There Is Nothing More Pitiful

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My mentor Jim Rohn emphasized that one of the first things everyone should work on is their physical health. He said, “How terrible would it be if the mind said, ‘let’s go conquer the world’ and the body said, ‘I can’t even get out of bed’?” It takes your healthy body to carry around your head full of ideas and your heart’s desires.

There is nothing more pitiful than a ready and willing mind but an incapable body.

There is a well-known quote from the philosopher Virgil that says, “The greatest wealth is health.” I also believe that health is the beginning of wealth. In other words, your health will help you create wealth.

Times of great danger. The great efficiencies of technology have made us more inactive and sedentary than ever before. Food has become more abundant, more easily accessible, super-sized, bulk packaged and mass merchandised. Commercial marketing has proliferated into every space of attention with ingeniously creative and utterly tantalizing commercial marketing. It has never been more difficult to become and remain healthy.

If you are in the business of attracting, influencing, selling or leading others, how you show up, your physical appearance, speaks volumes about who you are, how you are and what you are or not capable of.

I know, people shouldn’t judge you, right? Well, here is a clue… they do!

Whether you like it or not, people make judgments and draw conclusions about you in the first 10-15 seconds they meet you, based solely on how you look. Like it or not, how you show up on the outside says a lot about you on the inside. Our body advertises our personal development. All the habits, behaviors, choices, disciplines (or lack there of) are made physical (literally) in your physique.

Here is a good question to consider: If your body is the billboard of your personal development, your calling card and your personal 15-second commercial, what is it communicating? Take a good hard look in the mirror (literally) and determine if that is the message you want conveyed. I know this is pretty direct and maybe a bit harsh, but this is the reality of life. This is also why I hope you read this blog—because I am willing to tell it to you straight with no holds barred.

I’ve passed this tip to you before but let me repeat it again here: If you want to attract committed, dedicated, disciplined and consistent people into your business, then you have to exhibit those qualities yourself first. And like it or not, how you show up, your physical outcome, is the demonstration of those qualities in you.

So I encourage you to take your physical fitness seriously. If not for the sheer benefit of having you live longer, look younger and feel better, then because it will attract more and higher quality people into your entrepreneurial pursuits.

On my Facebook fan page there are several (free!) videos where I offer some no-nonsense health and fitness tips: my personal strategy to staying fit, the forgotten secret to health, making food selections and surviving those ‘holy moments.’  VIEW HERE

For more tips on uprooting the (maybe unconscious) bad habits and installing the simple disciplines that will last a lifetime (finally!), I also refer you to Chapter 3 of The Compound Effect. Chapter 4 also gives you the system to keep yourself motivated and consistent.

Share your insights: If you don’t like what your billboard is saying, what few things are you going to do different starting today? If you like your billboard, what few tips can you pass along to everyone else? Share in the comments below.




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  7. Interesting post Darren. Having chronic fatigue syndrome my health is the biggest challenge I face, and something that I know holds me back both professionally and personally. I freelance in digital marketing and am building a confidence coaching business that I dearly love, but I have to watch everything I do and every piece of energy that I spend so that I don’t shut down or have my health slip further. That goes for my social life too – I have to make decisions that serve my health well. I simply can’t go as fast or as hard as I want to and I have to play a longer game than I’d like to.

    It’s tough, but I work with it and have found ways to manage it. I eat ultra-healthily and walk for exercise when I have the energy, but the biggest thing I’ve found that serves my health and wellbeing is to prioritise my down-time and to just laugh.

    I know those things nourish my head, heart and body, so while CFS provides me with constraints that I respect, the moment I stop smiling I know I’m beat.

  8. Darren you are an incredible mentor!

    I read your reply tuesday just before midnight (CET), and thought about it and just couldn’t get it out of my head before I went to sleep. Wednesday I brought my laptop and all my sheets and weekly rythm registrers with me and went to visit him. It turns out he is on vacation, so I called him and guess what? He said YES! Meeting is set and I am so happy!

    Thank you, Darren! I really needed that “buttkick” to take some action! Procastinating is now on my list of habits I need to work on. :) THANK YOU! :)

  9. WOW! Thanks for this article. As a health/wellness biz owner, we have been intellectually distributing the fact that America needs to watch Food, Inc. and be aware of what they are honestly ingesting. I also have begun reading the book, The Perfect 10 Diet authored by Dr. Michael Aziz in an attempt to provide my body what it truly needs to operate proficiently.

    Paul Zane Pilzer says our nation is in it’s worse condition when it comes to health / nutrition.

    I worked in critical care nursing for over 20 years and I witnessed first hand the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle/nutrition.

    We have to get the word out!
    I appreciate this!

  10. As another personal trainer I agree. It can be disappointing to see somebody who’s mind is sharp but the body has not been maintained.

  11. As a personal trainer I work on people’s “billboards” every day. For most, I see change but for a few, there is no change. People do not change until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change. For the timid in our society change is always frightening. For the comfortable in society, change is always threatening. But for the confident in our society change is always opportunity.

    Consistency is the key to do anything well. If you’re not giving 100% of your effort everyday, you’re prob not going to succeed. Like Jim Rohn says “start with an apple a day, then go for a walk around the block”. If you dont start with the apple, you probably won’t go for the walk. Start with something small, then go for the bigger stuff.

  12. As a personal trainer I work on people’s “billboards” every day. For most, I see change but for a few, there is no change. People do not change until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change. For the timid in our society change is always frightening. For the comfortable in society, change is always threatening. But for the confident in our society change is always opportunity.

    Consistency is the key to do anything well. If you’re not giving 100% of your effort everyday, you’re prob not going to succeed. Like Jim Rohn says “start with an apple a day, then go for a walk around the block”. If you dont start with the apple, you probably won’t go for the walk. Start with something small, then go for the bigger stuff.

  13. One meal a day is not healthy. Read books, look up websites. eat healthy fresh frruit & vegies and not alot of meat. 200grams a day is amply for the body. Drink lots of water and your fruit should always be eaten on an empty stomach not on a full one. I eat my fruit around 11.00 – 12.00 each day and them lunch at least 30 – 60 minutes after that. Read up on it. the fruit does not sit on all the fat in the stomach causing problems. It does not matter what you eat there will always be good fats and a little of the bad ones in the stomach. you need to eat more of the good fats.. Keep off large portions and fast foods. Home cooked meals are always healthier and tastier unless you are eating in a fine dining restaurant. Good luck and happy eating everyone. Darren loved your success mag and the CD’s. You also have a wonderful speaking voice that is so clear. Love your work….

  14. Great story, Mimi! I’m so glad The Compound Effect has helped you change your life. But don’t delay! Reconnect with your mentor-to-be asap so you can start living your best life possible TODAY! Thanks for sharing and be sure to keep us posted. :)

  15. Darren I just have to tell you yet again – THANK you!

    The compond effect keep giving me aha moments! First time through I stumbled at the mentor part. “Me having a mentor?!? Do I deserve that or would anyone even want to mentor me?” I let it all go, and I was at peace with having books, cd’s and a coach at my side. Today my morning routine was on hold and I had to wait. The first thing to catch my eye was The Compound Effect on the livingroom table, so I grabbed it and keept reading from where I left off last night (page 134).

    About 2 hours later I was at the store grocery shopping with my husband. I saw my half sisters uncle and his wife, and my heart stopped! 11 years ago almost to the day he offered to help me, guide me with studies if I wanted to start that path again or at anything in life. He really and sincere wanted to help me build a life and a future. Back then I thought he was just worried since I’d dropped my uni studies to be with the man I later married – my husband. Today I am sure he saw the trajectory my life had taken and where I might end up. Needless to say I didn’t take the offer, I felt I didn’t fit in with them – they were and still are a successful bunch, active lives, millionares yet so down to earth. He is going to be my mentor, he just doesn’t know it yet! I’ve desided that the little momentum I feel I’ve gained since db10 ( ) needs to be a little stronger and I also want to get some more routines and habitts going for me before I approach him.

    The Compound Effect is on it’s way to becoming my bible ( sorry if that religious sentiment offends anyone). Life is good!

  16. Rome was not built in a day. I like many others have run into a wall at a thousand miles an hour………… only get discouraged. Your book has been a needed reminder of…….. THE BEST AND ONLY APPROACH to long lasting SUCCESS. I will see you on the 22nd and keep an eye for my name in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. . I will no longer sit on the sidelines. Thanks for all your work.

  17. Dear Darren,
    I loved this post. I practice medicine and I am a success magazine nut. I have been a reader for several years now. I read it from cover to cover and I listen and watch the audio/DVD. My practice is for women and I deal with all issues women. Nutrition is a big passion of mine and being healthy in body, mind and spirit. You always teach us to be bold and grow and learn so I am going to be bold here. I would love to write a women’s health column for your magazine. The female counter part to your magazine has not come out yet. I see your magazine as blazing the trail for new concepts and I would love to see and read stories from new talent that’s making a difference in their own backyards. It’s great to read and get inspired from the masters but for us new people we sure could use a platform in which to start out and share with eachother. I would love to hear your thoughts.

    Blessings Michele B.

  18. Thanks Darren for this post. I actually cut back last year so many junk food and decided to go 90% plant based diet. I have never felt better! My energy level has gone way up. I also paticipated in 5K runs. I ahve 7 this year I did 4 and so3 more to go before 2010 is over. My next goal is to do half marathon next year. I am excited! I drink my smoothie in the morning along with an apple. Grab a decent salad for lunch, run for 30 min after my day is over, meditation, and either play or dance with my son. I am also raising my son with Holistic parenting. Thanks Darren for this valuable post. I appreciate all the work that you do.

    Best Regards,
    Therese Miu

  19. Hey Darren
    Awesome post. So true that your level of physical fitness and overall health affects so many other areas of your life, including your work performance. I believe that any success in life takes a plan, discipline and action. Having a level of success in one area of your life – like your physical fitness, allows you to replicate this in any other area of your life that you may choose.

  20. Amen Darren!

    You know how strongly and passionately I agree with you!

    I love, “if you’re body is a billboard…,” which it absolutely is.

    It’s time to take responsibility for how we, individually as in “my self,” show up in the world. It’s time to get active…take control.

    The damn shame of it is, as I write about in Strength for LIFE, most people get away with faking fitness in their 20’s, try to pretend like it’s not pulling them down and holding them back in the 30’s and by the time they hit 40 they’ve been on a slide for a decade, at least.

    Now, they have to find the time and energy, when they are out of energy, to dig out. This is a formidable task but do-able–obviously. It’s about taking SMALL actions every day. it’s about getting LEVERAGE, to bend life in your favor.

    It’s NOT about chasing miracles potions or being up so late you see that crap being sold on TV.

    There’s no miracle… but there is leverage. Get some…. find a trainer, get a partner, engage in a community, join a cycling group, get out and run (hate running but some don’t… :-))… do something and make it something focused with a goal.

    In addition to The Compound Effect, which I LOVE BTW, if one were to apply only the 12-Day Reboot (Chapter 5) and the Goals/Vision setting in Chapter 6, from Strength for LIFE, they are going to have some major powerful leverage!

    To Your Life @ Full Strength!

    Shawn Phillips

    – Fit for Success –
    Author: Strength for LIFE

    Founder: Full Strength Nutrition

  21. So glad you are loving the book, Tim! Any good takeaways thus far? And thanks for signing up for John’s teleseminar! “See” you there on July 22nd! :)

  22. Awesome! Best of luck to you, Armando! And remember, The (Complete) Formula for Getting Lucky: Preparation (personal growth) + Attitude (belief/mindset) + Opportunity (luck) + Action (doing something about it) = Getting Lucky!

  23. Thanks for sharing your story, Katrina! Kudos to you for making the choice walk your talk and start by loosing 6lbs already. Keep up the great work and keep us posted! :)

    (And that Ralph Waldo Emerson quote is a favorite of mine as well.)

  24. Great job Deborah! I need me a health coach! That will keep me on track. I struggle with not getting results the way I expect them to be. And that’s not just with health. It’s also in other areas in my life. But I just seen Darren’s videos on his face book fan page and it really got my fired up on why it is so much easier to stay consistent, rather then starting and stopping. I have herd this philosophy before but sometimes I just need to be reminded. But the way Darren explained it really hit me. Maybe his video can help you too in your journey on being healthy. Thanks for sharing Deborah. And great job on the excel spread sheet!

  25. Wow Dawn! That blows my mind that you have a set schedule for shopping and cooking. You set a great example for me. Reading your comment makes me believe more. Believe that it’s possible. I really want to set that healthy culture in my house hold with my wife and kids. Thanks for sharing!

  26. I began my personal development journey as a natural recreational bodybuilder. With Success Magazine and other resources I am developing my mind along with my body. I start my day with an intense workout and I figure the harder I work in the gym the easier the rest of my day will seem.

    Josh Bulloc
    Kansas City, MO

  27. Hi Darren,

    I read your posts on a regular basis and LOVE what you put out there. Sometimes it stings and I know when it does, it’s *exactly* what is needed.

    As a coach, a mentor of women, and a mother (sister, daughter, friend, etc.), I am a walking, talking, breathing LIVING example of what I want for my clients and loved ones. I want them to be successful in any endeavor they take on.

    One of my mentors, Barbara Fagan, has consistently coached me to make my life ‘work’. As someone who needs to lose at least 100 lbs (and is tired, in pain & unhealthy), how can my life be working? I have been a successful coach and have seen those around me achieve great things in their lives. How can I coach them when I am not willing to take on myself? Your comments of being a walking billboard are spot on and by me taking on one of my great challenges, I *AM* walking my talk. Who needs a business card?

    One of my favorite Emerson quotes is “What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say”. My father spent most of his life telling his kids “do I say, not as I do” and we all know that doesn’t work. Not until a few years before he died from pancreatic cancer did he show me the example of what it that quote really means. He lost over 150 lbs, was working towards regaining his pilot’s license at almost 70 years old. He was walking his talk.

    I know that leaders do not wait so I have decared that I *am losing this weight. I’ve already lost 6 lbs this month and I’m becoming my own best advertisement.

    Thank you for this post!!

  28. Darren, having read several of your posts, pieces in Success, and the 10-Year Planning Course, I think three sure determinants of success are: (i) associations/relationships;
    (ii) health; and (iii) goal-setting; and in that order. I am assuming that the individual was born healthy. As I reviewed your writings, this is the distillate I prepared for self.

  29. Hey Darren,

    I have been listening to your cds in the magazines like crazy! I love the T. Harv Eker one. Also, the Gary V too. Jim rohn is nothing but amazing! I have been wanting to use social media for the restaurant I work for (which I have to say is very successful). I wanna use the idea of T harv eker on getting paid on performance and also the idea of my value in the market like how Jim rohn talks about. I really wanna increase revenue for my boss and get paid based on performance. I have been listing to your cds like crazy and i can’t wait to pitch this to my boss!

  30. As someone that made a serious commitment to get in shape a couple years, I can attest to the benefits of making your own health a priority. Since that time I have lost 32lbs and increased my income (strange how that works out). I believe that the healthier you are and the better your fitness level is, the more energy you have to focus on your passion. I encourage every one to make time to focus on your health and your wealth will follow suit.

  31. Indeed, health is a single most important factor in life. Taken both physical & mental, it’s a chief good. One can only enjoy the other blessings of life if one has sound health. A universal truth. Right emphasis Darren, thanks for sharing.

    Peace & Blessings :)

  32. Darren,

    Excellent advice & keep it coming. I read 15 minutes every morning followed by a 45 minute workout, seven days per week. It sets the stage for excellence for the day and it’s so true that a healthy body & mind are the foundation for excellence in all areas of our lives. I completed the program on creating the 10 best years of your life & integrated some great ideas to increase my health. It works when you work it.

    Barry Schlouch

  33. Great post Darren. It came at the right time. I’m looking forward to getting on borad with a good fittness program. I also signed up for John’s teleseminar.
    I have nothing to bost about as I’ve been out of shape for some time but I’m really motavated with what I’m going to be like in the days ahead.

  34. Great post Darren! I’ve recently been both educated and inspired by Challenge to Succeed by Jim Rohn and your new book The Compound Effect. I’m working on listening to something from each of them every day. As for health, fitness and physical appearance, I fully agree with everything you shared.

    We are either on an upward progressive spiral in improvement, strength, health and diet or we are on a downward spiral. The beautiful thing is that we have the power of choice each day and each moment to determine which direction we’d like our physiology to go. Sure, it is going to take that added effort to shift the direction initially, but if small and simple healthy steps are laid out each day then things really begin to take off.

    Thank you for inspiring me and educating me towards making healthy choices. I’ve already been fit, active and eating pretty well, competing in some races, but now I am taking things to a new level of performance and excellence. I don’t want to be an ordinary healthy person…I want to be an extra-ordinary fit person full of life and vitality. I’m now a sponsored athlete and am committed to moving forward in a positive direction.

    For me it breaks down to the moment by moment decisions each day. What to eat for lunch; whether to do my push-ups or just sit at my computer; go running or put it off, eat the fresh fruits, veggies and grains or just hit the drive-thru again. I now know that these seemingly inconsequential choices are actually the MOST important choices I make every day in relation to my health and fitness. They add up over the days, weeks months and years, as you so clearly describe in The Compound Effect.

    This is all down to earth common sense that should resonate with any sensible person. The challenge we face is in what we are willing and desirous to choose. Sometimes we have to get fed up to the point that we say “enough is enough”! Others need an inspirational example in their personal life that helps to light their fire of desire. Whatever it is, I encourage everyone to “start where success is easy” and to keep moving forward, taking the simple steps each day towards better health, a better diet, MORE physical activity and LESS sitting around :) Look around and find one of the millions of inspirational examples that were able to absolutely transform their entire lives by applying the very principles taught on this blog.

    YOU have the power!

  35. Lift weights at least once a week. It will boost your metabolism and help shape your body. Not to mention benefits for maintaining bone density.

    Schedule time for your mind and body each week to stay in top form.

  36. Fantastic post Darren! I really like “If your body is the billboard of your personal development, your calling card and your personal 15-second commercial, what is it communicating?”
    We’re on the same page with this reference. I like to say, “If your body is a reflection of thoughts, beliefs and feelings, what are you saying to the world?”

    I am so passionate about fitness that’s way I’m certified as a professional personal coach and a personal trainer/strength conditioning coach.

    The mind follows the body and the body follows the mind. If one gets weak the other is sure to follow.

    There is absolutely no excuse for the majority of the population to be overweight and obese. People can run, get a jump rope or even do jumping jacks during commercials :-)
    This is a great post Darren and I hope more people read it…I know I’ll be spreading the word!

  37. I couldn’t agree with you more. The never ending benefits of a regular exercise routine is something that EVERYONE should incorporate into their daily lives. I’m about 60 pages into your book and love it so far. I also signed up for the teleseminar. Keep the faith and all the good work. :)

  38. Darren,

    This is what I would say to my fellow business owners (excuse my rant):

    Bottom line, your fitness level affects your business performance. So, if you’ve been putting off addressing your fitness issues, think again. It’s a business problem, and a problem for your business. Let me tell you a story:

    I had a good friend who was a fellow business owner. (Notice that I’m using past tense). I’ll call him “Bob”. He had been working for a number of years on grooming his son to take over the business. He was making progress, but there was still a ways to go before his son would be ready. Bob and I would get together for breakfast on a regular basis and talk shop and talk about his transition plans. We would also talk about Bob’s fitness; Bob was overweight by at least 50 lbs. However, even though he had a complete gym in his home and more than enough money to afford a gym membership or personal trainer, he just wasn’t addressing his health and fitness issues. When I would press him on the point, it was “I’m really busy this week with customers. Next week I’m going to get with it.” Or “I don’t want to disturb my wife by using the weights early in the morning.” Or “I just don’t have enough time.”

    We went through this verbal dance at breakfast for several years, but then it stopped abruptly. Bob dropped dead of a heart attack on a Saturday morning while working in his garage. He was 59. The phone number of a cardiologist recommended by another friend sat uncalled on the bedside table. Of course, this was a tragedy for his family and friends.
    It was also an immediate problem for his business. His wife and son had to step in and try to figure out how to keep it going. No longer was there an opportunity for an orderly transition of power. No longer was there an opportunity to mentor, shape and mold the next generation of leadership. Luckily, the business is surviving, but it has been tough. Tougher than it needed to be.

    I’m sure most of you that own businesses have key-man insurance. In fact, you would look at that insurance as an important piece of the protective shield you put around your business, just like your corporate structure. I would maintain that your health and fitness program is just as, or more, important than your key-man insurance. So, what to do if you don’t have a health and fitness program?

    Not a problem. Let’s approach it like a business challenge. Assess the situation. Establish a baseline. Test and measure. Set goals. Develop a strategy. Implement an action plan. Then chart your progress and celebrate your results. Your physical fitness is an integral part of your business’s fitness. If you’re not running at 100%, neither is your business.

    As you know, it all starts at the top. Tired of out-of-shape employees calling in sick all the time? What kind of example are you setting? Still lighting up? Still have the vending machines loaded with Snickers and Kit Kat’s in the office break room? Still taking the elevator when you could take the stairs? Remember, employees are watching. And they’re watching you!

    Darren, thanks for letting me unload!

    Best wishes for your continued success!

    Wes Powell

  39. Simone, not sure I would recommend the one meal a day plan – your body will spend most of the day in starvation mode so when you eat it will hold onto everything. Instead I’d go with the 4-6 healthy, smaller size option. TONS of books on the subject and lots of articles in SUCCESS on it. Also on

  40. Your health coach is dead on, Deborah. Also keep in mind that setting realistic goals will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed and giving up. (Have a coach there to keep you in line works great, too!) And great idea with the excel spreadsheet! Thanks!

  41. So glad you signed up for John’s teleseminar, Dawn! “See” you there on July 22nd!

    And thanks for your meal advice. Pre-planning your weekly menu is a great way to stay in control! :)

  42. Hi Darren, I just recently graduated fom a professional sales school. Part of the schools underlying principles is setting and acheiving goals. One of my primary goals set was to lose 100lbs. I gave myself a finite date for doing so and have taken major steps in changing my lifestyle to accomplish this goal. I have made and achieved the short term sales goals that I set and I am well on the way to achieving the long term goals as well. Since having graduated from sales school I have lost and kept off just at 20lbs and could not be happier with the results! I FEEL better, I LOOK better and it is definately a real conifidence booster. This kind of challenge can be very hard to overcome. Some people have very deeply rooted reasons for overeating . Emotional abuse, physical abuse and general verbal abuse can be linked to weight issues. Luckily, mine seems to be simply a previous sedintary lifestyle and lack of exercise and willingness to change. I will reach my goal of losing 100lbs without question and do so in a very healthy and controlled manner. Thanks for bringing this to light; it is unfortunate that people are judged in this manner, but it is accurate and truthfull. Todd A. Eilts

  43. Whether we like it or not, studies show that we make a judgment about someone within 3 seconds of meeting them. The moment you interact with someone you are communicating a message to them. I have seen jobs and business deals won and lost within that 3 seconds. Making a great first impression is key to succeeding in life and business and part of that impression is our physical appearance.

    I have a bubbly personality and want my physical appearance to match that. I want to practice what I preach to my clients and be a living example of living honestly and congruently so I hired a great health coach who taught me how to set realistic and attainable goals.

    I would get overwhelmed by the number of pounds I wanted to lose so when I didn’t lose 40 pounds in two weeks I would give up. My health coach taught me how to set goals that helped me focus on eating right and being healthy, with the weight loss being an added bonus–instead of the weight loss being the focus.

    I recently set up an excel spreadsheet where I document my progress along with keeping a daily exercise and food journal. This is helping be more successful in reaching my goals and being congruent in my life.

  44. Hi Darren, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been training my body to eat one meal a day. It’s been challenging but I’m moving in a positive direction and I truly feel better about myself. Your wealth does start with your health. Excellent post.

  45. Great point! And not only will you present what you want to attract but you will also have the energy to accomplish what you need to everyday!

  46. Hello Darren!
    First, I signed up immediately for John’s teleseminar — so excited about that!
    Secondly, isn’t it tough in our great country? — what a paradox! We have so much that we have surgery available to staple our stomachs and millions die every day from not enough…how sad.

    It takes a very conscious effort, doesn’t it? sooooo….my best advice, and I have done this for years, is to make a weekly menu, plan your list accordingly and stick to it. It requires time but you will not be tempted to send out if not prepared and we eat lots of lean chicken, good salads, fresh fruit smoothies in the summer time… simply scheduling the time to shop and cook. Of course there are those days (ugh!)….but they are fewer than more….you are in control of what you have available to you and your family. And I can say (if I may boast a little) that both of my young adult kids are healthy!!! Their weight is wonderful, they never get colds or flus….we attribute it to home cooked healthy foods at least 5-6 days a week and vitamins every day :-)

    And also a good 45 minute brisk walk on our country and hilly roads with Oscar and Bella (our dogs) makes for a great morning and an energy filled day. It is simple but it works for our family!

    Have a blessed day Darren and a wonderful Father’s Day this Sunday!

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