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Top 10 of 2011

Posted in Uncategorized on December 29th, 2011 by Darren Hardy –

I love year-end Top 10 lists.

They are almost like cheat sheets! I feel I can get a good review of year bygone and check-in to see if I happen to miss anything important.

In that spirit I had the top 10 blog posts (based on comment and shares)

pulled for you:

Be a ROCK STAR Presenter (Pt 2 of 3)
Based on important advice I gave to an executive team of a mid-size company to improve

their ‘State of the Union’ address. Can help you improve any presentation you give.

THANKS-Giving Challenge
Of all the awe-inspiring stories I get about how The Compound Effect made a difference in someone’s life, this is the concept that has had the most impact. This is something you can do ANY time of the year with equally life-altering results.

The cause and fix to all your money problems. Be sure to see post #3 too.

Why the Rich Get Richer
One of the most important distinctions I made all year.

Knocked on Your Tush (Part 1 of 4)
When you get knocked on your tush in life, how do you get back up so you are not knocked OUT.

How to Be a Loser
It’s best to learn what losers do so you don’t accidentally end up one!

You Can Be Right or Happy…
I paid dearly to gain this insight. Let me save you the pain, read this one!

Get IN the Game
Oh, it’s definitely a good time to review this post!

Now Explode Off the Starting Line
If you have any goals you want to achieve in 2012, this post will be very valuable to you.

The Overachiever vs. The Superachiever (1 of 4)
The difference between Richard Branson, Tony Hawk, Donald Trump and me (and probably you).

8 Shocking (and Hilarious) Social Media Gaffes
More people need to read this. Send this one to all your friends – before they hurt themselves, permanently.

By the way, the link in the email update was incorrect on Tuesday. If you missed:
Goal: See More Sunsets <-there is the correct link.

Happy New Year everyone!
Wishing everyone lots of love and prosperity in 2012.

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Goal: See More Sunsets

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For those of you who keep in touch with me on facebook, over this past year you have witnessed me logging sunsets I have captured from many corners of the globe. Many have wondered

why. It’s actually a very powerful goal achieving tactic. I’ll let you in on it now and report the results.

The goal wasn’t about sunsets at all. It was actually a tactic for me to gain leverage over me and my weaker tendencies.

I am a self-afflicted workaholic. I’d rather be working than doing most anything else. I don’t consider this a bad thing (good for you too since I’m usually working on something you’ll benefit from!). However gaining some separation, getting away from the constant busyness, calming the frenetic energy and quieting the mind is an important productivity component. But I am an


So the real goal was to spend 30minutes a few times a week just quiet and still. Well that lasted about 8minutes once.

That’s when I brought in the first goal achieving strategy…

ANCHOR: I needed a goal that wasn’t the goal, but would be something tied to the goal that would force me to do the goal. Documenting sunsets was the anchor. A sunset happens at a particular time each day. To actually catch it at the right time you will usually spend 30 minutes or more watching it. THAT misoprostol and best price is when I spent my 30minutes of calm, uninterrupted, quiet time.

Then I brought in THE most powerful tactic to all goal achieving…
read more »

The Haves and Have-nots

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=”" width=”200″ height=”260″ />The gap is widening. Which will you be?

We are standing on the precipice of 2012. Still at the beginning of one of the greatest periods of opportunity ever in human history. While there has always been opportunity, the sea of changes we’ve experienced over the past few years have unearthed possibilities unlike anything ever seen before — particularly for the budding entrepreneur.

As Industrial Age corporate structures and monolithic systems begin to crumble, those who once maintained unquestioned power have been dethroned, and everything — I mean, everything — is up for grabs.

This, combined with recent technological innovations, has changed the game forever. Today, we are all wired directly to each other. No one has exclusive access

to markets or distribution channels.

Your local community is no longer your only marketplace — the entire world is, instantly, 24/7. The world has been made flat, and so has the playing field of opportunity.

Fifty years from now your children and children’s children will look back with envy — wishing they were you, right here, right now, in 2012, when this new frontier was still unclaimed.

But be forewarned. This newly leveled playing field also brings unrivaled competition — not just from the business down the street or members of your local chamber of commerce. Your new competition is read more »

Building Great Teams (3 of 3)

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(If you missed them, here are posts #1 and uilding-great-teams-2-of-3/” href=”../2011/12/building-great-teams-2-of-3/”>#2)

We’ve learned that great teams beat great players, leaders and competitors every time. We found that the most sabotaging influence to team cohesion and performance is ego and “headwind hogging.” Now let me identify the two most important ingredients for building high-performing teams.


As Patrick Lencioni wrote in his excellent book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the No. 1 dysfunction is an absence of trust. Interestingly, you don’t even need to like each other, but you do have to trust each other to form the cohesion and solidarity needed for high performance.

So what do you do to build more trust?

I’m a believer in always giving what you want first. If you want trust from your team, give trust first. Things that foster trust are transparency, honesty, vulnerability and complete integrity.

Brainstorm five ways you can demonstrate trust to your team.

Thought starters:

Open the Kimono: Open up your books. Share the good, the bad and the ugly of your financial statements. Become far more transparent with how information is shared and communicated.

Marionette No More: Drop the puppet strings. Give others more responsibility and decision-making power without micromanagement and approvals. Train, but then trust them. Let them lead.

Expose Your Chest: As my friend Waldo Waldman teaches about leadership, “expose your chest to daggers,” meaning, show your vulnerability first. Be more open and honest in the disclosure of your own fears, failures and shortcomings.

Remember, people relate and connect more with your struggles than your successes. What do you fear? When do you feel scared? When have you tried and failed? When does your confidence waver? Share that with your team and you will read more »

Building Great Teams (2 of 3)

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(If you missed it, here’s post #1)

The Single Most Sabotaging Force of Team Perfor

When a duck falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to fly alone. Left out of formation for too long it will eventually tire out and drop out completely.

We see this happen on sports teams when one player tries to showboat and carry the game. Eventually the headwind of trying to fly alone will wear him down and the opposition will prevail.

You saw Mark Cuban on our November cover of SUCCESS. His Dallas Mavericks faced the Miami Heat for the 2011 NBA Championship. The Heat demonstrated a prime example of this sabotaging force. Many argued that never had more individual talent been assembled (and paid for) on a single team in the history of the NBA as was on the 2011 Miami Heat. They had the “three kings,” or whatever they called themselves (that had to be a clue).

Meanwhile the Dallas Mavericks, while they obviously had good players, didn’t have nearly the individual superstar/celebrity talent the Heat had. The championship should have been a blowout. And it was. Teamwork blew out talent 4 games to 2.

While the Miami Heat had more ‘eagles,’ let’s say, the Dallas Mavericks played as a unified flock, or team, and beat the Heat decisively. That is the power of teamwork and that is the detriment individual egos can be, sabotaging the greatness of a team.

The important team lesson here: No one member of your team can or should be taking the headwind all the time. Just like a duck, he or she has to have the humility and the ego strength to rotate to the back of the formation so another duck can take the lead position to keep the flock moving at top speed.

I have shared the keynote presentation I did for the EXPERTS Industry Association.
You can watch it here.
Contents of the presentation include:
> How I developed my message – key ideas on how to develop yours.
> Conclusion to a several month study I commissioned to DECODE the marketing magic of Steve Jobs and Apple: 6 specific strategies responsible for them becoming the most valuable brand in the world.
> And the specific process and sequence I use for skill development – something you can use for yourself and in developing your team.
I suggest watching it when you are relaxed (not working) and can view it all the way through.

Think about it. How often, as leaders, do we not recognize how many other leaders we have behind us? Others who want to also be leaders and share in our burdens? Leaders that, if given the opportunity, may be able to take your group to a higher level not yet obtained?

Sometimes, true leadership is read more »