Is Wolf Blitzer Hurting America?

During the media tour launching The Compound Effect, CNN asked me to submit an article for their website. So, what do I have to say to CNN? Below is the article I submitted

to my PR team. Even after they begged me to neuter it, to refocus it on 24/7 news (not just CNN and not just the Wolf man), CNN still didn’t have the backbone to publish the critical commentary. So I publish it here.

(CNN-) Disaster. Crisis. Failure. Scandal. Tragic. Devastation. Danger. Emergency. Threat. Crash… just a few words spoken by Wolf Blitzer in “The Situation Room” within only a five-minute span. If you listen to The Wolf, the world is coming to an end… every five minutes. And we wonder why people feel hopeless (giving up the belief that a job even exists), fearful (pessimistic about the future) and lack confidence (market and otherwise) when you have The Wolf & Friends spreading the gospel of fear, worry, danger and anxiety in our family rooms, offices, cars and airports 24/7.

The damage these constant and repeated messages have on our consciousness and creative potential is “devastating.” (see Media Madness video)

What controls your attention controls your life.
Where your attention goes, energy flows and so goes your life. When I interviewed racecar-driving legend Mario Andretti, I asked him for the No. 1 success tip to racecar driving. His answer, “Don’t look at the wall.” He explained, “Your car goes where your eyes go.” If you are a tightrope walker, what’s the one thing you never do? Right, look down. Why? Your body will follow your eyes. Your body (your life) also follows your eyes (your attention). If you point your eyes at Constant Negative News (there’s an acronym for that), your life will also go in that direction.

Your mind is like an empty glass. It will hold anything you put into it. You put in sensational news, salacious headlines and talk show rants and you are pouring dirty water into your glass. If you’ve got dark, dismal, worrisome water in your glass, everything you create will be filtered through that muddy mess, because that’s what you’ll be thinking about. Garbage in, garbage out.

You can flush your dirty glass with clean, clear, pure water. What is clear water? Positive, inspirational and supportive input and ideas. Stories of aspiration, people who, despite challenges, are overcoming obstacles and achieving great things. Strategies of success, prosperity, health, love and joy. Ideas to create more abundance, to grow, expand and become more. But it’s a constant battle as we are surrounded by those who want to spew dirty water into our glass constantly.

Why does The Wolf do it?

The fight for your attention has never been bloodier. Once upon a time there were only a few TV channels, a few radio stations (that came in), a few major newspapers and a handful of magazines. Now there are thousands of each, plus blogs, RSS feeds, text alerts, iPad apps, satellite radio, Pandora, tweets, Facebook posts and LinkedIn notifications, ad nauseam. So to compete in this bare-knuckled blood sport The Wolf has to shock you into paying attention to him (and his advertisers) and nothing gets your attention like good old-fashioned fear.

Your mind is not designed to make you happy. Did you know that? Happiness is not its job. Its main and sole concern is survival, to keep you alive, thus it is on constant watch looking out for any danger or impending threat. The Wolf knows this. The Wolf knows your mind better than you. He can’t get your attention (or the needed Nielsen audience measurement metrics) with happy feel-good stories and reports. Positive potential, abundance and optimism don’t grab your mind by the shirt collar like danger, disaster and tragedy does.

The media is crippling our creative potential.

You get in life what you create. Expectation drives the creative process. What do you expect? You expect what you are thinking about. Your thought process, the conversation in your head, is the foundation of the results you create in life. What are you thinking about? What is influencing and directing your thoughts? The answer: whatever you’re allowing yourself to hear and see. The input you are feeding your mind is what it is processing and thinking about.

If you listen to The Wolf you will be constantly reminded of, and thinking about, the tragic unemployment rate, the volatile and uncertain stock market, the gloomy state of the economy, scandals on Wall Street, gossip and shenanigans in Washington… after the relentless coverage of the latest tsunami, hurricane, car bombing, heinous murder and other calamities. Feed your mind repeated meals of that junk food and then wonder why you don’t feel very motivated to find a job or start a new business.

You can change the world—your world.

You can rid your world of all wars, murders, crimes, scandals, gossip, corruption and international disasters. You have that much power… in the palm of your hand.

How? Hit the OFF button. Turn off your TV. Turn off your radio. Cancel your newspaper subscription.

I learned an important life philosophy long ago. Control what’s controllable. What you can’t control is the national economy. What you can control is your economy. What you can’t control is what Washington does about healthcare. What you can control is the care of your own health. What you can’t control is how the president is running the country. What you can control is how you are running your business, household and life. What you can’t control is the war in Afghanistan. What you can control is the peace and harmony in your own home. Stop paying attention to what you can’t control, or it will control you and your life.

It’s time

to take back control of your mind so you can take back your life. Stop letting other people influence your attitude, your hope for the future and your potential to do something great. Focus your mind and attention on what is right with the world and what’s possible for you. At the same time The Wolf is pointing out the 12 ugly, heinous, murderous and disastrous things that happened in the world today, millions of wonderful, miraculous and beautiful things happened as well. Step out of the perverted view of the world from “The Situation Room” and into the world of abundance, splendor and the unlimited positive potential that surrounds you every day. Focus your attention on ideas, information and knowledge that can help you grow, prosper, create and contribute to making a positive difference in your world… and you might just do something to change the world.

Bio: Darren Hardy, author of The Compound Effect—Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success, is an accomplished entrepreneur, publisher and editorial director of SUCCESS magazine. He’s a peak performance expert and popular keynote speaker.

Other interesting viewpoints (not saying I agree with all that is depicted):
How news media works: video
Why America is dumbed down (some great scenes from “Network” 1976): video
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Share your viewpoint and thoughts in the comments below.



122 responses to “Is Wolf Blitzer Hurting America?”

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  7. You Inspired me to make that shift decision that i must end up a multi millionaire starting from the day we had the privilege to be mentored and trained by you at our 5linx head quarters..Thank you for all your insight and constant mentorship.

    I will one day be published in your Magazine.. My story will inspire millions.. until then..keep helping millions out there..

    Your book compound effect is undoubted-ably the best well expressed book about all you do will compound to what you become in life.. Thank you once again..

  8. Hi Darren,

    How does this viewpoint apply to those of us who are in the nonprofit world and want nothing more for our lives than to be of service to the under-privileged, and all of the innocent lives that suffer as a result of corrupt governments and systems of living?
    I really agree that Energy flows where Attention goes, which is what I think Mother Theresa talks about when she says that she wouldn’t go to an anti-war rally but if there was a peace movement she would be right there. Promoting what you love, instead of bashing what you hate type of idea.

    I love the points that you make, but I think there is something HUGE missing here. What about those of us that want nothing more than to use our position of privilege to help (and by help, I mean advocate, get involved in and be a part of that ugly world that it seems you’re trying to completely ignore in this article) the forgotten members of society?

    I apologize for my language, I feel a little nervous and inadequate when writing to someone that I have admired and followed for so long. :) Thank you for reading!

  9. I unplugged my cable while I was studying for Masters education. It has been three years ago and I never looked back. My brother is going to visit this summer and he asked me to get a cable so he can watch news. I just emailed him this article, I hope it will open his eyes…

  10. Hi Darren!

    I used to be in the news media. I was considered the “talent”, ie. I was a Writer behind-the-scenes and on-air as a Reporter and News Anchor for a TV station in Toronto.

    I was laid off one-and-a-half years ago and it was the best thing to happen to me. I’ve since experienced more exponential growth in the past 17 months than I had in 16 years with my previous employer. The News Industry is inherently petty and I no longer find myself being the self-described News Junkie I used to identify myself as.

    Having said that, Darren I have a proposal:

    If it hasn’t already been created, it would be my absolute honour and privilege to work with you and your colleagues to create Success Radio & TV.

    Here is our opportunity to create content that is powerful, uplifting, inspiring, empowering and transformational.

    What do you say?

    (BTW: I used to sign off my broadcasts with:”Have An Extraordinary Evening!” That is, until my producers put the kibosh on that, saying not everyone feels extraordinary and we shouldn’t put ourselves above the viewer.)

    Have An Extraordinary Day!

  11. […] In the intro, Darren Hardy the publisher of Success Magazine, told a story about CNN wanting him to write an article when his book The Compound Effect was released. Darren found this unbelievable since CNN is his, “mortal enemy.” Darren wrote the article, and as he thought CNN did not publish it.  You can read the article here on Darren’s blog. […]

  12. Great article, it’s just that the way the news reporters say negative things that gets to me.
    A question though what if you’re job requires you to be surrounded by similar sort of negativity, what do we do then?

  13. Go Darren, WOW, just got the May Issue Last Night
    and am listening on the way to work and have thrashed it today also.

    Talk about Scare the daylights out of the Media, hope they learn’t a lesson
    in how to be more Positive Focused ?

    Did they get you going !!! Looks like they deserved it .

    Really Inspiring.

    Thanks Darren
    Have a Fantastic Weekend Regards Theo Auckland NZ

  14. […] “I’ll write the article,” I said defiantly. “Let’s see how fair and balanced they are by whether they publish it.” My publicist reluctantly sent my article—“Is Wolf Blitzer Hurting America?”—to CNN. Surprise, surprise, they didn’t publish it. So I did. You can see it here. […]

  15. Thanks , I have just been looking for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve discovered till now. However, what about the conclusion? Are you sure in regards to the supply?|What i don’t understood is in reality how you are now not really much more smartly-preferred than you may be right now. You’re so intelligent.

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  17. I find Blitzer pedantic and a self-absorbed, self-promoting name dropper. He doesn’t report the news — he uses the news to promote himself. He blows the trivial up into the earth shattering and he and his fellow CNN “journalists” reduce the important to the trivial — assuming they cover important events at all. Blitzer is a compulsive talker who apparently can’t stand it if anyone he’s interviewing actually takes more than 15 seconds to make a point. His panels of experts are usually lttile more than political hacks mouthing their party lines.

    If I want news I’ll watch Al Jazeera, the BBC or PBS.

  18. I am so thankful that you have to courage to put this out there. It is what more people need to read to wake up to what is really happening. People want to live a great life, this is KEY!!

  19. I like this article from Darren Hardy very much. It is a shame that no matter where you turned this is always something negative that is happening or someone is saying something negative. It makes me want to SCREAM!. I am glad that Harday, gives pointers on how to look for the positive side of yourself and life. Please keep up the good work, because I do need it.

  20. This idea was one of my main take aways from a great book I read called ‘Fooled By Randomness’. Check it out if you want another accomplished person’s perspective on the how wasteful news consumption is.

  21. AMEN to that article Darren. I quit watching the news about 8 years ago and it has benefited my career and my personal life – I agree most when you said even though the media talks about all the horrible things that happen in this world there are millions of good and positive things happening that we never hear about (well rarely anyway).
    Keep up the good work – I enjoy Success Magazine and all the POSITIVE stories that it contains.

  22. @Darren Hardy, The antecedent of “they” is “CNN,” I assume. And perhaps Wolf Blitzer goes by the nickname “the Wolf.” But if he doesn’t, why make fun of the name?

  23. @Carl, It’s not really about (only) Wolf Blitzer or CNN – it’s all purposely sensational news media. CNN just happened to be the one who asked for the article and prompted my thought process on the issue.

  24. Darren,

    Thanks for sharing an honest on time word.
    It is very much needed and I will share
    this article with my network.

    Thanks for being an inspiration!


  25. I truly appreciate your thoughts on this and couldn’t agree more. My husband and I don’t watch any news anymore. Literally, nearly none. I refuse to even watch the local weather on tv because they’ve sensationalized that to a point that makes me scratch my head in disbelief.

    My biggest frustration with all of this though is how to be informed without subjecting my mind to all of the garbage. I read Andy Andrews latest book (How Do You Kill 11 Million People) just after Christmas and for me, it made me realize that I’ve pretty much had my head in the sand when it comes to the state of affairs our country is currently in and where we’re headed. I made a personal pledge to be more informed in 2012 so that I can cast my votes this year from an educated standpoint, but I constantly find that differentiating between what is “real” and what is “reported” could be a full time job in itself.

    My time and attention are way too precious to spend it on the negative being spewed 24 hours a day on virtually all the news channels. Great article!

  26. Darren I absolutely appreciate your creativity and the way you turn something negative into positive as seen on the last article and this one.

    I don’t consider this a focus on the negative, because it is a wake up call to those people who need to confront the wrong side to know what is the better way. I mean when Mother Teresa was living in this planet, there were wars and televisions to show them but while that, she stayed supporting many lives with her actions.
    “If you hold an anti-war rally, I shall not attend. But if you hold a Pro-Peace rally invite me.” – Mother Teresa

    People need to be responsible and aware for what they see as well as their own interpretations, comments, and assumptions.

    “For I am the size of what I see / not my height’s size.” Fernando Pessoa

  27. Darren, have your publicist send a copy of the article with details about how CNN declined to publish along with a copy of your book to Jon Stewart at The Daily Show. He just loves those guys at CNN and Fox News

  28. Why should I believe everything you say if your just saying it to seel an over priced product that will only minutely change my way of thinking so I’l vote the way your trying to brain wash me into voting. If your saying all this just to sell a product, then aren’t you as bad as The Wolf?

  29. Excellent point, Darren. Eloquently and passionately delivered, as always.

    What I don’t understand is why you chose to single out Wolf Blitzer, when this issue is clearly endemic to the entire “news” media. Is there something about the methods of, say, Rachel Maddow, Bill O’Reilly, Keith Olbermann, Rush Limbaugh, et al, that is so much more positive and constructive?

    A pox on CNN for refusing to publish it, but I doubt that Fox News or MSNBC would have been particularly thrilled to publish it, either, if you had zeroed in on their Wolf Blitzer equivalent. Now, if you had gone to either one with a piece that focused on the OTHER network’s anchor, they would have jumped all over it. And so it goes…

    We must all take it upon ourselves to disengage from the horrid negativity “diet” produced by the “news” media, reality television, etc. To coin a phrase, positivism begins at home.

  30. Years ago we noticed a big positive change in the behaviour of our children when we were forced to be without TV for a time.
    When the TV came back, it only took 24 hours for the undesired behaviour to return.
    We then imposed a TV free period and regained the desired positive behaviour.
    This then led to discussion about what we had observed and the children giving their input as to which TV show contributed to the undesired behaviour. Result, they avoided the programme they had identified as being non helpful and were able to watch other programmes.

  31. Awesome article Darren! I 100% agree! I wish everyone in the world (or at least those that need to) would read this great article. I’ll share it on my Facebook wall, in the hope that it spreads further, like a pebble dropped into a pond creating a ripple…

  32. @Hal Steinkopf, We spend a lot of time worrying about and criticizing the President or our Congress men and women about things we ourselves are guilty of – neglect, mismanagement, apathy, misappropriated resources, laziness, over-promising and under-delivering, self-interest, etc. Until our house, our health, our business our relationships are a shining example, we probably shouldn’t take the time and energy trying to tell other people what they are doing wrong and what they should be doing. Mother Theresa said something like, If you want to clean up the world, start by sweeping off your own front porch.

  33. @Louise Lyon, I get the point you are trying to make.
    I do get news, but from other sources. TV news is not
    the only news available. And it’s not always reliable.
    I think we can get better info from other sources so
    we can make better political decisions and therefore
    take proper action.
    We do have to keep a toll bridge on our thoughts, since
    there is a price to pay for every thought we store in our mind.
    Thanks for bringing up a good point.

  34. Share your viewpoint and thoughts in the comments below:

    Excellent post Darren. I control what enters my mind by focusing on the news only that is necessary to check in for purposes of achieving my goals and that of our family and company. The rest of my time I focus on activities that move me in the direction of my goals. End of story.

    Have a great week!

  35. Hi Darren,
    Thanks for always being one step ahead of the rest and for new and refreshing ideas and motivations and information.
    My husband and I have been talking about all the negativity the media bring in the world, and been hoping that someday, someone with the insight, funding and strength ( both character and mental) would come along and create what we would like to call the ” good news ” magazine/paper etc.
    I have watch some of your videos , and am becoming a great fan , very fast, and with great excitement because, Success magazine is by far the closest to a “good news” magazine, ever.

    Thank you again for the wonderful influence you have in the world, and having the guts to stand up to all the negativity .

    hope you have a super day further.

  36. You’re actually quite full of it! While yes I agree that it’s best to focus on what you can control, putting your head in the sand and ignoring what’s going on in the world isn’t the smart way to do that. The economy IS a mess, people are losing jobs and suffering a great deal and they shouldn’t be ignored just because that’s an unpleasant fact. Nor should the people the Syrian government is killing. A more intelligent approach would be to ask your readers to be grownups – to pay attention to the news and then to act on what they hear. Write a letter to a congressman, donate to a cause, get off your butts and do something, however small, to help. And then get on with your day and your own business with the empowerment that comes from taking positive action instead of pretending that bad things aren’t happening. And stop shooting the messenger just because you don’t like the bad news.
    Furthermore, I think what you’ve done here is actually incredibly cynical. CNN asked you to submit an article and you could have chosen to give them one that outlined your (rather silly and uninformed) opinions without devolving into a personal attack and rant. Instead, you issued a direct attack on an individual you probably realized they wouldn’t publish, just so you could publish it on your own site and generate more publicity for yourself. You probably think you’ve made yourself look good and set yourself up as a “straight-shooter”. But be careful – some of us see through this nonsense.
    And today you’ll lose at least one subscriber over it – me.
    For shame.

  37. Constant Negative News. Love it :)
    The same people that watch it, are the same people that always talk and complain about everything. I fully agree with you Darren.

  38. The media wants the general public to be afraid and hang on their every word. It’s like first John King asking Newt Gingrich about his marriage and then Wolf going into that realm again on the next debate – they do it for creative effect but all it does is damage their credibility.

    I would still watch CNN over FOX any day of the week because at least they seem to play the middle or state the truth no matter how uncomfortable that truth may be.

    The media in general has created more hysteria because of their sensationalism – getting ratings is their driving motivation…very sad indeed

  39. Darren,
    Our society has slowly eliminated the
    “glass half empty or half full” analogy.
    Since we are totally affixed to the on-line,
    blogging, cable TV world, we are always
    being filled to the brim with garbage.
    We as individuals must engage in a mental
    battle to keep our glasses overflowing with
    good, positive and uplifting thoughts.
    We truly are the artist of our own future.
    And it starts with what we are thinking.
    It starts with Next Level Thinking.
    Thank you for the excellent post.

  40. Darren,

    I applaud you for not succumbing to the pressure of the media NOT to post your thoughts on this topic. Afterall, you do have a book, sales would be nice, and having a post on CNN would probably benefit you greatly but your integrity stands firm. What a fine example.

    As for the news, I did my own experiment one Saturday evening. I watched our local evening news and for the first 7 minutes every story was about murder, fires, abandonment (babies and pets,) guns and other doom and gloom. I thought on a Saturday that at least the “gatekeepers” of the news would have been able to find something happy/positive/less morbid (at the very least) about the weekend. I have since stopped watching. My weekends are more enjoyable…

  41. Hi Darren . . . I have often said,

    “Would you allow a garbage truck to dump garbage in your living room or rec room ?” CERTAINLY NOT!! This is actually what a person does when they let the TV negative news ‘dump mind garbage’ in their home viewing atmospheres.

    Turn off the TV, and turn on what is good, wholesome and truthful information.

    You will surprised on how much better you will feel from this simple little maneuver (and how much more time that it adds to your day to do worthwhile things like listening to your family).

  42. My struggle is simply this: effecting change in our communities and government takes an informed electorate, so how can I manage the need for solid, non-sensationalized information with my desire not to be polluted and overwhelmed?

    I think this country is ripe for a return to old-fashioned who/what/when/where/why journalism instead of sensationalist headlines and a bombardment of multimedia effects… I don’t swear off TV, but DVR everything and ffwd the commercials and/or overkill. Saves time. I’ve also learned a lot via NPR radio – sometimes too gungho but other times offering a different perspective, and processing that helps me think creatively and outside my own comfort box.

    Enjoyed your post Darren – food for thought!

  43. At 85 years old it has become exceedingly difficult to tell who is lying the most
    Democrats or Republicans. All I can do is watch the little things. Items the Washington people
    feel we the dummies of the public want look for.
    Little things like the obama not knowing hold your hand over your heart as the flag passes by.
    This is just one out of many of disrespect
    Bush , Congress and Senators just let anyone come into our Country. Good honk our ancestors fought the battle of the Alamo and we WON. Now ever one wants us to speak there home language .
    My daughter has a Masters Degree sent your message to me. All I can say is you good folks may have fought in wars sense WW ll but I am not sure how many saw the eyes of seventeen and eighteen year old kids run off landing craft to fall dead in the water just so we can write these things
    My daughter said she has not watch the news in ten years. She does not understand FREEDOM is not FREE.
    There is nothing hard about what is going on in our country. Just read Hitlers book
    RKF 1-31-2012

  44. Darren has it dead on: “We have a bias toward the negative because we were originally programmed for survival.” And if you spend any time with different cultures around the globe whose current daily lives are far riskier that they are for those of us in the U.S., you’ll get an acute sense of that. While this post largely smells familiar (could be a re-post), it bears repeating…REPEATEDLY.

  45. Well Darren, this is certainly a feel-good article and has a lot of good in it. I just don’t see how you can justify statements, and I paraphrase, like “you can’t control Washington”. Based on the information you share in the article, YOU seem to be allowing yourself to become aware of all these negatives that should be filtered out! If we don’t care about what happens, negative or positive, on the world/national scale, then we are not a group of people worthy of being called “citizen”! We then deserve anything that might be dished out by those forces which we are actively ignoring. Please comment! Thank you for providing food for thought nonetheless.

  46. Awesome post, Darren. It’s so true that wherever your focus goes, your energy flows. I’ve resolved to cut off my attention to “The Situation Room” and start creating my own economy by feeding my mind with positive information that’ll make all the difference. I bought your book, “The Compound Effect” yesterday and have enjoyed reading the 1st few pages. Thanks for sharing your secrets to success by putting out that book. You’re a ROCKSTAR in my eyes.

  47. Darren, right on. You get out what you put in…..the mind is our most valuable tool, amaziing in that it will prove you right every time… what you believe is what you become. Keep that message going Darren, thanks, George.

  48. Hi Darren,
    Wolf hasn’t hasn’t bothered for about 2 year :) that is the last time I listend to his report for the reasons you mentioned above. On the other hand, my success CDs are worn out and I have almost memorized the contents word for word. I love them, They are fantastic.
    Another channel that is getting off track is 90.9 in Philadelphia. The reports are so graphic, I get sick listening to them so Good by NPR, Hello Success CDs.
    Yours truely;
    Mohammad Reza P.

  49. Avoidance helps but it simply will not resolve this issue because the energy we expend on avoiding the negative aspects of mass media actual perpetuates the problem. What texts on the law of attraction do not make completely clear is: What you focus 51% of your attention on gets created. So, if you focus the majority of your attention on avoiding negative press, negative press shows up.

    I don’t agree that negatively posed mass media is an insurmountable problem to overcome if we focus on what we want to create instead of what we don’t want…
    I see an opportunity and hold a vision for something completely different.

  50. Absolutely love this rant Darren. Standing ovation to you for sticking to your convictions and not caving in just to get your media time with the masses.
    You could easily substitue ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc. for CNN. Not only do they spread fear, but all slant it to their point of view.
    I don’t miss not having cable at all. If I want to look up news, I know where to find it.
    Thank goodness for the power of choice!

  51. Well said Darren!
    It reminds me of the Native American analogy about the battle of two wolves. The grandfather said to his grandson – “there is a battle between two wolves going on inside you. One wolf is evil, jealous, mean, hurtful and unkind. The other wolf is loving, kind, humble and gracious and good.”
    “Which wolf wins the battle grandfather?” the young grandson asks.
    “The one that you feed.” replies the grandfather.

  52. Not sure why you’re dwelling on Wolf. He’s much more informational as compared to Limbaugh, Beck, and others who call themselves journalists or opinion-makers but use only ludicrous scare tactics. I suspect you have other agendas going on. Either way, of course, most news is going to be negative. This has been discussed/debated to death for years…and you’re conclusion is the same as most – don’t watch so much news. Okay. Thanks, I guess.

  53. Looking forward to seeing you on stage in Telford, UK in March 2012 in support of the distributors in our fantastic UK business.

    Thank you for a brilliant article! I can see why CNN did not publish it. :-)

  54. Darren,

    Great article and great reminder. We are responsible for our own lives, economy, and the way things turn out for each of us. I agree turn off the CNN. Each of us needs to decide what we are going to believe. Thanks again Darren.

  55. Great article Darren and keen insight. My business partner and I were just discussing this topic today. SO many people today are buying into the story of doom and gloom. I’m not saying it is not out there and not a reality. I believe if people will tune it out and focus within, they can create their own economic conditions and financial results. Careful what you focus on, as you often get it.

  56. Now THIS is why I follow you Mr Hardy!! You get that EVERYTHING is a marketing attempt to grab our attention. We are not wired for that!! We are wired for community and the benefit of the pack. Unfortunately there will always be attempts by the greedy few to get our attention focused on what makes us weaker so that in a state of emotional weakness we will hand over control of everything we hold dear. Especially our wallets.

    Leave the pessimism and scarcity mindsets to the creators of shock marketing!! As for me I follow Hardy, Godin, Tracy, Rohn, Maxwell, and Bob Burg!!

    A clean glass of water please!!!

    Have a magical day my friend!!

  57. Isn’t it funny how journalists purport to be objective & critical, but won’t publish your commentary criticizing their practice of spreading doom & gloom? We all know that TV news relies on ratings the same way a sitcom does, and bad news sells.

    Perhaps its not their fault if so many people tune in when they hear the horror stories. Our biology might give us a strong tendency to pay attention to bad news, but we can certainly choose to control what messages get to us.

    Personally, I’ve saved a lot of time making Google my home page (msn & aol hit me with too many stories I was tempted to read). Also, lately I’ve been reading each headline in my newspaper and then asking, before I read the story below it, “What need do I have for this info specifically?” Usually I have no practical need for it.

  58. Bravo … I turned all the negative chatter off years ago. Last year our business grew 160% … we refused to participate in the doom and gloom being spread like the plague across the T.V., Internet, Blogs, etc. by the media. When people ask us how we are doing I tell them fabulous … they look shocked like they don’t believe me … love being on top of “our” world.

  59. Thank you! You have just joined me on my soapbox and I welcome everyone we can get to pile on. Perhaps you need a network of your own…I know I’d watch daily news of positive and inspirational stories.

  60. Congratulations on saying it so aptly! You are so right, too! But, you know that news doesn’t sell unless its about all those horrible things. Wolf has just gotten worse and worse over the years. He must sell ratings.

    It’s too bad that more good news can’t be heard. Your message is the exact message Joe, my husband says. He turns the TV off! I’m all for that! Make your own world without the bad news of CNN!

    Hats off to you, Darren, for being so brave. I wish this would go out into the world even bigger and get the media’s attention. I’m for you and Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Katie Bryon, Louise Hay, and the list of good people goes on. I for that!

    Thank you for the opportunity to say what is so true.

  61. Definitely a great message! What you feed your mind is what grows around you. Negative news brings negativity. Positive thoughts brings positivity! Read and learn from those individuals that can and will motivate you. Darren Hardy is one of those individuals! Thank you.

  62. While I applaud your positive thinking message, I’m disappointed that you chose to mock a person’s name. It cheapens your article and diminishes your message for me.

  63. Wow! What perfect timing. I really needed to here this. There are so many times I lose focus because I allow someone else to control my feelings. Feed your dreams and faith and starve your nightmares and doubts. Only you are in control of you. I always try to remember the serinity prayer. It’s a great reminder also :)

  64. TV is disconnected. Why pay for dirty water ? Instead I am filling my glass with Darren Hardy, Jim Rohn….. That water is so pure. Thank you !

  65. This is wonderful and true.It gives a wake up call for those who whine about everything,those who feel the world is against them.thanks Hardy,keep up the spirit.

  66. Love it! I follow this philosophy, and even added the Tivo commercial skip philsophy to my repertoire, to keep the media from creeping into my brain through that channel.

    I never watch live television, never watch the news, have no newspaper subscriptions. The amazing thing is that people will say derisively “Oh, I guess you didn’t hear about Disaster du Jour. You don’t watch the news.” Or “Did you see the commercial about…oh, that’s right. *You* don’t watch commercials.” Like I am un-American for polluting my mind with that crap.

    I love the fresh water in the glass analogy when I read it in The Compound Effect. I’ve given that book to over a dozen of my friends and family, so I’m trying to pour clean, pure water. If only I could get someone to ratchet down that firehose of fecal matter that’s pouring all over everyone else!

  67. Kudos to you Darren for speaking a message that needs to be shouted from the mountaintops!!!

    Life is like a rainbow – we can CHOOSE to look at the dark ugly and ominous clouds on one side of the sky or we can CHOOSE instead to look at the beautiful myriad of colors God stitched together and painted in the sky as a rainbow! The choice is one we each must make moment by moment!

    Keep spreading the good news and let your light shine my friend!!

    Carpe diem!


  68. Darren,
    What a great article I agree 100%, I quit watching the news 3 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. Life with out all the negativity is great and it helps you to focus on all the good things that happen in your life. When you learn to focus on the positive instead of the negative it is life changing .

  69. Seems so simple… I’ve read the Compound Effect and have taken the measures to “keep my glass clean” and yes sitting in my office and reading it is so easy to conceptualize but once you step out into the world the constant bombardment of “the world is falling” mentality makes it quite the challenge, but once you realize what is happening it is easier to combat falling into the trap. Darren your posts really help to make sure you are not filling your glass with anything but pure clean water -Thanks

  70. I haven’t watched the news in so long (over 10 years). I got tired of being upset at all that was wrong in the world – even local news. Now I just have RSS feeds for the information I want to get. Great post!!

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