Why the Rich Get Richer


…and the successful become more and more successful.

I have to confess something to you. While you can definitely glean ideas, tips and important distinctions that will accelerate your progress, there are a few advantages that do separate the superachievers from everyone else that are not easily accessible.


Advantages you cannot simply find in a magazine, book or CD/DVD program, unfortunately.

These three advantages are access to Counsel, Connections and Strategies.
Let me explain briefly.

Counsel—The best in the world have the best in the world advising, consulting and coaching them. It is one of the greatest ways they gain advantage over their competitors.

The best golfer, tennis player, baseball pitcher, singer, even surgeon, CEO and top entrepreneur all invest in highly paid advisors and coaches. Why? This is a massively critical point about high performance.

There is a phenomenon called unconscious incompetence, meaning, you don’t even know when you aren’t doing something correctly or to the best of your ability. It takes someone outside of you to observe, identify, prod and counsel you in order to bring awareness to the adjustments needed take your performance to the next level.

A top CEO once said to me, “You can never pay too much to rent someone’s eyes, mind and experience.”

If you want to take your life to the next level, you, too, will want to seek out the best advisors and coaches to help get you there.

Connections—It is not just who the top achievers in the world know and have access to; what’s far more critically valuable is
the high-achieving reference group this provides them.

As human beings we raise or lower our performance to match the expectations and performance level of our reference group.

As Stephen Covey pointed out, if you take a walk with someone whose pace is quicker than yours, it will be uncomfortable at first but you will ultimately (and unconsciously) match their pace. The same is true if someone’s pace is naturally slower than yours—you will slow your pace to match theirs.

The power of associations has been written about many

times, but this is one of the great limitations most success seekers have in being able to raise their game and change their life—they aren’t connected to a reference group that can help them reach their goals.

This is why the ubër-successful join country clubs, symphony groups, boards of charity organizations, private dining clubs and other exclusive groups where they can mix with other like high achievers. Then they unconsciously raise their respective game keeping up with each other.

If you want to take your life to the next level, you, too, will need access to a high-performing reference group to associate with.

Strategies & Systems—The top performers in the world have the strategies and systems that allow them to execute at a much higher level than other businesses or people. Most people are constantly floundering, guessing and don’t have a proven plan or strategy to follow at all.

Richard Branson said, “Once you created a success of one business you can create a success in many more by following the same set of principles.” The key is to know those principles.

If you want to take your life to the next level, you, too, will need to know the proven key principles and strategies complete with execution systems.

But how, where, who? Exactly. That’s why I created this…
Having discovered that these three advantages are what continually perpetuates the rich and the successful to becoming even more so, over the past year I have been carefully designing and putting together a HIGH-PERFORMANCE FORUM that launches in January. It is only available to 24 hand selected people. If you’d like to be considered or to learn more go here.

Summary, however you do it, to gain the advantages of the rich, powerful and super-successful:
1) Seek the best counsel, coaches and advisors you can obtain.
2) Find and immerse yourself in a network of high-achieving relationships and associations.
3) Learn the specific strategies and systems that power the best in the world in becoming the best in the world.

Share your thoughts, questions and observations in the comments below.

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  1. […] Summary, however you do it, to gain the advantages of the rich, powerful and super-successful: 1) Seek the best counsel, coaches and advisors you can obtain. 2) Find and immerse yourself in a network of high-achieving relationships and associations. 3) Learn the specific strategies and systems that power the best in the world in becoming the best in the world. See full story on success.com […]

  2. Great post Darren and love the analogy of walking with someone who’s pace is faster than ours which causes us to speed up and giving us a point of reference to our own performance.
    As iron sharpens iron so do our associations with others, they either sharpen or dull our performance.

  3. Hi Darren,
    Whenever I read your book or articles, i get the thurst for success. Thanks so much,

    And the above articles is so practical.. i can relate it. Thanks so much once again

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    your website. the above mentioned tips are just some of the ways to enhance traffic to your site. there are plenty more that you can do to improve it. promoting your home based business is really, really important. you already know…

  5. Darren, for those of us who do not ultimately join the group of 24 people, would you consider making the info in the seminar (or a video) available to your other readers as well? Or perhaps some of the success stories?

  6. I have greatly benefited personally from joining a network of successful people and it has helped my life in so many different ways. Just being around people who are success minded does kind of bring you up a notch and a little healthy competition is good for everyone I think!!

  7. I can’t imagine succeeding without the presence of all three of these. No matter what we’re always looking for someone wise to give us counsel even if it’s a past teacher, pastor of our church, or successful person in our office building. One way or another we find wise counsel since we know we can’t possibly have all the answers ourselves.

    As for connections, this is one reason I joined the Rotary club in my area. I now have 1.2 million connections around the world. I can travel nearly anywhere and find Rotarians to connect with. Moreover, these are generally high quality, successful, giving people so the connections are good.

    Lastly, strategies must be in one’s thoughts before they go to bat. If you don’t have a plan as to where you want your ball to land, why go to bat? Hoping for luck? Strategies put us in line to win because, as Tony Robbins famously said, model what successful people have done and you’ll undoubtedly duplicate that success. Use proven strategies that work and then confidently create some of your own. Thanks for the stimulating post! I’ve applied for the HPF.

  8. hi daren
    thought others would appresiate this as it aplies to you:

    “Anxiety creates a fog that hides the unlawful acts of social schemers. Out of their own desperate need for appearing important they promote noble-appearing programs having no end but disaster. With wide smiles and pleasant manners they deceive and destroy the gullible. If people could think clearly they would not need the social schemers, and the schemers know it, so they encourage anxiety and chaos at every opportunity. He appears confident, but is really a scared wanderer”

  9. hi, great article very eye opening.
    I think for age is always a thorny issue early to mid twenties t z tough to engage the necessary connections, let alone a coach, best to concentrate on finding strategies and plans?
    Thank u Darren

  10. Association is everything. We become like the 5 people we hang around the most. Our income is the average of the incomes of the 5 people we hang around the most. So is our health and everything else in our lives. The key to success is to upgrade your relationships. There are some people you’re going to have to count out and there are some people you’re going to have to count in.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  11. Darren,

    I have never thought about this you really gave me something to think about. I am going to run this by my accountability partner I think we need to step our a game.

    Thanks Great Value.

  12. This is such a quality article. Thank you very much.
    I enjoy reading in English but given the numerous Spanish speaking community, I was wondering whether you have your materials in Spanish… I am a professional translator.
    All the best for you and thanks again!

  13. Great Post…especially that of the right network or association, I believe it’s the most important of all. Thanks Daren.

  14. Darren,

    Ironically, my last two blog posts have been on this very subject.

    I imagine that most of the people who are reading your blog are already high achievers.

    But what about a guy like me? I am a recovering under achiever. I don’t possess the qualifications to even fill out the application to the High Performance Forum, much less attend the event. But here’s the thing, I am on a mission to become a high achieving person. In fact, I won’t rest until I do.

    So here’s my question to you Darren –
    Where is a recovering under-achiever to turn? When you simply don’t have the resources or the access to these high achieving people and events, how do you gain that access? What would you do if you were in my shoes?

    Thank you for your time.

  15. Hi Darren,

    Great content as always.

    In 2012, our goal is to triple where we are currently (from a raving fans, lives touched, revenue generation perspective), by deepening existing relationships and following the strategies that have helped us get this far.

    We are moving into our sixth year.

  16. Hi Mr. Hardy,

    I was just checking this blog of yours and came to know about your HIGH PERFORMANCE FORUM happening in US. I am a budding entrepreneur residing in India.

    Is there a way i could get a chance to subscribe to this forum or a way to get a online training.

    Have a Great day,

  17. Awesome post. This is so true esp. with the coaches. I recently invested in a coach but it has proven not to be the best coach but it is a great learning experience and I will only grow from and seek the “Not Easy Crowd”.

  18. Darren i think this is insightful and spot on, but I would like to ask -what if u are success minded, really motivated but don’t have like minded people around you? Also coaches can be quite expensive so I think at that level you are more or less stuck with books and materials until you can move to the next stage. Also I think it would be make more of an impact if the high performance forum can include people who are really passionate about succeeding but don’t have so much to show for it yet? This would show how much the right mindset and right people can accelerate ones success and growth, hope this makes sense?

  19. Darren, this is really insightful and spot on, but frankly sometimes I feel connecting with the right people is so elusive, how do you find the right people? At the moment I make do with reading as much as I can, also coaches can be quite expensive, at a certain level books and success literature seems like th only connection really.

  20. Thanks for not only giving the information but also providing us a foundation to start with…you maker it easy to prosper where we are planted!!!!

  21. You know Mr. Hardy this is so right on. About 7 months ago I started INTENTIONALLY making and keeping appointments with people in my area for coffee, breakfast etc who were interested in talking about ideas and not what their neighbors are doing. It truly amazes me how much more quickly that has accelerated my projects and more importantly my enthusiasm for my projects. Jim Rohn asked the question: “Who can I get around?” Jim knew what he was doing!! Best of luck with the High Performance Forum. I believe it will change the world!!

    Have a magical day my friend!!
    Corey J.

  22. I love this Jim Rohn Quote… “Never Join an easy crowd, Go where the Expectations and demand to perform are high.’
    We are influenced by Association or Inspiration… and even if our crowd is not all inspiring we have the choice of Personal Development to create are environment in the beginning.
    Craig :)

  23. Darren,

    My observation is that you are correct with all three. I personally work all three of these ideals daily. Since starting our company out of the basement of our home in 1983 with $2000, we’ve achieved almost a billion in combined revenue and growing to date.

    I’ve been blessed to celebrate my 35th wedding anniversary this week at age 54 and would add in addition to business, world class personal health and family require great counsel, the right network, and strategy / process to grow and prosper.

    Best Regards,

  24. “Since Success magazine has taken a bit of a liberal turn — was wondering if you still felt this way Darren.”

    What? stop posting idiocy.

  25. Since Success magazine has taken a bit of a liberal turn — was wondering if you still felt this way Darren.

  26. People not only need coaching, advising, and consulting, but a healthy dose of competition to help become successful. I have found surrounding myself around people who have the same motivations and drives also encourages me to become better in life.
    Thanks for the great post.

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