Make Love Everyday


The one thing I want more in my life is love.

One of the most valuable personal development principles I was ever taught was:

Don’t want what you want. That will only create more want.

Instead: Give what you want. That will ignite the process of creating it.

What do you want?

Confidence? Bolster the confidence of someone else.
Courage? Encourage to someone else.
Hope? Provide hope to someone else.
Money? Give money to support someone/something else.
Belief? Instill belief in someone else.

Love? Give love to someone else.

Being raised without a mother and having Sergeant Gunnery as a father I’m a little uncomfortable expressing my love.

So I started making/giving love privately. I outlined this in The Compound Effect:
…“Second, I do something that sounds a bit odd, but I send love to someone. The way to get love is to give it, and one thing I want more of is love. I give love by thinking of one person, anyone (it could be a friend, relative, co-worker, or someone I just met in the supermarket—it doesn’t matter), and then I send them love by imagining all that I wish and hope for them. Some would call this a blessing or a prayer; I call it a mental love letter….

This process turns on my love magnets every morning. It’s amazing how the world changes around me when I turn on the magnets in the morning.

Another form of love making I do is…
Knowing many people’s love language is appreciation, I try to go through my day looking for ways to thank and appreciate the people around me I catch doing great things. When I say, “I appreciate you” what I am really saying (if I were courageous enough to say it plainly) is “I love you.”

Also, once

a week I write a handwritten note or at least an unexpected email or even a text to tell someone how important he or she is to me and how much I appreciate him or her.

On this Valentine’s Day and every day, I encourage you to make love.

You can do it privately (to start) or write, type or text it. But even better is if you take a single human being by the shoulders, look deeply into their eyes and simply say, “I love you” (scary, I know).

Try it. At least one person—today. Then maybe another tomorrow.

Happy Valentines Day.
I love you.

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  1. Agree …… getting love is not in our hands but giving it is. Atleast giving love gives the satisfaction that we are harnessing positive thoughts in the society and the confidence that we are a noble soul. Giving love will ultimately generate love for self and if a person loves himself, what others think does not really matter.

    So spread love, be good and love yourself. Giving is always more fun than getting and life is too short to keep looking towards the past.

  2. sometime back i read secret and it said the same. i have applied it in my life and truly works.
    good to see them n post.

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  4. I listen and apply you wise advice whenever I can Mr Hardy, I like your style.

    I apologize for bringing this minor matter to your attention but it is my hope that you may assist me.

    I have tried not once but twice to subscribe to your magazine and I am considering buying “The Compound Effect” but for some strange reason your Co. can not process my payment.

    Its strange because I have no problems whatsoever doing business online.

    I would appreciate if a member of your staff resolves this problem.


    Carlos Ramos

  5. What a great article Darren. I intentionally give love to everyone I meet(Love is my aim). My mom died when I was eight. I lived with five different families(all except one relatives}, never felt like I belonged. I know and feel different now. I really love people and am truly glad to meet and see everyone I am blessed to meet each day. By not being hugged during those years I hug others often, even strangers and especially children and teenagers. Darren, I made up my mind years ago to be the nicest and most lovable person I know. Others often tells me this because of my sincerity. We all will come to the end of this journey called life. It does nor will not matter which car you drove, how big your house was nor hoe it looked nor how well dressed you were. All of this is stuff that comes and goes. The best thing that can ever be said and remembered about me/you is “He or she was so nice, they really gave love and made me feel special whenever I met them.” This will be remembered and spoken of us by many. Love is so powerful. Enjoy your evening Darren, Barbara.

  6. Hi Darren,

    Good content as always. The Compound Effect has been truly meaningful for my wife, myself, and the clients I am privileged to work with.

    Your work makes a tremendous difference.

  7. I love this post! You took a concept I learned from Gary Chapman a few years ago and validated in my personal life, and turned it into a business post. Awesome.

  8. really a great article; thank you very much for sharing, Darren~
    been reading your articles ever since I found out you were Jim Rohn’s student; always so inspiring and motivative!! Love your words, love you~!!^^

  9. Darren, Just a quick note to let you know that our Prosperity Growth Series book study of The Compound Effect is going great. We had our second of six sessions this morning. Already people are saying how much they are getting out of the book AND the exercises we are doing to APPLY what you are teaching. I use clips from the audiobook to highlight the additional material you provide there. We are working through the summary action steps and reporting on the results of our “homework” to each other. The group of relative strangers who are all Chamber of Commerce members already is bonding and supporting one another with grace, enthusiasm and authenticity. What a great experience. Thank you!

  10. Reasonable, actionable, compassionate. Thank you for generating a tone and conversations which are substantive and constructive. Enjoy your writing. You are filling a void.

    All the best,

  11. Darren,

    What a wonderful post! As a society, we seem to have so much trouble saying the “L” word, yet we freely use so many other, more hurtful, ones without thinking. I am so very glad that you reminded us to use the word “love” daily. It beats any other prescription for my well being that I follow now.

    I intend to take the love that you offered and give it away as many times today and in the future as possible!

    Also, my new mantra is, “Get back to living your life, damnit!” :-)

    I, too, love you, Mr. Hardy!


  12. My life has changed because of orchestrated circumstances that has taught the blessing that comes from being loved and loving others. I have had several close friends that peeled apart every layer of my hurting hard core personality, to show me a world full of colors and warmth, instead of the black and white and bleary colors of winter.

    Having read your blog today I am grateful for the opportunity to have met you online, Darren. Your newsletters have been seeds of love for me, especially since I cannot purchase your magazines in my country. You have encouraged me with a word and a quote. Even your link to Jim Rohn, has also helped to shape my perspective. In like manner, you gave me, I have had to give people back love seeds of encouragement, appreciation, hugs and pats on the shoulder.

    The world is a truly better place because we love each other. Thank you for loving us so much that you stepped out of your comfort zone to love a community of people that you might never see in this life to be aspire to move out of their comfort zones and succeed in life.

    I love you.


  13. Hi Darren.
    To unexpectedly receive an email that says, “I love you”, seemed a little strange and awkward for me… especially when it comes from another man. But only if you knew my upbringing. Here’s the short version of it:
    Love is one thing my father NEVER gave or said to me all my life. I was 51 when he died. He was physically abusive so I never knew anything else and lived my whole life starved of a father’s love. I don’t say that to make anyone feel sorry for me–only to make a point because I have since overcome the loss and now am completely healed. I’ve had to learn the hard way to express love (by words and actions) to others. I didn’t want to propagate the cycle my father started so by determining to love others, consciously making myself tell and show others I love them, even if it feels strange, I’ve experienced the greatest thing I’d always missed… Love. What goes around, does come around.
    Remember this law of sowing and reaping: When you sow seeds… good or bad, the harvest is ALWAYS more than what was sown. This is true to everything in life. Even love.

    Thanks, Darren for love. It’s getting easier, and the returns more than make up to loss.
    I love you, too.

    Rick Livingood

    PS. Because of love, I am now truly “Livingood” !

  14. Thanks Darren! I appreciate you and love your work! Waiting for my hot husband now for sushi and wine. Thank you! All we need is love. It’s the greatest energy and action of all! Cheers!

  15. Great article Darren!

    “What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.”


  16. I love you too Darren and a Big Big Hug for all the encouragement and guidance you give. Sometimes, it is exactly what I need at that very moment. So, God bless you in all your endeavors, and God speed!

    Connie Lee

  17. I always look forward to opening my email and seeing “SUCCESS” waiting for me! Thank you for your words of inspiration and motivation.

  18. I just sent out a Valentines Email to 346 people on my customer/friends/family list – I got SO many responses back saying how thoughtful it was and how sweet it was and how ‘touched they were’ – it made me feel great knowing that one simple gesture, with words spoken from my heart, had such a great effect – I was ”spreading the love” and in return I felt all the love come back triple-fold!
    Continued blessings and a day filled with LOVE to you Mr. Hardy!

  19. I’m forever grateful I was given LOVE in my choosing to serve as part of our nations military. With our Nation at War from September 11,2001,I realize LOVE was greater in the eyes of JESUS as he brought me to meet Maryann Bridges. I instantly knew I was being given LOVE as the desire of my heart to Love this one lady giving all my praise and glory of such to JESUS has (I believe as you’ve written in the Compound Effect) Compounded in depths beyond measure. I surrender to LOVE, Maryann is all I know in the eyes of the LORD. Further, further desires and the path in life I’ve been given has brought me to my Business & “ACN” that I’ve been able to meet and learn from you Darren. I’m forever grateful for the blessing of the positive people put in our lives. Blessings to you Darren and all your family and those you LOVE. ~ Blessings, Gary Secor ~

  20. Hey Darren,

    I just listened to the interview from your “Insider Resources” with Joel Harper and as much as I agree with some of his advice I cringed at the advice he offered about having his clients wear a belt for awareness of engagement of their core muscles.

    I really like the idea about wearing it so that when the core muscles disengage they are reminded to reengage when the belt pushes back…….but where I disagree is where he tells his clients to pull in their belly button up and away from the belt.

    What I and many other so called experts recommend is to instead cue the client to “brace” instead as if they were about to take a punch to the gut.

    I don’t recommend punching the client in the gut “without their permission” to really show them what it means to engage the core which creates pressure in the core which protects the spine and causes a chain reaction of bracing the entire body as a collective group which is way safer.

    I’m not trying to pick a fight here with anyone. I am just trying to recommend and offer a different perspective.

    Belt or no belt, whichever you choose, brace your entire body starting with the core before you lift whether heavy or light.

    Many people have pulled out their back reaching for a penny or to tie their shoes.

    So like some people say in the hood….” you best brace yaself'” =)

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