Part 13: Success Cycles

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We are human. We cannot be 100 percent 100 percent of the time. We cannot improve every area of our life simultaneously. We cannot do everything at the same time. When we try is when we fail, burn out or blow up.

Nature works in cycles. As with the seasons, there is a time to learn, a time to produce, a time to harvest and a time to rest. Farmers, schoolchildren, and even professional athletes operate in seasons. That approach to life can help you excel, too.

I want to explain an advanced achievement strategy that will help you make greater progress toward your goals—faster.

It’s a concept called: Working in Success Cycles.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you and I are going to race from Los Angeles to New York City. We both have planes. You have a 747, which travels at a cruising speed of 875 mph. I have a mere Learjet, which travels at 400 mph. Now, if I fly straight through, but you have to land and take off in the 10 states in between—taxiing, parking and going through your preflight checklist before taking off again—who is going to win? Me. Even though you travel twice as fast in the air, I will still win because instead of wasting time repeatedly stopping and taking off, I just stay in flight. Even if I am traveling slower, I will still win—by a large margin.

This is how most people spend their days—constantly starting on projects, stopping to do something else, and then having to once again go through the process of getting their head back into the project and recapturing their rhythm. If you spend your day “multitasking,” you may not be getting a whole lot done. Days turn into weeks, months, years, and finally into a decade of constantly taking off and landing and not getting very far.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Many years ago, I learned a strategy called Success Compression. The concept is that you can get more quality output by being supremely focused on an activity, by staying “in the zone” for a sustained period of time.

When I learned this principle, I started structuring my goals around 90-day cycles. Depending on what I wanted to accomplish, I would break the tasks into compressed chunks within those 90 days—three 30-day cycles or six two-week cycles.

When I was building a national distributorship, for example, I focused solely on recruiting for 30 days. Focusing on this task, and this task alone, I could get into a solid rhythm, getting hotter and hotter each day. I found I could recruit more in 30 days than I could in almost a year when mixing that activity with everything else. The next 30 days would be dedicated to training, and then in the following 30 days, I’d be focused on recognition, sorting leaders and driving group campaigns. After a two-week break, I’d start another 90-day cycle.

By compressing key tasks into extended windows of time, I could not only stay in flight at the 400 mph rate, but I found that I started flying faster with the same energy applied and that my success was compressed (time)—and even multiplied (results)!

There is another great value to working in Success Cycles. We can only push so hard for so long without breaking down and burning out. The mind and body desire oscillation. Without it, we will turn to artificial means if needed: caffeine, amphetamines, alcohol, drugs or sleeping pills, etc. You cannot keep an intense focus for too long without time for recovery. When we relentlessly spend energy without allowing for sufficient recovery, we become mental and emotional flat-liners. We slowly, but inexorably, wear down.

Flavius Philostratus (170-245) wrote training manuals for Greek athletes and perfected what he called “work-rest ratios.” Russian sports scientists resurrected his principles in the ’60s and applied it with stunning success to their Olympic athletes. The theory explains that a period of activity must be followed by a period of rest to allow the body to replenish fundamental biochemical sources of energy. This is called compensation.

There are two common problems that affect performance: under-training and overtraining. Under-training is obvious, but overtraining causes equally damaging performance consequences that include persistent injury, sickness, anxiety, negativity, anger, difficulty concentrating, loss of passion and mental staleness. Overtraining causes toxins to build up inside us that lead to burnout and breakdown.

To build muscle, you must use focused intensity to stress and test the muscle. But only in recovery does it grow back bigger and stronger than it was originally. If you keep challenging the muscle without giving it time to recover, you will only continue to break it down.

Ever see a marathon runner? Even though they are working their muscles, they typically have little muscle mass. They are constantly destroying their muscles without giving them a chance to recover and rebuild.

That is what happens to your creative potential if you do not build recovery time into your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily cycles. Without recovery time, you hurt your performance and stunt your growth.

Here is what I like to do. I break my year down into quarters. I then pick a main theme for each quarter—one major area of focus. Then I break down the three months into supporting acts to the play of the quarter. Then I pick a few key behaviors to focus on during each month in that quarter. (I put those key behaviors on my Weekly Rhythm Register to measure progress.)

Let me give you an example. During one of the quarters last year, I decided I was going to figure out and get serious about this social media thing. I didn’t even have a Twitter account (didn’t really know what it was or what it was used for), hadn’t been on Facebook more than twice ever and had about 20 connections on LinkedIn. I decided it was going to be the quarter of social media.

Then I picked a platform for each month: Month 1: LinkedIn, Month 2: Twitter, Month 3: Facebook. I chunked it down even further so that for the first three days of each month, I did nothing but learn everything I possibly could about that one platform—how it worked and how to work it.

Then I devoted an inordinate amount of time to that particular social media platform compared to the rest of my responsibilities that month.

The bottom line is, after that quarter, I had built a following on each platform (LinkedIn: several thousand, Facebook: almost 5,000, Twitter: 58,000) bigger and faster than many people I know who are still “multitasking” with it.

After that quarter of focused effort, I spend very little time maintaining those networks, but they continue to grow on their own because I put so much effort into getting them off the ground. It’s like the rocket example: Ninety percent more energy is expended getting it 3 feet off the ground than is used to orbit all the way around the earth. Most people don’t ever expend enough focused energy to get off the ground.

Here is the recommended formula:
1—Pick a theme for each quarter of the year that represents a major priority to accomplishing your overall 2010 goals.

2—Break the quarter down into cycles: three four-week cycles, two six-week cycles or four three-week cycles—whatever makes the most sense.

3—Define the key behaviors needed for each cycle.

4—Spend the first few days of each cycle “launching” the cycle with intense focused effort.

Thoughts, questions, supporting ideas to share with the group? Leave your comments in the section below.



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  1. Hi Darren,
    first thank you so much for your program, it’s already helping me getting some clarity in what I really want to do.
    I ALREADY received an email from your assistant, she was great and helped me a lot! Thanks both of you! 😉

    Your program is just amazing for me. Even thousands of miles away from the USA and living in France at the moment, your program is so helpful for my life! Your program has no boundaries whatsoever!!!
    Wishing everybody’s SUCCESS!



  2. Hi,
    I started the process to design my newt best 10 years and now I would like to caught up with it. I’m missing some parts of the worksheets. I guess I worked a little to hard on some which created a gap. Please, help me catch up with worksheets #7-8 and #10 through #13.

    Thank you!

  3. This weekend I wanted to get caught up on my next best 10 years and went to the website and tried my password, and it didn’t work.

    Does anyone have a copy of the worksheets? I’m up to the 10th worksheet.

    Thank you!

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Got your email and sent one back, Byron! Hopefully you have everything now from me. :)

  4. I have been unsuccessful at getting my password to work on the archive. If there were downloads the emails of 2/16, 2/18 and 2/23 I cannot get them.
    Can you help me out ??

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Jeanne! The worksheet archives closed to the public as of March 1st but I just sent you an email with the help you need. :)

  5. Im sorry to say I have been off this site for a while. want to get caught up!! I have up to worksheet #15 your fuel system. I am not able to print the rest! can you help me Darren?



    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Deanna! Help is on the way! Check your email! :)

  6. Darren –

    Thanks so much for putting a specific structure and time frame around the success process. It’s so easy to get distracted and time goes by so fast. I heard someone once say “Inch by inch, anything’s a cinch” and this session speaks directly to that.

  7. This is one of the most powerful tips that I have received from this program that confirms a thought I had about the 90 day cycle in Oct. 2009. For me this confirms that I am on right path. Thanks Darren

  8. This really hit home with me also. I get motivated and decide to do everything at one time. Then become so overwhelmed and burned out that I drop everything. Back to square one.

    Question for Darren: I have ordered the Mentor Packaged deal and wanted to know if there was an order that you would recommend to do them in. One that you think would be most beneficial?

    Thank you for all your time and effort in this project.


    [DARREN HARDY] Susan, it depends on your goals and what you want to work on the most. Tons of great resources at

  9. Yeah! I did it! I kept myself accountable and got all the worksheets done. I wanted to make sure that I arrived at the end of this journey with the rest of my new found friends.

    God Bless you all,


    [DARREN HARDY] Congrats, Tamra!!!

  10. Your direction here, Darren, is both incredibly useful and also entirely overwhelming for me. I feel I have one of the worst habits: Taking on too much. I see that I need to go back and choose completion dates for my 2010 goals a little more strategically. I love the idea of a three-day launch yet I hear the time ticking! I’m still three worksheets behind and have been working consistently to get through all of this with some clarity. Do you have any words of wisdom around “perfection” and feeling stymied by “not getting it right?” I’ve always been more of a spontaneous person (though am very capable of focusing intensely on one goal). As I try to really structure the majority of my time–I know it’s important–I’m overwhelmed!

    Thanks again for your immense generosity and vast clarity.

    Jacqueline Stolte
    San Francisco, CA

  11. I happen to be a bodybuilder and when i read this I thought Duh. You are right, this is the same process I use to build my body. Now I can use it to build my success (business, career, family, etc)

    Josh Bulloc
    Kansas City, MO

    [DARREN HARDY] Exactly, Josh!!! :)

  12. Darren, all I can say is WOW WOW WOW Working in Success Cycles so hit home with me and what I was doing and not getting done. I really feel that I am now able to redirect my efforts to accomplish what I have set out to do, and to reach my own BHAG!!

    Thank you so much this course has been the biggest eye opener of my life!!!

  13. Darren, thanks for sharing this great strategies. Last December (2009), I looked back and reviewed what I have done that didn’t work very well and what I would have done to move closer to achieving my goals and make 2010 the turning point in my life. What I have discovered was the lack of FOCUS and get easily distracted with overflow of information. So, I decided in 2010 TO LEARN HOW TO FOCUS and GET MORE DONE IN LESS TIME. I have always been looking for ways and strategies to help me FOCUS. This module really helps a lot. Also I just finished reading the book “Eat That Frog” by Brain Tracy, from which I learned some great strategies and I highly recommand other to read this book.


  14. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
    I am so delighted to see things changing in my life, from this series, I am already seeing steps already being achieved before I have even started fully on implementing.

    This series is the best program I have ever used. I will share it with anyone I know could benefit

    And its all from two things I learned being positive and showing gratitude.

    One other thing, I review the previous installments before reading, studying, and doing the new assignment. Parts 9-11 keeps saying not available or page not found.

    Thanks so much


    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Robert! If you are still having trouble with installments 9-11, check the archive here: I just checked and had no problems viewing them from there. :)

  15. I am an avid GTD’er. David Allen’s methodology “Getting Things Done”. One of the complaints I have with the system, although I use it religiously, is that I find myself with several open projects at the end of the day. I am in control of the them. They are not overwhelming me, but they are still not done. Which eventually gets frustrating. I am trying to marry the concept of working in success cycles with the concept of GTD. As I see the value in both. Any suggestions?

    [DARREN HARDY] Detrick, chunk your time. Create time blocks to run the GTD processes (Capture, 2min rule, etc) and big time chunks where you focus on your main Success Cycle.

  16. anyone no the password for the downloads?

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Mike! The password is located at the bottom of the recent email installments. I will email it you as well to make sure you are all set to go. :)

  17. I have found this to be a great read, story, and lesson. I can see how I have patterns of starting on a task… and then having to switch focus… only to come back to it later and having to restart again. It’s easy to be busy doing a lot of little things…

    I’ve really enjoyed this journey -Thank you again Mr Hardy! After checking to see this Part has no notes, I have put these great ideas down into my journal. And I look forward to starting my next 90day cycle today… right now!

  18. When you are a mother of young children, and you are the primary one they rely on to do it all, you get very good at multi-tasking the 1000 little, but necessary things that need to be done each and every day. But as a mother who also worked from her home, I could never understand why I could never get the big, important things done. All the starts and stops frustrated and exhausted me, leaving me feeling inept.
    In college, I always joked that I was a “crammer” and that was the way I worked best. This post shed light on why I succeed when I “cram” and that it may not be a bad thing afterall. Now I just need to structure it, so it is planned instead of just damage control!
    Thanks Darren!

  19. This post spoke volumes to me! I was just telling some friends last night that I feel like a “Stretch Armstrong Octopus” being stretched beyond my capacity in 8 different ways. Thank you again for sharing all this wisdom with us!

    [DARREN HARDY] LOVE the visual, Patti! I am sure you are not alone there, either! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  20. I am far from caught up, but completely caught-up in the worksheet process and the reading, which I keep going back to again and again.

    I’m sticking with it to the end. I’m planning for a catch up day. So far. some of the smallest ideas, phrases and concepts are making a huge difference in how I’m thinking and dealing with day-to-day situations.

    Thank you Darren. This is a once in a life time (10 year) opportunity.

  21. What a great way of looking at achieving goals!! I am working on using this technique for the rest of the year to help with my big goals.

  22. Circadian rhythms transcend into all areas of life!…Awesome!!!
    Darren, thanks 4 providing this very useful, helpful program!!!

  23. Thank you for offering this program. I am a single working mother of two preschoolers who has recently left a negative relationship. In the past 18 months I have accomplished so much and am doing a lot of the big things right but I’ve been struggling with some of the day-to-day issues.

    Your program is exactly what I need at this moment and is very inspiring. Although it is often difficult to find the time to keep up, I am very aware that this is a top priority and will make it much easier for me to create the life I envision for family.

    Your tribute to Jim Rohn was wonderful. I work with University business students and would be interested in sharing your work and his with some of them. Please let me know your recommendations for the best resources for this group. I would love to be able to refer some of my students to this program in the future and am wondering how it will be available after this session.

    [DARREN HARDY] For teenagers I recommend the book the SUCCESS Foundation offers for FREE: For you, Tracy, I recommend The Mentor Package:

  24. I almost let fear of the future stop me. I have kept up until last week. I will get the last couple of installments done by tomorrow. I want to finish with everyone else.

    I find that without this course, I would still be doing the same old thing and receiving the same ole results — Failure.

    Darren, just watched your tribute to Jim Rohn. The more I hear about Jim and watch his material, it is getting easier to see that I am worth all of the good things that lies ahead of me. Great Job!

    Please let me know about the mastermind group that was once mentioned. I understand someone was going to put one together with the other members taking this course. I want to make sure we all stay on track.


  25. HELP ME I have finally finished worksheet 9 the grand design. I cannot log in to get the rest of the program work sheets. I love this and have learned so much about myself and where I want to go I need to finish. the passwords I have been trying are not working.
    Please get back to me. thank you, Gail

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Gail! The password for the archives is located at the bottom of the most recent email installments. I will go ahead and email it to you as well to get you on your way! :)

  26. LOVE IT! How easy you make it seem.

    It is like a light comes on and wow it makes so much sense.

    This has definitely been a struggle through this process with ups and downs. I feel like this will be a great year because of you, Darren. Thanks so much. I can’t tell you what this means to me and those around me. I couldn’t have afforded to do this so I am glad you provided to us for free. Bless you.

  27. Darren,

    I am grateful you are sharing this technique. I am constantly looking to improve myself, forever bouncing between so many resources on the internet, articles and books that I have not sat down to put together an actual plan. It becomes overwhelming and there seem to be no concrete results. Thank you so much! Now, how can I come up with these brilliant ideas! :)

  28. I have been enjoying the weekly articles and worksheets. I have been having problems in accessing your videos either at home or at work and was wondering if you had any suggestions. I was able to view the first one, but have not been able to since then. Thank you for sharing your years of experience with us.

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Stephanie! I’m not sure what exact issue you may be having but most likely it is a buffering issue. I recommend loading the page with the video but pausing it for a bit to let the stream buffer. After a few minutes of load time, then try watching the video. Hopefully this helps!

  29. What’s up with the password access, how do you get in? Never had to use it before.

    [MAGGIE SCOTT] Hi Mike! Sorry for the confusion! We had to change the delivery method of the worksheets to a web-based archive. You can now access all of the downloads here: using the password located at the bottom of the most recent email installments. I just emailed all of this info to you as well. :)

  30. Good Morning Darren!

    You are certainly rocking in the world of social media!

    Is this 3 day intense focus to be used during “time blocks” normally filled with actions which, for example, may typically be selling, managing and hiring?

    If my project within one of my 2010 goals is charitable involvement and I need to review and analzye my charities of choice, I should fill those regularly open “time blocks” the night before when I “TATT” and minimize the time spent on the above three with the intent. Or do you suggest consciously eliminating selling, managing and hiring during this 3 day period?

    Is one or two weeks at the beginning of this cycle “over-training”?

    At the end of the 3 day intense focus do I then add charity actions as they relate to my goal into my Weekly Rhythm Register? (Love the WRR!)

    If I’m time blocking 2 – 1 hour blocks of reading/listening each day which each consist of 2 – 30 minute periods covering two of the following: spiritual, leadership, industry or sales, should that be eliminated as well during this intense “springboard” toward success period?

    Your breadth of knowledge on SUCCESS is incredible! Thanks for sharing!

    To our greater SUCCESS,


    [DARREN HARDY] Lots-o-questions in there, Jeffrey… Simply put, about 3 days is as much as I have found that I can isolate myself to focus on launching a new endeavor, then taper it down so you can manage the rest of your responsibilities and priorities.

  31. This has been one of the most eye opening articles that has helped me to understand why I haven’t gotten my goals accomplished! (But knowing is half the battle right?) As a mother, this is one of the most challenging parts is blocking periods of time away for myself to try and focus on my goals. We tend to get pulled in every direction for everyone else but ourselves. My goal this year is to focus more on my goals so I can be a better person, mother, wife, etc.

    Darren, I’d love to see a series in Success Magazine focused toward women as our roles tend to be so focused on others around us and how to balance our goals and needs with all those that are so dependent on us as well.

    [DARREN HARDY] Hi Laura, have you discovered our SUCCESS for Women? It might just be exactly what you are looking for! :)

  32. When I read this lesson, I thought that it made perfect sense, but wasn’t sure how it would work for me until I reviewed my goals. When I did, I found something interesting. I have quite a few goals that are probably more “action” than goal–getting up at a specific time each day, exercising, reading my scriptures, etc. However, I recognized that many of these “goals” or “actions” are actually habits that I need to develop to achieve a foundation to allow me to better accomplish ALL my goals. With that in mind, I’m looking at the focus for this first quarter of the year as being one for laying my foundation. I’ll work hard (have been working hard) on basic habits, that once established, will allow me to move ahead much more rapidly the rest of the year (and future years) in achieving other goals as I move my focus to them.

    [DARREN HARDY] Right on, Gwen! That truly was a great find when you looked back at your goals and found the “actions” staring back at you. Thanks so much for sharing this moment so others may do the same. Kudos to you!

  33. Hi Everyone, i throughly enjoyed this section, what Darren says really works, focus on a project ! , i started this 4 months ago approx, decided to upgrade my web site to a WordPress Blog, thru GoDaddy, cheapest option online & fast and reliable, it was fast and painless to change over, i totally focused my efforts on this project, and as you have heard before , what you enjoy doing , makes the effort so much easier.
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    You can do this with just about anything, just focus on a project and go for it.

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  34. Darren

    Thank you for giving away this super tip. I think if used to its proper intensity I can see it transforming my own behaviour. The task is to stay focused and not to be sidetracked into doing something esle that looks more interesting. As regards a measurement tool of some description in my case I think it will be helpful to have something to benchmark my results as I go along.

    Best wishes

  35. Thanks Darren, for this and for offering this whole program. I started a business last July so this was perfect timing. Focus is what I really need. I can see how if I get into the rhythm of making calls, each one gets progressively easier. It’s amazing how momentum grows. My issue is trying to balance sales activity with physical work. I know that my sales will skyrocket when I get into this momentum. With this ‘success cycles’ and ‘time blocking’ as discussed in the March ‘Book Summaries’ I think I’m getting there! I’ve been listening to Jim Rohn since 1997 but only now really putting this stuff into practice. When the student is ready…..! Thanks again. John. Cork, Ireland.

  36. This is a great article. An eye opener. This makes a lot of sense and thanks for putting this together. The airplane example is so appropriate and hits you immediately. We focus on multitasking most of the time and then wonder why aren’t we getting what we want or why is it taking so much time. I will definitely Give your method a try.

    And yes, thanks a lot for Success Magazine. It is one of the best things one can have in life.


  37. Darren,

    I too am playing catch up, but I am determined to complete each task. I have printed out everything so far. I hope to get caught up before you finish but even if I don’t I’m going to continue. This is probing me in ways that I need. I’m 50 and if I live to see 60 I want spend the next years giving my best to my goals/dreams.

    I do have a question, as I am trying to catch up should I move on to a following lesson/worksheet if I am unable to fill in all the blanks? Is it ok to come back to answer things if you get stuck? For example in the review worksheet, I have not been able to identify 10 victories from last year or 3 areas that I feel I imporved in. I let that go for now so that I can move forward with the exercise. Is that ok or should I fill in every blank before moving to the next lesson?

    I’d appreciate your thoughts if you have time.


    [DARREN HARDY] Don’t let yourself get stuck. Move on, it’s not gospel, it’s a guide. It all comes down to the bottom line few goals, few behaviors and few actions anyway.

  38. This is exactly my problem. I feel like I have so much potential, but am never getting to the results I desire. So often I get wrapped up in doing everything that I drive home irritated that nothing very important was accomplished. It has only been recent, the last year or so, that personal development has been a high priority for me. Though this is good, it is almost like I put so much in my brain that I become almost paralyzed to accomplishment. Does that even make sense?

    I would like to thank Darren and all of the others that post their comments throughout this program. It is tough work, but hopefully the focus gets better. Good luck to all of you!

    [DARREN HARDY] Makes perfect sense, Justin, and I am sure you are not alone there. Keep up the hard work you have been in the last year and you will be amazed at what becomes of your life!

  39. Darren,

    Brilliant process on how you handled social media issue. I have had the same frustration (multitasking) and not putting forth the right amount or enough energy to get it started, the social media space…lots to learn. I am reading one very popular social media book for the second time because of the distractions which I let happen happen. Question, are you setting large blocks of time per week, i.e. 4 hour stretches? Thank you for the great work and inspirational information and for taking up the torch for Jim Rohn. Wishing you continued success. Marc

    [DARREN HARDY] No, Marc. I launched the endeavor with a 3-day intensive and now I have to manage the time I spend to the return it gives me related to my goals. I am in media so my ROI with social media will be greater than most, but the key point here is don’t overspend your time in social media. It should be one spoke of an entire wheel of things you do in the area of networking and relationship building. Give it only the amount of time that it is responsible (actual results) for delivering on your goals and objectives.

  40. Thanks Darren!

    This is the very advice I needed. I have been working on several goals at one time for a long while now and have seen myself begin to suffer from the negativity and burnout that you mentioned.

  41. Any way to combine the text portion of each week’s lessons into one .pdf when the program is complete (not the action worksheets, but the text portions)? Thanks!

    [DARREN HARDY] Great idea, Jason! This program definitely will not just disappear, never to be seen nor heard from again after the 8 weeks are up. But you might possibly be the only group to get it for FREE! Thanks for your thoughts!

  42. Darren, I am enjoying your program and I am enjoying the process of filling out the worksheets. At first, I get intimidated with some of the worksheets like #13, and I almost talk myself out of the work. Notice I said ALMOST. I got through it and found that I could have put even more information in them if I had the space!
    You have helped awaken a goal-monster inside of me. Thanks!

    Pastor Jonathan

  43. Thanks Darren. This is a great insight onto getting to completion. I delivery training to professionals involved in case management with people who have complex needs. This way of operating to achieve outcomes would be well worth applying to the concept of case managment. I have two groups coming up in March. I will let you know about the case managers’ response to “Success Cycles”.

    [DARREN HARDY] Would LOVE to hear about your findings, Jacquie! Please keep me posted!!! :)

  44. Great advice Darren. I’m currently catching up. But this article is exactly my problem especially with social media. I’ve used these accounts for years but never to promote or build any type of business. Most people just spam their business to everyone on their friends list and end up getting shut down. It’s really about building a connectin with people and finding out what value you bring to others. So I’m in the process of learning how to do this very thing. I’ll be catching up tonight and the rest of the week if I have to. I still have a hard time figuring out things like what I’ve been missing and what I need to do and focus on. But your program has been a big help and eye opener.

  45. This may be a key component that I’m missing. I’m trying to work on several major goals, and I am making progress. However, I can see that this would move it up a notch. Thanks for the idea.

  46. I was finally able to get completely caught up last week! Darren, your videos each week really helped me stay on task. I was one of the people that was reading the blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday, printing out the worksheets, and watching the videos but wasn’t spending enough time filling out the worksheets. When you called us out on that in your 2nd to last video, it was like you were speaking directly to me. I’ve had a hard time filling out the worksheets because I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last 10 years and I didn’t know what to put down for my goals. I finally decided to make one of my goals to start a photography business this year. This scares the heck out of me and I believe that is why it took me so long to fill out these worksheets. Thank you for providing this wonderful program for us!

    [DARREN HARDY] Glad you heard the wake up call, Melanie! I’m sure this program has scared the heck out of a lot of people, and that is kind of the point! It is here to serve as the catalyst to help each one of you prove your lives greatly. It warms my heart to know that you are on your way to success through conquering those fears. All the best with your photography business! :)