Part 3: Finding Your Unique Advantage

Review: INTRO, WHY & HOW, PART 1 and PART 2

We’ve examined your life thus far and have looked into your future and established what direction you want your life to take from this point forward. You now know what you stand for (your values); you know the mission you will crusade for (your actions); and you’ve clarified the vision for your life (the outcomes you want to realize).

Before it’s possible to formulate the strategic life plan, you must first take inventory of your assets and liabilities. What are your distinct advantages? Where do you have unique leverage? What weaknesses do you need to shore up and what hazards do you need to avoid?

This is where I always start when preparing a plan to perform a turnaround on a company. Before you can make a plan of where to take the organization, you first have to figure out where it stands—you must know its current assets and liabilities. What are its current weaknesses and where might its most damaging threats come from? You need to be aware of its unique strengths as well as any unseen or underdeveloped opportunities. This is the same assessment necessary to do a turnaround on, or to accelerate, your life.

Your Personal S.W.O.T Analysis

STRENGTHS: We know we are most likely to succeed when we use our innate talents to their fullest extent. The problem is most people don’t do enough due diligence on their skill sets or introspection on their unique talents to discover their significant advantage so they can thrive—easily, joyfully and prosperously.

WEAKNESSES: Similarly, if you identify your weaknesses and build your strategic plan to work around those traits, by either improving, covering for or circumventing them entirely, it’s possible to avoid painful (and expensive) difficulties and potential setbacks.

OPPORTUNITIES: We are constantly surrounded by opportunities; unfortunately, they go unnoticed by most people. I will challenge you through a series of questions to identify and recognize some of the tremendous advantages and opportunities you have at your feet, but are not maximizing or might have missed altogether.

THREATS: It’s critical to identify where the landmines are before you march into the battlefield of life. In my mentorship of high-growth companies, I have witnessed that it is not lack of opportunity, lack of growth or lack of success that kills most companies, but the unplanned and unprepared for problems that arise which throw the organization into an unrecoverable tailspin. This is true for individuals as well. Our lack of threat assessment leaves us off guard. Problems seem to come out of nowhere and blindside us, resulting in disaster. I’ll help you identify your potential landmines so the course we chart for your strategic plan avoids those lurking dangers.

Using the S.W.O.T. framework you will come to better understand yourself. You’ll see the tremendous advantages you possess and how you can leverage them to begin to separate yourself from your peers. You’ll also discover special talents and abilities that you may need to further develop to achieve your most ambitious goals.

360? VIEW

Now I have a scary challenge for you. How committed are you to your personal growth? This part of this installment will test your mettle. If you want to break out of your rut and take your life to the next level, do this—I dare you.

I want you to ask three friends to answer a few tender questions, essentially asking them how you “show up” in the world. We all think we know ourselves and how we appear to others, but our perceptions might be one of our greatest constraints and limitations to doing better.

One year, a while back, I asked several people in my life how I was “showing up” to them. I was flabbergasted by what they told me. Wow, I had no idea I was “doing that!” I thought I was behaving one way, but I was being perceived completely different than I imagined. At first I was hurt; then I grew defensive. After receiving the same response more than once, I knew I was busted. I then realized why I was having difficulty advancing in certain areas of my life.

This could be happening to you… without you even knowing it. While it might be a scary and possibly painful process, it might also help you break through barriers that could be holding you back from your greater potential. It is well worth it.

Download and complete the S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS Questions and Worksheet. The 360? VIEW questions and tips are included on that document. (NOTE: The link to the download is sent via the e-mail feed. If you are just registering now, it will go out again with the next feed. E-mail feeds typically go out the same evening following the published post.)

This process will help you assess your internal and external advantages, as well as hindrances you might encounter so you can more effectively build your plan. Thursday I will guide you through the process of totaling your life’s current balance sheet. Where are you really in all the areas important to becoming a whole-life success? I think you might be surprised by the result.

Please feel free to share any “ah-ha’s!” you discovered going through this installment process with the rest of us in the comment section below.

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112 responses to “Part 3: Finding Your Unique Advantage”

  1. Once I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. Is there any approach you may take away me from that service? Thanks!

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    “Events-Calendar should fit your needs. It uses a widget though, not sure if you can place it on a post or page, just sidebar.”…

  4. I saved all the emails for this assignment altogether and finally getting around to doing them. This part of the exercises cut like a knife and I also feel so blessed to have good friends who love me enough to tell me the truth and still love me even when they see my weaknesses.
    I actually feel like an ass when they told me my weaknesses. Their comments humbled me and I am very happy to finally move forward.

  5. This is interestingly true to my experience. I was with a group of friends one time. I usually joke around and I thought everyone is having a laugh. When I got home, my girlfriend told me that one of my friends got offended by my joke. It is a simple joke in my perception but others might take it the other way.

  6. I’m just beginning to get started in this journey. As I’ve been browsing thru the material, I was “rocked” early on by the story of the relative you had to give the eulogy on. I realized that although I feel I have a happy, go-lucky personality, am sort of out-going, I don’t really have many people or “friends” that I feel close to. I would like this intimacy, but I’m not sure how to achieve it. As a result, there were many holes left of the first 2 worksheets. Now my challenge is to find 3 people that would know me well enough to honestly answer the question of how do I show up? Although I imagine it will b difficult for me to hear, I must hear it and know. And it’ll b good to hear it from the perspective of those “close” to me and of those who I work closely with. This is looking to b one of the most challenging assessments I’ve committed myself to in a long time. I’m looking forward to the liberation to come. Thanks Darren and Success.

  7. Do pertain this to what I am doing now, or what I want to be doing? I am trying get out of the field I am in now.

    [DARREN HARDY] Hi Debra, I believe you asked this question in another section as well, but I will reiterate here: It is not about whether you love what you do or not. Many of the questions will help you discover your functional strengths and weaknesses from your experience of what you are doing now. You want to find a bridge – from your existing strengths, attributes, experience, interests, connections, knowledge, etc. to what you really want to do so you can figure out how to be successful at it.

  8. Hello, thanks for this great tutorial. I couldn’t get the downloads site even though I registered. I get a message that page is not found.

  9. This has been the most diffucult part so far actually stuck here only have met with one person, have appointments with one other next week, praying about who to ask next.
    There must be “HUGE” growth opportunities here with the diffuculty in accoplishing it has been.
    Thank you, for this blessing of the Design.

  10. Hello to all mates on this journey!
    And a warm hug to Darren for allowing me to take part in the best journey of all times!
    I did my 360º view and I was aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! My best friends see in me so much that i dont even value…and so many things i can improove for the better!! Funny thing is that i sometimes work so much with no result…and they all gave their view of what holds me back, and i was astonished!! Why didn’t i click on it sooner??? One thing is that i am always thinking of the past, and that stops me from looking into the bright future that waits for me! And they say that i have the quality of honesty, persistence, and justice, that i use to help others, BUT that if i would use the good ideas, enthusiasm and energy that i give to others in myself i could fly, fly, fly in the wings of my dreams!!! Because i believe more on others hability then in myself. I’m so happy, so thrilled, i feel this is the way! I still didn’t start the other exercise, i know i need to “digest” all i’ve learned so far, review it, the big lessons, and then plan my future!!! But can i share the best thing with you? Now, day by day, i see that i’m becoming more confident with my work, and yesterday i had a great business day, more results then in one year of work!!!! Thank you Darren!
    I also decided to make those same questions to my daughters…and the answers sure helped us talk of so many things…
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

  11. I missed you in Anaheim. I thought you were speaking on Saturday, so I took an early flight back Sunday and felt terrible that I missed you. However, I just watched your Anaheim DVD and WOW! What an eye-opener. I think I’ve been asleep for the last ten years of my life. I know my attitude has been poor. Time to work on me. Everywhere I go, there I am. Now I think I finally get it. Thank you so very much for inspiring me. God Bless You!!

  12. Greetings Darren!

    I just want to thank you first for providing this valuable resource for free. I have done the majority of the worksheet and during my adventures of writing about me I just had to share this with my life long friends so now as a group we are all following the course. I do have a few questions about some worksheets and sections. Below I have broken them down, any one please feel free to give your 100 cents I am willing to take guidance from anyone knowledgeable on these parts of the project. Thanks in advance!

    Worksheet #4 – The question regarding three people I dislike the most. I have learned how to forgive and forget and there’s no one I really dislike if I don’t care for the person I simply remove myself from being exposed to that person… Or am I just avoiding assessing my feelings? This was a question I got stumped on.

    [DARREN HARDY] The question is just to get you thinking about qualities that do rise your dander. Do you like Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, Satin… not to put in same category, but Rush Limbaugh, Arianna Huffington, child predators, whale hunters, anti-enviromentalist, etc. I am just trying to find what issues you might be passionately AGAINST… you just might find your positive, making a difference in the world mission by looking at it backwards.

    Worksheet # 7 SWOT – The question about what advantages I have in my network and connections to influential people. Made me realize I need to get out more and really start to build relationships with more people. Is social networking a good place to start with this?

    [DARREN HARDY] Only if it helps you get belly-to-belly with more people. Real relationships happen face-to-face, heart-to-heart – not behind computer screens. Social media is good, as long as it helps you get to the real relationship work and that happens offline.

    Worksheet # 7 SWOT – Brutal! What tasks do I usually avoid due to a lack of confidence? I didn’t know how to answer this one. The major problem I had am having is with the OPPORTUNITIES page 4 of the worksheet. I’m not clear how this is to be done. I drew a blank on this, any help would be appreciated.

    [DARREN HARDY] For instance, I’m not a big fan of legal details or even crunching over financial numbers. In answering this question myself I realized this weakness has actually be the cause of some of the high price of tuition I have paid in some past businesses, investments and relationships. It is very important to figure out what you don’t do well, don’t like to do because you will end up avoiding it — and that could cost you – BIG TIME.

    I think that’s it I really appreciate any help with this and look forward to feedback.

    God Bless,

  13. I got started a little late with this program, but I can say that it has been a learning experience and a discovery. I am actually discovering and finding out how I am, what’s important to me. I have never thought about my valules and who are the people who have influenced my life. Thank you so much for these whorksheet. I am now on work sheet #3 just started and ready for more. Thank you.
    Doris F.

  14. My 360 really has me thinking. I did send mine out to a couple more than the 3 people. I sent one to a former boss, one to a friend, one my hubby, and two to my parents (divorced). So far, I have had 2 people respond. These responses really have me thinking…. One of them said the I have rose colored glasses and that because of that there may be people that dont take me seriously. Wow… hmmmm? I have always thought my optimism has gotten me where I am today (I am really balanced except financially right now by the way – according to the most recent exercise – my graphed out responses looked like Pac Man!!) Should I learn how to subdue my excitement about life a bit? This same person indicated that I am trying to be Superwoman…she said I was super, but didn’t need to be super woman. Here again, I am very happy with where I am and what I have going on. So, I am torn between thinking that perhaps I should be thinking about this particular friendship — or… am I being defensive and not HEARING something. AAAAHHHHHHH!!! Analysis paralysis! Would LOVE to hear any comments! My other response also threw me… which makes me wonder even more about not really HEARING — my mom… indicated that I don’t look at both sides of something… howevere she says this because (ummmm…. is it a defensive/blind perception?) when she has an opinion, if I disagree with her I avoid the conflict and just let things be. I think I DO look at both sides and understand and just see things differently than her. Instead of wasting my energy in conflict, I just let it go, and now she perceives this as ME not seeing or investigating both sides of something. *sigh* One HECK of an exercise!

    I indicated that my graphed out responses resembled PacMan… the mouth was Financial. And… when I looked at the goals I had set (prior to this awesome exercise!) I had very few set around financial. So.. :-) I have added some of those!

    I have also realized something. I am a teacher!!! :-)

    LOVING THIS EXERCISE — if you read this far in this ramble.. THANKS! :-)

    Happy discovering folks!

  15. As I’m filtering through the information that I received back from others from the three questions about how I show up in the world, my greatest adversary has revealed himself – fear.

    In the interest of playing full out, and knowing that I’m not the only one who deals with this demon, here’s an honest admission – fear has ruled my life for a very long time. It hasn’t always been this way, and maybe I will be able to trace it back and discover where it began, but I can certainly see the trend of how it has progressed in my adult life to this point, along with all of the missed opportunities and failings that are a result.

    Fear is a cancer, it’s insidious. If it goes unaddressed it spreads, consuming and debilitating all along the way, it’s tentacles gradually reaching into every area of one’s life. Every time I have given in to fear, it has grown in strength and influence, until I find myself where I am today.

    Here’s the upside – courage is the one adversary that fear cannot stand against. Let it be known that I am hereby declaring war on fear.

    It all begins with a full on assault of courage.

    Thanks for the wake up call.

  16. Hi Darren,

    I know we have a long way to go but thought it may be worth considering some future effort to organize a 5 and 10 year reunion to discuss all the successes that have been realized from the foundation we are making right now. I truly believe that there will be an amazing number of success stories borne out of your selfless act to make this program available at no cost.
    All my best,

  17. The other 2 exercises really helped me zip through this one. I already felt I knew how to answer these questions. This is wonderful and I can’t wait for the other lessons.

  18. It’s funny that I find that my strength is to help others find solution to problems. Boss gives me a task and I not only do the task but find ways to make the task more efficient.

    However, my weakness is my low self-esteem when it comes to my own business.

    How ironic is that! I now have been hanging out with like-minded people, explain to them where I am and they talk to me. Help me through my issues.

    This course is helping to develop who I am and where I am going. Cannot thank Darren enough.


  19. I signed up yesterday, I still haven’t received email regarding where to get downloads.
    I want to catch up exercise for part 1, 2, 3. Thank You.

    [MAGGIESCOTT] Glad to have you aboard Wendy! I’ll send the first 3 download PDFs directly to you with the installment messages as well. This should bring you up-to-date with the 4th installment due out this evening via email and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for the remainder of the course.

  20. Hi Darren –
    For what it’s worth, I want to second the comment above from Yosi (#23). You provided good advice to skip the S W O T questions that do not apply for me. These DB10Y exercises in their entirety have been so valuable. I hope that future worksheets do not make the assumption of business ownership.

  21. As I took on this step I noticed that I was just being a lazy victim. Pretty hard to swallow and I took it down along with my pride and started cleaning up the mess it has made in my life with a firm commitment towards my lifes purpose of creating freedom. There ain’t no freedom when you a lazy victim my friends.


    Keith Ellertson

  22. Hi Darren,
    sorry if my english is bad, but i hope to be able to get my message trough.
    I’m doing all my homework with lots of joy at each step of the road! Even the ones that make me uncomfortable are great to take me out of my comfort zone and gives me the thrill of knowing this will make me move forward in life… Now I look forward to see what will come from my friends, lol….
    Cant stop saying Thank YOU for giving me this amazing opportunity!!
    In worksheet 7, in question number six, what exactly do you mean about activities that come to me? Things I’m asked to do?

    [DARRENHARDY] I what mean are activities that come EASY to you, ex: financial management, organization, leadership, sales, public speaking, etc. Hope that helps!

  23. Darren,

    I wrote my mission statement last night and read it again this morning. I plan to read it every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. I’ve taped it to my bathroom mirror so I can never forget!! Any other tips like that to keep us on track would be great, if others can post. Looking forward to this everyday. All the best in 2010 and beyond! Best, Andrew

  24. I signed up yesterday, I still haven’t received email regarding where to downloads.
    I want to catch up exercise for part 1, 2, 3. Thank You.

    [MAGGIESCOTT] Glad to have you join us Karma! I’ll send the first 3 download PDFs directly to you with the installment messages. This should bring you up-to-date with the 4th installment due out this evening via email and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for the remainder of the course.

  25. Comment to Post #47 – Dianne (1/13/10)

    Take one day at a time and count the blessing you DO have. Don’t look to the past or too far into a future you might not even be a part of; be present to the moment – and YOUR moment is to go through this exercise with the rest of us that may also be “sitting here in the flames, trying to fly”.

    Just do it!!

  26. I am super impressed!! The support and interaction being delivered through this program is top-notch! THANK YOU again!

    I am in the process of filling out my third set and wow.. a bit tougher. I have a very tough time looking at myself as others see me for either the postive or the negative. I am looking forward to getting the responses back from my “friends”. I sent the questions to my parents as well. I have a mix of friend, family and former boss…

    I see a huge asset with having these come out at the speed that they are coming out, it helps me step through this process where had I gotten this in one lump I may not have started or gotten all the way through. I feel confident that I will be able to continue working through this entire process.

  27. Thanks Darren for this extraordinary and on time program to success.. I beleive in written down make happend..but that is more than that. I am receiving so much energy from your blog, your broadcast and the great people who are doing this challenge with me together that I am really encourage to make progress in my life and expect that the best year ever are ahead

  28. Darren – seems that every time I do a “Strengths” exercise I can only uncover a list of “general strengths” – for example here is my list from this week’s exercise – “Dedicated, Efficient, Dependable, Self-Starter, Hardworking, Honest, Smart, Thorough, Research abilities, Planning”. When I go to Page 10 to list Skills #1, 2 and 3 to “Study, Practice, Develop” – how do I do this with “Honesty” and “Dependable” for example? Thanks a whole bunch!

    [DARRENHARDY] All your general strengths listed can be developed further – ex. – efficiency: how can you become more efficient? What can you deliver more of, faster, easier (with less work)? What could you study or who could you model or get advice from that is even more efficient and productive than you are? What practice could you do each day that would make you more efficient? Ex. identify your top 3 priorities and only work on those for the first 4 hours of the day. Shut your door and don’t allow distractions. Stop watch measure your time on your highest priority each day, etc.

  29. This is a little more challenging for me because I am a stay at home mom so I am having to be a little more creative with my answers… Of course being a Mom tends to be a full time Job…but it is one I would not trade for any thing because I am Mentoring my two children and I am now living my life as the Example I would like to set for them to follow.I have already had 2 people answer the questions from 360 degree view My Best Friend and my daughter who went to the Symposium with me last year…she has seen me grow the most over the last year she was very truthful and forthright with her answers…and she and I seem to have a few of the same qualities but in different ways.

  30. Hai Darren :) its Vilma again with a QUESTION!
    In the OPPORTUNITY part the first two collumns the “WHO” and the “WHAT”. If i write in the first column “DARREN HARDY” (e.g.) and in the second column “TO LEARN TO BE RESPONSIBLE” will that mean i understood the question correctly?

    Thank you beeng patient with. Promise i will have more questions along the way (LOL)

    Yours Vilma!

    [DARRENHARDY] The instructions on that worksheet explains (so your assumption sounds correct): Who is the very best in your field? Who do you know who has the attributes you strive to obtain? Who has the results in the areas of life you desire improvement? Write down the ‘who’ to each of these questions as well as ‘what’ they have that you want. :)

  31. Darren
    I heard you speak in Anehiem in Dec at our international convention. It was awsome and I told myself that I would meet you one day. Your words had a profound inpact on me. Your 10 year plan is just what I need to help me continue my personal growth.
    Talk about things happening at the right time. This come at a time when I am open and ready to do the really hard work. I will trust the process and enjoy the adventure that lies ahead on this journey of rediscovering my lifes purpose.
    It has been reasuring to see where I have been and what I have accomplished. To continue to work on the areas that I need to inprove on to live my lifes purpose to the fullest.
    One of my main Goals is to touch other peoples lives in a positive way. I believe that every person I met has something I can learn and I have something I can teach them. It gives you a different perspective when you met people. You never know what little seed you may have planeted for that person. You dont know where there at in there lifes journey and just a friendly smile, hello or small conversation can make a difference in there life and your.
    So bring it on I am up to the challenge and looking forward to the journey.

  32. I have read alot of comments from people lamenting that they were unable to answers some of the question in the handouts. I understand…the questions are things we have never thought about. Rather than complete the forms in one sitting all at once, I found a method that works for me. First step, read over all the questions. If an answer comes to me immediately, I write it down. If not, I skip the question. Second step, I go back to the questions where I wrote one thing and multiple responses were requested and where I wrote nothing. I pause at each one and think, really think for about 2 minutes. If I get an answer, I write it down. If I don’t, I skip the question again. Third step, I get up and go do something else. What I am finding is that I am, on a subconscious level, still thinking about, still focusing on the questions. And answers are coming to me. I am remembering things and events that I have forgotten and receiving revelations about new things! Sometimes, I have more responses than asked for! I don’t hesitate to go back to a previous handout if I come up with a response. As the saying goes: “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” And these handouts are certainly elephants!! But keep them coming, Darren. They are helping all of us focus on what’s important – designing, not just living, a life.

  33. hi darren–am always anxious for the next segment to come to my email–thank you so much for this. i was having a lot of difficulty answering the questions about how/who/what i can do to improve my business, product,etc. because i have basically been in a business for 25 years that i have ZERO passion for –it has just been a means to an end–will this be messing up my progress in the rest of the exercises since i don’t have enthusiasm for answering those particular questions? thank you so much

  34. I have decided to involve my whole staff in this workshop! And they are so excited! Most of them are in their 20’s and have not really been exposed to this type of self exploration. I have spent the last 18 months with 2 different coaches answering most of these questions. I am about a week ahead of them so its working our great! The best part is I am seeing that the hard work I’ve done over the past 18 months is paying off and the vision is clear! I expect this exercise will create a concise compilation of what I’ve learned and where I’m going!

  35. Being asked to sit and really think about my personal goals and vision for the next 10 years has been an interesting process.

    I am fortunate to have heard you speak at a training event with our company ACN. I set my Big H. A. Goals. One was to be mentored by you (not just through your success magazine and cds); I never dreamed my goal would be achieved so quickly — that I’d be able to have you personally coach me on such a life-changing, success program.

    Thank you Mr Hardy for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Your program is both inspiring and shocking. I’m learning things about myself and how past experiences have shaped my life and lifestyle.

    Now really is the time to reflect and clarify our lives.

    I am energised and excited by each installment. Also, it is encouraging to read other comments and feeback on your program. I feel so lucky to be able to pass on your link to family members and friends. What a wonderful gift to share with others…

    Here’s to our best 10 years and here’s to a life-time of achievement and success.

    Josy Kang. 25yrs. Australia.

  36. This course has been a very insightful process for me thus far. I have to admit I had my daughter a little concerned when I said that I had written my “obituary”. I assured her that I am just fine, even better than fine.

    Sadly, but also thankfully, I realize I have mostly been going through the motions over the past 10 years. They have been very emotional with extreme highs and low lows.

    The way I look at it is this year/decade ends in ZERO (2010) and to me that means we are all starting with a clean slate. We have the power to make the choices.

    Let’s all choose SUCCESS!

  37. Hi Darren,

    I heard you at our ACN convention in December and LOVED what you shared with us!! I just went to your website and found this invaluable program that I am so excited about implementing in my life. I missed the first few installments and packets through email. Is there a way to get those that I missed? Thanks, Wendy Castleton

    [MAGGIESCOTT] No problem, Wendy! I’ll send them to you asap!

  38. I too am having trouble really thinking about what I want my life to look like. Being a mom and wife, it made me realize how much of myself I gave up for my family. It took me a long time of visualizing to really dig into to myself and decide what I WANTED.

    I kept focusing on money, but once I dug deeper, I realized that what I really wanted was to build a stronger, happier, healthier me and that would take care of the monetary rewards.

    Darren thank you so much!!!

  39. Hi Darren,
    I am just finishing up the gratitude and values and ready to take on the gritty pitfalls of our self perception. I’m even pretty sure about what I am going to be told, to be truly honest. If the pitfall is being unable to take ownership for all of your strengths and good qualities, how do you bust through that. I am presently unemployed having run a fairly successful daycare for 5 years and Mothering successfully for over a decade. That chapter has happened pretty successfully. There hasn’t been much success on the exit strategy though, ie: new job, kids growing up and my role changing. How do I approach the job questions when my job/role are all rolled up into one. My success leads to the extinction of the job. Where do you go from here? This is my Pheonix Experience, and I am sitting here in the flames, trying to fly.

  40. Enjoying the process. Feeling a little fearful of the 360 feedback; however, I accept it and will do it anyway. I, just like most of you are going through the process to grow, learn and life a more enriched life. For those of you with a little fear as well, I encourage you to feel it and do it anyway..thats my plan.

  41. I’ve had the same problem as Nicos Elia describes above – you set goals, then urgent & important things suck up your time & attention. I am trying to remedy this by re-reviewing my 2010 goals as my 1st task every day. If I look at them daily, it should keep me on track. I’ve also printed out a calendar of January & noted each time I satisfied one of my items. For example, my goal of doing an extra half-hour of exercise each weekend gets noted, so I have the satisfaction of seeing my progress in front of me. I use codes such as a yellow dot using highlighter or an asterisk to simbolize different tasks I want to do to help me acomplish my goals. I intend to print out calendars monthly & follow this procedure throughout the year, so that on Dec. 31st 2010 I will have a stack of calendars documenting my progress. Seeing my accomplishments in front of me should give me a boost for 2011 as well.

  42. Hi Darren once again,

    It is Vilma from Lithuania.( LOL ) . In a worksheet no.7 what are the personal resources? or what could it be?

    Thank You in advance.

  43. I cannot download the 3rd set of worksheets. It says it is damaged and cannot be repaired! Can this be resent to me?!? Thanks!

    [MAGGIESCOTT] Hi Tammy! I’ll send it to you now so you won’t have to wait until the next email. We believe this is caused by your version of Adobe Reader so please make sure you have the latest version of installed so you won’t have any more delays in downloading the worksheets. Thanks!

  44. Hey Darren,
    I had the pleasure of seeing you live in Anaheim and I walked away wishing I could have you in my living room on a regular basis! Now, I virtually do!!!
    I have been completely challenged by the course so far and I am inviting my team to participate, as well.
    I agree with Shane (comment #9). I would love to be able to print the blog portion as well, as it is an awesome and necessary introduction to the worksheets. Hope to see that happen :)
    Thanks again for investing in all of us. You’re an amazing coach!

  45. WOW! Having grown up in area were planning and goal setting for your life was never really taught and emphasized, this is having a tremendous impact on me, as well as being very challenging. There are (many) questions that I have never thought about.
    As a new cancer survivor I want to say “Thank you” Darren for teaching me a new way to look at the rest of my life for ever how long that may be. I am very excited about this!

  46. Having a hard time keeping up with the installments because of my regular job schedule & working 2 jobs. I am only up to my mission statement & the 3rd installment is waiting. Takes me alot of thought time to fill in the blanks with only an hour to an hour & 1/2 in the mornings. Alot of years & feelings to go through. Guess i’ll have to burn the midnight oil & get up earlier to keep up. So far i have really “looked inside” myself with this course & I am discovering what i have lost about myself over the years. Thanks so much for this course. I’m looking forward to “change” which i have avoided in the past. What a break through for me. Thanks again. The fun is in the new discovery of the old me & what is waiting ahead for the new me. :)

  47. Wow, just like the 2 worksheets before this is clear and easy to follow. The questions were very helpful in guiding me through the process.

  48. I have never planned anything my whole life, I have been drifting with the wind, but this decade is going to be different. Great thanks to your program. I am looking forward to completing my first plan in 34years.

  49. Darren the 360 piece is an excellent step to take and one I recommend to all clients. Infact I just activated my own this week just before this exercise. The one I use is a little more detailed but asks some similar questions. Also responses are anonymous which can mean even more objective feedback.

  50. I am on the process of completing all worksheets and I have to say: I never saw a way so clear and enjoyable getting the better of my past and the reasons for my future. During this last decade I have a great evolution on knowledge and a lot of experiences, so I am thinking that if I learned so much, these next 10 years will be extraordinary fantastics!

    There were times that a bit of old habits came to my present, based I think, in lack of condifence on me and on other people. I have no certain but it happened because failed planning cause of decrease of counsciousness.

    I would ask you: Is it important to have a plan like writing actions every day???
    I thinked it sounds ridiculous writing detailed actions, but on the other hand I want to improve my life and achieve big goals, so I need a doubt’s break.

    A big thank you Darren Hardy and all the best to everyone!

  51. This opportunity has come at such a perfect time. My 2nd child was born 05 January – a new beginning, not only for her but also for me. Bring on the next 10 years. Anything that challenges us to do better or confrots us is worth the effort!

  52. I totally agree with the post from Nicos (#4) We are so not in this alone. This is not just another goal setting program. This is an absolute life changer with what truly feels like a one on one with Darren Hardy :)

    I feel like I have been in my little “fortress of life” and did not think there was anything more for me in life. I now look up and see two huge gates at the front and they are opening slowing into a world that I didn’t think I could step into. Now I cant wait until those gates are wide open!!!

    My continued gratitude!!!

  53. I am so enthusiastic about this whole process of self evaluation, doing away with what does not work and building on what works for me. I have signed my commitment pledge and I am ready to learn all I can for I am teachable.
    I have already share this program with people I know. This is an incredible self awakening journey we are taking. Thanks Darren for your sacrifice to take me along.


  54. I hung my commitment pledge on the wall beside my bed so it is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I look at at night. I start my days now by reminding myself of my commitment.


  55. I have committed to review/work on the worksheets for at least 30+ minutes each night, just before bed.
    Some of the questions/exercises have been really challenging for me. Especially the “what do you want for your future questions”. I still have not written my obituary. Is anyone else experiencing some similar challenges? Anyone have a new perspective or way to look at these questions? Especially for someone who does not plan out a week, much less 10 years. Seems daunting.
    The reflection required has revealed how reactive I am to life most of the time with small moments of proactive behavior (when I get really inspired for about 48-72 hours). I would really like to turn this around.
    Any advice and/or insight is welcomed!

  56. I am just overwhelmed that within a week of actually working on my personal development, I am already making mental positive thoughts. When someone says anything negative, I just think back to my positive thoughts and it calms me down knowing that I won’t have to be at that J.O.B. for the rest of my life.

    It took me over 10 years before I would even consider working on myself. It was a waste of time. I need to use that time to work on the business — NOT realizing that working on me was all part of business, of life.

    Watched The Biggest Loser tonight and there was this woman who couldn’t do the challenge due to fear of water. Jillian later took her out to the pool and talked to her and got her to swim and no longer be afraid of the water. That is what I feel what Darren is doing for me. Helping me to over come my fear of success, of failure, of whatever it is that is holding me back.

    One comment above, a woman was saying she doesn’t feel alone here, neither do I. Thank you all for sharing this experience.


  57. Darren I have tried everything for an hour to download the worksheeets for part 3. I spent amny hours this last weekend catching up on parts 1,2&3 and really want to continue this valuable program but I can’t get the sheets for questions for S.W.O.T. and 360.

    [DARREN HARDY] Sending a new file your way asap!

  58. Hello to all, I am enjoying this process, I have already learned a lot about myself and where I want to be.
    First thing is SIGN THE COMMITMENT PLEDGE, now you owe it to yourself to follow through the process. Second dont get behind on the worksheets.
    Darren these are some great questions that we have to ask ourselves, it is showing me and making me realize that I needed a program like this to wake me up.
    What made me think the most was, when I did worksheet 3, If I could live life over, what would I do different, and then My Obituary, I never thought I would write my own obituary, but I am glad it was part of this process.
    Doing the S.W.O.T Analysis, and 360 View tomorrow.
    Thanks again Darren.

  59. Darren, THANK YOU for putting this together! You’re Incredible! People asked me what I did this weekend, and I said “I wrote My Obituary and My Epitaph!”
    After explaining that I am participating in your program, people looked shocked that I was taking the time to design my life! One of my long-term goals is to be on the Success Symposium stage with you! (Or maybe just the cover of SUCCESS magazine will do). Thanks again! -Ken Kocher

  60. Hi Darren,
    I am really enjoying this program, the amount of introspection required is extremely challening and a lot of fun. Thanks for doing this.

    I quickly browsed today’s worksheet and my first impression was that there are a lot of questions in the Opportunities and Threats sections that apply to running a business. Several of them can only be answered partially, if at all, by someone who is not the owner, which I am not (Ex – the question that begins “If demand for your business instantly grew three times over…” ). How do you recommend we approach that?


    [DARREN HARDY] Hmm, great question. I guess I always assume everyone is an entrepreneur or has a side business at least. One suggestion is to get a side business! :-) The other is skip the questions that don’t apply, they are there just to prod your mind to come up with all the SWOTs you can think of.

  61. Just the thought of asking three friends how I was doing made me scared; for I know they really do not know me well. Anyway, it might be worth a try since I’m giving myself a break of discovering myself inside-out. And to think that I am doing this for the next Best 10 years of my life.

  62. I have never taken a course like this before. This is amaziing. The things I am learning about myself have in some ways made me cringe. In others I am extreamly happy about. I eagerly awaite each installment. This is a fantastic course.
    Thank you so much for this oppertunity.


  63. Darren, thanks for the opportunity to participate in your program. I look forward every Tuesday and Thursday to your blogs. This is great for me, as I would not be gaining this advantage otherwise. Love the magazine!

  64. I can not help but tell everone I know about this program. Thank so much from giving from your heart and soul.

  65. When I lost my job last year, I knew there was a reason that it didn’t upset me. What I realize now is that it freed up so much time for me to work on myself instead. This is definitely the best investment I have made in the last ten years.
    I know how many opportunities I let go by because of my golden handcuffs. The next ten years belong to me, i’m going to make my own opportunities this time.
    I now have the guidance and support group that i’ve been lacking as well as the knowledge and belief in myself.
    Thank you Darren, you have become one of many mentors i’ve acquired through books, magazines and online resources.


  66. By the way people always ask me why I never relax and all I think about is the answer from your interview a couple of months ago, where the reply to a similar question from the person you were interviewing said “I’m living”…so this is my answer to these comments…”I’m not sure what your definition of relaxing is, but what I’m doing is living”. Keep is coming since there is a lot of living to do!

  67. Darren,

    This is a home run! I have set goals for the last 11 years and big fan and follower of Tony R and Jim R and must say the depth of the questions in your program is awesome! Before you live it you have to see it! As always, THINK BIG!

  68. Hi Darren, I figured out how to download my worksheets thank so much for this awesome opportunity. There is another small problem. My comments are posted on line #11 and My name is on Post line #10. Mine and Harry’s comments have somehow switched. Thanks again and I am so excited!

  69. Hi Shonda Pertilla-Sissoko, Rich Proctor, all others,

    who are having difficulty like myself, receiving your downloads in order to receive your worksheets in your email box you will need to first subscribe to a feedburner. After spending about 2 hours (frustrated) I can LOL now! I went to SUCCESS magazine and found the large orange button in the top right hand corner of the page, click on it and subscribed and a few seconds little I receive all (3) worksheet.

    You may also find that icon on top of the web title page where you see the home icon and the next icon is the feed rss orange with white lines crosswardly button and next is the email icon and then the print icon and the the word page and the tools and then a ? at the end of, you should be fine. We are going to Design Our Best Next 10 Years Together!

    [DARREN HARDY] Thanks for being a great help Angela!!

  70. To those of you who are still having a problem getting the downloads, try this if you are using Internet Explorer 8.0:

    1) At the Task Bar click on Tools
    2) Scrool down to Feed Discovery
    3) On the right, select “RSS 2.0”

    Your page will change to RSS page view which will have all the posts including the links to the worksheets for download. Hope this helps. Good luck and let’s go through this journey together.

  71. Hi Darren, I am excited and ready! I have not yet received my download worksheets # 1,2,3. Can you please help me do what is necessary to receive them. I am writing down my information in my notebook but is going to transfer my information on my worksheets. thanks!

  72. Darren, awesome program of course, but you already know that. What would be nice is if the intro pages to each lesson were also available in a pdf file. On the past couple lessons it won’t let me print it, it just locks up. I’m putting all of this in a binder and thought it would be nice to have the intros to each section, especially when i’m showing the program to a new person trying to bring them on board. Thanks and keep up the amazing work you do!

  73. Alot of comments on here are always about missing out on past downloads. All you have to do is click on the blue links at the top of this page, ex: part 1, part 2. Once that opens, scroll down and you will see another link. There you go. No need to wait for an e-mail.

    [DARREN HARDY] GREAT point Shane! Hey everyone – read Shane’s comments above.

  74. I am finding out things, I had suppressed and thought would go away. Thanks for making me to face them.

  75. I asked a few close friends a few years ago, how they perceived me to be as a person and I was amazed with how difficult it was for them to tell the truth. I am the opposite. I find it very hard not to tell the truth and to find soft ways of telling the truth. Sometimes there are non-abrasive ways to tell the truth, but somethings will be difficult no matter what. I got a direct answer from one of the maybe three persons asked and I perceived that that person held back a little.

    To ask this question, means that you really are in search of truth and that you really want to change for the better, at the expensive of your ego.

  76. Hi Darren:

    Thanks for sharing this great series!! I am learning a lot and each step is making me more eager.

    FYI… I am not able to get any of the docs/attachments that you reffered in your vedio. Please let me know how can I get those.

    Thanks again,
    Amir Baig

    [DARREN HARDY] Amir, it sounds like you might be registered to receive the blog posts at, not directly from my blog. To get the program WITH worksheet links, sign up on this page. You should then immediately receive an Activation Email in your inbox from Feedburner with a link to activate your subscription. Once you clicked on that link, you should have been all set to go.

  77. During the past years I have tried several Goal Setting programs only to abandon them within days from starting. I believe this, was mainly due to being absorbed into my daily routine and tasks which gradually shifted my attention to just getting urgent thing done and made me forget all about goal setting. Somehow this time I feel things will be different for the following reasons:
    1. We have a top coach,
    2. I feel that I am not alone on this and that I belong to a large group of likeminded people,
    3. I have signed the Commitment Pledge and posted on a board right next to my desk where I can see it. Every time I look at it I am reminded of the 10 year plan,
    4. Twice a week I will be getting an email from my coach telling me what to do and
    5. It seems that once a week I will be receiving an email/video from my coach debriefing me on what happened so far.
    There’s no way I will forget about Goal Setting this time and the 10 year plan.
    Thank you Darren.

    [DARREN HARDY] FANTASTIC Nico!! Thanks for reminding and encouraging everyone else with your example!

  78. Test my mettle eh? Bring it on, that’s why I am here. If it tears me right down to my foundation, I’m okay with that. Because through this process I am developing the plans to build a better me.

    In the interest of “playing full out” – over the last couple of days I did a review of the work we’ve done so far. I made a couple of tweaks here and there, but mostly I just internalized and gave thought to the information I have uncovered so far.

    I am definitely ready for the next installment to land in my inbox.

    Onward and upward.

    [DARREN HARDY] Bravo Rich!!

  79. Since my shortfalls are quite obvious, my aha moments will surface in the “showing up” exercise if others don’t recognize/mention them.