Top 10 of 2011

I love year-end Top 10 lists.

They are almost like cheat sheets! I feel I can get a good review of year bygone and check-in to see if I happen to miss anything important.

In that spirit I had the top 10 blog posts (based on comment and shares) pulled for you:

Be a ROCK STAR Presenter (Pt 2 of 3)
Based on important advice I gave to an executive team of a mid-size company to improve

their ‘State of the Union’ address. Can help you improve any presentation you give.

THANKS-Giving Challenge
Of all the awe-inspiring stories I get about how The Compound Effect made a difference in someone’s life, this is the concept that has had the most impact. This is something you can do ANY time of the year with equally life-altering results.

The cause and fix to all your money problems. Be sure to see post #3 too.

Why the Rich Get Richer
One of the most important distinctions I made all year.

Knocked on Your Tush (Part 1 of 4)
When you get knocked on your tush in life, how do you get back up so you are not knocked OUT.

How to Be a Loser
It’s best to learn what losers do so you don’t accidentally end up one!

You Can Be Right or Happy…
I paid dearly to gain this insight. Let me save you the pain, read this one!

Get IN the Game
Oh, it’s definitely a good time to review this post!

Now Explode Off the Starting Line
If you have any goals you want to achieve in 2012, this post will be very valuable to you.

The Overachiever vs. The Superachiever (1 of 4)
The difference between Richard Branson, Tony Hawk, Donald Trump and me (and probably you).

8 Shocking (and Hilarious) Social Media Gaffes
More people need to read this. Send this one to all your friends – before they hurt themselves, permanently.

By the way, the link in the email update was incorrect on Tuesday. If you missed:
Goal: See More Sunsets <-there is the correct link.

Happy New Year everyone!
Wishing everyone lots of love and prosperity in 2012.

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6 responses to “Top 10 of 2011”

  1. PS: One of my BIG 3 for 2012 is to see 50 sunsets as inspired by you. This goal will lead me to exercising more outdoors, moving steps to the beach in the summer which has been a dream of lifetime for me, exciting travels/dates with my husband, increased mindfulness and gratitude…many more ripple effect!

    Thank you Darren!

  2. Thank you Darren! Just received new LYBYE journals for me & husband so we are excited to walk at Malibu Beach and finish up our goal setting on Sunday! Using LYBYE has inspired and tracked me to my intentions in 2011 which has empowered me to increase my income, net worth, friends, enjoy family, and live a healthy, happy and richer life. I wish the journal comes in purple someday:-) I learned how to apply consistency.

    Thank you!

    May you be blessed an even healthier, happier, and richer 2012 coupled with inner peace, love and beauty inside out!


  3. Thanks for the “best of” post, it reminded of all the great wisdom you shared during the year. I just added you to my RSS feed as my newest habit for 2012 – Read Darren Hardy daily!

  4. Thanks Darren for providing so much information FREE on your blog. I am learning a lot from you. There are many people who want to improve their life and become more relaxed, creative and productive instantaneously?

    Mostly the people who are already doing well in the life, searches for the ideas to become even more successful. They do not want to settle with what they have got but they want to achieve more.

    The Top 3 things that I have learned from your blog and books are are following:-

    1. Sleep Less

    It may sound weird, but if you are sleeping for more than 7 hours, you are wasting your most important asset that is your time. If you do not have money and you have time. You can convert your time in money because you know it already very well that – Time is Money.

    2. Think Positively

    Thousands of thoughts come into your mind daily. You are always thinking about something. According to the Law of Attraction – You attract the things and circumstances into your life on which you give most of your attention whether these things are positive or negative. You need to carefully observe your thoughts. To attract positive things you need to think positively.

    3. Give Yourself One Hour Daily.

    Set aside one hour daily for personal development. In this hour you should read inspirational, religious or your business related stuff. At the end of reading, you must make a list of all the tasks you are going to perform on that day.

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