Video Update from Darren Hardy–End of Week 2


Here’s a summary of week two in our journey towards Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life where I answer your questions and give you a course update.

I’ve also selected some of your questions and observations left in the comments sections along with some of my responses. I hope you find it helpful to peruse through the common questions and insights shared by your peers (the comments are featured below this video). I know it’s deepened my own understanding and strengthened my resolve!

Please click the play button to watch the video:

Questions about when and where to get the worksheets:

From Shane Williams: “A lot of comments on here are always about missing out on past downloads. All you have to do is click on the blue links at the top of this page, ex: part 1, part 2. Once that opens, scroll down and you will see another link. There you go. No need to wait for an e-mail.”

[DARREN HARDY] GREAT point Shane! Hey everyone – read Shane’s comments above.

From Amir Baig: “Hi Darren: Thanks for sharing this great series!! I am learning a lot and each step is making me more eager. FYI… I am not able to get any of the docs/attachments that you referred in your video. Please let me know how can I get those. Thanks again.”

[DARREN HARDY] Amir, it sounds like you might be registered to receive the blog posts at, not directly from my blog. To get the program WITH worksheet links, sign up on this page: You will then immediately receive an “Activation Email” in your inbox from Feedburner with a link to activate your subscription. Once you click on that link, you should be all set to go.

From Steven Leatherman: “I feel like a goober, i cannot for the life of me get the worksheets. I very much want to get started and think I have signed up for all of this. I got your video update, but see no links “on the bottom” like it says. please advise or send them to me.”

[DARREN HARDY] Steven, there are no links on the bottom of the video update email, only the installments sent out on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the email update. You can also follow Shane’s instruction above.

From Johan: “Hi Darren… we are just coming back from our cruise holiday trip that was planned in summer, I missed the Jan 5th pre-launch material, where can I download the worksheets? thank you very much for this opportunity, I’m sure it will be challenging but also very beneficial, challenging because I drive truck and do not have routine schedule.”

[DARREN HARDY] Don’t worry, Johan, you won’t miss a thing! Last weeks’ worksheets will be available with the next installment…and you can follow Shane’s instruction above.

From Kerry B: “Having a hard time keeping up with the installments because of my regular job schedule & working 2 jobs. I am only up to my mission statement & the 3rd installment is waiting. Takes me alot of thought time to fill in the blanks with only an hour to an hour & 1/2 in the mornings. Alot of years & feelings to go through. Guess i’ll have to burn the midnight oil & get up earlier to keep up. So far i have really “looked inside” myself with this course & I am discovering what i have lost about myself over the years. Thanks so much for this course. I’m looking forward to “change” which i have avoided in the past. What a break through for me. Thanks again. The fun is in the new discovery of the old me & what is waiting ahead for the new me.”

[DARREN HARDY] As I say in the video, carve the time out everywhere you can. If possible find some isolated time on the weekend to get caught up. Ideally, you want to go somewhere quiet, get yourself calm and centered so you can really connect with your inner voice and gut feelings. I know that sounds weird, my point is try not to just do it in 10 minute spurts here and there in the frenetic energy of a distracting and busy day.

Questions on the content:

From Sharon: “Wow! I know we are well on our way in this program, but did anyone else have difficulty filling in the 10 year review? I keep coming back to that first page, but it has been a very slow process for me!!! I hope that I haven’t been the only one!!”

[DARREN HARDY] Sharon, it is supposed to challenge you, so it’s OK that you are. There is no growth without effort. Even if your greatest takeaway is that you didn’t collect enough memorable life experiences over the last 10 years. That wake-up call is enough to do the important work of this process to insure that doesn’t ever happen again, certainly not over the next 10 years.

From Tracy: “My husband & I just completed our tasks – we had a busy week but we did not understand the volume of material or the commitment. So we gave up date night – changed some priorities – (we did not clean the house – oh well it will get done!)

We are committed and already we are working better together – we laughed because Jim was going to date his obituary – no do not do that. Remember our goal for the next ten years was to strengthen and change our marriage.

Question – what is the difference between your vision and your mission?

Question 2 -We both had a hard time putting this on paper – as much as we are planning for other areas in our life – marriage is key. So should we have one vision & mission that includes the goals of just the marriage because we are a couple? OR do we include our goals in our individual mission because we are individuals?”

[DARREN HARDY] Question 1: The document explains difference EXCEPT the document had an error and said Vision twice (our bad!). First one pg 6) should have said Mission.

Mission is who you are and how you will live.

Vision is your Mission and Core Values rolled up into a vivid, idealized description of a desired OUTCOME. Essentially the idealized outcome of your life.

Question 2: You should both first define the exercise individually. In my experience marriage is two whole people coming together to share themselves with someone else – not two halves coming together to make one (not the movie lore of “you complete me”). As Jim Rohn would say, “I’ll take care of me for you, you take care of you for me.” Once you both get clear on who you are individually, what is important to you (your core values) and what you want to achieve in life (mission), then you 1) will know how to support each other better and 2) can figure out how to best come together and formulate core values, mission and vision statements as a marriage and as a family.

From Jenn: “Hi Darren, I am going through this great process with my husband and we both are struggling with the section on 3 risks you wish you would have taken. Neither of us feel we have missed anything along the way and in fact everything we have done has brought us to the place we find ourselves today… we wouldn’t change it for the world! We don’t feel this is a bad thing. We are not trying to be ‘greater than thou’ or anything… we are thoroughly enjoying this process and look forward to each installment.”

[DARREN HARDY] There are no wrong answers Jenn and if you don’t have answers for some questions that is OK too. The major point is to get you to stop, think, assess and consider. I would challenge the thought a little however – are you exactly where you want to be in life right now? If not, there were probably some risks you could have taken along the way that would have elevated your success to date. Even if they were relationship risks – people you could have connected with but didn’t, people you could have been more vulnerable, giving, considerate to (at the risk of your own ego, self-protectionism, etc), pressed your body further, farther, harder to be in better health than you might be now, stepping out and taking a leadership role in your community, church, office, peer group, etc. “Risks” don’t always mean financial risks or job risks, they can be relational, personal, physical, etc.

From Smita: “Darren, I don’t understand by “list 10 milestones,” can you please eloborate so I am specific with what I need to focus on and list about my achievements/failures accordingly. Thank you so much”

[DARREN HARDY] 10 highlights… 10 most memorable accomplishments… the ten things that stick out the most from the period in review.

mile?stone [mahyl-stohn] –noun 2. a significant event or stage in the life, progress, development, or the like of a person, nation, etc.: Her getting the job of supervisor was a milestone in her career.

From Tim Neilson: “Question: Worksheet2 My Obituary… Are we writing this from the perspective of dying within 24 hours? Or is this obituary the ‘ideal’ write-up for ‘when’ we die and all we imagined has been accomplished? I’m confused as to whether or not we’ve shifted out of the 24 hours to live mode. Thanks”

[DARREN HARDY] Great question, Tim! The answer is the latter – the 40, 50, 60 years from now perspective.

Questions about working with spouses, friends and family members:

From Debra Davis Suggs: “I subscribed today, 01/11/2010, and hope that I may receive the previous information given on January 5th. I am so excited about this opportunity. My husband and I are big dreamers, planners and are working very hard to transform our dreams into goals and then finally into a success and reality! God bless you for your generosity and time! Have a joyous, blessed and prosperous day!”

[DARREN HARDY] Glad to have you and your husband aboard, Debora! This is a wonderful process to do with your spouse (at the same time) and discuss it. My wife and I do our worksheets at the same time. We find somewhere beautiful/inspirational and somewhere quiet and go through each download worksheet.

From Phil: “I sent invites to 20 of my closest – family and friends. To date only 6 signed up. Not to worry, I keep encouraging and challenging the others.” From teens to 60+–never too young and never too late to take part in this endeavor.”

[DARREN HARDY] Way to go Phil! It is great to get those you have to be around anyway as part of your ongoing support team… and by introducing them to this process you might be making an incredible, life-changing difference in their life forever. Bravo!

Questions about the difference of this course and Design Your Best Year Ever book:

From Yosi: “Hi Darren, I has purchased your “Design Your Best Year Ever” book and had started on that during the Christmas holidays. I’m trying to figure out the best way to follow the two programs at the same time. It seems logical to first follow the design your best 10 years program, and then work on my goals for the next year. However, I don’t want to wait until the end of February to get started on this year. Can you provide me with some guidance on how to go about managing this?”

[DARREN HARDY] My new, 8 week program will cover the whole process, but you might find having the printed version of “Design Your Best Year Ever” book a helpful tool. The exclusive achievement planner will help guide you through the rest of the next year.

From Donna Wood: “I have one question – does it make sense to also do the “Design Your Best Year Ever” process or will this cover that whole process? Again, thank you and many blessings to you and yours.”

[DARREN HARDY] This will cover the whole process, but you might find having the printed version of DBYE book a helpful tool as it also has an achievement planner to guide you the rest of the next year.

From Yosi Knecht: “Hi Darren, I am really enjoying this program, the amount of introspection required is extremely challenging and a lot of fun. Thanks for doing this.

I quickly browsed today’s worksheet and my first impression was that there are a lot of questions in the Opportunities and Threats sections that apply to running a business. Several of them can only be answered partially, if at all, by someone who is not the owner, which I am not (Ex – the question that begins “If demand for your business instantly grew three times over…”). How do you recommend we approach that?”

[DARREN HARDY] Hmm, great question. I guess I always assume everyone is an entrepreneur or has a side business at least. One suggestion is to get a side business! The other is skip the questions that don’t apply, they are there just to prod your mind to come up with all the SWOTs you can think of.

From Dean Hayes: “Heard you interviewed by Mortgage Coach. Great content on your site. Question – what camera and software do you use for your videos? It’s great quality!”

[DARREN HARDY] Hi Dean, thanks even though I think it can improve. I just got delivery (5min ago) of an amateur lighting package in attempt to make it look better. Camera is the inexpensive Flip and I edit (just clip front and end off – when I get up to turn camera on and off) with the free iMovie software on my Mac. That’s it!

From Edgar: “Dear Darren, Thank you!!!!! I am very excited!!! Are you a member on facebook?”

[DARREN HARDY] Yes I am, Edgar! Feel free to add me as a friend: SUCCESS Magazine is at

Notable Comments:

“Once I signed the commitment page I found myself diligently recording my answers to the remaining worksheet questions. Talk about serious contemplation! I really had no idea where I had been the last ten years and how much I had truly accomplished. I had to give myself a pat on the back, but now after the review I’m even more excited about the future! I had to submit a business plan for my company today – I felt it was only half done due to the progress I feel I’ll be making from now to the end of February. I can hardly wait to get cracking on this new worksheet set and take a giant leap forward in my personal journey toward success. I believe with this plan I can truly live each day on purpose!” –Mendy from DB10 Part 2

“Since i subsciribed to the Success magazine last year, my life has DRAMATICALLY changed. I started my own business, I got my own apartment, I started dating the most amazing man, I ran a 1/2 marathon and I am constantly improving. I am so excited to do this eight-week course to see how else I can improve myself. Thank you soo much, Darren.” –Kayla C DB10 Part 2

“Darren, I want to take this minute to share my successes in 2009. Last year on new year’s eve of 2009 I started the reading process and completing your book “Design Your Best Year Ever”. After two layoffs and personal financial crash in 2007 & 2008, I decided to make a statement that was loud and clear to me and my family. I listed my goals and followed your book step by step. The results were:

1. I was the # 3 Sales Agent in Texas out of 260 Agents.

2. I qualified to the annual convention in Puerto Rico.

3. I took my wife and 2 daughters to Egypt.

4. I am now debt free, and own both of my cars free & clear.

5. My savings and retirement accounts are growing according to plan.

And now, with your new awesome program I am so excited about what will come my way in the next 10 years. If I was able to achieve all of that in 1 year, I am sure there are huge accomplishments waiting to happen. Thank for your mentorship and support. Continue to surprise us with more great stuff. By the way, Today I purchased 50 success for teens books from the success foundation to hand out to teens in my family and community.” –Eddie F. DB10 Part 2

“When I lost my job last year, I knew there was a reason that it didn’t upset me. What I realize now is that it freed up so much time for me to work on myself instead. This is definitely the best investment I have made in the last ten years.

I know how many opportunities I let go by because of my golden handcuffs. The next ten years belong to me, I’m going to make my own opportunities this time.

I now have the guidance and support group that i’ve been lacking as well as the knowledge and belief in myself. Thank you Darren, you have become one of many mentors i’ve acquired through books, magazines and online resources.” –Chris Eh Young, DB10 Part 3



52 responses to “Video Update from Darren Hardy–End of Week 2”

  1. I recently received, and I just finished listening to “Making The Shift”.
    Great piece. Is this part of a larger course? Or is it a stand alone?

  2. Hi Darren, I’m just starting but I have been getting your emails since week 2 and now I’ve decided to commit myself and time to this for me. I have been able to download up to worksheet # 7 and was wondering if this is all the worksheets. I wanted to get the worksheets first in case the program would end on me and time would run out since I am starting so late.

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Cynthia! The worksheet archive closed to the public as of March 1st but I will be in touch via email asap to help.

  3. thank you Darren! for this program it is just what i needed,thank you for caring and your generosity

    [DARREN HARDY] You are very welcome, Blade!

  4. After completing Worksheet #5, my world fell apart! I received a call from my family to hear my Mom was on life support and was very sick. This turned my world upside down. I so needed this course and made it clear by signing my commitment pledge that I was going to complete it. The good news is Mom is making a full recovery, PTL and is going to be OK! Truly a miracle! But now I have my work cut out for me. I am behind but will do my best to catch up! Just finished printing, and received my book “Design Your Best Year Ever” in the mail today as I was typing this out! Thank you Darren an many others who are following this workshop! Everyone enjoy an awesome week and God Bless


  5. I have just completed the Worksheet #7. I have a question for you, Darren. I just started a new Full-time job on Monday, January 18, after being a stay-at-home mom for almost 2 years. A few of the questions I did not feel pertained to me at this time. For instance, “What are the existing problems your industry faces?” How long do you feel is enough time for me to allow to pass before answering these questions? When should I revisit this Worksheet to complete this process? Thank you in advance for your advice and opinion!! – Laura B.

    [DARREN HARDY] If a question doesn’t apply to you, skip it. The questions are there to prompt you from a variety of vantage points. If a vantage point doesn’t apply to your particular situation, move onto the next one that does.

  6. Is there going to be another iteration of these classes? and when would that be?

    [DARREN HARDY] Elizabeth, as of right now, this is the only time we will be emailing this program to my blog subscribers. You can still join us by entering your email address in the blog subscription box above and will receive all the previous materials to get caught up.

  7. Darren,
    I loved the S.W.O.T analysis. It gave me such clearer vision both on my business and for myself. I am so antsy for the next installment so that I can put all that I am learning into action. Thank you again for offering this program. I already see it making a difference in my future, it could quite truly be changing the world!


  8. Holy cow!! I just finished the balance wheel and I can’t believe my eyes…this entire program thus far has been eye opening, but what a paradigm shift…I had no idea how out of balance my life was in two areas…just knowing this allows me to make changes. I anxiously await the next section. And Darren, you are right…this is work…but some of the greatest work I will be doing as it has impacted my life so much already. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. One of my duaghters and my employees are doing this program…what a difference you are making in so many lives.

  9. I have been doing the various steps. Alot of the questions are difficult because I have never looked at my life in this fashion. Sometimes I have spent most of my life looking at what I haven’t done instead of what I have done. What I am realizing it is deeper than I thought. Mikki

  10. Mr. Hardy, by chance I got a copy of SUCCESS this weekend and only now got around to listening to the CD and finishing the magazine. Am I still able to take part in the programme, seeing that week two have started? And if so, do I have to catch up with the work sheets or can I gradually get there?
    Sir, thank you for this great oppurtunity, I am hoping that I can indeed have a better 10 year out look.

    [DARREN HARDY] It’s never too late to join us, Raphael! You can still sign up by entering your email address in the subscription box above. You will receive all the previous materials in the next installment and you can take your time catching up. Just find your pace and KEEP TO IT!

  11. Salutations Darren,
    I hope you are well and enjoying all the community cooperation and energy put forth towards your SUCCESS offering. I wanted to question your thoughts and personal life experiences on competition verses cooperation. It is my belief that business is unfolding into an integral place of cooperation. As conscious business practices take hold for life enhancing services and purposes, cooperation and clean service is optimal for our peace and survival on this planet. Wealth consciousness is a responsible necessity for the next evolution in business.
    “Helping others make money and helping other people to fulfill their desires is a sure way to ensure you’ll make money for yourself as well as more easily fulfill your dreams. M stands for money and M also stands for motivate. The best way to motivate other people to help you fulfill your goals is to help them fulfill their goals.” Deepak Chopra in “creating Affluence”.
    I feel just as bacteria learned that they had to cooperate to survive, the human species must do the same. You are practicing this model, yet I felt as I was answering the question you gave in session 3;
    “What three things are your competitors failing to do that are important? How can you take advantage of these mistakes?”, that it was a strange question. I could look at this question from a different perspective so that it is functonal, but I am curious what your intention was behind this piece?
    Monica Wiggin

    [DARREN HARDY] One of the best places to find opportunities is to look at the weaknesses of the 800lb gorilla in your market – where are they letting their customers down, what are they failing to do, etc.? For instance this is how Southwest found their opportunity with short stop flights when the big airlines were leaving out markets outside the major hubs. Additionally with providing friendly, hassle free, no frills service. Wal-mart chose to serve the small town markets when most retailers huddled around major urban markets. If you are employed, what are the shortcomings of those whom you will compete with for the promotion? What needs are they not fulfilling, how can you so you create your advantage?

  12. Looking back at the last 10 years of my life has been an eye opener. I did not realize how much time I have wasted investing in things that had no real impact on anyone; I am appalled at my selfish and self-centered attitude. Personal growth is never easy because it forces us to look deeply within ourselves for solutions to the troubles that surround us. I have met the enemy and he is me. My gracious thanks to Mr. Hardy for his insight and thought provoking questions. If I have another 10 years, or 10 days, I will not squander them on myself. I will spend them on building character that will leave something in someone and not to them. The new regimens of my life begin with two of Mr. Hardy’s questions found in “Design Your Best Year Ever”. In Step 6 ‘The Magic Factor’ Pg 31, Mr. Hardy asks regarding your BHAG; “Who do I have to become to achieve this?” and “What actions would this type of a person take?” Setting my priorities to serve others is the example of servant leadership modeled and lived by my Savior Jesus Christ.

  13. Thank you so much for this program. I am going through it with excitement and optimism and resolve. I am a single mom of 3 small children, recovering from years of abuse and depression. We’ve been living in poverty for years (due to little income; thankfully my only debt is my mortgage). I’m sick and tired of it and have committed to providing my children with an abundant life. There is much growth needed to be done but I WILL get there. When I first started reading Success magazine in March I did not even feel worthy to look at it. Now I know I am. I want to encourage anyone who is like me — struggling to escape from years of poverty, depression, and poor self-confidence — that it can be done and not to give up.

    PS Darren, I saw you speak in Anaheim on December 6 and really appreciated all you had to say.

  14. Love the program, but I get so busy I feel like Im falling behind. Cant finish one weeks stuff before I get the next.

    [DARREN HARDY] I hear you on the busy front, Ben! What I do is carve out a time whenever I can to fully focus on the task at hand. For this program, I would schedule an hour or so on Wednesdays and Fridays with no distractions to read the installment complete the worksheets. Believe me, your future will thank you for it!

  15. Darren, my husband and I are doing this challenge together and we approach it from 2 different angles. I am methodical and work throughout the week on it, if possible. My husband waits until the weekend. Both methods work. I have learned something very interesting about myself as I have answered the questions. My biggest challenge has been to focus on and articulate “my own” mission and vision statements. My husband and I have worked together for over 20 years; married for 29 years. I realized that his goals have slowly become my goals (though his goals were to benefit the “whole” if you know what I mean.) I now realize that it has not been our individual goals coming together. He has realized that, too. So the challenge now for ME is to really figure out what “I” want. What an eye opener. I have done my writing in pencil, because I tend to think and rethink my answers and do alot of erasing! After elaborating on both my mission and vision statements, (which really felt amazing to get out on paper) I realize now I need to go back and condense and redefine my thoughts to something that is more clear and concise. This has been an amazing and positive revelation for me and my husband. I had my own dreams and visions when we first met. It is funny how raising a family and working along side your partner can sometimes “dull your individual edge”. I am learning alot about ME; not someone’s wife/partner/mother. It feels GREAT!!

  16. This has made me really work & think. Hard to answer some questions but very revealing about core values and showing the talent we may not see, easily. Thanks Darren for sharing. K

  17. WOW, the thing that struck me the most is it seems WAY to easy to think and recall the bad things that happened over the last year and the last 10 years. It took some really deep thinking and going back over logs, receipts, emails and other reminders to come up with clear wins or victories from last year. These lessons are making us look back and see that “Yes we actually had good moments”. THANK YOU DARREN!


    [DARREN HARDY] Glad to be of service, George! And glad to hear you are really taking a long, hard look back to fully discover your all that you can about last year. Keep it up!

  18. A huge thanks Darren, your video, helped me to catch up and focus on the positive and the ‘Fun’ of the process, Yes it is ‘hard work’ but it is so rewarding to review the past 10 years, and see how much I already grow, thanks to many mentors and inspirational personality!
    I am on worksheet #7, and will be done by sunday. I am looking forward to this empowering work!

  19. When I received the 3 responses to the question of what was holding me back I was surprised the it was anger. I thought I was controlling that pretty well. They said yes I was holding it in pretty well but I needed to express it and let it go. They said I was so blinded by the anger that I couldn’t see anything else and was missing out on opportunities. I was so surprised by this but they gave me examples and I could see it so clearly. Thanks Darrin it was truly an eye opener.


  20. I finished No. 7 & 8 today & I am very impressed. I know by writing it all down it is making me think & get more focused. This will help me personally as well as my business.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  21. Dear Darren and Designers of the Best 10 Years all!
    Thank you so much for this great opportunities to re-find my best 10 years.
    Your questions and hints are exactly what I’ve seek!
    In my case, I took 2 hours for 1st worksheet, all 2 days for 2nd, a day (without 360 view…) for 3rd. It is worth while really.

  22. thanks so much,this is something I need for 2010.but for a person who just got started this week how can I keep up with you guys,just gotting it on the 1/16/10.plesae help me on this?

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Robert, I’ll go ahead and send you what you need to get all caught up.

  23. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Darren! I’m “playing full out” because I have to – this is W O R K. Chuckle, chuckle. I see patterns developing that completely surprise me. Love the blogs and work sheets. Onward!

  24. Worksheet set 3 has been the most challenging for me to date. It’s been almost painful to confront my weaknesses head on. I invited three colleagues to complete the 360 view — and they weren’t hesitant about being honest! It hasn’t given me much room to hide or ignore my shortcomings. Painful as it may be, I know it’s a good process. I know I will never be able to overcome my weaknesses until I’m willing to honestly confront them. At the same time, identifying opportunities has given me some new and beneficial ideas for dealing with my challenges. Thank you so much for making this available, Darren. It has been a very worthwhile activity, something I’ve needed for a long time!

  25. I’ve been working the program, answering the questions and having discussions with my children as I go through the process. It’s fun (and hard sometimes).
    One of the neatest results from the process thus far is that I ordered the Success for Teens book with the CD and we’ve been listening to it as we drive around. It leads us into conversations I would probably not have had with my children. I see my 14 year old boy reading the book in chunks. I can see a vision for them I haven’t seen before. I can see them learning the skills now and benefiting from them NOW, whether it’s basketball, schoolwork, church calling, etc.
    Thank You!

    [DARREN HARDY] What a great teachable moment to share with your kids! Kudos to you! :)

  26. Hi Darren and everyone,

    Basically I just wanted to say thankyou, I have been reading success for about a year now and look forward to getting my copy delivered every month (can’t find it anywhere as I live in England) Today was not a good day this morning my grandad passed away, I’m not writing this to get sympathy, it’s just made me realise the importance of making the most of every single moment I am given. This program has helped me realise alot of things and I can’t wait to move forward and change my life and the live’s of people I love so dearly. One quote came to mind this morning when I found out what happened ” Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” and I hold that quote very close to my heart. Thankyou to everyone who has ever made a difference to my life past, present and future. I have so much respect for everyone here and thankyou Darren, you have no idea the impact you are making.

    [DARREN HARDY] Jon, I am so sorry for your loss. What a great quote to think of and put into practice during this time. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  27. I recently went through a really tough time this past Christmas. I felt lost and did not have a plan. This program give me the chance to get my mind off the situation i was going thru and got me excited again.

    Right now i am on fire and passionate about my future. I can not wait for the next installment.

    Thank you

  28. This goes back to the worksheets on Core Values…I found it interesting that some of the ‘risks I didn’t take’ or ‘regrets’ ended up in the same line as my top 3 Core Values – was this supposed to happen?? I just interpreted the WHAT of the risk I didn’t take. Meaning, it wasn’t about the risk, but the ‘feeling or value’ I was after…
    Is that right?
    Can a Core Value be something that is VERY important to you and that you want, but at the moment do not have? ie. confidence? It comes up everywhere for me but it’s something I lack…

    Thanks…this is an amazing process!
    So excited!
    jodi renee

    Calgary AB Canada

    [DARREN HARDY] Yes and probably why you haven’t gotten the results you have been looking for. Good thing you have got your finger on this now!

  29. It’s funny how this process is effecting me. I started with a little skepticism having gone through goal setting processes before without getting the results I expected….this time after pondering the questions and filliing out the worksheets I am walking away with a plateful of Hope. What a gift! I am anxious to complete the next section and get started with acheiving the things I have always dreamed about.

  30. So far so good. Great questions on these worksheets and I have to admit at times, I did not like my responses or lack of in some cases. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

  31. I love the material and the content of the program, and know that it will yield tremendous results for me. However, I must say that the methods of delivering the content are confusing. Between the email updates, the blog postings and the magazine blasts, it’s hard to identify exactly what I’m receiving and where I should receive the next information from. The information seems to overlap between the various forms of delivery. Does anyone else find this confusing?

    [DARREN HARDY] Sorry you are finding the delivery of the program confusing, Peter. As long as you are signed up for the email updates with download links and pay attention to those, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything else. The other methods are just repeats of the same information.

  32. Hey Darren,

    I saw you speak on Dec. 6th, and it left a huge impact on my life. I have since bought your book, and have been participating in this program. I can not thank you enough. The powerful questions you pose in the worksheets have truly opened my eyes. I can’t wait for the next installments, and to start designing next week. Thanks again.

  33. Darren. I am feeling real good because I’ve tried for a long time to write everything down about my past, present and future life. I actally made some attempts before without much success. Now, every worksheet that I complete motivates me a lot. Since I started I’ve been a lot happier. I guess I needed to download this stuff from my mind. Thank you!

  34. Thank you so much Darren, it definitely take time but it is 100% worth it. Thank you for taking the time and encouraging us!

    [DARREN HARDY] Always my pleasure, Ursula! Thanks!

  35. Darren,
    Thanks for making this process so thought provoking.
    I am very curious and eager to learn new things and get so disheartened when I sign up for classes, seminars etc and they are not challenging enough.
    We are all very complex creatures and this process if done correctly will be as challenging and rewarding as we are committed to making it.
    Thanks again,

  36. Hi Darren,

    Really enjoying the programme so far, it’s forcing me to see the areas in my life that need most work & I’ve already started implementing new daily disciplines. The weekend video updates are encouraging too.

    Amanda – IRELAND

  37. Darren ……………….WOW man this is hard work ! , but its as you say easy to do !

    i am sitting at the last page My Vision Statement ! , i think i am going to enjoy writing this page, make it a great week, all the way from Auckland NZ

    Cheers Theo

  38. Darren its saturday afternoon, in brisbane australia, I`ve just had another incredible week(I`m a mobile car mechanic)i`ve taken up the challenge with you and the late Jim ROHN,my world has changed its hard to explain but to focus on helping people causes the flood gates of cash to open.
    The down side is that I`m physically and mentally exhaustd ,but never in my life have i felt so secure,confident,excited its exilirating i know after a bit of rest i`ll feel great,I feel and know my path,so tommorrow we`ll fine tune and up grade our destiny.i just like to say thank you so, so much

  39. Darren – took a moment to catch-up on video… Like wise, this week was extraordinarily challenging… Tuesday night – Neighborhood Watch, Wednesday night – Guest Speaking engagement, Thursday night – Community Services Commission Mtg, Friday night – New Business Opportunity for Wife & I. That will keep the heat on and now I will need to catchup on written exercises, Saturday and Sunday. Yes, this can be difficult to schedule! — I am finding my inspiration from Mr. Rohn’s – The Parable of the Sower. I just keep hearing him encouraging us to not worry about the birds, and to move past the rocky ground, to keep clear of the thorns and to “Just Keep Sowing Seeds!”

    [DARREN HARDY] You are definitely a busy guy, Phil! Great inspiration from Jim, thanks for sharing it with us. I’m sure there are many others who could benefit from it right now as well!

  40. Darren,

    I appreciate the time you have taken thus far in this series. From answering blog questions to creating the videos, your instructions are great.

    I am very excited to continue this program. Thanks for your dedication!

  41. Greetings all,
    I am now doing this programme and I personally think it will help me hit my goals.

    Thanks Mr. Darren Hardy and your team.
    Andrew C

  42. For all of those having problems getting the downloads. There are two easy ways to get them without having to wait for the emails.

    The first way — under every post title it says – Posted by: Darren Hardy in: Design Best 10 Years
    If you click on “Design Best 10 years” it will take you to another page with the download links

    The second way — subscribe with the RSS feed. I use Google Reader. The Links show up in the reader you are using.

    Either way, you won’t have to wait for the email :-)

  43. It’s funny to me how at first I was excited and shared this with others, then got a bit discouraged and overwhelmed with the worksheets. In many ways I wish I had bigger accomplishments. Perhaps it was simply because after college, marriage and 2 kids, I stopped dreaming. I had met my goals. This process is opening my eyes to what potential is there and really searching for what God has in store for my future. This was also reinforced by a sermon I heard online by Andy Stanley at North Point Community on “Take Responsibility For Your Life.” I do need to take responsibility and step up to the plate. Instead of staying discouraged for my shortcomings, I can choose to change, improve, seek the help of others. Thanks for challenging us to dream again and make a difference in the lives of others. We have so much to be thankful for!

  44. Hi Darren,

    Just a quick observation –

    As I’m reading all of the comments coming in from all over the world, and I see so many amazing people doing the work that the vast majority of people would never do, I can only imagine how gratifying this must be for you. To be able to watch and see the impact you are having here must feel completely amazing.

    Kudos to you for masterminding this challenging experience and making it available to everybody.

    Okay, back to business. It’s been a busy week and I have some serious work to do before Sunday night.


    [DARREN HARDY] Thanks, Rich! It really does warm my heart. :)

  45. Darren,

    I did my 360 degree view last night and what an eye popping experience!

    One of my best friends, who answered, made a suggestion which I accepted. He believed no one could give me better insight than my ex-wife of 15 years. So true! Why didn’t I think of that?

    I asked her and she agreed to give me her opinion! Should be interesting. No risk ~ no reward!

    As Jim Rohn says, “Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do!”

    To our greater success and thanks for giving us this immeasurable opportunity for growth.

    –Jeffrey Neubauer


    [DARREN HARDY] You are definitely a brave man! Let us know how it goes! :)