Part 15: How to WIN—Every Time!

Review: INTRO, GETTING READY & Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

As we head into the final stretch of this incredible journey, I want to offer you one final gift. It’s one of my greatest strategies for creating extraordinary success, and now–if you choose– it can be your success strategy, as well.

Regardless of your experience, skill level, or even the quality of your competition, with enough time, the following principle will allow you to win at almost everything, every time!

In fact, the only thing that can stop you now from accomplishing all the goals you have set is not utilizing this principle…. And that is the No. 1 reason why incredibly talented, intensely motivated people fail to attain what they want in life.

I used to get frustrated when I would start a new venture and I’d see the competition leap out in front and get off to a fast and successful start. Then I found the single discipline that gives me the advantage to beat anybody at almost anything—CONSISTENCY.

A lot of people become gung-ho about new goals or achievements, and they charge out of the gate in an explosion of activity—but their intensity and commitment quickly fizzle. Meanwhile, those who begin the journey with less flash but a greater commitment to consistency eventually catch up to their flamboyant peers and leave them in the dust. Do what most people don’t: Stay consistent.

Lack of consistency is the subtle stealer of dreams. The stop and start process kills progress in any pursuit. In fact, inconsistency is one of the biggest reasons people don’t achieve their goals, and instead end up living a life of frustration and disappointment.

When you start thinking about slacking off on your action plan, routines and rhythms, consider the massive cost of inconsistency. It is not the loss of the single action and the tiny results it creates; it is the utter collapse and loss of momentum your entire progress will suffer.

Zig Ziglar uses the analogy of a hand-pumped water well. The water table is 25 feet below the ground. A pipe runs down to the water table, and you have to pump the lever to create the suction that brings the water above the ground and out of the spout.

When most people start a new endeavor, they grab the lever and start pumping really hard, they are excited, committed and resolute…. They pump and pump and pump, and after a few minutes (or a few weeks), when they don’t see any water (results), they give up pumping the lever altogether.

The first few people they showed the product to didn’t buy. After two weeks on their new health plan, they haven’t lost one pound. They didn’t meet anyone at the first two networking events they attended.

People expect instant results, and when they don’t see progress, they quit… before success has a chance to show itself. Wise people continue to pump.

If they persevere and continue to pump and pump the lever, eventually a few drops of water will appear. At this point, a lot of people say, “You’ve got to be kidding! All this pumping, and for what? A few drops of water? Forget it!”

Eight weeks of working out at the gym, and they don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret or Calvin Klein underwear model. They didn’t make $10,000 their first 90 days in their new business. Again, they don’t see the results they were expecting. They think their plan isn’t working, and they quit. But the wise person persists.

If you continue to pump, eventually, you will get a full and steady stream of water. Congratulations, success!

But here’s the real secret…

Once the water is flowing, you no longer need to pump the lever as hard or as quickly. It’s easy to keep the pressure steady by just pumping the lever CONSISTENTLY.

Now, what happens if you let go of the lever for too long? The water falls back down into the ground, and you’re back to square one. If you come back and pump the lever easily and steadily, you still won’t get any water. You have lost the vacuum, or the momentum of your compounded effort. The only way to get the water flowing again is to pump the lever really hard all over again.

The problem with most people’s lives is that they work really hard to get the water flowing and then take a break. Wham-o! They have to pump like crazy again just to get back to even. Living life in a constant state of fits and starts is frustrating and demoralizing.

People start up a routine of making 10 new prospecting calls a day, strike a little gold, and then don’t dial for a couple of weeks. People get excited about their new “date night” routine with their spouse, but in a few weeks, it’s back to Netflix and microwave popcorn on the couch Friday nights. I see people buy a new book, sign up for a new program or seminar and go like crazy for a couple of weeks or months. Then they stop and end up right back where they started—sound familiar?

Consistency is one of the most important principles of success.

Here are a few ways lack of consistency can negatively impact your life…
If you miss a couple weeks of workouts, or affectionate gestures to your wife, or slack off on your prospecting routine, you don’t just lose the results those two weeks could have produced. If that is all you lost, not much damage would be done. What people don’t realize is that by breaking their rhythm, they kill Mo (Momentum)—and that is the real tragedy. The cost to revive momentum is an enormous amount of time, energy and effort—not to advance, but to get back to where you started.

Committing to the principle of applying consistent effort to your goals will forever alter how you (could) live your life. One moment of inconsistency, a single poor choice, temporary inaction, a brief lapse of discipline doesn’t simply result in the loss of that one action—it breaks your momentum. Your Mo has left the building.

It’s not how you or your competition start; it’s how you continue. If you stay consistent, even slowly (the tortoise), ultimately, you will beat the most talented of competitors (the hare). CONSISTENCY is why the tortoise beats the hare every time.

At the start of this program, I gave you this all-important axiom, your key to the obtainment of any goal, dream or desire you can envision: Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.

Suggestion: Strategize how you will keep your commitment and consistency steadfast. Ask your friends, family, boss, co-workers, gym mates or mentor to help remind you and push you forward. Set a series of appointments with yourself to keep you on track with what you need to be doing– regularly. Publish your Weekly Rhythm Register on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, on the wall at the office, or on your blog. Design ways to continually herd yourself back into the rhythms, routines and disciplines you need to stay consistent on in order to accomplish your big goals.

Thoughts, questions, supporting ideas to share with the group? Leave your comments in the section below.



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  1. I liked up to you’ll receive carried out right here. The comic strip is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish. nevertheless, you command get got an nervousness over that you would like be handing over the following. unwell undoubtedly come further beforehand once more as precisely the same just about very steadily inside of case you defend this increase.

  2. It’s now September 2010. I read this article EVERY MONDAY MORNING. That’s right… once a week. It has really helped me keep on track. Bookmark this article.

  3. It’s July 5th and here we are staring dead ahead at the second half of 2010. Wow, that happened fast didn’t it? We kicked off the year in such dynamic fashion with this “Designing the Best 10 Years” program. A powerful foundation on which to build a great year on to be sure.

    Yes I followed through, did the work, and graduated the program. But undoubtedly there are ideas I have forgotten, refinements that I can make, or information and tools that I have neglected to apply at the highest level possible. I know for me anyway, it’s important to review things over and over and over in order to squeeze the most value out of it. Repetition is the key to mastery.

    With that in mind, I think now is an opportune time for an in depth review of the work I did through this program in January and February. Six months of unlimited possibility and potential remain in this year and I intend to make the most of it.

    How about you?

  4. hi darren! this article came at just the right moment in my life. i have been losing momentum like crazy. i couldn’t fathom if it was me that was doing something wrong. it felt like i was losing the war against myself everyday. start stop, start stop. but after reading your article i feel more pumped up, more enthusiastic and it truly was a blessing to hear your words. i got very emotional (teary eyes) and felt like a burden has been lifted for now i know the answer. consistency is key! no matter how big or small the action as long as i stick to my guns i can go forward. i can keep growing and i will get better and this will help me become the type of leader i have always wanted to become.

    thanks darren, you have helped me more than you know.
    😀 bright smiles bright futures here i come. 😀

  5. I was wondering if there was anyway I could get access to the worksheets too? I have 1-6 and 9 &10. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!

  6. I am really appreciating this program and the significant impact it is having on my life. Realizing that access to the worksheets was closed on March 1, 2010. Is there any way that I could get access to those that I do not have? I appreciate your assistance. Thanks.

  7. Consistency is important in all areas of life in order to succeed. Whether you are learning a new hobby, training a child or starting a business.


    [DARREN HARDY] Which ever works best for you to stay organized and on task, Arturo. Just reprint for each week. I keep mine in my journal so I always have it with me.

  9. I posted this question on the 1st part of the series. I should have posted it here. First of all, I love the program. I love your insight, Darren, and I like the worksheets. So here is my question. Has the password to the worksheet archive been changed? The one I received in my email does not appear to work.

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] On it’s way, Greg!

  10. Darren, I have had computer problems and when trying to catch up with printing the work sheets I find the password does not work now. I need the workbook pages for Parts # 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, & 15. Also, I am unable to access the continuation of Part 16. I do have Dashboard.

    I would apprecaite your assistance in helping me have the complete material. I greatly appreciate the scope of this material and am excited to finalize all projects. The next 10 years of my life will be awesome.


    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Jack! You can access the entire blog entry, Part 16: ACTION!, here: The archives for the Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life worksheets has closed to the public as of March 1, 2010 but sent you an email with additional instructions to help you get the ones you need.

  11. Hi Darren! I did not aware of this blog/on going program which started early JAN until few days ago. I downloaded the worsheets which I found it while searching under ‘well being’ at . I have worksheet 1 to 10, 12 & 13.

    I want to finish the rest of the wroksheets. Please, can you / somebody here email me the worksheets that I’ve been missing? My email address is

    Thank you!

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Sure thing, Fazlee! You should have an email from me now. :)

  12. I worked up to worksheet 13 and then was out of town. The password that I was using doesn’t work now. Is there some way I can get the other worksheets? Your help has been awesome!

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Help is on the way, Glenna! Check your email when you get a chance. :)

  13. I discovered that the worksheet has been off since March 1. I have done the worksheets up to Worksheet #10 . But I really would like to finish the rest of the worksheets. Help me. Thank you

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Betsy! Just sent you an email with the some help. :)

  14. Maggie:
    I went back to some old communication and found the long version of part16. So I do not need you to send me again. Tha nk you anyway. And I also discovered from the article that the worksheet is off since March1. Well, I was out of country and returned after March… This is catch-up job.. Help!

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Thanks for letting me know! Check your email, you should have what you need there now.

  15. Thank you for the informative publication. love it! However I have 2 problems: one is when I got to part16, and tried to get into”continue reading”, it kicked me back to part15. Could you resent me the long version of part16? secondly, I also have problem completing my homework. I have worksheet 1-9 and 14,15, & dashboard but not inbetween because I just can’t get into the archive. Could you send me the password again? THANK YOU AGAIN.

  16. Hi Darren – i have worksheet 1-9 that i’ve completed. Had to travel for work and fell behind. I really really want to finish the rest – that’s one of my goals for march to complete the 10 year blue print.

    I really need access to the worksheet archive website (the password best10 does not seem to work). if you could email be a zip file with all the worksheets, i can still follow along with your emails to take me to the finish line. Please help me out.

    my email is

    thanks and much appreciated
    Mike G.

  17. Hi Darren – i have worksheet 1-9 that i’ve completed. Had to travel for work and fell behind. I really really want to finish the rest – that’s one of my goals for march to complete the 10 year blue print.

    I really need access to the worksheet archive website (the password best10 does not seem to work). if you could email be a zip file with all the worksheets, i can still follow along with your emails to take me to the finish line. Please help me out.

    my email is

    thanks and much appreciated
    Mike G.

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Mike! The info. should be in your email now! :)

  18. Help! Me again. I’ven’t completed the Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life. I’m in the same boat as Alex (post 71) except I have worksheets 1-12. I need the last ones (13 & 14).
    If I could get an email from someone for these, I’d appreciate it.
    My email:
    Thank you.

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Val! I sent you the info via email. Let me know if you need anything else! :)

  19. Thanks Darren. By the way, I’ve still yet to complete the worksheets. The best10 password is not working. Is there a way I can still get these last few worksheets?

  20. Sorry God..Was reading Ephesians this morning..Philippians 4:13 I can do All things though Jesus Christ who strengthens me.. He just keeps blessing me and sending me in the path of people who needs my Vemma either to stay healthy or fight an illness and then he sends people like Darren Hardy to help me stay encouraged and remind me that I can, it’s a choice to share. It’s a choice to better myself and my life. Thank you Darren!

  21. Like all your other advice, this is right on target. I have watched and many times myself fallen into the low life..thinking I can’t do it, I am alone, no one is interested but me, this is not going to work, then I remember some of my favorite mentors and remember the times I have succeeded and consistancy is always the key factor. Your advice is always on target and I am grateful for your consistancy to educate and motivate..Ephesians I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me..

  22. Darren, thank you for sharing/ This has been a blessing to me. I have a heart for business, but find self talking me out of much success. You have help me via the worksheets and your comments/ I have grown over these weeks. With consistency I am on my way to achieving abundantly and bringing others along with me to much success. Thanks to all the other participants for there comments. May God continue to Bless and Prosper you and your family.

  23. This has been such a blessing looking forward to meeting you at one of your live presentaions and shaking your hand to say thank you, for the blessing of a terrific road map.
    A prosperously, blessed and profitable Success to you and the families of the Success Blog, after all it is for them we make the sacrifice.

  24. Hi Everyone,

    I think this course was great. I have been a subscriber to Success Magazine for nearly 2 years now and this Goal Setting course is really cool.

    I was away on holiday the last three weeks and have not downloaded all worksheets!!! I got 1-10 and that is it. I would really appreciate if someone could maybe email me the remaining worksheets?

    My email address is

    Thanks for your help.

    Alex Stojkovic
    New Zealand

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Alex! Help is on the way!!!

  25. Hi Darren,
    I just want to thank you for all of this. It’s been very motivating and helpful. I’m going to definitly push myself really hard and stick to the plan that i’ve come up with.
    This has been a very positive experience.

  26. I laughed when I read what you wrote: “Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.” I’m going to hold on to this quote to remind myself that when my mood isn’t ideal, I can still push forward.

    The timing of your article was perfect for me. I have been sick the last 2 weeks and am just getting back to my routine. My Feb calendar, in which I was recording all my important goal acitivites with symbols showing what I completed, was blank. Your words were a good reminder not to look back, but to keep starting over & persisting, so that I achieve consistancy. Thanks for the encouragement!

  27. Hi Darren, thanks for your generous heart and for living what you teach. Receiving this teaching from you could not have come at a better time for me. I am a teacher and mother of five college graduates. I completed a Life Coaching program with Genesis Consulting just as I started your program. I decided to get on a fast track to learning. I used some of your suggestions to create a program and give 300 hours of free coaching so that I can practice the art of coaching. I attracted 12 clients in record time. We are have just completed our 8th week. Our program does concentrate on setting, weekly revew of and marking next steps for our goals. We also try to get to the heart of what is individually important. I am having a blast. I let them know quickly that you are a mentor. Thanks, I love the magazine and buy and extra copy to give away ever month to a client.
    Blessing to you and your family.
    Donnah Robinson Washington DC
    CEO Kids (Personal Summer Business)

  28. Roland,

    The link for part 16 is on this page. Scroll back up, look to the right, and you’ll see the link in the shaded area. Back up and look to the right and you’ll see it.

  29. Hello, when I click on #16 it takes me to #15, has anyone had this issue and how do I get the
    rest of #16. Thanks

  30. I saw you at the Jim Rohn event and told you I wasn’t caught up. I finished!!! Yippee!!!! It was really hard but so worth it. Now to be consistent and take action. Thank you for this opportunity. I saw you train at an event in December and knew you had the answer to my confusion. Thank you for following up with all that I needed to get a clear picture of my future and what I need to do.

  31. I was reminded of this Richard Bach quote, “No matter how qualified or deserving we are, we will never reach a better life until we can imagine it for ourselves and allow ourselves to have it.”

    We have to consistently seek that better life that we have imagined for ourselves.


  32. Thanks again Darren. The Consistency concept is one behaviors I have been lacked. I no just stop pumping I also moved the pump to other place over and over, and start again with the idea of fresh air but not. After a period of time I come back with the same thought: this pumps is giving me a little. Now I know I need to continue pushing. I like the idea to send reminder email (fantastic !! Thanks Ron) or some kind of letter … Thanks and god bless you

  33. I agree with everyone else — consistency is key! As a single mom with 3 kids, a house and garden to maintain, and a (low-income) editing and child care business from home I managed to be consistent with all that entailed, but then had difficulties when I started a new business while in a very difficult time of my life (divorce from an abusive husband). Stop and start, over and over again. I cringed when my business colleague would tell me I was inconsistent. (Didn’t he know how much I was THINKING about the business?! LOL)

    I finally figured it out — a new business, totally outside my comfort zone — required new habits, and those habits had to be daily and consistent. I frequently fail in being consistent with these new habits but the important thing for me is that I get back up and keep going. Each time it gets easier to work on my business habitually. Each NO affects me for a shorter period of time. But it’s not just consistent habits, it’s consistent patterns of thinking and consistently stopping the negative self-talk and replacing it with a positive attitude.

    Thanks again! It was great hearing you speak in Anaheim in December. :)

  34. Consistency is the key to success in any area of life. I am learning that in my profession as well as through raising my kids. If I want my kids to be obedient, I have to be consistent in my actions and my expectations of them. So action and constistency in your actions are key to success in any endeavor. Expect to win!

    Thanks Darren for sharing this very powerful information. I haven’t always kept up with the exercises and have found myself struggling to catch up due to the many hats I’m wearing right now, personally and professionally. I am working on focusing my energies, as you have advised.

    But, you have had my attention and I have waited with anticipation for every bit of this information on a weekly basis since we started. I really value this exercise, I value you, your magazine and every contributor to your magazine. While in the past I have sought inspiration from various resources, your magazine has featured almost everyone that I admire.

    Thanks, Sincerely

  35. Andel,

    Pardon me if I’m not getting your name right (there is a number over your name), I have printed out extra copies of the worksheets and his commentary. That’s still available to you if you click on the installment numbers at the top. You can also access all of the worksheets using the link to the archive found in Darrens’ emails. The password is best10.

    [DARREN HARDY] Thanks for helping out, Robert!

  36. Darren,

    The link for your email sent 2/25/10 brings me to this post and the 15th reading. Where is #16?

    Also, when I get your mentor pack, where do you suggest I start?

    Will there be any sort of periodic follow up/advice?

    Many thanks to you for doing this. I was hoping for one last video from you! :-)

  37. I’ve been taken to #15 reading. Were is #16? I’m so glade to have taken this course. Talk about timeing in my life. Its like one step at a time. I’m looking forward to a great future. Thanks!

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Gerald! Sorry about that, you can click here for Part 16: or always use for the latest blog posting.

  38. Darren, I started this programm late and still playing catch up. I just want to say its never too late because, this article comes at the right time in my life. I just started my new business and i was just about hitting the hole of fustration. I personally want to say THANKS, this article “CONSISTENCY”gets me back on track.
    Many blessings Darren.

  39. although I am one of the slow starters my main goal is to be consistent.
    Darren, is there anyway a person can down load, save, or even print out your blogs? Your comments are so substantial to my mind set and I am concerned that when I can no longer access them I may lose some or all of my momentum.

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi DoriAnne! You sure can print out the installments via the emails or archive here: and the worksheets from here: before the end date of March 1st.

  40. Dear Darren, I am a new reader added to your list and now a gr8 fan of yours too!
    Just loved the article on ‘Success’ which emphazied on Consistency, the examples given of a water pump as an explaination was Fabulous! Most of us are like that we want success at an instant, we fail to be patient and consistent with our work and gradually give up trying. I look forward to more interesting and inspiring articles from you. Thanks for distributing knowledge and Wisdom for free. Very few do that, but those who do, are blessed with a abundant blessings and prosperity! Gr8 work, keep going!

  41. Thank you Darren. That is the one push I really need: the word CONSISTENCY. I have this one big, audacious goal ten years ago going. But it never came to materialized due to lack of consistency, action and direction. Now, not only my goals are clarified but also I found the strategies and actions to take in order to achieve this goal.
    Is your Success Mag available in the Philippines?
    More Blessings to you.

  42. Man did I let life get in the way this time. I fell behind (not too far though) and I was exactly as described in this post I pumped liked crazy in the beginning then I let things get in the way but even with all that I know I could have kept up…but its not over just yet. Here we go! YESSS!! This was a great series! Best of luck to everyone!

  43. Thanks so very much for creating a place for us to reflect, connect, and step in the direction we wish to go! Keep doing what you’re doing!

    Peace and Blessings!

  44. Thank you so much for this series! Through out the past weeks, I’ve realized I should be going for my dream. Homeopathic Doctor, so I applied and guess what. Yesterday I got accepted into school! If I wasn’t doing this plan your next 10 years, I would not have taken the chance! Thanks Darren!!!

    jenn aka jennmet!

  45. Thank you Darren. Thank you for taking the time and share your knowledge. If your program has done anything for me ( I actually did learn alot ) it has made me take stock of were I am now in my life. March 1st I start a new chapter in my career all mde possible because I focused on the changes I needed to make thanks again to your learnings. I just hope I don’t mis interpet all the other changes I need to do to complete my need for better improvement.

    Thank again.


  46. Thanks for all this wonderful information, Darren.

    It has truly been inspirational and insightful.

    I am currently going back through and rereading everything taking notes of key points snippets of information which may prove useful in reviewing thw whats, whys and wherefores of what I have done.

    I have a question though, which is how long is all this information going to remain available.

    It would be good if it could be available for quite some time as I am sure there will be a number of people who will want to go back and review and refine what they have written and committed to.

    Again, many thanks for all you have provided and done.


  47. Darren,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us these valuable lessons. I have fallen behind due to illness. But I am determinle to finish. What I have learned so far has helped me with my travel business.
    I am praying for provision to be able to sit in on one of your seminar…how awesome that would be!

  48. Hi Darren
    Thanks so much for ur incouraging words. I have been offline for wk. I have not been able to wk on my lessions. I will soon be back on them. My son had a bad car accident. We have been in ICU for 5 days, we r now in a room. He is doing better. In ur last writing u talk about being consistant. I agree with everything u said. It’s the same thing we r telling my son. Being consistant with his rehab with get him were he needs to be. It’s like everything in life being consistant will get u where u need to be.
    Thanks for ur words of encouragement to us all.

  49. Thank you Darren. I thoroughly enjoy having a framework to dive into myself and figure out who I want to be and where I want to go.

    While behind in executing 100% of the learning, I’m finding the goals and dreams I have were someone else’s. I was becoming what everyone else wanted me to be. I was susceptable to “that looks interesting, come join the crowd” and then would lose momentum and even sight to my goals.

    Example: I executed the goal of getting back into shape and losing weight, but rather than doing the workout “the guys” do, I researched exercises for biking and parkour and modified my gym routine for me. I’m off on my own a bit (there are some similarities between their workouts and mine), but recently one of the guys joined me because his goal was to be a better biker. And now I enjoy the comraderie while moving towards MY goal.

    Thans again Darren!

  50. Darren, I have been downloading the sessions each week, as a visual learner I like them in front of me.I am loving each and every one.My current concern is that I cannot print this #15 nor can I get to the dashboard worksheet. Can you guide me as to what I need to do to get both. Thanks so much for your time and energy to do this.

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Holly! There is no worksheet for Part 15 and the Dashboard worksheet, for Part 16 being released this evening, is now available via the archive:

  51. I haven’t see any over comment regarding the dashboard worsheet…I cannot download it, just like with a previous worksheet it’s giving me an error…any suggestion?

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Nathalie! The Dashboard worksheet is all set to go now, try again. :)

  52. Great analogy. Having hand-pumped water more than once, I feel the burn of having to pump again on a few projects. Like pumping water, there is a rhythm to working projects. Thanks for all the great insight.

  53. Hi Darren,
    Please advise till how long the blogs be on the site as some of my friends are interested now at the last moment.

    [DARREN HARDY] Not long, Tanveer. Only a week or so after we finish. Tell your friends to dive in quickly!!!

  54. Great anology of a hand-pumped water!
    A dream… if it has consistency, it’s really achieved! Consistency of habits, consistency of thoughts and keep seeing the Picture. With passion.
    Never fails, because its the route of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Really!

  55. I agree with the primacy of consistency, and I have a website to recommend:

    The site was set up by two Yale economists, and it encourages you to set up contracts with yourself and keep them. You get to back up your contracts with money and with a friend who is a “referee”.

    I learned about them in a book, and tried them, and can’t say enough good about them. I have a contract with myself there to work on my website 6 days a week, for at least 30 minutes a day, for at least 6 hours every week, and ever since I made the contract I have been keeping it. So, a task I set myself last year, that I avoided for almost the whole year, is now happening regularly, consistently.

    If anyone else has my pattern of avoiding something they want to do when it gets tough, I recommend their approach.

  56. Thanks again, Darren. I would like to see SUCCESS magazine in more magazine racks. I live in Laredo, Texas, where as of the beginning of the year, we are unfortunate to be the largest city in the US without a bookstore. There is no place in Laredo where you can buy SUCCESS magazine off the rack. OfficeMax and OfficeDepot only carry “SUCCESS from home.” Please let me know what your loyal readers can do as a group to help get SUCCESS magazine in more stores across the country – its the least we can do after all of the value your orgainzation adds to our lives.

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Johnny! You can submit this request here: so it quickly reaches the best person possible. Or you can save money buy ordering a subscription here: :)

  57. It has been proven that those who have made the decision to go it alone will normally find frustration and failure. While those have garnered wisdom from helpful resources such as friends, family or colleagues will find the success they long for. I am so glad I found SUCCESS!!

  58. Thank you so much for all your help and this is so true that it is the turtle who can win the race…just doing consistent work everyday. I understand this completely!

  59. Darren it has been a rollercoaster ride up and down as I have gone through the worksheets, but I am looking forward to putting it all together and finishing it out.

    Todays information is common statements that everyone should continue to stay consisstant but sometime lack the discipline.

    Thank You for everything.

    [DARREN HARDY] You are very welcome, Erik! It has been a great adventure completing this program will all of you. Your comments and insights have all proven extremely valuable to me. Thank you so much for your participation and appreciation! :)

  60. Darren,

    I agree that consistency at the end of everyday is everything. The key for myself in getting the most out of this program is to consistently complete each exercise to the best of my ability.

    I want to personally thank you for what you’re doing to help others. My wife and I are taking this program together and I highly recomend it for couples, families, and teams.

    I’ve been blessed with achiving massive success since meeting my wife 34 years ago as a teenager. We’ve built an amazing life together starting with 2 beautiful children and a company that employs 250 talented team members and the past 10 weeks of this program have supported us to a whole new adventure.

    Since starting the program with you, I’m now cooking for our family consistently 1 night each week, taking my beautful wife out on a weekly date night, and every Sunday we enjoy our relationship review.

    All the best to you & your family.
    Barry (Pennsylvania)

  61. Hi Darren, Your right, I am the hare but I need to be the turtle. My thoughts were always, go big or go home. Obviously it hasn’t worked for me. I have to remember to be the turtle!! Thanks so much.

  62. Thanks for this transformative opportunity to journey with you and others on the NEXT BEST TEN YEARS OF OUR LIVES. As I continue to work through the assignments I am encouraged and inspired to dream bigger and to activate those dreams. I have been listening to Jim Rohn teachings everyday as an additional tool during this process and it has been extremely helpful. What a jewel of a man. Although I did not know about him until you introduced me to him through Success magazine, I am forever grateful for his teachings. Thanks again for EVERYTHING! May your every endeavor be blessed a hundred-fold for pouring so much into so many!

    [DARREN HARDY] You can not go wrong listening and following Jim Rohn’s teachings, Adriane! He was such an inspiration and absolutely amazing mentor to me. I still miss him greatly but it warms my heart to know there are so many others like you out there still discovering and learning from him daily.

  63. Thank you!!! Consistency has always been a problem for me since I tend to drop every goal I have when someone or something needs my attention. Now that I know what I need to work on, I will find a way to set time aside for my goals.

  64. Since this series has begun I have encouraged everyone to join in. I feel very positive about the process. The one major shift that has taken place with myself is that I have resolved and consciously decided to just move forward in the God given vision for my life. No matter whom I am speaking with or how many I am addressing the message remains the same (truth, honesty and integrity). The standard shall be maintained. Darren thank you very much for being obedient to your God given vision.

  65. Those of us who have followed for the last 8 weeks have been truly Blessed for all you have done for us. I am still struggling each day and being consistent is a struggle for me. I tend to put everyone else first and then get to what I need to do. Of course lots of the time, there is no time left. Thanks to this program I have made baby steps, just not there yet. I will keep pumping slowing and someday it will happen.

    From the bottom of my heart, I THANK you and know that God will Bless you for helping change lives!

    [DARREN HARDY] With that attitude, you can do it, Kathy! Just keep pumping and pumping and pumping…and one day you will look back and know it was all worth it! :)

  66. Darren, thanks again for this opportunity, working in the Chicago area thia week I had the opportunity to listen to Jim Rohn’s CD’s “Challenge to Succeed” and he mentioned “Designing the next Ten Years” I’m happy that you are carrying on his treachings.

    During the past weeks I have been sharing this series with my daughter who is also recoverying from back surgery and it has really been motoivating to her as she designs her next ten years, thanks again, David and Cris

  67. Very timely information. This is a key concept in everything we do. Not to diminish the great things you have written I want to tell you the picture I keep in my head when I get discouraged. I picture Darla from Disney’s “Finding Nemo”. Her favorite phrase was “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”. I know it sounds juvenile but when I get discouraged and am ready to give up, I picture Darla in my head and hear her repeating this mantra. It reminds me to keep going and good things will happen.
    Collette McKee

  68. Thanks Darren for this priceless coaching at zero price. It is disturbing to accept the reality that in a few days I shall no longer get e-mails from you.

    They say history moves on hinges. Your words have been my hinges on which I am slowly creating the history of my life. Deep.

    [DARREN HARDY] Don’t worry, Deep! My blog lives on! You will still get a weekly email from me, just not for this series. Glad to hear you have enjoyed it so much! :)

  69. Great post Darren! Consistency is key, but in order to maintain consistency, one must master self-discipline. Consistency also goes hand in hand with perseverance and tenacity. It’s the people who never give up that win in the end! Thanks again for everything, and happy I made it this far and will continue to the very end.


    If I’m right, you said that we’d finish this program the day before your birthday. It’s after 12:00 on the east coast, so Happy Birthday Darren! Today marks the first day of a new year in your life… I hope it’s GRAND!

    Thank you for all that you do! You have given so much to all of us. You’re appreciated! Agape

    [DARREN HARDY] Thanks, Stephanie! But we still have one more installment on Thursday so you are just a bit early! Nonetheless, I’m touched that you remembered! THANKS! :)

  71. Thanks so much for all the lessons you have given to us these past weeks. All of the lessons and worksheets have been very thought provoking and have changed my thought process in one way or another. I have saved them all and can’t wait to really go back through and digest everything that I wrote down. I look forward to helping others achieve their goals and dreams by applying your basic principles. I promise the next ten years will not be like the last ten years…I plan to make an impact in my home, community and the world!

    Thanks again, and may you receive a hundredfold return for the lives you have impacted!

    [DARREN HARDY] Thanks so much, Eardie! It has been a wonderful journey these past 8 weeks, hasn’t it?

  72. Thank you Darren for making me feel normal. For a while, I thought something was wrong with me: too much discipline, too commited, and yes, totally beleive in consistency. I do consider myslef being succesfull, but I also believe that learning and challenging ourself should only stop when we die. Thats one of the reasons why I have signed up to this program.

    I truly enjoy listening to your DVD’s from Succes magazine, also your speech in Anaheim last December was highly inspirational, and quite motivating, cant thank you enough for that!

    One of my goals is, to buy you a lunch one day. At least I could do for someone who takes this much time to teach us the most valuable things in our lifes: how to become the best we can be.

    A huge THANK YOU again!


  73. Darren,
    Thank you so much for mentoring us for FREE!!!
    My question is…. I have been sending refrigerator calendars to past clients at
    christmas times for years (some folks ask for them) but I was very sick this past Christmas and still have 150 or so calendars. Can I still send the calendars months later…just to stay consistant? or will this look really stupid since it’s February. P.S. I’m still sick but feeling much better.(Scarcoidoisis)

  74. Wow, what an experience this has been. I m going to miss your motivation and weekly pep talks, Darren. You won’t recognize me this time next year, when I have lost 50 lbs, my new cooking demo business takes off and all my other goals and dreams are achieved. Thanks so much for your wisdom and sharing your outstanding success plan. I will forever be indebted to you for changing my life. Thanks so much. Barb

  75. This is exactly what I needed to have reinforced. “Keep moving forward.” As Les Brown would say, “You’ll win if you don’t quit.” I know understand that big goals are achieved by doing small steps every single day.

    Thanks so much!

    [DARREN HARDY] Great Les Brown quote, Asia! Thanks for the reinforcement! :)

  76. This article was so motivating for me. I am so grateful to know that consistency is the key element and the missing element in accomplishing goals. Thank you for putting in the way you do – clear and simple, again. Not only will I apply this everyday from today on, but I will also share it with all I come into contact with in my venture to reach my big goals. Thanks again. I appreciate you.

  77. This course has been one of the best things I have done for my personal development this year, it motivates me to self- accountability and to change my ways.
    I appreciate this article on consistency since is one of my weaknesses.
    Thank you for generosity, it will came back to you one hundred fold…

  78. Fantastic Darren. Losing the momemtum has been the key for me not achieving many of my goals last many years. This year I am determined to achieve them by consistent.

    Many Many Thanks for the analogy of the water pump. It is still a essential part in some parts of rural India. I couls relate to it instantly.


  79. …oh, and since beginning this journey I have decided to start my own business. It will be small but I have to start somewhere and this article has motivated me to keep pushing on.

  80. Since beginning this life-changing course I have taken much of your advice. I have adopted you as my mentor (whether you like it or not) and started purchasing the downloadable audios from which I listen to during my 50-minute Dallas-style commute to work EVERY morning. This course and those audios have helped tremendously! Thanks, Daren.

    [DARREN HARDY] Sounds like you really are on your way to great success, Carla! Keep up the great progress and best of luck to you!

  81. I’m so glad that you included the principle of consistency in this course.

    In the past this has been one of my greatest weaknesses – I could totally see my former self in the illustration you used. I am well acquainted with starting strong, then letting up and losing my momentum. Many golden opportunities have been lost due to this weakness. I have worked hard on this principle over the last couple of years, and ever so gradually I have become stronger in the area of consistency. Not perfect yet, but I’m getting stronger more consistent every day.

    I have decided to establish this course, and the strategies it contains, as my lifestyle moving forward from here. The principle of consistency will be of paramount importance if I am to carry the momentum forward that I have developed over these two months, and succeed in establishing this dynamic lifestyle choice permanently.

    I call that perfect timing.

  82. Good Timeing on this artical, as the amount of energy it has taken to get though the first 15 steps has been tremendous. A reminder such as this is shall keep me going for a while longer. How about a reminder email once in a while to keep us focused. Ron, Indiana

    [DARREN HARDY] Great idea with the reminder email, Ron! Might just have to do that to check in on all of you now and again. Thanks!

  83. Thanks Again Darren!

    You have CONSISTENTLY given us insightful usable ideas!

    Today is another amazing one!

    Oh my! What is that up ahead? Could it actually be the finish line?

    What a life changing challenge!

    To our greater SUCCESS,



  84. I wish I had this advice 6 months ago. This has been the whole failing of my direct selling business. I had momentum going, with little to no results, and then slacked off. I needed to consistently do the right things. I am on that path now and this lesson came just as I needed to solidify in my mind what I was doing.

    Thank you so much for this program Darren. It has helped me so much, I can’t even put it into words. My life is on track!!!

    Brian, Orange County, CA

    [DARREN HARDY] Just what I like to hear, Brian! Thanks for driving the message home! :)