Video Update from Darren Hardy–End of Week 5


Here’s a summary of week five in our journey towards Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life where Ianswer your questions and give you a course update.

I’ve also selected some of your questions and observations left in the comments sections along with some of my responses. I hope you find it helpful to peruse through the common questions and insights shared by others experiencing the process along with you.

Please watch the video:

>>>You can listen to my private interview with the great Jim Rohn HERE<<<
This was included in the premier launch issue of SUCCESS magazine, April/May 2008

Questions and Answers with Darren Hardy:

From Renee: “I am really enjoying this program and look forward to working through this process, thank you! The worksheet on designing SMART goals is really helpful and I see that goals need to be measurable, attainable, and time sensitive. To me, my most relevant goal for myself for 2010 is to be more open with myself and others… I know this is what I need and what I want, but I am not sure how to make that into a SMART goal. How do you really measure that? Or should I rework my goal? Any suggestions?”

[DARREN HARDY] What does “open with yourself and others” look like? How would we know you are or aren’t? What are the visible and measurable effects of that description? Why do you want that? What will be the benefit and outcome of being that way? Maybe the ultimate outcome of being that way is what your goal really is. Keep asking yourself “why” when you write down your goal. Ex. I want to be more open with others. Why? So I can endear trust and confidence in others. Why? So I can be a more effective leader. Why? So I can help others improve themselves and better their lives. Why? So I can build a bigger business and stronger family, better friendships, etc. Now we are getting somewhere…

From John Richards: “Should you schedule your goal tasks on your calendar and do you schedule your week or do you schedule each day. This is the most incredible workshop I have ever been involved in. Thank you”

[DARREN HARDY] Yes and in my book Design Your Best Year Ever I have a Weekly Achievement Planning System that guides you through that process:

From Recia: “Hi Darren, I am having difficulty with part 7. The attributes that I need to bolster in myself are the following:
1. Surrounded by Peers and Mentors who elevate personal expectations
2. Focused on High Payoff and high productivity actions
3. Large Network of Peers
Now, I know these are not typical attributes, however they describe the people that I see that have the success in the areas in which I want to succeed. How do I help others with obtaining these items? Can you offer some suggestions? Thanks! Recia”

[DARREN HARDY] Those are actions and activities. Go back to the attributes and characteristics you need to develop to become the person who once doing those activities will be effective and attractive to others.

From Rick: “I am stuck. I want to start some sort of business but I don’t know what kind. The guy who commented before me (”Gary”) has “a small independent insurance agency”. How would I know if I would enjoy that business? Would starting that type of business be my goal? Should my goal be to have a lion taming business? I don’t what enough about insurance or lion taming or most other businesses to know if they would be good goals for me. How do I pick a business?”

[DARREN HARDY] Match the business with the strengths and passions you should have discovered in yourself by now going through this process. Be sure it doesn’t center on what you also discovered are your weaknesses. Make sure it is a business that fits the LIFE you want to lead as well – something else we have covered.

From Julie: “I’m feeling like Recia and a few others who are not sure how to give what they are lacking. My attributes that I feel are most needed and lacking in me are 1. boldness 2. belief and confidence in myself 3. I want to be more inspiring and motivating to others. Honestly I feel so lacking in these I’m not sure who I could find that would be in more need than me! I love the concept of giving what you need… but a little unsure how to give something like boldness that I so lack. Julie”

[DARREN HARDY] Hi Julie, we are all surrounded by people who need more belief and confidence in themselves. Pick someone and help them – tell them what you observe is really great about them. Point out their strengths and unique qualities. Find out what they want to be better at and find resources for them that would help them accomplish that (books, people, seminars, CD’s, SUCCESS magazine). Find them doing things right and celebrate them for it. If someone wants to be more bold as them where they want to be bold? Do they want to call on a big prospect, make a big presentation? Help them prepare for or even go with them to call on that client. Help them prepare for that presentation. Take them somewhere that pushes their adventure envelop. Help them practice boldness.

From Paul: “Hi Darren, The course and worksheets have been great, they have really made me think and stretch myself. The one thing that I realized and have been wowed about is how my 2010 goals link to my 10 year plan, and the action steps that I am now creating is the most exciting part as they are the baby steps towards these goals (lots of motivation in those steps!). Darren are you going to discuss active vs. passive actions, and distraction control? Best, Paul”


[DARREN HARDY] Let’s focus on your 2010 goals. They should be a stepping stone to your 10 year goals anyhow.

From Napoleon: “Now that I have finally caught up, the one area I need help with is. How do I maintain the necessary disciplines, without fustrating my wonderful wife with my level of focus? She has most if the materials and wants to do it, but may not have the same sense of urgency for completing it.”

[DARREN HARDY] Let people go at their own pace. We all have different finger prints for a reason – we are all unique and will have different approaches and paces to what we want to accomplish. Just be sure your wife is on your focused goal list so you don’t neglect one of your most important priorities – husband.

Notable Comments to Inspire YOU:

“Hi Darren. What impacted me the most was when one writes the traits and habits necessary to become the person you want to become. Your example of how you described your wife was helpful. When I wrote down the person I wanted to be, I saw that I fell short. What I need to do to become the person I want to become is overwhelming but not impossible. Also, I am going to redo the 360 segment. The friends and business associated were too nice. Nothing I can work on. We all know that is not true! Now I am going to send this to my husband and my ACN upline and I am sure it will be made very clear to me where I might make some improvements in my life. Thank you so much for this life changing program. Regards, Sally” –Sally, DYB10 Video Update, Week 4

“Darren, WOW! Yesterday I listened to the CD from Success Magazine Feb. 2010; it is all right on track. You asked today on the 4th week Update video, “what has been the best part of this process for you?” “It is my right to have dreams; I have forgotten that, I have been too busy doing work, doing life…not living it! I have forgotten me, my dreams, and I am scared; I know it is not too late…THANK YOU THANK YOU! Thank you for this opportunity and wake up call.” This gift, this course needs to be a requirement to graduate High School or a part of pre-marriage counseling. This is an amazing gift; I am so grateful to you, Mr. Hardy.” –Doug Graham, DYB10 Video Update, Week 4

“The 360 review was probably one of the most profound experiences of my adult life, no doubt about it!!! That project took me entirely out of my comfort zone. And I, like you, am still reeling from some of the information I received back. In the spirit of playing full out I insisted on brutal honesty, and that is exactly what I got (why do I have the distinct impression that certain people had been waiting for that opportunity?). As much as I wish I could dispute some of it, or say that I was shocked by it, I can totally see the truth in all of it. Through this process I have been confronted with the root cause of nearly all of my shortcomings (fear). Also, I found it amazing how similar the feedback was from totally different sources. Bottom line – the value of that brutally honest information received is absolutely invaluable. This is information that is vital to my future success, and how else could i have gotten it? It certainly would not have been volunteered, at least not in such a strait forward fashion, without my having asked for it. Totally worth a little bit of discomfort. All in all, this is a great program. Much more intensive and totally different than anything I have been involved with in the past. I am grateful to be involved in it.” –Rich Procter, DYB10 Video Update, Week 4

“Darren, by far the most earth-shaking exercise for me was the 360 Review! I asked my son, daughter, and husband. Surprisingly, they all agreed for the most part on my weaknesses, which I could relate to; that acknowledgment, painful as it might be, will make a tremendous difference in how I will live my life in the future. It’s like dying and reviewing my life, even more so than the obituary, because it’s from a point-of-view not my own. Even more revealing were the strengths they identified. Each person saw different strengths. It was amazing! Thank you so much for this life-changing process.” –Linda, DYB10 Video Update, Week 4

“Darren, The 360 View has been amazing. I didn’t stop at 3 people; I’ve asked a good sized group and am planning on asking several more. I was aware of some of what has come out in this exercise but some of it was a total blind spot for me. Wow. The feedback is absolute gold and I’m already using it to make positive changes in how I approach life and relationships. Thank you for your mentorship.” –Bryan Hefner, DYB10 Video Update, Week 4

“Darren, The element that I’ve really appreciated is the structure and discipline associated with the process! Success, however one defines it, doesn’t just happen, it requires discipline and application. And both of these are difficult but as you keep pointing out in each week’s wrap-up video, it gets easier, the more one builds this discipline into our daily routine. Thanks Darren providing not just the thought leadership but the structure that enables us to win at life! Be blessed.” –Ian, DYB10 Video Update, Week 4

“Darren: Thank you for your mentorship! Both my wife and I are completing the Designing the Best Ten Years of your Life. I’m 51 years old, and the questions reveal a lot of what I haven’t done yet. However, going through the process is exciting! I have so much that I can accomplish in the next ten years, and you’ve given me a clear map to follow, plus the motivation to keep moving forward! At 51 years of age, it’s never to late to start designing the next ten years of your life. Another thing you have given me is HOPE. As Zig Ziglar has said, “If there’s hope in the future, there’s power in the present”. I now have POWER going forward, and it feels great!!
Thanks for helping all of us.” –Keith, DYB10 Part 9

“Wow Darren, this is the bomb!! Life changing transformation daily. The juices are flowing, the confidence is building. My mind is changing, waking up early each day with excitment of what I can accomplish and who can I bless! Im living more in the moment and not worrying about tomorrow, cause I cant grow an inch by worrying. The goals are coming together, and as I visualize and think of who I want to be or accomplish now, my mind is open and attract the people and means to accomplish that goal!” –Ray Ray, DYB10 Part 9



21 responses to “Video Update from Darren Hardy–End of Week 5”

  1. Darren i am one that has not finished all the worksheets as yet. I am proud that i have committted to this and thankyou for your mentorship. What i find is after doing the Best 2010 book and now this programme when do you have time to review , ? is it best to slot time out for reflection weekly? how do you manage this?

    [DARREN HARDY] Sunday’s for me, but find the time that works well in your family/productivity routine.

  2. Wow! I’ve just started the worksheet…it’s so wonderful! I had just done my values with a professional last month, which made it much faster to go through worksheet no. 4. My goal at this time is to catch up to end your program with everyone else. Planning 10 years ahead is a lot more difficult to do when it is in writing, with all your worksheet it makes it very powerful. Thank you to have taken the time to do this to help us to reach our goal with conviction.

  3. Darren,
    Just a little behind on my 10 years goals and action plans as concentrating on 2010 first.
    Most important thing from this program was the realization of what I dreamt off. I had some goals,dreams and visions that were lost and this program have awakened them up. I know that it will be difficult to destroy bad habits and build new healthy ones but I am determined to do that now.
    360 feedback was another eye opener and will give to more of my close people to get the most out of it.
    Thanks again for doing this.

  4. Darren: I have had a hard time finding a mentor or really a network of peers that I can actually learn from. I have been on my own in business for 2 years and find it difficult as a young 30-something business person to find peers that 1)understand my business struggles and 2) a mentor that can help me at this stage without me coming off as desperate or a stalker. How do I find this when I am not around a great deal of people in the first place?

    [DARREN HARDY] There are plenty out there, you aren’t the only ambitious and achievement minded 30-something out there. There might not be a lot, but there are enough for you to connect with. I recommend looking into the Entrepreneur Organization:

  5. Thank you Darren, I was feeling a little overwhelmed. I was having doubts about accomplishing what I wrote as my goals. I needed to hear about the little steps. I was thinking about the big ones but really needed to start a little smaller. Thanks for the pep talk.

  6. Darren! thank you so much for your feedback and insight (part 9)! That helped tremendously for me to break things down like that…

    Do we just make copies of the weekly rhythm register and implement new date ranges?
    Where do you have yours so that it’s easy for you to review daily?

    I’m curious about the workbook that you offer around this ~ Is it all the same stuff we’ve been doing OR what’s the benefits of purchasing it? Are you able to track the year’s progress with it?

    I can’t thank you enough for the ‘light’ you’ve shed on my life with this process. We need more people like YOU in the world fearless about being so open and giving…
    I truly appreciate you and what you’re doing.
    Thanks :)

    [DARREN HARDY] Great question, Jodi. Yes, just reprint for each week. I keep mine in my journal so I always have it with me.

  7. Here Here! We are all in it !

    I am so proud of my husband that he is working through this, up to date and really participating. I am proud of myself as well, for I am allowing each of us to take the information for our own and allowing the time we each need. Great experience!

  8. Darren:

    This course–your philosophy and training on excellence–is what we all really “should” pursue, even in lieu of a “higher education”. From here, everything that is GOOD is possible. Thank you for your incredible generosity, clarity of purpose, and big heartedness! You are an inspiration.

  9. I have to admit I’m an impatient person… I went ahead and pruchased your ebook and finished it in a couple of sittings. I did slack off on the updates, I plan to finish them by the end of the weekend to give myself a refreshment of what I created in the book. Thanks for all you do my friend.

    Keith Ellertson

  10. Salutations Darren,
    My heartfelt gratitude for bringing this “concreteness” to my long term visions. This has truly been a successful experience for me. We all have a personal story which steers the approach I am taking on this journey with you. This offering has been an incredibly positive use of my time. Thank you!
    I am finding in week 4 and 5 that I often repeat steps . The daily, monthly and quarterly steps that I will take to achieve my 2010 goals and even 10 year goal plan seem to be very similar. I cannot seem to separate my personal daily work from the quarterly work. I am also finding that I have a myriad of small goals that are all different and it feels sometimes that I do not have all the information inside myself yet to fully see the bigger picture in how these small goals will lead to the lofty 10 year goal? Am I giving the world too many mixed messages and could this be slowing down my personal goal process? I trust that my small ventures have a purpose, yet I am curious to know how you might perceive this. “Resources mentors and training’s” seem to repeat themselves for me as well for both the 2010 and 10 yr. goal plan. My mentors and personal training’s are always in my head daily and have not changed, yet I am seldom able to make contact with these mentors due to availability. I am working on creating more contact time with these people w/ help from this process. Thank you again!

    [DARREN HARDY] Keep working on it, Monica, and you will find what you need to move forward instead of repeating steps over and over and over…

  11. Hi Darren,
    Thank you for this wonderful workshop. I saw you mention your book the best year ever. Are the materials in that book the same as the materials in this workshop? Thanks.

    [DARREN HARDY] Hi Jelard! This program will cover the whole process, but you might find having the printed version of DBYE book a helpful tool as it also has an achievement planner to guide you the rest of the next year.

  12. Thank you Darren, your program does really work for me.
    I just have to say that I am proud of my self coming this far. I can already feel a difference within me. I usually am very enthusiastic to these kind of programs, but never get to start or never complete. This time I decided to DO it.
    I have one question though. My score on spirituality is zero. How can I be spiritual if I don’t have any religion?


    [DARREN HARDY] Hi Nina, I will paste the answer I gave to Chung on this same issue:

    [DARREN HARDY] Spirituality is a completely personal thing. It does not have to be religious. For me it is mostly living in alignment with my deepest authentic self. Operating from my heart. Being open, accepting, forgiving and loving. It is being centered and connected to my inner self. Some would call that inner self their relationship with God, with Jesus, with the Buddha… the label doesn’t matter as much as that sense of connection to your higher power, potential and authentic source is.
    But then, don’t take my definition, it is up to you to define what spirituality is for you. I only recommend that you don’t have to define it as society or culture mores do – find that aspect of yourself that is truly authentic, whole and connected. That is the objective in my opinion.

  13. Hi Darren, I’m really grateful for this process. I have started programs before but for one reason or another failed to complete or follow through. I think the combination of well structured and designed content plus the weekly videos and blog are a great motivator. It also creates a connection, accountability and your sincerity and commitment shines through.
    Congratulations on an excellent program and thank you once more.

  14. Hi Darren, I just wanted to thank you for being such a class act. I’m a dedicated life-long learner and this program has stood out as one of the better tools that I’ve had the pleasure of participating in.

    I’m truly grateful. Thank you.

    [DARREN HARDY] Thanks Brad… classy of you to take the time to say so.

  15. Darren,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am getting a late start, but plan on catching up.
    You are such a Blessing to so many of us. I am 44 and am saddened to say that I feel so empty because I have been busy staying afloat and just trying to survive. I know that there is so much more to life than what I have been living.
    I do need a mentor to guide the way and this is an answered prayer which sounded something like this “God please help me”. I don’t take it lightly all the hard work that you put into this. I truly appreciate everything you do.

    God Bless You!

  16. Ironically, it was through your excellent publication that I discovered Jim Rohn, and what an amazing discovery that has been. The man was simply awesome! I have been soaking up his wit and wisdom from the segments on the Success CD’s. In addition, I recently purchased Challenge To Succeed and have been listening to that in my car while I have been working through this Best 10 Years program. I have found Challenge To Succeed to be a perfect companion to this program, and has kept me highly motivated. Also, I can certainly see Mr. Rohn’s influence in your teachings Darren, thank you for carrying that torch forward for the rest of us.

    Kudos to all of the excellent people who are still participating in this program. You are awesome! You totally rock!! You are the best of the best!!! You totally inspire me and I am glad to be a part of this amazing group of rare individuals.

    [DARREN HARDY] Yes, I owe much of my wisdom to my mentorship from Jim Rohn

  17. Thanks for the encouraging video! I wonder how many actually stopped midway. I was tempted too, but I’m glad I haven’t. This has been a real eye opener for me.

    [DARREN HARDY] Bravo Kaptain K!!

  18. Thank you, Darren for the most in-depth ad thought-provoking program ever! I’m still working on catching up but I’m almost there! To be honest, it has been very mentally challenging. I’ve been taking naps at times that I never thought of sleeping before!

    [DARREN HARDY] This program certainly is hard work but you are the first to mention the need for extra sleep! LOL! :)

  19. Darren, WOW! Thank You! All this is unbelievable; I have just listened to your private interview with Jim Rohn, I am truly grateful to your sharing. And, thank you for these gifts; serving others, balance, and so many more tools to get and help keep me on track. Somewhere along this life of 56 plus years, I missed the words “achieving goals” and you have made that all a part of this gift you have given us. “Setting and Achieving Goals” and everything needed to be successful in this process called the “BEST 10 YEARS!” Thank you, thank you thank you! Have a Great Day!