August 2009 Archive

Don’t Mess with Texas!

Texas is my dog… my other dog.

Lucy was such an inspiration to everyone I thought I would introduce you to the teachings of my other dog, Tex (for short), he is our Jack Russell Terrorist (no, not a misspelling).

I went to buy a cowboy hat before going into the rodeo in the stockyards of Fort Worth, Texas, (when in Rome!). Read More

I Love Lucy

Lucy is my dog. I want to be more like Lucy.

My wife’s friend Marilyn stopped by with her friend Gayle. The visit was intended to be brief as they had been at the hospital nearby all day. Gayle’s husband has had a grueling battle with throat cancer for the past 18 months. Gayle had only ever been to our house once before. Read More

Supercharge Your Creative Power

We are all creative beings. The outcome of our lives is a product of what we have created. Learning how to tap into our creative power is what will allow us to realize our greatest potential and achieve the life of our hearts’ desire.

Our September issue of SUCCESS (on newsstands now!)  is focused on innovation and creativity. Read More