To Be Great, Be Grateful

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Did you know your brain is NOT designed to make you happy? I know this might be alarming to you, but your brain has only one primary responsibility—to keep you alive. Thus your brain is constantly on the lookout for danger and attack warnings. Your brain is programmed specifically to seek out the negative.

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This is a problem if you desire love, prosperity and happiness—those things beyond simply safety.

Left unguided (as most do), your brain will stew in the negative all day, every day of your life. The conundrum is—what you think about comes about. Where your attention goes, energy flows, thus the direction your life takes.

This is where the power of gratitude comes in. If you want to direct your life in a positive direction, you have to redirect your mind towards abundance and what’s positive by forcing it to focus it on what you are grateful for.

If you want to become great, you have to focus on being grateful. You can change any situation in your life by simply redirecting your mind to focus on what’s right about it versus what is wrong.

I have a Thanksgiving Challenge for you. Of the many insights shared in The Compound Effect, one repeatedly I am told has made a profound difference is the story of the Thanksgiving Journal (read the excerpt below). My challenge to you is to think of an area of your life you are having difficulty in and want to improve. For the next 21 days, take three minutes at the end of the day and write down what about that problematic situation you appreciate, what’s good and what you’re grateful for. This could be a confrontational co-worker at the office, your job as a whole or your troubled marriage… anything or anyone that frustrates or negatively affects you.

I promise you, when you change how you look at a situation, the situation changes.

Who is up for this simple challenge? Come on, reading this blog won’t help you. As Johann Von Goethe said, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply.” Ideas without implementation are useless. Ideas executed have the power to change the world—particularly your world.

Take the challenge. Not for me, for you. Will you? 3 minutes a day for 21 days. Who's in? Declare that you will and what you are committed to being grateful for during the next 21 days in the comments below. Don’t be a silent “lurker”, encourage others by sharing your declaration in the comments section.

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Excerpt from:
The Compound Effect—Multiplying your Results. One Simple Step at a Time.

Thanksgiving Year-Round
We’re particularly gifted in the finger-pointing department when it comes to our romantic relationships—you know, where the other person is the one who needs to change. Let me explain how something extremely simple, taking less than 5-minutes a day, can literally change your life.

A few years back, a friend of mine was complaining about his wife. From my observation, she was a terrific lady, and he was lucky to have her. I told him as much, but he continued to point out all the ways she was responsible for his unhappiness. That’s when I shared an experience that had literally changed my marriage… and me.

One Thanksgiving, I decided to keep a Thanks Giving journal for my wife. Every day for an entire year I logged at least one thing I appreciated about her—the way she interacted with her friends, how she cared for our dogs, the fresh bed she prepared, a succulent meal she whipped up, or the beautiful way she styled her hair that day—whatever. I looked for the things my wife was doing that touched me, or revealed attributes, characteristics, or qualities I appreciated. I wrote them all down secretly for the entire year. By the end of that year, I’d filled an entire journal.

When I gave it to her the following Thanksgiving, she cried, calling it the best gift she’d ever received. (Even better than the BMW I’d given her for her birthday!) The funny thing was that the person most affected by this gift was me. All that journaling forced me to focus on my wife’s positive aspects. I was consciously looking for all the things she was doing “right.” That heartfelt focus overwhelmed anything I might have otherwise complained about. I fell deeply in love with her all over again (maybe even more than ever, as I was seeing subtleties in her nature and behavior instead of her more obvious qualities). My appreciation, gratitude, and intention to find the best in her was something I held in my heart and eyes each day. This caused me to show up differently in my marriage, which, of course, made her respond differently to me. Soon, I had even more things to write in my Thanks Giving journal! As a result of choosing to take a mere five minutes every day or so to document all the reasons why I was grateful for her, we experienced one of the best years of our marriage, and it’s only gotten better.

After I shared my experience, my friend decided to keep a Thanks Giving journal about his wife. Within the first few months, he completely turned around his marriage. Choosing to look for and focus on his wife’s positive qualities changed his view of her, which changed how he interacted with her. As a result, she made different choices about the way she responded to him. The cycle perpetuated. Or, shall we say, compounded.




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  2. […] Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, posted a “challenge” in his “To Be Great, Be Grateful” blog entry (Nov 2012).  He challenged readers “to think of an area of your life you are having […]

  3. Dear Mentor,

    I have read Compound Effect 12 times by now and every time I read it gives me more strength and energy. I was always complaining about the situations which has been faced by me, but now its all turned me as new experience and challenges. Your money tracker controlled me to unnecessary expenses, Thanks giving journal gives me more positive towards my team, spouse and I love your simple daily improvements (Tortoise & Hare) concept taking my health upwards.

    You are the best and your initiatives always keeps me lively and motivated. Thanks a lot :)

  4. […] Gratitude – Being grateful can turn your circumstances (C) into intentional activity (I) by reflecting on the good that has come from your circumstances.  According to the researchers, “Gratitude promotes the savoring of positive life experiences and situations so that maximum satisfaction and enjoyment are distilled from one’s circumstances.”  One of my favorite authors, coaches and success speakers, Darren Hardy, explains this better than I could.  Check out his post To Be Great, Be Grateful. […]

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  6. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and daughter, amazing family, friends, job, wonderful books, great music, a warm and safe home, and for living in a great community. I try to be mindful every day of all that I have to be thankful for and to live in the present with gratitude. Thank you for this article :-)

  7. Thanks Darren for all you do and the inspirational tools you provide.
    Count me in.

    I’m grateful for my daughters.
    I’m grateful to be employed.
    I’m grateful my mother is still alive.
    I’m grateful to be a responsible individual.
    I’m grateful to have my daughters as running partners.

  8. Day 22:

    Dear Darren,

    Thank you for letting me know this great practice. I appreciate the method you taught me because it works! Before knowing this method, I tried to avoid people whom I was not easy with. But once I find out something good about the person, the person looks totally different and I can let go everything that person does. Thank you Darren again and I am now enjoying your book, The CE.

  9. I’m greatfull for all the blessings God has given me. Love home heat hot water eyesite love family even hard to handle people. they are a true challenge .

  10. Day 21:

    Dear Mon. Thank you for your being. You are so great because you thaught me a really important thing that hatred and resentment are just harmful and I do not have to choose them. Onece I choose oppsite attitudes, everything goes fine. Thank you Mon. You are a great teacher. Thank you Mon. Thank you.

  11. Day 20:

    Dear Mon, it is time to think of you. It is becoming my habit already. I now forgive you for your doing anything. Thank you for your waiting for me to undetstand this. Thank you for your being. Thank you.

  12. Oops Day 17-Day 19
    I am grateful for my husband who works extremely hard and I am grateful he has spent some time out over the weekend doing something he loves – diving. it was a good release. i am grateful for my children who are enjoying the simple things in life like playing at the beach and swimming in the sea. i am grateful for my business and business partner. I am grateful for my health and the health of my children. I am grateful for barbara who was kind to me. I am grateful for my friends and I pray for them.

  13. Day 19:

    Dear Mon, we are in a subtle relationship. You are my wife’s mother. You are living with me because of that. I do not dislike you but you are not my real mother. So the problem I had been having was that I tried to think of you as like my realy mother. You are stil mother and I decided to think that way. Thank you my mother for your patience. You have been waiting me understanding this. Thank you.

  14. Day 18:

    Dear Mon, I sometimes feel guilty when I am unable to forgive some of your behaiviors. But thank you for waiting me being able to do it. It may take sometime though. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your being having me this crucial chance to learn.

  15. Day 17:

    Good morning mom! It’s interesting because everything is going well. Everything is flowing naturally. No stress, no misalignment, no resentfulness. What is happening here. I am wondering if it has something to do with my writing this daily comment. Anyway, thank you for your being with us.

  16. Day 16 Thur 9 Dec
    I am so grateful for my car getting me around. I am grateful for the other drivers on the road keeping safe. I am grateful for my printer who printed my calendars real quick today. I am grateful for my clients who gratefully received my gifts today…I am grateful for my children and husband and I am so grateful for winning a $100 meal voucher…we are off to dinner tonight! The momentum really is kicking in!

  17. Day 16:

    Thank you mon. You are not my mom genetically but you treat me like a real son. You are kind even if I am not so. Thank you mon. Thank you.

  18. Day 15 Wednesday 8 December 2010

    Thank you for a fantastic day.

    Thank you for the money, food, resources, home, the security we have. thank you for the boundless opportunties that exist and are waiting for me to obtain them. thank you for having a plan for my life..a destiny..thank you for moulding me into a worthy person. i am grateful for my friends and family who are safe. i have a lot to be grateful for.

  19. Day 15:

    I’m grateful to my mother. You recieved a parcel for me yesterday. You are just fine. Thank you. We are going to a hot spring at Christmas togeter. You kindly suggested to invite my father and mother too. Thank you for your kindness.

  20. Day 14 Tuesday 7 December
    Thank you heavenly father. I am grateful today for extra money in my bank account. i am grateful to the govt for helping families, like mine, to get thru this trying time. thank you for the opportunities, the technology, the breakthroughs being made to create a better civilisation. i am grateful for my beautiful children, my strong husband, my playful dog, my business and associates. I thank you for now, for this moment in time. I am truly grateful!

  21. Day 14:

    I’m grateful to my mother. You are healthy and cheerful. You are contributing the community. You enjoy your life. You are never resentful. Thank you. Thank you for your being.

  22. Day 13, Mon 6 December
    Thank you Lord for all that you are. I am so grateful to have love and connections and to give love also. I am grateful for my family and friends who have supported me and my family through all sorts. I cant believe how fortunate we are to be living in these times and with the sophisticated civilisation we live in, we are able to bridge continents and make connections with other likeminded people around the world. I am grateful for this beautiful weather which lifts my spirit and makes me smile. I am grateful for the learnings and new skills I have learnt which has taken me from a victim mindset to a victor. I am the creator of my destiny and for that knowledge i am grateful.

  23. Day 13:

    I am grateful to my mother in law. You are carefully paying attention to our family members. You did everything needed for my kid going to his soccer practice. Thank you.

  24. Day 12:

    Thank you my mother in law. I think you are one of my greatest teachers in my life. The uneasiness with you I feel sometimes is the evidence of it. This is a big chance for me to grow. This is a challenge for me to go beyond my wall. Thank you for your being.

  25. Day 9 Thur 2 Dec through to Day 12 Sun 5 Dec
    I am grateful for my relationships, this wonderful home, the gift of life with fun, new experiences, friends, business, work, food, loving children, the dog, our neighbours, the bank (they keep my money safe), the government, the community who get together – even if its just once a year – to have fun for the kids, my car, the internet, my business advisors and affilliates. xx

  26. Day 11:

    Thank you very much. I am grateful to my mother in law. You are helping a lot. You are taking care of my kids when my wife is busy or unavailable. You are doing some chores for all of us. You are always cheerful and never resentful.Thank you very much.

  27. Such a wonderful idea…Im a little late on the start…but I think I will do this until Christmas and give it as an gift or until New years eve and start our year off with giving it to him.

  28. Thanks Darren!

    You are blessed with amazing understanding of life. Your writings use to remind me of my Late MENTOR who changed my perception about the Life and Karma about 15 years back in 1994..

    I wish to share my personal experience regarding the understanding of life and how it works and how can we lead a peaceful and fulfilled life.

    Some 15 years back during the most horrible period of my life, I happened to visit a religious place in INDIA and being blessed by a holy person while telling me the reality of the situation. HE showed me an ancient script wherein LORD KRISHNA is talking to the SAINT who is feeling sad about the happenings in his life, LORD KRISHNA conveys as below:-

    1.What is happening to you and in your life Good or Bad is just because of your previous KARMA OR you can say what is happening to you and in your life is my wish.
    2. Don.t EXPECT but ACCEPT this REALITY and you will never be UN-HAPPY.
    3.You must be Grateful with 100% Belief in ME.
    4. CHOOSE your Actions with Ultimate Caution and Care i.e your actions should not violate the Natural Principles of Justice and in harmony with the Universal community. the Nature and the Society
    4. SURRENDER all your KARMA i.e. ACTIONS to me as a part of your DUTY allotted by ME.

    That meeting changed me from inside out and my perception about the Life and Karma and I am in and always Grateful to the CREATOR for everything happened to me in my life, for meeting people around the globe with immense Wisdom, for doing what I love and loving whatever I did in the past, for my family i.e. my parents, my wife my daughters, for relatives and friends, for my employees, for my advisers, for my Country and the Universe, for the thinking pattern and the capabilities blessed to perform my routine chorus and the service to the society as well AND last but not the least for providing me the opportunity to LEARN, UNDERSTAND and APPLY this Great wisdom in my life time through the Chosen ACTIONS.

    Thank you !!! …….Thank you !!! ……THANK YOU LORD !!! ……Thank you DARREN !!!

  29. Day 10:

    I’m grateful to my mother in law. Thank you for celebrating my kid’s birthday yesterday. Thank you paying attention to each member of the family. Thank you very much for being cheerful. Thank you for your being. Thank you.

  30. I am so grateful for the conversation today. It was just amazing to hear and see how a person cares about you, how much she knows and can help me. Thank you God.
    I am very thankful for Ieva, that she is working with me, and do not forget me, and that she is so open.
    I am very happy that God brought me to SA office, I am very happy that I met people around, I am happy that I met Onyte today. Thank you Lord for what you give and that you love.

  31. Day 9:

    I’m grateful to my mother in law. I know it’s you who made the enterance neat when I came back yesterday. I know it’s you who does dishes sometimes. Thank you.

  32. Day 8:

    I’m grateful to my mother in law. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your being healthy and cheerful. Thank you.

  33. Day 8, Wed 1 Dec 2010
    Thank you heavenly father
    I am grateful for darren who has given me this time & space to declare my inner thoughts in this way. I am grateful for this wonderful day. Its my daughters 8th birthday today and i am grateful all my children are well, happy , fed and we are very lucky to be given the opportunitites in life. I am grateful for friends and listening ears. I am grateful for patience and love. I am grateful for the business opportunities and the business we have now. I am grateful for our accountant who has given us a lifeline and i hope we can return this one day. I am grateful for my husband. thank youxox

  34. Darren –

    Hopefully, my wife does not read this because the secret would be out. After listening to the audio book of The Compound Effect in August, I decided to start my journal on my wife’s birthday 8/25 this year. To say I have been perfect in recording my gratitude each day would be a lie, to say that I have forgotten for a week and created the days from memory would be the truth. My challenge is to keep it hidden from her for a full year, thus I hide it and, oops, forget to journal. I’m looking forward to giving it to her on 8/25/11 !

  35. Thanks for all your wisdom Darren. You bring the time-tested philosophies of the greatest success coaches of all time into a current perspective. I look forward to getting this wisdom weekly.
    I too will commit to the challenge to look for the good in all situations.
    Thank you!!

  36. Day 7:

    I’m grateful to my mother in law. You are helping my wife so much that she is able to have time to do what she wants to do with her life. You never complain about your phisycal conditions. You never complain about weather. You are great to have raised your daughters alone.

  37. Day 7 Tuesday 30 November
    Heavenly father thank you for all that you do and are.
    I am grateful for the love and grace you afford me. I am grateful for being able to thank you today. I am grateful for your blessings, your lessons, and the challenges you put in front of me. I pray for peace within my soul and harmony to flow from within me and outwards. I am grateful to my parents who did the very best they could with the knowledge they had and I hope to be a blessing to my children and those around me. Thank you for everything xx

  38. Darren

    I just downloaded “The Compound Effect” and I can’t put it down. I am confident that your book, in addition to what I have read regarding inspired action, positive thinking and daily prayers to God and some Saints etc., will continue to educate me in how to look and receive the world, family, work and prosperity. Without realizing it, the information you have provided in your book is what made me the successful military officer I am today (a dream I had since I was a young kid).

    Now, I hope to put this into action regarding my desire to be own and run a business (something I have found to be very intimidating — more so that the one year tour in Iraq!). I will continue to to your book, blogs and SUCCESS magazine for inspiration. I love the Thanksgiving Log and I intend to start today (along with my spending journal).

    I am truly grateful for the following:

    God’s Blessings, Guidance and Love of which I receive each day
    My family and the love, patience and understanding of me
    My job with the military
    My wife’s job
    Realizing my dream of owning a business (albeit very scary!)
    Great friends who are truly interested in me
    Abundance and prosperity I am now receiving in my life

  39. OMG Day 2, 25 November through to today Day 6…has not appeard.
    I was using my cellphone to post logs…but they have not come through. I am now on my pc.
    So….i am grateful for technology!
    I am grateful for the challenges in life and my usual positive response to those challenges.
    I am grateful for showing courage during tough times.
    I am grateful for my children
    I am grateful for our home, job, business, life in NZ. I am grateful for the opportunities and some of the opportunities we missed (cos they might not have been such good opportunities afterall). I am grateful I am still learning and fluid enough in my thoughts to accept change and cope with change.
    I am grateful for my business partner.
    I am grateful for my husband.
    I am grateful for all that the good lord has given me.

  40. Day 6:

    Today, I felt the difference when I was with her in a living room. I was peaceful with her and my mind was calm. Thank you Darren! It’s working.

    I’m grateful to my mother in law. Thank you for being with us. You are very meaningful especially for me to learn something important. I now am starting to understand. Thank you.

  41. I’m in. I have been reading Success magazine religiously for about a year and a half now, and words cannot express the joy I have with every reading. I was going thru some difficult times, but the encouragement and strength I gained with every magazine and some serious prayer and reflection has brought about an amazing shift in less than a year.

    I too took the challenge of Designing the Best 10 Years of your life earlier this year, and imagine my surprise last night to review my lists and learn that not only did I meet many of my one year goals, but I actually am already at my number one ten year goal of starting a consulting business! Like I always say, God sure has a funny sense of humor when a “negative” situation is turned inside out! So thank you Darren, and I look forward to updating my one year goals for next year.

    I am grateful for:
    my husband
    my children
    my health
    my faith
    my family and friends
    the ability to exercise free will
    the ability to make my dreams come true
    having a discerning spirit
    the power of inspiration

  42. Day 5 Saturday, What a blessing of special time with family playing a simple board game for a couple of hours, laughing, and talking, love it. Got beat by our 17 year old that’s ok..She smiles big when she gets the old man in fun competition.

  43. Thanks for the challenge Darren, I’m in!

    I will focus on a personal situation for the 21 days and all that I am thankful for regarding it.

    Thanks for your inspiring ideas and words Darren!


  44. Thanks Darren for this wonderful article.

    I am always grateful for your articles and I will start writing a list with the things/people I am grateful for…

    I am grateful for:
    – my friends who are always there when I need them most
    – my fantasy and the wonderful pictures I am painting
    – my job, with this income I can buy the things I love
    – my darling I love so much
    – my parents

  45. I am greatful about life in general.
    I greatful to waike up this morning and go to see my mother and my aunte.
    I am grateful for the growing team that i am building right now in Primerica.
    I am greatful for my Income that is increasing every month.
    I am greatful for my mentors.

  46. I am Grateful

    I wake each morning with a grateful heart,
    and feel so blessed to have a brand new start,
    I slide out of bed on to bended knees,
    and thank my Father for supplying all my needs,
    I am grateful for His rest and sleep each night,
    and He’s help through the day, to do what is right,
    I am grateful for the good times, and all his many blessings, he brings each day,
    I am grateful for the challenges that come my way,
    be it work, my husband, or children at play,
    I am grateful for ALL! that my Heavenly Father has, and is doing in my life.
    I am grateful for the hard times that have helped be grow stronger as a mother and wife,
    I am grateful for His wisdom that enables me to see,
    how to handle situations that are above and beyond me.
    I am so grateful that Jesus died for my sins,
    so that I will be able to spend eternity with Him,
    By Deborah Newhall

  47. Zenaida, I have been with the Herbalife business for almost two months now, but I am only working it part time, because I am married, have four boys still at home, work full time at the Post Office, and going to school online taking two classes at a time, studying to be a criminal investigator. I can relate to not being a sales person, I am not one ether, that is why I have been so excited about the Herbalife business, because, not only does the product sell itself, It has an incredible marketing plan called PTI (Premier Team International), that helps everyone that is teachable, and willing to follow a proven system that works, to reach their goals. The PTI marketing system, along with Herbolife has made more millionaires than any other business in the world. With a product like Herbalife that everybody needs, and a marketing plan like PTI that helps everyone reach their goals, with a proven system, if their willing to be taught, you don’t need to be a sales person. Would you like to learn more? Here is my website look forward to hearing from you. I pray you find the right business for you. May God’s blessing be upon your life, as you live for Him each day. Deborah

  48. I am accepting this challenge! I am grateful for my family: wife & son, mom & dad, brother & sister, aunts, uncles & cousins. I am grateful for my spiritual community, education, health, and financial stability. I am grateful for the privileged of being born in the United States, and for all the blessings that our Heavenly Father has granted to me.

  49. Day 5:

    I’m grateful to my mother in law. You are very kind. You seldom get sick. You help my wife a lot. You seldom get resentful. Thank you for looking after my kids. Thank you.

  50. This is such a great exercise.

    I began using it in earnest on Thanksgiving Day as a part of my daily Hour Of Power. Three days later I am already reaping the benefits. I am going to weave this exercise into my daily HOP and make it permanent because I think the cumulative results will be amazing.

    Thanks for sharing this Darren. I can see how this simple exercise can literally change one’s entire life’s perspective. There is power in gratitude.

  51. I’m gratefull for my lack of organization, prior planning and keeping a checklist for events. As a caterer it is important to have a checklist before you leave home base, because once at the event all you have is what you packed. I’m thankful that I have team around me to keep me on track with the small and large details. I’m thankful because each event shows to me my errors and what I can do to improve. Failure is an option, but success is the solution. Thank you for the challenge…

  52. Thank you Darren I am in for the challenge, you have been and inspiration I am passing all your info to my 26 year old Daugether, I am thankful for:

    -Having the opportunity to move to USA and have grate opportunities to grow.
    -Having a wonderful husband
    -Been healthy
    -Been close to God
    -Have job in this times of adjustment
    -Our business are growing.
    -for our wonderful Kids all in College and doing awesome
    -for all your advise.

  53. Day 4 belated Friday,
    What a blessing our daughters laughter is around the home when they are here and we are truly enjoying each others company like we did today.

  54. Day 3 belated was Thanksgiving day, came to appreciate my Catholic Faith and the precious gifts it offers me everyday in our sacraments of our wonderful faith, especially the “EUCHARIST”. Thank you Lord.

  55. Thank you for challenging your readers and
    “Challenge” is a glittering word because it reflects rewards on the other side.
    Readers who have accepted the challenge are one step closer to touching the reward.

  56. Day 4:

    I’m grateful to my mother in law. Thank you for your kindness even when I was not so friendly sometimes. Thank you for your tidying up shoes. Thank you for cleaning up the garden. Thank you for doing dishes. Thank you. I know you are contributing to our family a lot.

  57. Thanks Deborah. Just to let you know, I have done most of the home-base businesses around but bec I am not a sales person, my interest fizzled out. I have tried Avon, Mary Kay, Melaleuca, ACN, and now a friend is encouraging me to join Market America. They all have start up cost and I usually end up with the inventory with no sales. I don’t know now that online purchasing is the way people are going.

    How long have you been doing your Herbalife business?

    Thanks and good luck to you, Zenaida


  58. Darren,

    I want to tell you how thankful I am that I somehow subscribed to the Seed of Success without knowing exactly how or when I did it.

    Every fall and winter since 2005, I go through this stage of soul searching for knowledge and wisdom to figure out what is life about. This journey has been the most spectucular. Let just say that I have read as many books on spiritual, relationships, personal development, financial, and health that I could get my hands on…then I stop reading and I went right back to feeling down and fearful until this fall when I have not checked my email for a long time but had this urge to check it out and saw the seed of success. I clicked on your link and read the 16 parts to designing the best 10 years of your life and realized that I was way late to be a part of that awesome project but I none-the-less print out the guidelines and read them all. Within 2 days after I read your articles, an amusing idea came to be by the Grace of God and I hope to share it with the whole world as it unfolds. I wrote it in my journal on November 11, 2010 and on Thankgiving Day, the first initial part of my 10 years project came knocking on my door with the 26 parts of this mega adventure done in details. I just want to share with you that your effort really help people all over the places. I thank God who has always pinpoint me to the right teacher at the right time. I hope that if I don’t know who to help me launch this project that I could contact you and your staff for directions.

    Once again, thank you for all that you do and may the Good Lord bless you and all your staffs for your awesome work!

  59. Wow, inspiring article as always. Thanks Darren!!!

    I have recently been going through a very rough time financially and was suffering from a ‘lack of inspiration’ of some sort and as a result I could not put in some work as I needed to. Infact, for the last two days, I was not in the office: I was home busy throwing myself pitty parties. As I got into the office today, I was still complaining about how everything around me is upside down but as soon as I read your article, it totally changed my thought pattern. Now I feel like working again and am grateful for my life..Here are the things that I am grateful to God for:
    -a beautiful home
    -a good job
    -am living out my life purpose
    -God’s daily provision
    -Friends who care for me

    I am definately in…From today, I will fill out my ‘Grateful for’ journal and will remember to be forever thankful

  60. Thanks so much for this Darren,
    I have stared gratitude journals before but haven’t been consistent. I am taking the 21 day challenge!! Here is what I am grateful for:
    1. Two awesome grown children who will rock the world they live in!
    2. An ex-husband who is still my friend and with whom I can still share holidays with the children.
    3. A home that is sweet, warm, welcoming and open to all of God’s children as the Spirit leads
    4. My health
    5. All of my many roles at work
    6. Being strong and independent enough to do a good job at them all
    Thanks for this again. Have a blessed week end as you share with family and friends!

  61. Thanks Darren,

    I’m in… In fact I’ve already started. I started a thanks giving journal for my wife when I heard the book review of the Compound Effect on the success book summaries CD.

    I’m up to Thankful # 32 and can’t wait to give it to my wife when I fill the 250 pages…

    What a great idea ! Thank you.

    Rockhampton Australia

  62. Darren:

    Thanks so much for your post. I’m in on the Thanksgiving challenge. I’ve been looking for work and up until now I’ve experienced a lot of challenges in the process.

    I choose to spend time daily focussing on the positive aspects of this experience, what’s working. I look forward to having a different experience in my job search as my perspective changes.

    Thanks so much for your words of wisdom.


    Andrea Scott
    “Mentoring for your success”

  63. Darren:

    I’m in on the Thanksgiving challenge. I’ve been looking for work and up until now I’ve been experiencing a lot of challenges. I choose to spend 3 minutes a day being thankful for my job search. I choose to have a different perspective on my job search.

    Thanks so much for your words of wisdom.


    Andrea Scott
    “Mentoring for your success”

  64. Day 3:

    I’m grateful to my mother in law. Thank you for giving birth to my wife. Thank you for raising your daughter who is now my wife. Thank you for taking care of my kids. Thank you.

  65. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have constantly struggled with negativity in my life. It is programed in! Well, I am not going to stand for it. I have many blessings in my life. I have 7 chidlren, a husband who loves me, I have 20 acres in a beautiful area. I have cats, dogs and even chickens. I am looking forward to what God is going to do in our lives. I won’t let the devil discourage me:) Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

  66. Thanks Darren once again! You constantly show me a light at the end of the tunnel and I let it dim or even go out at times. I’m in for the 21 days to make the positive things stick long term!

    You have reminded me to be grateful – something I have forgotten over the last while. I just took a break from reading all the comments to make a list and surprised myself by its’ length. Granted your readers reminded me of what I had forgotten but much more got added. I want the 21 days to work. I know I need a new mindset.

    Thanks, Darren. Love your insightfulness that you so kindly direct at all of us.


  67. I am in..
    I am grateful for everything thats happened in my life so far.
    I am grateful for the income that i am making at a young age.
    I am grateful for having both of my parents even though the get on my nerves sometimes.
    I am truelly grateful.


  68. I’m in!
    My home is sort of like The Waltons in that we have three generations living under one roof with all of the angst, personal challenges and conflicting demands which that situation implies. As soon as I started counting the blessings God has showered on me through this arrangement, the angst started to dissipate.
    Great challenge Darren!

  69. Wow, this is downright spooky. On the drive home tonight, I was thinking that I needed to start thinking about a challenging situation in a different light. Darren, your suggestion is right on target and just what I needed to hear. Thanks!

  70. Darren,

    What an incredibly wonderful challenge you have thrown out here for all of us to ponder and reach out to meet! I am extremely grateful for your Thanksgiving challenge, and am excited to try to meet it — to challenge my brain to do something besides reside in survival mode.
    Many, many Thanks to you, and may you have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday!!

  71. Darren,
    You are an inspiring individual. I will also participate in this challenge. Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for all you do!
    All The Best,
    Bobbin Beam- Voice Actress

  72. This is a powerfully written piece, Darren. Of the many things that have this “weird” way of making lives better, this is the only one that requires looking back into one’s life and make the most of it.

    It’s similar to balancing the books financially, except the debits are the moments when we’re not grateful. The zero balance is what we see just before we start and the wealth we get excited about is what we experience in our lives after we’ve made it a habit to be grateful.

    Gratitude (like giving) has this phenomenal method of bringing more along.

    Thanks for this writing, Darren.

  73. Day 2 Thank you Lord for the Blessings our founding fathers left to us in our great nation. Thank you for the freedom to express our opinion in an open forum with out fear, thank you for the freedom to pursue our dreams and goals in the free enterprise system that our founding fathers were wise enough to put in place. Thank you Lord for all that you have given me your Son Jesus for my sins, what a blessed life indeed.
    A greatful and humble son.

  74. thanks for the reply Jerome – how nice! Please connect with me on facebook as I would love to continue the conversation! You are a special soul and thank you for showing up in my life!

  75. Love this topic Darren, thank you for posting and starting a landslide! I shared your challenge on my Midweek Mindset Call tonight and included the excerpt about the journal you kept for your wife. So touching…thank you for what you do on an ongoing basis and the impact you have on so many. You have no idea the impact you have and on so many. I am grateful for you and the role you play in my life. You are my distant mentor and I look forward to each and every publication and blog topic. I am now going to go out and buy your book, The Compound Effect. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your beautiful wife and your family.

  76. Thank you Darren!

    I am up for the challenge! l WILL keep my journal for the next 21days (and maybe beyond!)

    I may not voice it very often but I am grateful for my family, my husband, grateful for my health and health of my family; grateful for the future that lays ahead with our business.


  77. Jackie … Thanks a million for the reply and for your intimate expression. I sincerely hope that your Thanksgiving day and hereafter will be blessed with joy ,love and peace and an environment of thankful company as you celebrate the holidays. I was inspired after reading Darrens article and it truly hit home helping me to see a few reasons why I was combatting negativity. One thing I remember that he didn’t mention was that your life follows sound of your voice and you create your world by what you speak so I decide my grateful list would also be a list of declarations. So thanks for your encouragement ! Be good!

  78. I’m in! :)
    I will be grateful for the no’s that I get for they will help me learn.
    I will be grateful for having a part-time job in which the people frustrate me.
    I will be grateful for the challenging economy and the drive it will give me to succeed.

  79. Jerome,
    You rock. I love your list most of all – it is so meaningful and you are extremekly clear on what you are thankful for. Thank you for inspiring me and for touching my heart and making me cry. Blessings of thanksgiving!

  80. I would like to be thankful of my finances though not much but it always is enough.
    I know the “enough” that it gives me will still grow.

  81. Hi Zenaida,

    My thoughts exactly – good call Deborah. I am happy to talk to you about home based businesses too. Low start up, no overhead, great tax write offs all the while setting your own schedule and best of all, no commute. Am happy to share my experience with you and how this lifestyle has created the life I have always wanted for my husband and I and our family.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone and blessings to all,


  82. Darren,
    It might sounds like bragging..but honestly.. I am a Happy person.. I was rise and thought to focus on solution..not problem.. whenever I meet with problems, I am starting to search for it’s solution…
    This thanksgiving…( I do this also on my birthday… ) Iam greatfull for :
    the adversitiies of life that happened to me… that allow me to become more, and learn more,..being able to be humble, yet strong… proud but not arrogant, be blessed for everything I have..
    I am greatfull for the opportunity that I am involve right now.. for my company leadership,.. for brian Carruthers leadership, and endless care to all of us…for being able to find the perfect vehicle that enables me to be strong, to be financially and timely freedom,..being able to blessed others with the protections, with the opportunity…
    Other people out there still wondering.. is there a light at the end of the tunnel..while I see the light already,..and walks the tunnel with successful people..
    My only goal is to do more, to bless more, to become more.. so I can show my mentors that all their hard work is worthed..
    No worries… you are one of my mentor too.. :) .. your compound effects book is the greatest thing I ever read.. I have it on both book and DVD’s.
    Wishing you and family have a great and safe Thanksgiving Holiday..!!! :)

  83. Day 2:

    I’m grateful to my mother in law. You are always cheerful. You merely get sick. You never get resentful. You did well for raising your daughters alone. Thank you.

  84. Darren:

    I shared your insight about the Thanksgiving journal with a young co worker who’s Dad wants him to MOVE out when he turns 18. I told him keep a journal and every day write something POSITIVE about his Dad. I can’t wait to see what happens and the transformation…

    Fanfully yours,
    Joanna Glade

  85. Hi Darren:
    I’m in!
    Grateful for God’s love and protection.
    Grateful for my health.
    Grateful for my family.
    Grateful for the many business opportunities that lay ahead.

    Happy Thanksgiving!:)

  86. I am grateful…. for challenges and for opportunities; for family and clients; for the little things and the big things… thanks Darren for all that you do for all of us!! I’ll keep my log and if I get to meet you in person in Vegas, I’d love to have a toast to all that gratefulness with you! Cheers… Kirsten

  87. What a remarkable truth!

    The first time I came accross this information was years ago. It answered a lot of questions and offered insight into the way we are wired. It proves the point that we must “renew” our minds daily. What better way than to walk in a state of gratitude.

    Thanks Darren, you are an inspiration!


    I am getting your book this week!

  88. Hi Darren, i just got this challenge now so I’m in.

    Day 1
    Thank you Jesus, thank you God, Thank you Holy Spirit
    I am grateful for my life, I am grateful for my husband who has been my partner for the past 25 years. I am grateful that we are still talking today. I am grateful for our beautiful children and their wonderful deligytful spirits. I am grateful for our two teenage kids who have come through a difficult time in recent years…they are strong and resilient. I am grateful for our food and home and and transport. I am grateful to live in our beautiful country New Zealand. I am grateful for my upbringing and the people who surrounded me with love and even those who didnt.

  89. I’M IN!!!

    I’m going to take 6 minutes each day and write about two things I’m grateful for. The first is my job, and my desire to make it a better opportunity. The second is my wonderful wife. I loved reading about your experience with your wife, and want to experience the same with my wife.

    In addition to all that I am grateful for, I am grateful to have found a great mentor in Darren Hardy. I’m also grateful to have discovered Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life at the beginning of the year. It has made a huge difference in my year so far. Thanks, Darren, for your wonderful posts! They always seem to be exactly what I needed at that moment. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Working to live life full out!

  90. Darren, Thank you for this post!

    I think gratitude is a power that we can use to control how we feel. One can do this by refocusing their feelings by using what I call Gratitude Triggers. If I feel myself drifting over to “the dark side” or someone cuts me off in traffic, I immediately say a three word combination of things you are grateful for such as:

    {grace, peace, courage} or {family, creativity and abundance}

    Just making that mental teak to refocus on these three words actually transforms our physiology an keeps us in control. I am up for the your 21 day challenge which seems like a deeper version of this idea for those nagging issues that are not as easy to shift.

  91. Be grateful! I will make this 3/21 challenge my means of returning the spirit of gratitude in my life. Thank you Lord for leading me to sign in for Seeds of Success!

  92. Hi Darren,
    Yesterday’s email just landed in my inbox and what a wonderful gift it was. I have been doing affirmations but have gotten lax expressing gratitudes. The energy of gratitude is so loving. I’m glad to be brought back to it. I accept the 21-day gratitude journal challenge. I am single and would love to find the right man for me. Instead of being sad about being single, I will journal about appreciation for all the wonderful qualities I am seeing in men. It has been heartwarming and inspiring to read all these posts from loving, caring men to their wives. So here’s Day One. I appreciate all of you!
    Kira from Toronto

  93. Good Morning Mr. Hardy,

    It seems like thankful and HUMBLE go together. Many people struggle with the truth that truly thankful and truly humble people are the most powerful because they know that they have everything that they need, and that any added blessings are just icing on the cake!!

    Have a magical and successful day!

  94. I’m in.
    I am grateful for the continuous improvement in my financial situation.
    I am grateful for my wonderful clients.
    I am gateful for my exceptional employees.

    Loved the Compound Effect. I have reread it with my Mastermind Group.

  95. Hi Darren – I honestly didn’t know who you were until I picked up Compound Effect in September and read it 30,000+ ft up on the plane coming back from San Fran and it lifted be another 30,000 the vision I have for my life. ( I also picked up the Success CD at the same time but didn’t get to listen to them until October. WoW) I am in one mind with you and your Gratitude initiative. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect and refresh.Thank you for all you do and please keep doing it.

  96. Darren, I am gratefully in.

    In 3 weeks my hubby and I will celebrate 9 years of marriage. Just picked up my journal so I can keep a grateful eye on him. I could not do what I do without him.
    My husband:
    *reminds me to get rest after a long painting session
    *reads to our little one and puts her to bed so I can paint
    *supports me while I build my business

    Am reading The Compound Effect and so appreciate your sharing, Darren.

  97. Like all the replies before me – I too have a lot to be thankful for:

    My wife of 41 years – the kindest and most caring person on this planet
    Two sons – both grown men now
    Three wonderful (well sometimes) Grandchildren
    A great home in Portugal
    A God who must be fed-up with me by now
    A reasonable but volatile business

    But every morning I wake up – my mind is immediately filled with the negative stuff instead of the stuff I should be thankful for – it’s something I continually struggle to balance. I am reminded by my inner self that I should not wish for less problems – but greater skills.

    I’ll keep trying.

  98. Thank you Darren for this opportunity.

    I’m grateful for my eyes that enable me to read your messages.
    I’m grateful for my fingers that enable me to write back and share my appreciation.
    I’m grateful to all those, past and present, who by hard work and love, have made computers, emailing and Internet available to us.
    I’m grateful for my wife, children, parents, friends and associates.
    I’m grateful for the job I have.

    Thank you

  99. What’s a Master-Key?

    Dear Darren,
    Thank you for “To Be Great, Be Grateful”.
    It reminds me of an astonishing experience I had, by practicing gratitude, and has prompted me to take your challenge.
    I thought you could help, even more – those who take your challenge – by emailing them a daily reminder. Simply send a short daily message with a link to this page. I’m sure this helps everybody. Who knows what immense positive changes it can bring to many peoples’ lives?
    Go for it. Do it!
    Hooshang Aghahasan

  100. Zenaida, have you ever considered a home based business? I have just started one and would like to share it with you; I just need you to send me your name, number, and email address, so I can send you a video clip about a home based business that is rocking this world. I wish you the best in you pursuit of a successful business. May God’s Blessings engulf your life, as you live for Him, each day. My coach once told me; “Always stay focused on what you can do, not on what you can’t do.”

    As the Lord wills,

  101. Your ideas and techniques are simple and great. I have a challenge in starting a Real Estate Project and I will use your technique for the next 21 days starting from today. I liked your book TCE and I am promoting this book to all my dear friends. Thank you Darren .

  102. I’m in.

    Just typing that statement is powerful enough to get me excited about the process and positive change that lies ahead.

  103. I’m in.

    I’m grateful to my mother in law. She has been a great company of my kids. She has been doing chores in my house. She has been kind even when I was not so sometimes. Thank you.

  104. Darren,

    I’m in! I’m grateful for my success in real estate sales and all it’s challenges.
    I’ve learned that adversity has pushed me to be more productive than I ever imagined!

    I’m also oh so grateful for the inspiration you give to all of us out here. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  105. Darren. Thanks for another great post. Am in. I have a question though. Must the writing be at the end of each day. You know, like Jim Rohn will always say; seven apple on saturday, is not the same thing as an apple a day. Best regards.

  106. Wonderful post, Darren, and I accept the challenge. I’m grateful that my family is healthy and loving. I’m grateful for my wonderful daughter who, at 18, fills me with joy. I’m grateful for my kind and supportive husband. I’m grateful that I work with a team of incredibly talented, creative, and fun people. I’m grateful that I live in a beautiful part of the country where I can enjoy nature every day. I’m grateful to live in a country where we are all free to speak our minds and constantly strive to improve our condition. I’m grateful to wake up every morning to face a new adventure.

  107. I’m definitely in. I want to work on creating & sustaining relationships. So my gratitude for this challenge begins…Excited about this. Thanks again Darren for yet another timely and great post.

  108. The practice of gratitude has changed my life. Thanks for pointing out that we cannot figure it out in our head, it has to come from the heart. The feeling of gratitude is what makes the difference.

  109. I experienced the hardest time of my life when I went through a divorce. I wrote every day in a journal five things I was thankful for. Once I was much better, I stopped using it. Thank you for reminding me that it’s a great practice. I will start using it again. I am grateful for God, my family, friends, and my career.

  110. WOW!!. I’ve been writing about Thanksgiving on my facebook for a week, but reading this article reminded me of how I use to write 5 things I was thankful for daily. I did it because I was going through the worse time in my life and it was one of the few things that encouraged me daily. I am thankful for God, my family, and career. For students that teach me about life, and for Success Magazine.

  111. I’m in! I always have a hard time communicating with my parents due to a language/culture barrier and I lose my patience quickly with them. I truly am grateful for them and all that they have done for me however. This exercise should really help me appreciate them and those around me for who they are.

    Thanks Darren,


  112. I’m in on this challenge for the next 21 days.
    First, I’m grateful to God for :
    The gift of life
    Even the ugly financial situation that we are in right now
    And the little things of life that we take for granted.
    Thanks Darren, you are a great mentor.

  113. I’m in! First I need to thank you Daren. Your teachings have changed my life for ever! I will forever be grateful to you. As i read through these beautiful posts my eyes are filled with tears, for I know I have not been the person, friend, or father i should and could be. But I know and expect thing to change thanks to Daren and Success magazine.
    The power to be grateful for what we already have is amazing!
    I am Grateful for my son Aj and daughter Sarah their unconditional love pulls me through the toughest of times! I’m grateful for All my family far and near! I’m grateful for all the successful people who share their stories of struggle and accomplishment for this just proves I CAN DO IT! There is much much more I and grateful for!
    Good Luck everyone! Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!
    Thanks again Daron. A true mentor!

  114. I’m in!! I journal every day and know the power behind thought and intention – though I do need reminding!

    This is an inccredible challenge. One that WILL make a major difference to everyone!

    So for Today:

    I am grateful – everyday – for this beautiful life!
    I am grateful for my children, 2 earth, one angel.
    I am grateful for parents that did their best as my first teachers.
    I am grateful to my husband for standing by me, so I can stand by him.
    I am grateful to be here teaching my purpose.
    I am grateful for strong legs to run – so I can exercise and actively meditate when I get too antsy to sit.
    I am grateful for the extraordinary teachers I have had in my life – those I have met and those I haven’t.
    I am grateful for challenges like this – so I can be a better person tomorrow than I am today.


  115. Thank you Lord for the Blessing of Sunshine in my life since 1978 as my best friend, my partner and wife for over 30 years now and the most incredible mom to our four beautiful blessings from heaven.
    The way you pour your life into caring for all of us and truly being a Proverbs 31 woman is humbling to me.

  116. I have been unemployed for more than a year now. I would like to start a business but do not know what. After reading your article, I realize I have a lot of blessings that I need to be thankful for.

    God Bless,

  117. I am thankful for the challenges I am experiencing. They are
    making me become better. I am thankful for Keller Williams Realty.
    I am thankful for my wife and family. I am thankful for the
    positive impact I can make on my family because of people like you
    sharing what you do.

  118. I recently followed up on a suggestion to list 5 things a day for which I am thankful. It was transforming, and it is with delight that I do more of the same with renewed focus. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve God every day, my family, friends, and for hardships as they are a pathway to peace, if I choose to view them as such.

  119. I’m in. I am having a hard time with my daughter and the way her life is not going anywhere. This will be a great exercise for me and perhaps I will be able to get off her back long enough for her to plan her life instead of her response to my negativity. Thanks Darren.

  120. I am in!! Heaven help me…because I’m going to need it to find the strength for gratitude in a situation I feel very trapped in…MY BUSINESS! Yikes.

  121. Leave me that kind of journal inside the white, automatic, 4 door, BMW you’re giving me – and I’ll invent a new kind of grattitude the world has never known! 😉

  122. Wow, I just had a fight with my husband last night, and I decided to not to dwell on it and move on with a cold heart.

    But this morning your message melted my heart. Thank you Darren.

  123. I’m in. I began an incredible journey after stumbling upon Darren Hardy’s internet series back in January, “Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life,” which introduced me to the generous “Success” community, the magazine, the resources, and all who participate here on this blog. I’m reading “The Compound Effect” and so appreciated Darren’s original story there that I think I will dedicate the first 21 days to gratitude for my husband of 29 years–hey, now that I think of it, this could make for a very nice gift to him for our 30th. Thank you all!

  124. After listening to the Compound Effect, I decided to spend a few minutes each morning thinking of all I have to be grateful for. Even if traffic is bad, the weather isn’t great, etc. I feel so happy and find myself seeing all of the greatness around me. I am so grateful for my daughter, my Golden Retriever, my sister and brother in law, all of my family, my work, my music and all of the people I’ve met through my work and my music. Thank you Darrin, for being a role model and mentor. God bless you!

  125. I’ve been ‘journalling’ for years now, and, on occasion do consider how grateful I am towards God, in particular. He’s been with me through all my years, I know, even though I haven’t payed Him due homage in all circumstances. He’s provided me with two wonderful children, who love Him as well, 6 terrific grandchildren, who all are walking with Him, as well. My bride of these past 21 and 1/2 years has truly been a God-send, and I’m looking forward to taking the challenge of posting her numerous and varied gifts. My life is truly blessed. Thanks Darren, for making me mindful again, of hos fortunate I really am.
    All this, and Heaven, too.
    God bless,

  126. I’m in…

    I am truly thankful for The Lord in my life and everything he provides for us.
    I am thankful for my husband.
    I am thankful for network marketing and how well it works for me.

  127. Hi Darren!
    What a terrific idea! I want to start a journal for my fiance that I can give to her next year! I’ll gladly take up this 21 day challenge as a great way to write down all the wonderful things that God has provided for me!

    I’m grateful for my fiance and everything that she has brought into my life, for the beauty that encompasses her, both inside and out,, and the way she cares for me and loves me.

    I’m grateful to my parents who raised me and helped to shape me into the man I am becoming…

    I’m grateful to my friends, who have continued to stick with me even in the most trying and difficult times in my life..

    Most of all, I’m grateful to God for the challenges and rewards he brings me, always allowing me to rise to the occasion through His grace and great power..

    I’m grateful to you too, Darren for your wisdom and insights on life and living!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  128. I am in, Darren! Thank you for your spirited guidance!

    I am grateful for the opportunities I am given to grow in my business and in the area of my finances.

    I am also grateful for the wonderful man in my life.

    For 21 days I will journal the first and then begin the second for AT LEAST 21 days! Your wife must be an incredible woman and how fortunate she is that you are so appreciative of her!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  129. I’m in! What a great daily reminder of how appreciating others improves our own perspective. Helps me to remember that Gratitude is an Attitude that needs to be nourished daily. Will look forward to seeing God at work in my life!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  130. I’m in!

    What an amazing way to bring Thanksgiving to life.

    I m grateful for all of my challenges and difficulties – past, present and future – for they create the circumstances that are transforming me into the person I was put here to be.

    Thanks Darren. Happy Thanksgiving.

  131. Hello Darren,
    I will gladly accept this 21 day 3 minute challenge. Studies show that it takes as little as 21 consecutive days to form a habit. My Vision is to form as many Great habits as I can to achieve my mindset goals.

    “A negative in photography is a picture yet to be developed, in life most negative people never develop.” – K.J. Kilroy Was Here!

    “Whatever you choose to believe to be true will be true for you, so choose wisely.”
    – K.J. Kilroy Was Here!

    “Motivation determines your reasons for creating enthusiastic actions.” K.J. Kilroy Was Here!

    “Having the right attitude begins by showing gratitude.” – K.J. Kilroy Was Here!

    A happy and rewarding Thanksgiving to you and your entire enlightened family my friend.

    Blessed By Each Day,
    Kevin J. Kilroy

  132. I am greatful that I recieved this post. A lady from church emailed this article to me and it gave me an idea of how I can truly learn how to deal with the ways of this world as well as appreciate myself better.

  133. I am GREATFUL for reading this post.
    I am greatful for EACH BREATH I TAKE
    I am greatful for my health
    I am greatful for my awareness of things I can change with actions I take
    I am greatful for the ability to Inspire others with what I have overcome
    I am greatful to love and be loved
    I am greatful for my son, my family, and friends
    I am greatful for God and my faith
    I am greatful for this challenge for myself and to share it with others
    I am greatful that I am going to see my own story in Success magazine one day soon
    I am greatful for my obstacles because when i overcome them, it makes me stronger
    I am greatful for this moment

  134. Yes, Darren, I read it, listened to it, read it again and listened to it again (and again. I’ve shared it with some special people in my life and they’ve benefitted from it as well.

    I also shared it with my good friend and mentor Lisa Sasevich, who you recently had the pleasure of meeting.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. There is much to be thankful for.

  135. Darren,

    Marrying Deb when I was 19 years old was the best decision of my life.

    As far as advice, I simply give the best of myself to our relationship everyday with the intention of getting a little better each day. Deb is beautiful, a talented artist, & an amazing mother / wife to name a few. I totally adore her & kiss her first thing when I wake up, I kiss her first thing when I get home, & I kiss her every night before we go to sleep. We are both committed to do whatever it takes to succeed in our relationship.

    Success to me is becoming the best husband I can become, the best father I can become, the best friend I can become, & the best leader / person I can become.

    Just took Deb on a date night over the weekend & kissed her on the 102 floor of the Empire State Building. We love adventure.

  136. Azad,
    I like the method of focusing on the 3 most important things I need to do today. Eating the elephant in 3 bites a day as it were. I had a great life coach who really helped me get started by saying just start doing and try to keep planning to a minimum. It really helped me to just get started once I started I didn’t stop. Hope this helps.

  137. I am grateful for the mercy of God,
    I am grateful for great friends,
    and I am excited about opening my own business as a sports trainer.

    I also relate to Azad procrastination is a problem. I am going to try the method of focusing on the 3 most important things I need to do today for the next 21 days. Eating the elephant in 3 bites a day as it were. Hopefully, it will be eaten or at least well on the way at the end of the 21 days.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Best wishes on reaching your goals.

  138. Thanks Darren for a great post…Great idea.

    I am grateful for my husband of 32 years.
    I am grateful for still having my Mom of 82 years to spend time with. ( I consciously traded my blaming relationship with my father for a grateful relationship with him and was able to spend the last year of his life enjoying him and being the daughter that I wanted to be.)
    I am grateful for my many material blessings.

    Thanks again Darren for the great reminder. Looking forward to all of your blogs.

  139. Hello Darren,
    I am a bit confused. You said “If you want to direct your life in a positive direction, you have to redirect your mind towards abundance and what’s positive by forcing it to focus it on what you are grateful for.”

    My major problem is procrastination. What should I do? Should I focus about positive aspect of procrastination. Which I don’t see can help me. Please help me with this. I will be grateful to you.

    I had started a audio journal for thanksgiving.

    Thanks for help.

  140. I am always inspired by Darren’s posts – so I’m going to take action this time. I will commit to the Thanksgiving Challenge!

  141. I’m in. I am grateful and thankful to God every morning that I’m alive.
    Grateful for my wife of 36 years
    Grateful for wonderful children and grandchildren
    Grateful for my parents and family and friends
    Grateful that my company is surviving
    Grateful for good health in my family
    Grateful that I have a roof over my head
    Yes this was another inspiring blog, even if I don’t keep up the journal, I’ll be saving thanks for these blessings every morning.

  142. I’m going to start my journal on Thanksgiving Day!

    I’m grateful that I came across this site today because it’s something I needed to see. Thanks!

  143. I’m in!

    I will be grateful for lessons I’m learning in this economy, the opportunity to re-define our company, and getting my Vemma business off the ground!

    Thanks Darren for the challenge!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  144. Darren, I accept the challenge. I am grateful for a lot of things but in particular, I will take the challenge to be gracious for my business. I am committed to change my thinking about my business and go to the next level. I will use the 3 minutes each day for the next 21 days. Thanks Darren.

  145. I’m in too! What a wonderful and touching story of how this affected your own life and your friends’. I am grateful for a wonderfully supportive husband, 3 fantastic children, and two loving parents.

    I think I’m going to start little journals for all of them as Christmas gifts for next year. What a wonderful keepsake for the kids, and you know how hard parents are to buy something for!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us all!

  146. Darren,
    Great idea about the journal of thanksgiving.

    In a side note, my wife and I had some neighbors for the last couple of years that had a few “issues.” Appliances on the porch, junk in the yard…you could practically hear the “Dueling Banjos” song in the background. We decided one day to label them our, “good neighbors” instead of a little more derogatory term we had been using (W.T.).

    It really helped our attitude and took our stress level down. Positive labeling can really be a great tool.

  147. Thanks, Darren, for this opportunity to intentionally focus on things for which we are grateful.

    I am grateful for my husband, as well as extended family, for their ongoing love and support.

    I am grateful for opportunities, that are ever present, to work toward dreams and goals that are meaningful to me.

    I am grateful that, no matter what, my God is a loving God, and in control of everything.

  148. Thanks Darren as always.
    I am grateful for…..
    A healthy family
    A great job and boss(es)
    An awesome God that sees all of my faults and struggles and STILL Loves me anyway and for giving me peace in the midst of my storms

  149. It’s a daily habit to say “Thank you for my blessings!”

    I started the Thanksgiving journal – what a fun project for me and my husband of 19 years!


  150. My boss gives me a flexible schedule
    My boss lets me have free reign in my work
    my boss lets me off for my Nana’s doctors visits

  151. Darren,

    Excellent suggestion. Thank you.

    1. I’m grateful that I had the courage to ask Deb out on our first date 35 years ago as a young teenager. We just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary last week.
    2. I’m grateful that my wife said yes to our first date. Deb inspired me to massive success on our first date.
    3. I’m grateful for our 2 children, now young adults and thankful that every conversation ends with “love you dad” from them & “love you Barry or Stayce” from myself.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Barry Schlouch

  152. thanks Darren for another great idea.I am very grateful for my wife and just for her being around for the past 36 years. thanks for all you do and have A Great Thanksgiving!


  154. I’m in! I think writing something about your wife for a year was a great idea, so I’ll do that for my wife, and for my pre-teens as well.

    I’m also going to journal about what I’m thankful for in my financial situation. Day 1: it can only get better!

  155. Wow Darren, timely and awesome.
    Thanksgiving Journal – I’m in.
    What you appreciate, appreciates!
    Thank you for your wonderful insight.

  156. To the creator of the website content. Would you like to hire me as a proofreader? I do not intend to be excessively ‘picky’ but it’s such a glaring mistake to print: “Whose in?” I hope you correct it. (It should read: “Who’s in? because you mean to say who is in.) Sent with all good intention and gratitude for your work.

  157. Great idea Darren! Thank you! I’m in. Just put an automatic reminder in my calendar at the end of every day. Now I have no excuse to forget! :)

    Happy thanksgiving!

  158. I am very grateful for the love God in our lives as a family.
    I am grateful for my partner in life for the last 18 years.
    I am grateful for our kids,especially the double blessings of twins-both boys whom have just been born still in hospital.
    I am grateful for the good health we enjoy as a family.
    I am grateful for our business.
    I am grateful for our parents.
    I am grateful for all our friends.
    I am grateful for all finances we have as a family.
    I am grateful for the shelter we have.
    I am grateful for the peace we enjoy.
    I am grateful for everything we own

  159. As I lay in bed at 5:15 am today, sending thoughts of gratitude toward my father, who is now running my company that assists the elderly in their homes, I also experienced gratitude toward you, Darren, for providing me the inspiration to start my days (b)right and early, with a few minutes of quiet reflection followed by some stretching and reading, followed by a couple solid hours of work and goal setting/checking in. A few months ago I didn’t think it was possible to get up before 6 am and feel good about it. Now I’m up at 5:15 every day (it has become a habit) and loving it.

    I think the timing is right to create another wonderful habit, and I will now commit to this 21 day challenge and will write thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for Sandy, my wife and partner for the past 22 years. Can’t wait to experience the power of this.

    With deep gratitude,
    Dr. Bob Uslander
    “Inspiring Doctors”

  160. I’m in.

    I’m grateful for:
    – the love of my children and grandchildren
    – my friends and family who support and love me unconditionally
    – my newly adopted issue-filled dog who is incredibly sweet and has no idea what he has brought to my life
    – my sister who is my rock

  161. “My challenge to you is to think of an area of your life you are having difficulty in and want to improve. For the next 21 days, take three minutes at the end of the day and write down what about that problematic situation you appreciate, what’s good and what you’re grateful for. This could be a confrontational co-worker at the office, your job as a whole or your troubled marriage… anything or anyone that frustrates or negatively affects you.”

    The above quote is under his Thanksgiving Challenge section. It can be a situation.

    Wishing you well!

  162. Our 20th Anniversary is in 2 weeks. I wanted to do something different. This looks like a good idea. I am going to start now and will come back to share the results with you. Thanks Darren, you have given me so much. I believe that if your mentor is alive that is an advantage to you. I hold a special regard for Jim Rohn in my heart but I am glad to read your posts every now and then, they look so fresh and bubbling with new perspectives. Keep it up, Darren. God bless you!

  163. I am In and here is my 
    May Grateful List
    1. Grateful 
    a. To be alive 
    b. To be at home
    c. To be married to the most beautiful woman this side of heaven.
    d. To be in ministry & to be flourishing in it
    e. To be intelligent & and vibrant n life
    f. To be significant in the lives of many 
    g. To be an up and raising star in the kingdom of God
    h. That my wife is in love with me and happy
    I. That God is WITH ME AND LOVE ME
    j. That God is Rebuilding and Remaking and Recreating me for his purpose and the negative things that has happen to me is working together for my good.
    k. That my public humiliation is better than my private shame.

  164. I have a gratitude list that I read to myself every morning immediately after my alarm clock sounds. Currently it includes…

    My Family
    My Job
    My Home
    My Health and the health of my family

    and every day I reflect on the filling in this blank…”Today, I am thankful for…”

    This helps me put in perspective what opportunity awaits in this particular day.

    Thanks for another inspiring post Darren.

  165. I’m in! Looking forward to it too. Will start today. I have a question though. When I first started reading the article I didn’t have a person in mind, I had a situation. I thought about something that I continually thought I had conquered but it would come back to haunt me from time to time. Its a situation that I have to purpose to have the right attitude toward although I find myself becoming quite upset and then having to battle against it in my mind. My question is can our 21 day journaling be about a situation or a mental battle and not just about a person?

  166. Thanks for this challenge Darren! For the next 21 days I am going to write about all of the things in my current financial situation that I am grateful for. You know what? This is already working and I haven’t even put pen to paper!

  167. I’m in.
    I am grateful for the love of God in my life
    I am grateful for my wife of 17 years.
    I am grateful for my beautiful Kids
    I am grateful for all my family

  168. Hi Darren I am grateful for you being such a great mentor to me. My wife and I are in Maui celebrating all the grateful things that occurred this past year. Have a Great Thanksgiving.

    Thank you for what you do with who you are.

    Kenny I

  169. I’m in.
    I am grateful for my wife who is truly my partner in life.
    I am grateful for the love of God.
    I am grateful for the opportunities I have before me.