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Top 10 of 2011

I love year-end Top 10 lists.

They are almost like cheat sheets! I feel I can get a good review of year bygone and check-in to see if I happen to miss anything important.

In that spirit I had the top 10 blog posts (based on comment and shares) pulled for you:

Be a ROCK STAR Presenter (Pt 2 of 3) Based on important advice I gave to an executive team of a mid-size company to improve

their ‘State of the Union’ address. Read More

Goal: See More Sunsets

Goal: See More Sunsets

For those of you who keep in touch with me on facebook, over this past year you have witnessed me logging sunsets I have captured from many corners of the globe. Many have wondered

why. It’s actually a very powerful goal achieving tactic. I’ll let you in on it now and report the results.

The goal wasn’t about sunsets at all. Read More

The Haves and Have-nots

The Haves and Have-nots

The gap is widening. Which will you be?

We are standing on the precipice of 2012. Still at the beginning of one of the greatest periods of opportunity ever in human history. While there has always been opportunity, the sea of changes we’ve experienced over the past few years have unearthed possibilities unlike anything ever seen before — particularly for the budding entrepreneur. Read More

Building Great Teams (2 of 3)

Building Great Teams (2 of 3)

(If you missed it, here’s post #1)

The Single Most Sabotaging Force of Team Perfor


When a duck falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to fly alone. Left out of formation for too long it will eventually tire out and drop out completely.

We see this happen on sports teams when one player tries to showboat and carry the game. Read More