Yes WE Can!


Who is the most important person involved in staging a global economic comeback?

    • The current President of the United States?
    • Whoever the next President is?
    • The Fed Chairman?
  • The U.S. Treasury Secretary?


The most important person for the future of the United States and global economy is YOU—the entrepreneur.

You have heard the statistics before, but they are worth repeating as it shows you the tremendous power and burden YOU have for making an economic recovery possible.

U.S. Small Business Administration reports that, small businesses are responsible for 58% of all jobs and half of the total GDP. 64% of all new jobs were created solely by small businesses over the past 19 years.

Small businesses:
• Represent 99.7% of all employer firms

• Employ more than 50% the private-sector employees
• Pay 44% of the total U.S. private payroll
• Have generated more than 64% of all new jobs during the past 15 years
• And create more than 50% the private gross domestic product
*statistics from U.S. Small Business Administration

Carl Schramm, president of the Kauffman Foundation says this, “Entrepreneurs, people who now create more than half the new jobs in America,are defining the new economy, not just here, but around the world. We could call the current era the age of entrepreneurial capitalism.

This new era is changing the face of what we think of as the entrepreneur as well.

Entrepreneurs over the next decade will be far more diverse than their predecessors in age, origin and gender.

If you are in the business of recruiting or selling to entrepreneurs this is very important information for you.

Traditionally entrepreneurs came predominantly out of the middle of the age spectrum, but now are now coming more extensively from the edges.

These are people nearing retirement… and their children just entering the job market.

A Kauffman report, “The Coming Entrepreneurship Boom,” said that the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity for the last 10 years has been among the 55 to 64 age group. The research states that the United States might be on the cusp of an entrepreneurship boom—not in spite of the aging population, but because of it.”

There are a number of factors triggering this. Certainly the current economy and the loss of retirement nest eggs are part of it. But also life expectancy has risen and people are staying healthier and living far longer.

In addition, long-term jobs with pensions are becoming a thing of the past. There has also been an increasing trend to force older workers out through layoffs, buy outs, outsourcing overseas, and early retirement so younger, less costly employees could be hired.

On the opposite side of the spectrum entrepreneurship professor Jeff Cornwall of Belmont University calls the current rise of Generation Y (ages 5 to 25) “the most entrepreneurial generation ever.”

The new face of entrepreneurship will also be more feminine. The glass ceiling that has limited women’s corporate career paths will send more women to the small business sector than ever before.

And the face will be multicultural. Immigrant entrepreneurs will help drive a new wave of globalization.

These are times of great opportunity if you pay attention to the way the waves are moving, grab your surfboard, jump in the water and start paddling like crazy.

No matter the campaign slogan or campaign promise of any Presidential candidate, none of them have the power to change your economic future—only YOU do.

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25 responses to “Yes WE Can!”

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  5. Great post Darren! It’s only really entrepreneurs and not governments that will get the world economy moving again, so they should perhaps let us get on with it. To make money online is one of the newest fields for entrepreneurs, and on the the places to make large amounts much more quickly than in the past. If you set up a money making website with the intention of earning your income online, you can easily earn what you would earn in a traditional job and then many times more in a relatively short space of time these days. The internet has changed business forever so let’s hope that recessions can be pulled out of a lot more quickly with the speed of people earning a living online. Thanks

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  7. THE most important factor in improving the economy is how WE spend what money we spend – and WHO we spend it with. Buy from small local and online businesses and keep that money circulating! When you buy from multi-national corporations YOUR money supports and enables corporate greed and treating their suppliers and employees like slaves.

    See the infographic in the post I’ve linked to this comment from the study done by @LocalFirst for data on why joining the #BuyLocal movement creates a higher standard of living for individuals and across communities.

  8. Yes, there is no doubt to be entrepreneur and have a successful journey towards financial freedom. This is the highly effective way that a nation can make a difference in the future and present!

  9. There’s TOTAL AGREEMENT,here! Ten years ago, at age 65, I joined the largest direct selling company in the world and ever since, have LOVED helping others begin successful business from home and mentoring them toward their dreams.

  10. This could be the greatest BLOG of all times DH. I think it critical that we take OUR future into OUR own hands!! Remember the Jim Rohn story about when he was asked what government/taxes etc would be like 10 years from now: “About the same”. You and I don’t have to be the same!! Meet you at the top!!

    Make a little magic this week okay?
    p.s. Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL of your reader’s!! Let’s spread our love widely this week!!

  11. Excellent post Darren and I totally agree. I am very hopeful to add an additional 50 new jobs to our current base of 225 employees and increase sales of our construction contracting business by 20% in 2012. Come visit us sometime for a life changing experience on entrepreneurship that is permeated throughout each individual at our firm.

    Have a great week!

  12. Thank you Darren! I am one of the young female entrepreneurs who started even if I had a so called stable career in healthcare. There is vast amount of opportunities out there for those who have the guts to take control of their own economy. Thanks!

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