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Ready, Set, LEAP


th=”180″ height=”135″ />An EXTRA day.


No charge, no penalty.

There will be no asterisk on your sales figures, monthly P&L or workout schedule.

It’s almost like cheating.

You can get ahead of every goal, project and pro forma you have.

Only if you use it to… LEAP.

Others will see this extra/free day to slack off.

Winners, achievers, readers

of this blog and SUCCESS undoubtedly will see it as an opportunity to put your head down, reach deeply within, coil a little tighter and LEAP forward… to create your best February ever.

How could you not… you have an EXTRA day?


What are you doing today to LEAP? Tell us below. “Share” Canadian pharmacy this post too!

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11 responses to “Ready, Set, LEAP”

  1. thanks for this post! even though i’m reading it on the 5th of march, 5 days after the 29th, i thought about this idea all day on the 29th. i run a small business and our monthly bonus schedule is based upon a certain amount of production every month and while we hit one of our goals early in the month, the 2nd sales goal was not achieved until 11 pm on feb. 29th!!!!

    not only was it a very late appointment, but i had to drive 1.5 hours to see the client. i don’t think most people would take those steps.

    i personally went out, made the appointment, finished the sale with the extremely happy client and hit the business monthly goal with about 60 minutes to spare. i texted my mentor in business as i left the appointment about what happened and was on that high that only meeting a set goal can bring. it even carried into the beginning of march as our office fully focused on the first monday of the month to go and aim for a bigger goal this month.

    thanks again darren for putting together relevant ideas every post and every month in the magazine. EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY PRODUCTIVE DAY COUNTS!!! (when it’s a nonproductive day, the minutes do NOT matter)

  2. Great post Darren!
    Getting ahead of our goals yes, yes, and did I say yes? Writing my first book accelerating the process kicking it into overdrive by interviewing more people in less time. Today, strategic planning for a win, win, win that will help more people. 24 hours, to do 24 bold things. I did email Jacklyn Smith does that count:)
    Thanks for your energy!

  3. I ended 2011 determined to hit some lofty sales goals in 2012. Because of this Extra Day I just met my February goal !

  4. WOW, What an awesome idea on a leap day. I sent an inspiration message to all my friends, suggested my staff to do something special today and I am going to make ten more calls.

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