Practicing the Preach

I always find it incredibly ironic and a bit comical when I see a fat fitness instructor, or a financial advisor who drives a Yugo, or a realtor who doesn’t own a house.

Warren Buffet once said, “Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls-Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.”

A great piece of wisdom is: don’t listen to what people say; watch what they do and who they are. People display their values and philosophy through their actions and behaviors, not their words.

To that end I am practicing Step 11 of the Workaholics Anonymous program this week. Give that step a review, it’s a good one:

Ciao for now!

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  1. Luxury Son says:

    When it comes to incredible high-class cars, the Europeans preserve the leadership, as a result of such legendary brands as Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini. Indulge in high quality, love life.

  2. MJ says:


    Well said! Indeed, an Advisor and a Doer require different attributes. Some people can have traits for both positions, others do not.

    As I read your comment, I thought of a few well-known coaches (sport). Most of them were not star players. However, they do have the techniques needed to direct, train and mentor their teams for peak performance.

  3. Chris Stoner says:

    You are confusing the issue Fred, and lets be honest, 99.9% of over weight people eat too much and excercise too little, fact. The race card has nothing to do this and it is a silly to even compare a persons skin colour to being over weight, anybody who is ‘educated’ knows this.

    The point made was that taking advice on something very specific like fitness and a healthy life has more credability from someone who practices what they preach, ie not an unfit and overweight person. If your dentist had the most rotten black teeth, or your hairdresser had the most unkemp and worst hair ever would you feel comfortable with this, i doubt it.

  4. Fred says:

    Although I understand and agree with learning from those who do, by using a fat person as an example is like using a black person. It is not necessary and not always true. I am overweight, I eat right and workout and will always be fat. Please dont be so judgemental with fat people. There is a lot of proven concerning why people are fat and it isnt due to food or lack of will power. There are medical reasons why people are fat. They are born fat just like someone is born black.
    It is those who are uneducated who will not except those that are different.

  5. Theresa Lode says:

    As a home educator, I tell my children regularly that there is a difference between one who is schooled and one who is educated.

    Your post reminds me of something Dave Ramsey is always telling listeners, “Quit taking advice from broke people!”

  6. Keisha Cutler says:

    Well Darren, you have just describe about 75% of the “so-called” experts that we have been hearing from ad nauseum re: economy, healthcare reform etc. Even though I have a higher degree myself, I’ve learned not to put a lot of faith in the people with an alphabet soup of credentials behind their name. I learn so much more from the people who have actually “practiced what they preach” just as you have stated than from those who study and imitate the doers!!

    Knowledge is easy to obtain and abundant; wisdom has to be developed which is what I’ve gained from those who practice what they preach.

  7. Chris Stoner says:

    I guess we all have different aspiations and goals, just because some other person doesn’t share your goals doesn’t mean that they can’t help you acheive yours. In saying that given the choice between a ripped lean personal trainer and some big fatty I know which I would pick, although there is no guarantee they would help me get the best results.

  8. Fred Hassen says:

    Or in the case of my business Darren, it always drives me crazy with dog trainers that talk a lot, but never show their work or bring their dog out. I’m sure there are those kinds in every line of work!

    Fred Hassen CEO/Owner/Founder
    Sit Means Sit Dog Training

  9. Macx says:

    Well, these professionals may have the knowledge in how-to; or the crucial information in the field – but not the essential guts and maybe obviously not the millions. Advisor and the Executor are still two different kind of persons. They take different attributes in their nature of actions.
    - a personal point of view.

  10. Albert says:

    Something that I have often thought about for years, someone earning 30k advising on how to invest millions. If your advisor is not doing what they are advising, and that is in any field, then it needs closer attention.

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