Are You Stuck?

Ferrari stuck
I saw something absurd the other day. A highly engineered and specially designed high-performance race car stuck on a 35-mile-an-hour downtown street.

That is not what that car was made for. That is not what its creator (Enzo Ferrari) envisioned for it.

This 6-speed, F140 Aluminum V12, 4700cc engine with 660hp was built to go 0-60 in 3.8 seconds and race at 217 miles an hour (2010 specs). But here it is… stuck.

I see this absurdity every day.

But not only in the streets—in office cubicles, conference rooms, huddled behind computer screens, and dragging luggage through airports.

People who were specially engineered and designed with special talents, skills and abilities who are traveling down the wrong road, with their potential stuck in first gear; trapped and unable to race.

That is not what their creator had envisioned for them either.

Are you…

1. Stuck. Traveling down the wrong road? Are you in a job, company or business that has you boxed in on the slow lane? Is it keeping you from being able to get out of first gear and challenge your greater abilities?

Sometimes it’s not the car; it’s the road the car is on.

2. Traveling with Pintos? Are you going slow because you are keeping pace with ordinary cars, when you were designed for racing?

Sometimes it’s not the car; it’s the cars it travels with.

3. Are you even aware that you are a race car? You were specially engineered and designed for speed… to race. You were built for greatness. I’m not kidding. You are a miracle of machinery. Yes, you… the one reading this. It’s likely you have never even experienced half of what your top speed is.

Sometimes it’s not the car; it’s the one given the responsibility to drive it.

If you ever really gripped the wheel, braced your neck and punched the pedal with all your might… the awesomeness of your innate potential will shock and exhilarate you.

Punch it. NOW!

Who else do you know has greater innate potential than they might realize or be utilizing? Forward this post to them:

So, are you stuck? Are you on the wrong road, traveling with the wrong people, unaware of your true greatness? In the comments below share with everyone what you are going to do to “punch it” in your life, starting now.




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  1. is a valuable step in the learning…

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  2. Hi Darren,
    Thank you for investing your precious time. I drive a Toyota Corolla but my mind drives a Maserati and I have trained myself to use the full power of my engine, even when sometimes, I feel like downgrading.

  3. I read this article and I was inspired even more…I created my vision statement and I hope and believe that when I put motion behind it I believe doors of opportunity will begin to open.

  4. Darren,
    I just read the article and was reminded of a story Pastor Ed Young shared about one of his friends loaning him a brand new Ferrari while he was out of town. Ed being excited and nervous to drive the care drove extremely careful for fear of damaging it. In a few short days he was driving and all of the sudden all the warning lights came on and he paniced. When his friend called he told him what had happened and his friend told him not worry about it and he would have the dealer take care of the problem. When Ed received the second call his friend asked him, Ed the dealer informed me that the reason the car stopped running is because you were driving it to slow. Out of his being overly cautious and driving the Ferrari within the speed limit it froze because it wasn’t driven they way it was built. The story told by Pastor Ed Young is much funnier than in writing but

  5. Darren,
    Thank you so much. This article has helped me realize that as a High Performance Racecar Driver, I’ve not been driving around in a Pinto; I’ve been driving the Ferrari but alongside slow Pintos (or racing Pintos on a Pinto race track).

    In other words, I’ve been calling on the wrong people to do business with. I will/must DREAM bigger (BIG). In my business as a coach, I know others are out there who are “stuck” and I know how to help them. So from now on I will Race with Champions in Heart who are looking for the right “track” or “vehicle” in which to be a Champion.

    In gratitude & abundance,

  6. This is a really good article. I discovered your website from bing while looking for a similar subject material. I really liked what you had to say. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Ben! There are plenty of highly successful (and wealthy) people in the design industry. Of course instead of just performing billable hours or being paid by project, they have developed businesses with a staff of designers and proprietary products. Learning entrepreneurship is where you can create leverage. Take a course, study packaged material or find an entrepreneur mentor… they themselves don’t have to be in the design business necessarily.

  8. The funny thing is that even being at a certain level of success (which may be constant) may also mean stuck…

    Taking it to the next level is another way of fighting the “stuck state” – one has to kill comfort in order to see the “stuckness” and get out of it.

    Thanks for this article Darren!

  9. Hey Darren,

    Great post. I love your magazine and listen to the CDs every day in my car. I’ve been feeling stuck for the past year and half. I’m almost 30. I discovered your magazine in February of this year and I’ve yet to get in gear with DYB10. (I know I just have to do it.) I’m a graphic designer and I can’t think of single wealthy graphic designer in the creative industry. I love design – I’ve been at it for seven years, but I can’t help but think that it’s kind of a dead end occupation. I’m limited by how many clients I can take in – especially while I have a full time job. I’m currently interviewing for another job that’s a level up, but the idea of working for another company drives me crazy. There’s no time flexibility in working for another company when I know full well that I want to start my own. My question is, how do I bridge the gap between my love of design (and design strategy) and having a business that can potentially create substantial cashflow? Should I go back to school for business or entrepreneurship? I don’t want to lose any more time than I’ve already lost.

  10. I am stuck. However, freeing myself requires that I get into another industry. I am currently a Project manager. I would like to either become a QuickBooks trainer or find a way to get Project management training. Both require that I improve my skills in the BookKeeping/accounting and/or Facilitation area. Just can’t get started…

  11. In my head I’m a Jaguar and I’m driving like a Cavalier. I have to pat myself in the back because a few months ago, I was not even driving. I was the one running next to the car hoping that speed would just rub off on me.

    Even though I am a woman, I get the car analogy, which is risky to do with women readers sometimes. The important thing is the message, go at your full speed potential. Don’t sit on the sidelines and don’t ride at 10 MPH on a 55 MPH zone.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  12. Go back and get your Commitment Pledge from the beginning of the DYB10 program and put it somewhere visible EVERY DAY, Mark. Remember to hold yourself accountable to your goals and you will be successful! And if you need to, don’t be afraid to get an accountability partner to help keep you on track, too. :)

  13. Great read darren….. i get stuck all the time ….. ugh…. your alwayz a winner if u get back up…. thx darren

  14. Thanks for the perfect analogy. You really nailed it in painting a clear picture of how we can become stuck. I’ve been working on your “Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life” program, and have made some positive progress so far this year on my goals. However, while I’ve continued to set and track my goals, I’ve recently slipped into a state of going through the motions and not really pushing for the progress I had hoped to make. After reading your post today I realized that I had become stuck in slow motion. I find myself fitting into all three areas that you described.

    Needless to say, it was a wake up call for me. Thanks for the reminder Darren! Now I can get myself back on the correct road and speed ahead in reaching my goals!

  15. I must say that I feel very blessed that I am not stuck. I am running on all cyliders right now. I am reading, listening and applying. My concern is that I hit a rut and get stuck. But all is well now.

  16. Kudos to you for firing your boss, Theresa! Sounds like you already had to your ducks in a row to make that decision so make that a double KUDOS! :)

  17. Thanks so much for this article. Very inspiring and informative. One thing though…lol, the picture up top is a picture of a 360 Ferrari Modena not an Enzo; its not a v12, its a V8. Modena’s don’t come in v12’s. I’m a car fanatic so I had to point that out.

  18. For those that used the link above and didn’t see where to change the adress to get the right page; here is it:

    The Compound Effect is a masterpiece that has opened my eyes, made me take more action and more apropriate action. Now at my 5th time wirking through The Compound Effect it STILL makes me digg a little deeper, change my perspective if only a little bit and it IS an inspiring book. Darren is a great mentor! I LOVE this book!

    And don’t forget to tune in to @ 4 PM Estern Darren is ON! :)

  19. Thanks for the provocative topic Darren. This is really a situation where the individual needs to be engaged in a series of systematic reflective questions and action planning, starting with the basic question – When are you going to start doing what you really want to be doing? This addresses the specific issues related to individuals who are in the “wrong car”, or using the “wrong lane”, or keeping pace with the “wrong traffic”.

    The truth is simple. Admitting and accepting it to move on is the challenge. Every single person reading this posting already knows the problem(s). They have probably lived with those challenges for a very long time. The challenge is finding the courage to say things out loud, to admit to themselves that they need to make changes and most importantly take action. It is the action part of change that stops people.

    Inspiring readings are great and they help the individual to shift focus. Hopefully from feeling like a victim of circumstance to beginning to realize that they do have choices. They do have options. Beyond all the motivational talk, individuals typically need a concrete plan of action. This could include some coaching and perhaps even counselling if circumstances have been left for too long. They should also seek out the assistance of someone who can provide a comprehensive competency and capability based assessment of all their strengths, weaknesses (yes we all have them) and areas of untapped potential. Having this information is critical to making sound decisions in the midst of change. Knowing personal strengths is important. Knowing how these strengths can be leveraged against certain competencies opens the door to work related options. Then knowing actually capabilities allows the individual to make choices that almost guarantee success. Using this type of approach allows individuals to move towards taking concrete actions that will move them into a whole new space, mentally, emotionally, financially, and socially. Having this detailed map can actually allow the individual to then grip the wheel and punch the pedal knowing the road they are pursuing is well within reach.

  20. For the last year and a half I have been working on developing my-self (better known as “personal development”). Doing so has brought my attention to the greater things in life and what I really want. For example, I want to go to school and I want to become a career and life coach/consultant but what I often find is that my daily routine is getting in the way. Through my personal development I came across the following phrase: “Excuses only please the one that is giving them.” I’m sure many are aware that we are responsible for our own lifes and what we do or don’t make of it. I say all of this to state the following: I know I am here for the greater good of mankind and to help other’s reach their highest potential, but I often find that I am allowing my family members and my work load to get into my short and long-term goals. What exercises would you recommend to use that allow one to stay on track “throughout” the day and not just at the beginning and/or end of the day?

  21. Am looking to start a group or join a group of those who are studying and putting into practice the points in Compound Effect.

  22. What if nobody forward this message to me? What that means? I’m on a desert road? I’m turning around on the exit! Forget about the extremes. Desert road with high speed limits are boring but so are traffic jam and all the stop lights. Thanks GOD!! :-) My model came out with GPS service included.

  23. I love your article but this is not an F140 and it’s not the real F40 either it is a 360 and is an 8 cylinder beast! Your analogy is GREAT, I just wanted to be sure you knew the car!

  24. Thanks for the extra motivation. I’m at a point in my life where I am making changes and taking steps to live life on my terms. I just retired from being a NYC teacher and I’m working on my online business full time. I’m glad I ran into your blog, it just ads fuel to the fire.

  25. That’s fantastic example !!!!! , I felt like that for a long time, but know … I am on the road baby :):):

  26. Darren,

    Great article – fun analogies.

    Personally Ive done a few of these – including traveling down the wrong way on the freeway – makes life very interesting when going against mainstream rather than Zig’ing or Zag’ing.

    Also remember a good race-car needs to be maintained well to achieve top performance for its entire life. No point putting in low grade fuel, crap tyres, and most of all a dirty windscreen so you cant see where you are going.

    I have just discovered your posts/blogs/web – keep it coming.

    To Success


  27. Great article! I will definitely share it! ….I just got out of my rut a month ago and fired my boss!! I was sick and tired of being that hamster in a treadmill and did something about it! I am fortunate to have started an internet franchise a few years back and now I am focusing on it full time.
    Many times, the problem is that too many people are afraid to make a change. Success comes when you take chances…learn and grow from every situation.

  28. What if that car (Ferrari) is on display but the buyers and possible customers are only looking for Pintos? What if you are not a Ferrari? Who owns the parameter’s and guides to measure your true market value? People is going to see and acknowledge just what they want. We are leaving on a very competitive era, let’s face it.

  29. Yes, I am STUCK! Good question – what am I going to do about it? Hmmm, for once in my life a colossal challenge to even know how to begin again. This is different from what I want to say or could have said, if I wasn’t engaged in litigation of Big Corporation and Government hell bent on ruining my livelihood because I exposed FRAUD and CORRUPTION. So now they are teaching me a lesson by not allowing me to earn a living. So, I am thinking about becoming a vendor, but how does one get started when the underground network of good ole boys, prohibit you from making a dollar, to run you in the ground so you cannot legally fight time by ending up broke, so they are left to their shannigans to repeat it again. Blind Arrogance, Power, Privilege and Entitlement to ruin the best mobfia style. So how does a working class citizen get a voice to truth to power when they control every outlet possible to run you in the ground. They listen in on every phone call, they fabricate emails, they lie and then have the nerve to coerce me from filing a complaint against an Attorney practicing law in a state where she is not licensed and suggest I do not pursue that as I might ruin her livelihood. But yet no one gave a darn about my livelihood, and I can’t buy a job, husband either because as one of the manager’s said they have all the money and the best attorneys. So, with my angst being released on how I am going to punch out this livelihood ruination, short of getting on welfare (but I guess I would be in my place then), I am considering vending jewelry. I could not even get a radio broadcast position, because they call and say something to every prospective employer that expresses an interest. I have no idea what they say, but it sure is working and now I am depressed. By the way, tell Les, he was right, no one would care. Not even him. Oh well, it is truly up to God to help me now.

  30. If you are surrounded by pintos, don’t be swayed by the ones that say things like
    “Who do you think you are? What makes YOU think you’re a Ferrari?” or “What are the odds that you will be able to…..[fill in the blank with your dream, ie, build a successful company, win an Oscar, make the Forbes 400, etc]

    The fact that they ask these rhetorical questions is what makes them a pinto. Don’t listen to them, go for what you want (& don’t bother sharing your plans with pintos – it’s a waste of your time & just drains your enthusiasm).

  31. Dee, I am impressed!

    I just have to tell you. Realizing and admitting to “the old adage “do as I say, not as I do”” and even posting it online with a statement of action behind it is impressive! If you don’t mind Dee I am going to mention your comment to my dad and tell him that I’ve found an other parent like him. Keep rocking, Dee!

    “People want to connect with what’s real, open, honest, transparent and authentic.” As Darren spaks of in his article “Expose your chest to daggers” is something you seem to master Dee, and that is something I see as important within all relationships.

    All the best to you,

  32. Hi Theo:

    I know it may seem difficult to change at our age. My 55th birthday was on July 4th. I said on that day, “this will be the year I live with purpose”. It’s taken me 15 years to realize my purpose, and it will take this year for it to become tangable.

    Just know that it’s never too late to go after something if you really want it bad enough.

    As my list of goals are posted and is the first thing I see each day, I finish a minium of one task daily to accomplish my goals. My children are grown and gone and I can now focus on me and what I want to do with and for the rest of my life. I say, go for your passion, don’t live a life of regrets!

    Good Luck

  33. That’s awesome Darren, Can I also use another article and of course give you 100% credit. Please let me know as you have a lot of goodies in your archives that my readers can benefit from. I’d love your response. Thank You! :)))

  34. When I received this, I immediately thought of my 25 year old son who is definitely a Ferrari but rolling as a Pinto. I knew I should forward it to him. Then, I re-read the article, really read it. It hit me; I’m that Ferrari too and not punching to my full potential. I encourage and push others but am stuck myself. It’s the old adage “do as I say, not as I do”. What a wake-up call. My 55th birthday was just a few days ago, my procrastination and self-pity has halted my business and my life. Opportunities for growth are presented to me constantly, but the fear of success has become my blinder. I know the life to which I’m destined (designed) is only a heartbeat away. Well the blindfold is off, this Ferrari is rolling up to the starting line, revving the engine and look out–0 to 60 before you can blink.

    I said on my birthday, “this will be the year I live with purpose”. As my list of goals are posted and is the first thing I see each day, I finish a minimum of one task daily to accomplish my goals.

    Thanks for the push!

  35. Leaving that stage, the awareness of being stuck and mentally overcoming the barriers have helped. It hurts to take action but is well worth it. Many, many people are stuck. But I guess one at a time to make the difference. Thanks for the article, very inspiring for this new journey.

  36. Darren, thanks so much for your response. It means a lot to me to hear directly from you, very inspirational. Thank you again.

    And as for keeping in touch, I hope to be letting you know one day that I’m a published author of a children’s book I wrote for my niece (I plan for this to be the first of many).

    Best wishes to you and everyone out there in Success-land.

  37. Darren, Sadly I don’t see your response to what I am hoping was my post. Can you reply once again?

  38. The easy part is figuring out you’re stuck… the hard part is figuring out how to find the right open road where you can really have some fun. The answer is different for everyone, but here are a few things that will be important along the way:

    * Self-assessment – If you’ve never done a Myers-Briggs or Strengths Finder test… do it now! You can never fully realize your potential if you don’t… realize your potential.

    * Input – Seek the advice and input of people outside your situation for sound advice on the decisions you are considering. Sometimes just the process of talking about it will help you work through it in your head.

    * Your Story – At some point later down the road this will all just be a part of your story… so part of your decision is figuring out what story you want to tell.

    “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

  39. quite profound insights/nuggets. kinda reminded me of quote by American cartoonist, Charles Schulz, “Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” really loved it! we are mostly blaming the car without taking time to examine whether we are on the right track and having the right travelling companions…i guess it’s time for me to take an audit! i’m ‘devouring’ your new book, “The Compound Effect”!

  40. Sure Sharon. Here is the standard byline to use with it:
    Byline: Darren Hardy is the visionary force behind SUCCESS magazine ( as the Publisher and Editorial Director and the author of what is being called “the modern day Think and Grow Rich”, The Compound Effect—Multiplying Your Results. One Simple Step at a Time ( More from Darren on his blog (, Facebook (DarrenHardyFan) or Twitter (@DarrenHardy)

  41. Craig, I’d say first thing is to take responsibility for where you are – you did it, only you. You are a self-made man. Everything in your life is your fault… or credit. Read this, no study this: You said it in your comment – choices you made. Own up to them then. Even if something “happened to you”… natural disaster, hit by a bus… lightening, whatever, it’s what YOU do in RESPONSE to what happens to you. Do you cower and fold or to you rise up and now play the best hand you can given the new cards you were dealt. Here’s another for you to review:

    Look, never did I say in the post – quit your job, family or you life. I said, “punch it”, go for it, stop driving your life in first gear. If you relationship sucks, then what are YOU going to do to make it better? Do it at full throttle, don’t lollygagging along. Take whatever aspect in your life you are unhappy about and pursue improving it at top speed. YOU improving IT, not IT changing. If you need to change lanes or drive down a different road, that is your choice. Just remember you are bringing you with you. Once again you will find yourself 100% responsible for the outcomes you create in a different environment.

  42. Hi Darren, this is really an awesome post and an eye opener. I really loved it. I just want to share a problem of mine with you.

    I have recently switched from one small company to a bigger one and found that, the seniors are creating a box around to keep me away from speeding up. I do believe that, I have the capabilities to go faster than anybody else but the trap is making me slow. I am really frustrated about this.

    Do you think its a good idea to leave the company?

  43. This is excellent! many people trapped in narrow way due to other influences. Actually they mean to race.

    This is great eye opener.

  44. Thank you so much Darren. Your analogy with car is very clear that we all can relate to. I am so glad that I come across you and your inspiring post. Because of your quotes in FB and post here, I am learning something new everyday. I am doing my best to make sure all of my friends take advantage of this learning experience provided by you.

    Always looking forward to learn :)

  45. I got stuck, so I decided to free myself. Now I am free as can be but also broke as can be. So now I am just stuck in another way. There is a time and a place for everything. Humans are not cars designed for one thing. We need to stop giving out easy answers under the guise of “motivation”. Motivated people need to be smart, sometimes being “stuck” just means you are planning.

  46. Darren – This is great discussion starter. This may sound crazy but at this point the poor guy could park the beast and pull a bike out of the trunk. more stuck. I just sold my bmw 540 and bought a scooter. I don’t know how this fits in but aren’t we in control of our thoughts and actions? Sometimes you have to give up to go up(give something up that you are holding on too tightly to in order to fly). Stuck? Unstuck? Just go…get out and walk if you have to.Thanks for getting me thinking.

  47. Hi Darren,

    This is really an article that SPEAKS. I would like your permission to share it on my blog. I will give 100% credit to you, of course.



  48. Ouch…….. I have been in the Architectural Game for a long time…..over 35 years.

    How do you escape ? at 52 ! i have had enough !

    Its time for a change, but where do you leap off.

    Any suggestions , my Passion is Gardening ?

    Make it a great week

    This article makes you sit up , now which ladder do i need to climb ? to see over into the right garden ?

  49. Darren, I love my life, my family, my career, and this amazing world.

    What I love most about reading your articles is how it helps me pick up that little extra velocity each day = The compound effect:)

    You’re doing a great job! Keep it coming. All my best, Barry Schlouch

  50. Amen to that Brother! The key is in the ignition, time to put this prancing horse in the fast lane!

  51. What an epic post Darren.

    Thanks for sharing! I have been hearing so many great things about “The Compound Effect” I can’t wait to pick it up and read it as well as listen to the audios. I have felt stuck in different areas of my life. I have found that different strategies work for different people. What keeps me going and going strong upward onward and forward are:

    1.) Staying within my purpose everyday
    “To empower, enlighten & awaken humanity to live in higher consciousness of love & inspire them to share their gifts with the world. And Make a difference in small or big way wherever I am planted”
    2.) Know my priorities. I used to do 500 things a day now I have narrowed it down to what is truly important to me.
    3.) Stay within my gift zones, talent, and creativity
    I feel that when I am doing this everyday I feel truly purposeful and very much “unstuck” whether it’s helping a friend move, making dinner for my son, being proactive in my meetings at work, or being innovative at my work. I feel that when I am aligned with my gifts, passion, strengths, talent, etc.. and doing my very best at it. Then nothing can go wrong.

    Thanks for this post!!! I feel that I am truly blessed to open, read, & implement Success magazine every month in addition reading your blogs has helped me tremendously.

    I appreciate it Darren :)

  52. Starting from today I am going to ‘punch it’ by focusing on being what I want in my life. As Mr Jim Rohn says we must all ‘stand guard at the door of our minds’ and I plan on limiting negative associations as well as staying on track with your previously suggested low information (from news media) diet -it has helped to keep me ‘up’. Real news will reach us even if we are not plugged in and listening to the radio or constant news updates… If something big happens we will hear it by wordofmouth -fast! So instead of focusing on the doom and gloom of the economy out there I am going to focus on my personal health and personal economy…
    I turn 26 in two weeks and over the weekend I took stock of some of the important books and resources I have enjoyed and one of them being Success Magazine…after re listening to a couple of the I put a few of the past CDs like the December 2009 edition and the Feb 2010 Success Cds onto my iTunes and transferred it to my iPod so I can have them with me as sources of inspiration. I plan on doing two things each morning when I get up being thankful for people and what I have in my life and secondly and just as importantly I am going to ‘watch my coffee’ so that I can avoid negative influences and focus on being a better version of me!

  53. Wow! This post was great and a definite eyeopener. Unfortunately I am traveling with pintos right now and need to find more Audis to roll with. I know what I have to do. Thanks for this enlightening post!

  54. I am no longer stuck! Thanks to you and others like you I am Ferrari on the autobahn and am helping others get unstuck as well!


    Peace & Prosperity,
    Dallas Cyr

  55. Great Analogy Darren. Very motivational, I never pictured myself as a race car. I saw that I was traveling a road with the right people but speed is the issue. I’ve got to grip the wheel and Punch It and now I will. Thank you very much.

  56. Thank you Darren for an eye opener. I didn’t really think of myself as a race car. I knew I was traveling the right road but the speed IS an issue. I’m gonna step it up, grip the wheel and PUNCH IT!!! Thanks for such great motivational information.

  57. Good luck! :)

    Being a team and have others to work alongside you makes a huge difference. It sure did for me! Now when my husband also is aboard some goals are set higher and we’re making faster progress. I gave The Compound Effect CD’s to my brother and now he and his wife to be are on their way to further success!

    Life is great! I wish you and your wife all the best! May the time of and planning be just what you need to get ahead.

  58. Hey Darren, Great analogy. I’m stuck but I’m working a little bit everyday on getting unstuck and owning my power. Excellent Excellent. Thanks for sharing. And hey we may be related too!

  59. Darren,

    Unbelievable timing for this message. I had parked myself on the top step of my deck this morning to gather my thoughts about what to do next. Looking for the next job in a good economy is like dragging a boat anchor around, this economy feels like three anchors.

    Your April 2010 interview with Robin Sharma motivated me to check out his book, “The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO. I’m with the “Surfer” at page 146, and have been saying “yes, that’s another of my problems/responses that I created all by myself; now what do I change within me so this doesn’t happen again?”

    I’m looking through any possibilities that will allow me to be the best at what I decide to work at and that will provide me with the opportunity to help others on the way.

    P.S. If I’m driving more than 15 minutes, I take the time to pack a few of the monthly Success CD’s to help me re-focus on my day.


  60. SUCCESS’s 1-on-1 with Ken Dychtwald in the August issue was amazing! So glad to hear it was made an impact on you, Enzo. Kudos to you for making the CHOICE to change your life for the better! Be sure to keep us posted along the way. :)

  61. Hi Darren
    Love the car analogy. Many people I work with each day are stuck and many are not even aware of how stuck they are. In this age of enlightenment, so many people seem to be just going through the motions of moving from one day to the next and not ever enjoying the days and the people they are working with. For financial reasons, they commit themselves to jobs they hate with people they don’t like and doing daily things they don’t believe in. They always live with I should, I must, I have too.
    One more analogy for getting people out of stuck or helping people see that they are stuck. Thanks

  62. Best analogy ever! Many of us spend our whole life not knowing what our God-given strengths are, and thus ARE STUCK in things that we are not passionate about. Want to know more about finding your strengths – check out Marcus Buckingham’s work – and keeping reading Success! Thanks Darren for living and working your passion – I hear it in your voice on every CD and in your writing.

  63. Great work Darren, i love the comment. I esp loved the comment made by Craig today at 1:52 p.It would be great to learn how to navigate the paths to be able to put the peddle to the metal. I love this site and Darren youre an awesome guy.I read Success Mag and love it who would not. I have read it since i was young and since it started and it only gets better I love the CDs and what you learn from listening . Again Have a great week and may all your dreams come true.I also knew Jim Rohn i met him in the 70s wow a blast from the past he is surely missed. I would love to know where he is buried so i can put some flowers on his grave site just to say Thank you for all he has done for all of us. What a great guy i can still hear his voice and the way he would make funny jokes about lifes hard areas. Enjoy the beach since i was raised there and now live in Henderson Nevada and today its over 110 out side under a tree under a house with Air Cond got the picture HOT. Pedal to the metal Cheyenne

  64. Thank you Darren, this really expresses how I feel right now. I have tasted the open road but for some reason recently hit a traffic jam. I have been trying to get around everyone and back in the fast lane but in all honesty my engine seems a little sluggish. As I think about this more I am responsible for turning on the hazard lights and going around everyone to get back on the right road to my destiny. Hazard lights on…Time to move!! Thank you again Darren.

  65. Thank you, for that Midafternoon kick in the butt.

    I am “DIGESTING”, “HIGHLIGHTING” and Putting into Action the new book and audio.
    Looking forward to a HUGE BLESSING as a result of your wisdom a true gift that God has blessed all of us with through you. Thanks for sharing the COMPOUND EFFECT… God our Heavenly Father,Your Dad, Jim Rohn and Paul J Meyer; are busting the buttons off their shirts with pride.

  66. Thanks Darren, once upon a time (I AM so glad to say) I was stuck, no longer AMEN to that, and it’s because I set the intention to be more, have more and do more.Every day I set the intention to improve/enhance my relationship with myself as I believe that’s where it truly begins.The key to total well being is to nuture your mind, body and spirit. Embrace your POWER and watch your life SOAR!

  67. That is a really well written post Darren. It has it all… vivid imagery (word pictures), short & sweet, impactful, inspiring, and motivating. If that doesn’t make a person want to get off their duff, they’re probably asleep at the wheel! Vrrrooom… Vrrroooom!!

  68. Darren,

    Very insightful and great imagery, but just as the car stuck in traffic can’t just punch the accelerator (or he will just plow into the person in front of him) so too are life’s blockades. It is your life choices that have put you on the road that you are on and into the traffic jam from your analogy. Life’s traffic jams are created by the jobs you have taken, where you have chosen to live, the amount of education you have, the person that you chose to marry, the kids, the debt, as well as the detours in life that maybe you didn’t choose like sickness, natural disasters, and bad luck.

    Is it not reckless to just say punch it, quit your dead end job, leave your home that is in an economically depressed area, start over? Just do it? It takes care and skill to navigate to an acceptable off ramp from the current life road you are on to go in search of the road that was built for the full capabilities. If you do get off onto the side roads, not everyone has an autobahn just one exit away. You may need to travel through many side roads of life in search of that one road that will let you fulfill your life with balls to the wall, pedal to the metal enthusiasm.

    I wonder if you could provide some insights on finding those exits from the bogged down highways of life, some navigation tips through the side roads and where to find the on-ramps to roads that are not congested and no better than the road you just left. And do all this without getting into a fatal accident or lost in the quagmire of the city streets of life. Knowing that your car (life) is capable of 212MPH is only part of the picture.

  69. Darren,

    Your message is the right one, at the right time, in my face. I needed that. It’s like “A Peacock in the Land of Penguins” only more direct. When we hit a wall, we can choose to give up and confirm, or we can choose to break through the wall and claim the treasure on the other side. Far too many of us mark time. Any of us can break through, if we make the choice. Thanks.

  70. fantastic analogy Mr. Harding. That was so true for me the last few years until I took my success into my own hands and began being creative. Also,… were in Europe somewhere when you took this photo..lucky dog lol

  71. Wow – I love this image. The whole idea of being stuck in the city makes me feel restricted. I love the open feel of the open road as well as the open feel of doing business in today’s workplace – unrestrained by offices, committee meetings and managers. We’re on the Autobahn of business!!

  72. I want to thank Darren for his series he had at the beginning of the year called, “Designing the Best 10 Years”. Working through the process, I realized that the path I had taken was not the right one for me. Instead, I returned what I had started back in the mid 90’s, a needlework business. As a result, I now get up and look forward to learning new techie skills every day. I laugh a lot more, have more energy and enjoy life to the fullest. Thanks to Darren making me think what I wanted to accomplish and to travel the road to success. Currently I have and on Etsy with and
    Thanks again,
    Michelle Rizzato
    Hamilton, ON Canada

  73. Darren,

    This is what I am developing my business around, showing people that race car inside of them. Many people want to find reasons they are not race cars. The first step I go through with my clients is have them take a week to write down their ideal life. That gives us an idea where they need to be headed.

    Josh Bulloc
    Kansas City, MO

  74. Thank you for this post. Most of my ideas are about 3 years ahead of everyone else (either that or I am surrounded by pinto’s) so traveling at the speed of light can feel defeating when no one else is ready for your way of thinking. Thank you for reminding me that there is a need for those of us who are hard-wired to drive in the fast lane.

  75. Wow! This email hit the spot today. I was built for racing. I know this because when I’m moving quickly I feel at my best. When I’m bogged down with something I feel slow and uninterested and I start to disengage.

    Darren, Thanks for this post. I’ll definitely refer back to it. I bought the compound effect and am working my way through chapter 3 on building good habits and rituals. I think I need to build a ritual for making sure I don’t get bogged down during the day.
    Cheers Everyone!

  76. Thank you Darren for this inspiration!!! for me Ive had one foot on the brake and one punched on the gas while stuck in life. well darn it I’m ready to get unstuck take my foot of the brake and race!!

  77. Last summer I felt so frustrated. I felt like I was losing my spirit. I decided I wanted more in my life–that I wanted more money to be able to live my life the way I truly want to, to work at something I really love and just generally feel alive again. That started me on the year long journey I’ve been on.

    During this search, I’ve made a big emotional breakthrough and most recently, using Dr. Dychtwald’s article in your latest issue, made a big decision about what I’d love to do with my life. Now I’m working on creating a solid belief that I CAN do it.

    Thanks for your part of that process, Darren!

  78. I’m no longer stuck! Thanks to Darren here on his blog, his series “Design your best 10” here on his blog january and february snd his book “The Compound Effect”!

    Darren you are a great and inspiring mentor. THANK you! :)

  79. My wife and I were just having this discussion and we recognize that we are stuck. The good news is however that we are aware and yes, we know we are race cars. We recognize that we are capable of more and we know we need to make some changes to get in to the fast lane.

    We are actually taking some time this week and weekend to head to the beach, leave the technology behind and plan for what to do from here. I’m taking The Compound Effect with us and a few other resources.

    If anyone has any tips to make our time productive, I would love to hear them. Feel free to email them to me at

  80. Darren, this is a great post and a great supplement to someone that is reading the Compound Effect (which I am) actually I am not reading it I am studying it on a daily basis and trying to shift out of the lower gears. Thanks again and keep up the outstanding work.

  81. Wow – this couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been feeling stuck all day – ok, for quite some time now …trying to figure out how I can get unstuck! This definitely gave me some other perspectives to think about while trying to get unstuck. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  82. Yes Darren,
    We all need to find more “type A” friends like you.
    I personally haven’t found many people that can keep up with our pace.
    It is a challenge to find like-minded, focused people with big goals that take real and consistant action.
    BTW, We love you magazine CD’s and listen to them often.
    Thank you so much. You bring those like-minded “friends” to our lives.
    Have a wonderful and successful day,

  83. I think this ties in with what Darren wrote about in the Compound Effect regarding ones associations and influences. I believe we often get ‘stuck’ by the company we keep. I would say 95% of people are content just plodding along with life. If you want to get unstuck it helps immensely to start associating with that other five percent. If you want to be fit and athletic, start running with a running club or join a triathlon training group. Join Toastmasters if you want to be a better public speaker. While ultimately you are responsible for getting yourself unstuck, being around the right people helps immensely.

    Of course, we only have room for a finite number of friends and associates in our lives. Unfortunately, even long time friends must be let go if they are holding you back from achieving your full potential. Choosing the right people to associate with requires making hard choices but often the ability to make hard choices is what separates successful adults from the unsuccessful.

  84. This article was a serious eye opener. Some people are born to do greater but end up being trapped in their surroundings, without knowing they have to power to change their surroundings. It painted a picture for me that is really hard to look at.

    Guess that means I should be changing my surroundings.

  85. This article punch me in the face really hard!
    Cuz I’ve lost my momentum. Thank you for this inspiring post Darren!