bigger the movement the better for everybody. I am personally committed to this endeavor and I hope everybody feels the same. Much gratitude to All of You that make this Philosophy available to people like us that are searching to become better human beings.
    Claudio Galinski

  4. Hola ! Foremost … I personally want to thank the Success team for giving us the most inspiring and powerful, positive message symposium for 2009. Yes , I greatly appreciated every single minute I invested in this event. It is life changing motivational knowledge, not only in the business enviroment …also in our family life. I am applying (daily) all of the positive principles that was share with us @ the seminar. Does it work !! Yes it works by applying it … with your whole heart and spirit . Next year I will personally pay for my Ignite Leaders to attend this ” moving ” event. I have been a Success magazine reader and believer for 25 plus years. Let’s give it up !!!!!! to the Success Organization. ” mi casa es su casa ”

    ignite your success, del casarez from corpus christi, tx

  5. A huge “Thank you” to the Success team for this beautifully put together, exciting and inspiring seminar. I travelled there from Tuscany, Italy and I would have travelled even further. Distance is relative to where you want to go and I knew I had to be there at this stage in my life to make the rest of the stages better. I was honoured and proud to have been taught by the finest speakers and life teachers out there. It was also a very emotional and powerful moment to be there in person to honour and pay tribute to Jim Rohn, the person who introduced me to personal development. I’m excited about applying all I’ve learnt to my business and my life. I thank you all with the deepest gratitude….and watch this space!
    Ruth E. Philbin

  6. This was my first ever symposium and I brought my 13 year old Daughter we sat in the fron row because that is where winners are. I was and still am just blown away. My daughter really was inspired by you Darren and we were both excited to meet and get our picture taken with John C Maxwell.

    We both took some very valuable information and inspiration from each speaker. We are both circles!! My Husband is a square and I think my son is a squiggle!!

    I am already putting in motion the plans for the Success Foundation book to put in the hands of teens in our School District and I would also like to Introduce Kickstart Instructors to this Awesome Foundation…Maybe One Day Chuck Norris Can Partner with the Success Foundation. His Dream is to Have the Kickstart program in every School in America…I would love to see this book in the hands of every teen in Kickstart…That is one of my dreams!!

    I also contacted my first mentor and introduced her to the Success Foundation. She gave me my first Self Development book.
    We are looking forward to the next one in Dallas. We will be bringing others with us next year.

    Thank you for all of the hard work and all you do at Success Magazine and all you did putting this unforgettable event together Darren.

    Kim Neal

  7. Darren,

    Absolutely outstanding event. I have been to many seminars featuring many different speakers over the years and this was the best I ever attended. It was informative, motivating and stimulating to the very end. I traveled to Dallas from Minneapolis to go to this and it was worth every dollar spent and then some. I look forward to the next Success Symposium.

    Dan J. in Minneapolis

    P.S. I have a fantastic idea for your next symposium replacing the large format graphics that featured your guest speakers outside the entry into the exposition hall last week. I am in the large format printing business. The idea I have will provide you with even more impact and excitement at your next event and will not cost anymore than the pull up banners that were used at this event. Your guest speakers will love this idea as well.

  8. My wife and I attended the symposium and we both felt it was fantastic. The speakers were inspirational and being around 2,000+ motivated, friendly people made the whole experience rewarding. We left with a commitment to put what we learned to work in our lives.

    Thanks for hosting such an event.

    Brian Dees

  9. This was my first ever conference/symposium of any type. I brought my girlfriend (squigly line) with me in tow. I am a square per Connie’s presentation.

    I had a WONDERFUL time at the event and can’t wait for the next one in Dallas. The speakers were GREAT and I loved John Addison’s closing speech. That guy was on FIRE! As a financial service guy it was very refreshing to see his perspective and attitude during such tough times for that industry.

    Like you said, all it takes is ONE great idea to have a profound impact on a person’s life or business and I got tons of them. I have been reinvigorated from the event and I am pressing forward with my goals at a breakneck pace (up til 4 a.m. last night and I have a full-time job as a VP!) I only wish I could find out about more local personal development conferences when they are in town in Dallas.

    I’ll be an annual attendee of the Symposium moving forward Darren. Tell the team to keep up the great work! They are making a huge difference in people’s lives.

    Dan Ross