The One Thought that Can Change Your Life

You can change your life with a single thought.

This one thought can:
• Create great wealth
• Restore health and even cure disease
• Unlock your greatest potential
• Forge and fortify deep abiding love
• Inspire great joy to the point of bliss

You’ve heard me explain before how the creation process produces every outcome in our lives:

We get out of LIFE what we CREATE. Simple enough, right? We are all creative beings. We all arrive the same – naked, scared and ignorant. What becomes of our lives from that point forward is what we create (or don’t create).

So what drives and determines our creation process?

EXPECTATION. You’ve heard the saying, “Expectation manifests into creation.” Thus, expectation determines what we create in our lives.

So what are we expecting? Why does one person have a different expectation than another? Our THOUGHTS drive our expectation. Whatever we’re thinking about becomes what we expect to happen. This is why the great self-improvement books have focused on the power of thoughts: THINK and Grow Rich, The Power of Positive THINKING, As a Man THINKeth, The Magic of THINKING Big, etc.

Of all the thoughts you experience and control, there is one that can profoundly transform your life on a daily basis. What is it? Gratitude.

See my special Thank You Gift for you below…

How does gratitude transform our lives?  

Our mind is an auditing device that seeks to find what is wrong, lacking or missing in our environment. Its job is to avoid danger and ensure our survival with threat-assessment emotions like fear, hesitation and suspicion. If we allow these negative thoughts to dominate our mind and become our expectations they will determine the direction of our creation process. The ultimate result: a lifetime of disappointing and unfulfilling experiences and outcomes.

However, we CAN stop the natural negative tendency of our mind by redirecting it towards abundance and what’s positively possible by focusing it on what we’re grateful for. Almost instantly your life can change its trajectory.

This simple shift can change your world and all that you can create in it.

There are many “woo woo” theories about this phenomenon from “magnetic vibrations,” to the “Law of Attraction” (click here for the real explanation of this law), to a “Universal Consciousness.” But the explanation is far simpler:

You see and experience what you look for. That’s it.

Take this simple test: In the room where you’re sitting now, count the number of red items you see. Note as many as you can. How many items did you count? Now without looking again–eyes closed– how many items in the room do you remember were blue? You probably can’t recall many at all. When you open your eyes and focus on the blue items, you’ll probably see many more than you remembered. Why? Because the first time you weren’t looking for them, thus you didn’t see them. In your first reality they did really exist at all.

An attitude of gratitude adjusts the aperture of your mind to focus on the positive. Thus, you’ll see, discover and create more of the same, experiencing more abundance, prosperity, well-being, love, joy and happiness.

The Tangible Benefits of Gratitude

Health Research has proven that practicing gratitude improves our emotional and physical well-being, reduces stress, worry, fear, anxiety and the conditions closely associated with these emotions such as high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, and immune system deficiencies.

Relationships – I loved what Joel Osteen said in my interview with him. Our partners usually fulfill only about 80% of our needs. Most people, however, focus on the 20% that’s missing. Thus, they ultimately become unhappy and unfulfilled. Sadly, many people will leave the relationship to find that 20% in someone else. What they find is that “new” person will also fulfill only about 80% of their needs as well—their just different needs and expectations from their last partner.

The key is to focus on the 80% of what is right, wonderful and beautiful about your partner and your relationship. Your positive perspective will change how you appreciate, interact and support your partner, thus garnering a much different response and engagement from them.

Wealth – When you see the glass half-full versus half-empty, you will start to see the abundance of water all around you. When you attune your mind to abundance you will start to develop new ideas, and see the opportunity and potential all around you. Your positive outlook will change how you walk, talk and interact in the world. Other influential and resourceful “birds of a feather” will also see the commonality and want to connect with you.

Put on your rose colored glasses.

Gratitude is a choice. It can become a positive habit—but only with discipline. With continued exercise and practice, it will create more abundance, prosperity, well-being, joy and happiness than you ever thought possible.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving—my favorite holiday and expression of my favorite success principle—I want to thank YOU – all of you who have read and followed me through this blog, on Twitter, Facebook and through everything we do at SUCCESS magazine and SUCCESS Media.

My mentor, Jim Rohn, taught me the greatest gift of all is the gift of personal development—so that is what I want to give you. The program that had the most impact on my development and good fortune has been Jim’s Challenge to Succeed program. I’ve listened to it over 60+ times and have given away many dozens of copies to people I care about.

As a further expression of my gratitude, I asked my SUCCESS Store staff to make the program available at the lowest price ever offered so anyone could afford to buy it—and buy several copies to give as gifts to others you might want to thank as well.

In addition, I asked if they could throw in a premium bonus on top. They did!
Go here to receive.

In what ways will you express your gratitude over the next week?
What is your favorite gratitude practice?
Please share your comments below and I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday!



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  1. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all people you actually realize what you’re talking about! Bookmarked. Please additionally consult with my web site =). We may have a link alternate arrangement among us

  2. I will right away take hold of your rss feed as I can not find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly allow me recognize so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  3. I’ve worked with abused women, children and homeless families most of my working career..and this morning on the phone with cell phone tech..I heard something in her voice that was crying out for a friendly voice or guidance or something…I’ve been blessed with many friends and co workers who have ‘been there for me’. After she assisted me she said..”I have a feeling you can help me..and then told me about her abusive marriage that ended”…(how did we feel that connection?) The gratitude I’ve had all my life for wonderful parents..children and loves that have helped me through..I just passed onto her..she was soo grateful and even asked for some recipes to get her back on track. amazing huh? it made my day as well as hers..

  4. Writing this from Ghana, West Africa. Soon as I stopped reading Darren piece on gratitude I start to write:
    1. Thank you for the gift of the good life you have given to me
    2. Thank you for the gift of Jesus who became sin for me through whom today am made your righteous in Him
    3. Thank you Lord for my lovely wife who make up for all my weakness, taking care of the house and our children
    4. Thank you Lord for my two lovely daughter, I could not have asked for better children
    5. Thank you Lord for meeting Rev Ben in my trip to London from March 3rd to June 17, 2010
    6. Thank you Lord for the telephone call I received today that I have been admitted to do MBA programme at the University of Leicester
    7. Thank you Lord for the house am staying right now with my wife and my two daughters
    8. Thank you Lord for a good place to study where am also using for my office as a writer
    9. Thank you Lord for my shelf that contains second hand books that I can pull out and read at all time
    10 Thank you Lord Jesus for my new Packard Bell laptop (the old one that contained all my writing was stolen in London)
    11. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to start my writing all over again
    12. Thank you Lord for meeting a new friend brother Valentine, we prayed together this morning
    13 Thank you Lord for the opportunity to send $100 to my old mum last week
    14. Thank you Lord for all things
    15. Thank you Lord, thank you a billion times

  5. I have a song that a created called Gratitude. It was the first song that came to my head so easily, words and melody as I was taking a shower. One of the special things about the song is that it came during a very tough experience in my life in March 2008. My sister had just been given 4 months to live and I was getting ready to head back east to be her main at home hospice caregiver. I love that I have this song as a reminder to be grateful for my own life and also a tribute to my sister’s life.

  6. The one thought able to change my mind changes also my been:
    “I’m God.” Legitimally representing Him here, in His long absence… any jury would give me the throne, the crown and … the crowd would kill me.

  7. I am just starting this course and am very excited. The last few years our family has had some major upheavels with both health and marriage breakdown. HOWEVER 2010 is going to be an excellent year. This course and my positive attitude are going to help me achieve that. I am excited just reading everyone’s comments.
    I am going to immediately write down the 10 things I am most grateful for and I will continue to do that each and every day. I will put them on the bulletin board in my home office where I can see them every day!!!

  8. Thank you, Darren, for this series, and for all of your insight and wisdom. I really am ready to take charge of my direction in life. I am so grateful to be able to use these tools to achieve goals for myself, my family and my businesses. I so appreciate finally having this kind of mentorship in my life-it’s never too late!

  9. Our pastor has instigated a wonderful response in our church…He asks all of us “How are you?” and we respond “BLESSED”!!! It has helped us to be reminded whenever anyone asks us how we are to respond BLESSED and think about all the gifts we have in our lives. Some choose to ignore what is said and some stop and respond the same!

    We are late reading this post but grateful for reading it now.

  10. Tamra – may I share with you this little quote –
    “When the student is ready to learn – the teacher appears”

  11. Let me start by saying that for years I never believed in all this personal development and rah rah meeting stuff. I was one that thought if I learn the mechanics of doing something, then I could just do it and run.

    However, I am also learning that when I start, I always stop due to fear. Finally after talking to people who understands the need for personal development, did I realize that is the one factor I have not tried in my life to succeed.

    I am grateful to my mentor who passed along to me this link. I am grateful for Darren willing to share this program with us for FREE!

    I believe I am finally ready to do something for me so that I can do something for others.

    God Bless,

  12. I love your philosophy. This is a wonderful start. I look forward to all that is to come with this training. Thank you very much. I first feel I must be thankful to you for what you are doing for me. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


  13. My favorite gratitude practice is done through the MIRACLE MORNING
    I write in “The Secret “Gratitude Journal in the morning and say out loud at the end of each
    day what I am grateful for! I am deeply grateful for everything in my life!!

  14. I am so grateful that my computer works at all,but yesterday I kept losing pages.Today I am reviewing and it’s wonderful to read the gratitude of all of the wonderful people LOOKING for a mentor! Thank You Darren,I APPRECIATE you!

  15. From the bottom of my heart Thank-You! There is no greater treasure in the world than that of a mentor that is willing to share their life experiences to better the life of another. Thank You for reflecting Jesus In my Life, Thank You for hanging on that cross so That I may not have too. Mentors, Gods Greatest Gift. God Bless You! Sharing our Life Lessons with others! Huge, Huge, Huge!

  16. I am grateful for the opportunity to start over – ever January I am reminded what a great time to figure out what worked and what I can do better.

    One of the BIG changes I received was a second chance at fixing or changing my marriage of 20 years. I never stopped loving Jim, but we stop appreciating each other – we took for granted this relationship we had – than one day I woke up to realize it was gone. The fighting and tears became the pattern and the loss of happiness, joy and partnership went away. We now work on date nite, this course and each day we are focused on strengthening us so we can have abetter relationship. I am thankful Jim wanted to try and I am thankful these resources present themselves.

    I am thankful for Darren and his work for his tools have guided me back over the last few months. We stopped fighting over money thanks to a course that T Harv Eker put on in my home town. We changed and last month we put $25 in our savings account – we are so thankful.

    I am really thankful for Lance Armstrong sharing his story about his health – this motivated me to get off my couch and to walk each day every day -I am running 5KM now.

    I am thankful for the economy we have been going through for I realized how much we wasted. I truly appreciate the money we earn and when we sit at a feast such as Christmas Dinner – we really understand and are grateful what that food means. I am thankful for the elders’ from my community, I have the opportunity to delivery food to them each week(Meals on Wheels). Their stories and wisdom they share I am thankful and as I wait for them to answer the door I am more patient – I am thankful I am not in a rush to complete life.

    Finally my children who are teenagers who are presenting these colourful personalities – sometimes shocking but they have voices – they are finding their self as I am re-connecting with mine. SO thank-you very much, each day is really a great opportunity.

  17. How wonderfully refreshing to have “thankFULLness” as one’s top priority…it takes small amounts of time, plus its free and ever so transformative. It all within ourselves. Thank you for re-focusing my attention and for sharing so many people’s thoughts.

  18. As I watched my two children leave today to return for college, I found myself thanking God for His faithfulness to our family. Our son is the oldest by 4 years and is driving his sister back with him to attend the university. He will graduate in May and this is her first year at the university. I’m so proud of them both. It’s been a joy raise and watch them grow into young adults. I’m grateful to God for showing His faithfulness to us in 2009. My position was eliminated in January of last year and although things were tight, God provided the things we needed. In December my husband’s job cut his hours substantially, so now we’re both unemployed. However, in the midst of all that I’m grateful and excited because I know if God provided for us in 2009, He can surely handle 2010! I know I have an assignment in life and the enemy continues to think he can discourage and distract me, but it’s not true, I’ll continue to use the hardships and trials as stepping stones to obtain my goals and dreams!

    I’m so grateful for a friend sending me the email to participate in this 8 week course. I’m so ready to go to another level as an entreprenuer and this is just what I needed to help me focus and accomplish the things I want to accomplish in 2010. With children in college, there’s no excuses for not achieving my dreams! It’s going to be a great year!

  19. My personal challenge to myself these past several weeks is to journal once a day 10 different blessings that God has given me in the day. The challenge is not to repeat any from the previous day as well, it is making such a difference in my attitude in such a short time.
    Have a Truly Blessed and Prosperous day this article will be on my list today.

  20. I am reading this post late (January 5, 2010) becuase I just started Darren Hardy’s “Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life” program on his blog today. Better a late discovery than never discovering! 😉

    I want to share a gratitude practice my family started this past Thanksgiving Holiday. We have a “gratitude box” with a matching journal and small notepad. The journal is to write memorable, or inspiring, quotes, or thoughts within so we can read it and have a book of inspirational quotes/thoughts to keep our focus where it belongs, on gratitude and positive things. The notepade is to write down what we are grateful for–as we have those moments of gratitude appear–and put the slips into the box. The box will not be opened to until Thanksgiving Day in 2010–to be repeated each Thanksgiving for generations to come. We encourage our friends and visitors to feel free to write something down as well. My 9 year old child informed me they have already put some papers into the box. :)

    We are looking forward to Thanksgiving Day this year with just a little more exuberance and curiosity, of course!

  21. I am going to be more conscious to show gratitude for the small things.. I try to always say thank you.. need to do it more.. starting with Thank You to God for everything he has given me and the people like you who have came into my life. I believe that is all for a reason. Thanks:-)

  22. What I am most grateful for is all that I have learned in the past year, the books and people I have discovered. I am so grateful for Success Magazine and especially the CD’s that come inside that have taught me so much. I am on the road a lot, and I listen to them over and over again. Recently I was able to pass on some of what I learned to a step daughter with marriage trouble. I remembered the interview with Joel Osteen and passed that on to her. It had a tremdous impact on her and hopefully will help her keep her marriage together. She has 3 small children and is married to a pretty good guy. She just needed to be reminded.

    Recently I started a appreciation and gratitude Journal, that I write in every morning. It has made more appreciative for what I have and the people that I am blessed to have in my life.

    I have also learned to really be thankful to the people I meet everyday. I used to just say thank you to be polite, but now I make the effort to let people know I am truly thankful and grateful no matter how small the gesture or service was. It seems that I now get better service and experience less grumpy people and just plain makes for better day.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  23. Your post came at the most perfect timing in my life. where i was begining to see the glass half empty i remembered to be thankful for everything that i have and all of the opportunities that lie in front of me.

  24. Hi Darren ( and readers ),
    Every morning I thank God for all the good things in my life.
    By starting the day in such a positive way it puts me in a great frame of mind for the day.
    So this demonstrates the importance of gratitude.

  25. Darren:

    Thanks for highlighting the importance of gratitude. Focusing on what we are greatful for is empowering. Usually, these are the things we really value and they are the things that give our live meaning and stength. The real power lies in realigning our thinking and our actions to not only acknowledge our gratitude, but to show it. Thoughts and actions, both big and small so aligned makes for the direction and fulfillment that many of us seek. Are you grateful for your family? Show your grattitude by putting more of yourself into your relationship with each member — a phone call, a word of support, or just a few minutes to listen to one of their challenges. Grateful for your job? Look for was to give your best. There is a lot to learn and gain from being grateful.

  26. Hello Darren, Thank you for a well put TRUTH and last poetic ending. I was reminded we have 86,400 seconds in one day and always be
    grateful each moment we have a pulse and spend them well as we can’t get them back.

  27. Gratitude…
    Yeah, you’re right about all you said.
    We create our world and as we expand gratitude to those surrounding ourselves we get from them better faces, better feelings and end up fullfilled on our needs and sensations.
    What is gratitude?
    For me gratitude is the certainty of every happening having a good purpose in our learning and whenever we’re uncorfortable with any person or situation, there the person is or the situation is, just to allow us to think about it under a new perspective: it should be pleasurable and isn’t.
    Since we do not know, while annoyed, how to improve it, it will force ourselves to latter thinkings or conclusions that will certainly change ourselves for the next unexpected encounters.
    That is, we shall be happy even with unfortunies and by accepting them as necessaries and teachings, we express inside ourselves – to the outside – our appreciation for everything. This is gratitude.
    Everybody we meet also meet ourselves and we should always consider that we are as important to the others as the others are important to us.
    Fraternity expresses well this feeling.
    Thanking every brother for his existence, we thanks more effectivelly the Creator and as colateral effects of those actions, we get happier and needless, therefore … better beens.
    We do change our life from a single thought.
    Gratitude is a feeling generating good thoughts.

  28. Thank you Darren. This is a wonderful article. If more people could realize this, we would have a much happier world. Kinder people also. I enjoy reading your articles. They are very inspirational.

  29. Darren – Thank you.

    It has been a very EYE-Opening year – to say the least. Some-days the rose coloured glasses had to come off, so the reality could create better choices. I really started to take control of my life 6 months ago – I read the article about Lance Armstrong and the need for better health – he has inspired me to run 5KM every day since. My health is improving as I change the direction of my life and family’s life.

    Joel Oilstones’ interview opened my heart to my 20 year marriage – he said things that reminded me why my husband & I need to continue to work together as a team – I am learning to let go of that 20%.

    Finally the last CD, in this issue about money! We are so thankful, we are seeing behaviour for the first time , what CONDITIONING we have created – no wonder we were in the space we were. I have heard the CD and the section on fear – DO IT, be in the game, I did. I did a very scary thing and the fear is causing anxiety but I am doing it – I get it.

    From the bottom of my heart thank-you. In this economic situation to stand out from the-norm and focus on how to change, why we should change, and to hear you say – you can do it, is really so profound. Your gift inspires my family and my company, my life.

    Be well,

  30. Be Grateful! It IS an act of being…not something we just think but that we do..I know from personal experience that actions do speak louder than words and to BE grateful is something we can all DO…expressing our gratefulness each day brings joy and victory. Try saying thank you to at least 10 people each day…and mean it..try doing something each day for one person that shows your gratitude for how life changes and how you begin to create, as I say, “a life of gratitude and greatness”.

    I am grateful and thankful this day!

    When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.
    Marcus Aurelius

  31. Dear Mr. Hardy:
    I am a HUGE fan of your SUCCESS magazine. I read it from cover to cover and listen to CDs till they stop playing. Thank you very much for the inspiration that you and your magazine give me. Thank you for introducing me to John Maxwell and Jim Rohn and many other wonderful motivational speakers and their books! Success magazine changed my life. Thank you!

  32. Hi Darren, your post is very interesting. I must say that I have missed reading the issues of success magazine and the cd’s, this was something I looked forward to listening and watching on a monthly basis. I was laid off from my job back in April and I was unable to renew my subscription for the magazine. This magazine has been such an inspiration for me. I don’t know when I will be able to renew because I am still unemployed, anyway I am still thankful for your emails and the links back to the successmagazine website where I can get my dose of inspiration.

    Thank you.

    [DARREN HARDY] Ann, NOW is when you need to be subscribing to SUCCESS more than ever! Now is when you need the inspiration, tools and examples of other people who despite their own obstacles are triumphing and creating great successes, yes in this market and economy. You need to expose yourself regularly to what’s positive and what’s possible. Miss a meal, but not the interview with SUCCESS Legend Ken Blanchard, or the segment with John Maxwell on Recreating Yourself, or Jim Rohn’s message on the Discipline of Change (all on current SUCCESS mag CD). You need bread for the body, but you need bread for the head even more right now. The $2.50 per month, 8 cents a day it takes to subscribe to SUCCESS is one of the most valuable investments in improving your situation and bettering your future you can make.

  33. I’ve been fortunate to be able to express my gratitude to the people who have made major impacts in my life. Many times, we either never have the opportunity to express or think about expressing gratitude to the ones who need to be thanked before the window of opportunity disappears. Many of my mentors have now moved on to another plane but I made sure that I thanked them for what they did and the impact they made in my life before they left me. Even though they’re gone, I thank them everyday! Take the time to thank those who have impacted your life while you still have the chance.

  34. Hi Darren, thank you for this blog it really reinforced what I have been discovering for myself these past two months.

    My favorite gratitude practice is to take time in the morning when I wake up, and @ nite before going to sleep to say THANKYOU (in my head, sometimes out loud lol) for all the blessings in my life, and for all the different expressions of love that I encounter everyday.

    Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by all the blessings in my life that I start to cry because I have been shown such incredible grace and mercy.

    Most look @ my life and my past, and just see a damaged young low-income single mother struggling to make a buck and survive in this cruel world. But after years of suffering and intense hardships, i know better. GRATITUDE was the way in which I began to get out of my self pitying slum and began to realize how BLESSED I am (to even have the privilege to be typing in this computer!). Day by day things began to look up, and now I know that my life will be whatever I want it to be because dreams really do come true if I choose to remain “true to the best that is in me” and of course, continue to give thanks for the abundance of blessings and goodness in my life….like this blog :)

    THANK YOU and G-d Bless.

  35. Hi Darren,

    Yes… If there is 1 character trait missing from America today it is gratitude. You hear people around you every day talk about what they DON’T have. Yet the poorest person in the USA is richer than 60% of the planet!!.

    I also agree with what you said about relationships. Many marriages end because of selfishness & ingratitude. People have forgotten that a marriage is ‘A COVENANT BETWEEN 2 IMPERFECT PEOPLE TO LOVE EACH OTHER DESPITE THEIR IMPERFECTIONS’. If we can remember that, the divorce rate in America will drop 50% or more.

    Happy Thanksgiving & thanks for a great magazine.

    [DARREN HARDY] You are right on Joe! Thanks for reinforcing the message.

  36. Thank you!
    I needed to remember to be grateful. This link came just in time.

    Please keep them coming!