Achieving Your “One Thing”


In the movie City Slickers, Curly explains to Billy Crystal’s character that the secret to life is “one thing.” When he asks what the “one thing” is Curly says, “That’s what you have to figure out.”

When it comes to making 2012 the best year of your life, the secret is the same, figure out the “one thing” that if you achieved it, would change your life so dramatically that it would make for the best year of your life.


In my Living Your Best Year Ever program (you have one for 2012 right??) I take you through a process that vets out your entire life: your core values, strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, fears, purpose and inner most passion to try and help you discover your Top 10, then Big 3 and then the ONE goal that matters most in your life.

Action: That’s your first challenge: figure out your ONE THING that if you achieved it would make this your best year ever.

Now let me help you achieve your one thing…


You will be tested. You will encounter obstacles. You will experience pain. It will suck at times. You will want to quit. So, you need a significant reason WHY you want to forge ahead and continue to pursue and persist through the pain, obstacles and sucky stuff. (resource: watch this video or read pg 3 of this article: Finding Your Mojo-Your Why-Power)

Action: Figure out your unique WhyPower.


In the LBYE program I also reveal my Massive Transformation Formula. One of the steps in that process is: List the one key behavior most important to accomplishing your goal, your “one thing.”

You are one key behavior away from a massive transformation in any area of your life.

Think about it: Improving your marriage could need just a few consistent behavior changes to transform your current connection and intimacy. Your sales results? A few consistent behaviors could massively transform your results. This is true in your health, parenting, networking, leadership… any area of your life. (Resource: Living Your Best Year Ever)

Action: Figure out the one behavior most important to accomplishing your “one thing.”

Of course for that behavior to add up to anything it needs to become a habit. Habits are those things you eventually do without thinking about them. One of the key strategies to developing new habits is to install that key behavior into a routine—something in a predictable sequence that removes thinking from the equation. (Resource: The Compound Effect, free Habit Assessment)

Sticking With It

Track it
Everything measured improves. Tracking keeps your awareness on your key behavior long enough to where it eventually breakthrough the automatic habit barrier. Inside the LBYE program is 52 weeks of the Weekly Rhythm Register to use as your single page dashboard for all your life goals and the key behavior(s) associated with them. (Resource: Living Your Best Year Ever, free copy of Weekly Rhythm Register)

Action: Figure out your key behavior tracking system.

PDA (Public Display of Accountability)
You will be more accountable to other people’s scrutiny than of your own. Use this to your advantage. (Resource: read this article for more)

Action: Figure out your PDA mechanism.

You become who you hang with. If want to stick to the behavior and habits you need to accomplish your “one thing” you MUST get around those who are committed to that same behavior and habit patterns. Period. (Read this article or this one or this one for more and here’s a free Association Evaluator)

Peak Performance Partner
Designate one person who will check in with you regularly to hold you accountable to your repeated key behavior. (Resource: There is more about finding and working with a PP Partner in The Compound Effect)

Action: Figure out who your Peak Performance Partner will be.

Mind Control
You will want to bombard your mind with supporting ideas, inspiration, information and resources that will support your sustained motivation to sticking with your goal. (Resource: watch this video starting about 35:00 where I outline my personal development study plan: My 1-1-5-3-1-30-30-5 Plan)

Action: Figure out your supporting information and personal development plan.

As I mentioned on New Years day to you: I am more committed than ever to be your most trusted partner in the pursuit of your greater success.
I’m here for you.
Let’s play BIG in 2012!
Never better, never better…

What’s your “one thing”? Share with us in the comments below.

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18 responses to “Achieving Your “One Thing””

  1. Darren

    As the owner of a small independent insurance agency my one bit thing for 2012 is consistant marketing. That means consistant marketing for referrals (which are the best source of new business) and consistant marketing for a commercial insurance niches. We get busy (especially when we have an inflow of quote3 requests) and let up on the marketing pedal. Im setting up a marketing calendar for the first six months of the year outlining exactly what marketing activities need to be done and due dates.

  2. It is such a fantastic word. This year I want to start my own business. This is one I need to acheive this year. Thanks for remembering me.

  3. DH,
    I love your CAN DO system!! Anybody, NO EXCEPTIONS can follow your prescription for a better life and the best 2012 ever!! I am telling everyone this year to make “The Compound Effect” part of their success library and the concepts presented therein part of their daily routine!!

    Thanks for being the BIG DOG on the block! You continue to inspire me!

  4. Darren, I commit to be a great student of yours! Thank you for being my mentor. I must send you a great bottle of vino this year! Cheers to our health & wealth inside out!

  5. Thank you Darren for being awesome! The One Thing that will make 2012 even more fantastic is for me to start Grad School-dual programs in MSN & MBA this year. Prior to this I will also pass a certification exam that will increase my income monthly at work and a test prior to Grad School. While doing in MSN & MBA programs, I will also start an online community for fellow student where I can teach my experiences and personal growth. This will lead me to increased learning, friends and relationship-based marketing skills.

    My 2011 Living Your Best Year Journal also HELPED me so much when I was so sad when a good friend of mine passed away at 30 yrs old in November. The Weekly Rhythm Register kept me grounded with positive actions like-Write on my Gratitude Journal, Call my Mom & friends, Meditate & Pray, Spend an Hour outdoor, Spend time with my spouse instead of dipping into more sadness. I was able to grieved while being present and maintaining positive habits. Thank you Darren!

    The LYBYE empowers me beyond money, health, relationships and spirituality…it keeps me present, emotionally and mentally strong.

  6. What’s your “one thing”? Share with us in the comments below.

    The one thing for myself Darren is “consistency” with being a role model and committed to my goals of world class health / family / career / helping others.

    I actually completed the entire process of “living your best year ever” in the first quarter of 2011. The result was best year ever for my health and family. I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary with my teen age sweet heart, followed up every month on a bucket date commitment, witnessed our son marry the love of his life, and respected my mother when she passed away with a heart felt ceremony honoring the love and laughter she brought to our lives to name a few.

    Happy new year Darren!

    Darren, What is your one thing for 2012???

    Best regards,

  7. I have what is for me, an awesome big income goal for my business. I am putting together my marketing plan for 2012 to get there. One step at a time, right? The compound effect!

  8. Hi Darren
    I really enjoyed your book the Compound Effect, my main goal for 2012 is to work my part-time networking business so that I can quit my j.o.b. and do networking full-time.

  9. I must say you are one of the most persistent and consistent leaders I have ever come across. I love Tony Robbins and Jim Rohns works, but its your blogs, tweets, books ( i’ve read the compound effect twice and plan to read once more in feb) that keeps me sticking to my goals, commitments day in and day out. Your weekly rhythm register is my daily bible !!
    My goal for this year is to double my business in 90 days, and lose 20 pounds in 2 months.
    Hats off to you Darren!!

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