We are a ridiculous people…


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Why do we tear down

those who dedicate themselves to building us up?

We did it to Gandhi, Martin Luther King and even the man from Nazareth.

I’m a Board member of Invisible Children. Last week they released a video called KONY 2012. The objective was to bring the world’s awareness to the heinous crimes of the LRA and it’s leader Joseph Kony—the number one war criminal in the world (indicted into the International Criminal Court list in July of 2008 but has not yet been brought to justice).

This organization is fueled off the passion, heart and soul of three audaciously brave young men and the millions of young people they have shaken out of an apathetic stupor to rise up and take action on this urgent and vital cause.

For seven long hard years (and you thought this was an overnight sensation!) millions of young people and most especially the three founders have sacrificed their sanity, nights and weekends and even put their lives at risk for this cause. I’ve met the hardest working people on the planet and in my opinion, no one works harder and longer than these three young men, I promise.

Their video struck a heart cord. Their audacious goal was 500,000 views. It has now been viewed over 90 million times.

Everyone attached (and those not) to this issue in some way has also been called to task. Instead of championing these brave people for doing what they have not been able to do, they attempt to tear them down and find fault. Really? It angers and saddens me to see this part of our human nature.

I even had to film a video defending their paltry compensation.
You can see it here. It’s comical and ironic.

Why do we do this? It’s ridiculous.

Notice I say “we” as we are ALL capable of this and we all do it at times. We need to drive this side of our nature into a small corner and amplify the side that sees what’s right, good and positive about people, circumstances and causes.

There is an old Cherokee tale tells of a grandfather teaching life principles to his grandson. The wise old Cherokee said, son, on the inside of every person the battle is raging between two wolves. One wolf is evil. It’s angry, jealous, unforgiving, proud, and lazy. The other wolf is good. It is filled with love, kindness, humility, and encouragement. These two wolves are constantly fighting the grandfather said. The little boy thought about it and said grandfather, which wolf is going to win? The grandfather smiled and said which one ever you feed.

Sure there is always fault to find. No one or no thing is perfect. If you look for it you can find faulty brush strokes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Instead you should step back and take in the majesty of the entire ceiling. Look for, be inspired by and support the beauty in the totality of the movement.

Also know that as YOU ascend the ladder of success the bad wolves will come barking. Understand that it is just their jealous, angry and envious nature yapping. See them through the eyes of your good wolf. Be empathetic and forgive them for they know not what they do. Too much nourishment has been given to the wrong wolf for far too long.

I ask you, members of the SUCCESS Community, to sweep your own front porch first as an example to the rest of the world. Celebrate people’s successes. Amplify the good side of your nature. Put your attention and spotlight on what’s positive and good about people and circumstances around you—particularly if those people have dedicated themselves to doing good things for others.

As an entire species we need to nourish the good wolf side of our nature and starve the jealous, angry and envious wolf that battles inside us.

Tony Robbins put up a challenge grant. Let's make him pay! Go here: http://www.crowdrise.com/invisiblechildren-tony/fundraiser/tonyrobbins
Every dollar pulls a dollar from his pocket… and more kids get helped.

You can show your support of Invisible Children here and give them your encouraging words in the comments below-I'll be sure they get them. They need to hear from you. We need to be sure the naysayers don't dampen their spirit.

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24 responses to “We are a ridiculous people…”

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  3. Three young people with a vision for a brighter future for the world. Not just THEIR world, but the whole of humanity. Such passion and courage deserves encouragement and praise. Let’s help them in any way we can!!

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  5. Hello Darren
    Take a look at this link from Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail…
    http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/faced-with-kony-2012-media-storm-invisible-children-hits-back-at-critics/article2362732/ Incredibly just a few days after the Kony 2012 video going viral, this high profile newspaper placed an article about Invisible Children and their video on the front cover and dedicated a couple of pages about this whole phenomena. (You can’t buy this kind of publicity) Thus reaching millions who may not have been aware of this internet event. Whatever one thinks of Invisible Children’s strategies, these children /forced child soldiers, are NO longer invisible to the masses and from what I have had read so far, this was Invisible Children’s number one concern – creating mass awareness. Well, Accomplished!!
    Now comes the hard part, keeping up the momentum.
    I don’t know if you have heard of an American charity and advocacy group “Not For Sale Campaign” and David Batstone – co founder (abolitionist movement against human trafficking, including child soldiers) but now that I see you are on the board for Invisible Children, you may find meeting or speaking with David very fruitful.(by the way that was a helpful video on behalf of Invisible Children and have passed it on)
    I had the opportunity to hear David speak and talk with him nearly 2 years ago, they have accomplished much in a very short time frame and might be an excellent sounding board. If not for anything just connecting with David B will be time well spent. I wish you well Darren in all your important endeavours and if you believe in the power of noble thoughts and prayer, trust me you are in mine.

  6. I’m in support of Invisible Children 1000% and have shared the Kony 2012 video on my various social media sites. I think we need to do more to ensure that the message of Invisible Children is brought to the forefront of our minds.

    Thanks for your post, Darren. You’re a true HERO!

  7. I am one more postive note in a sea of positivity towards the founders of Invisible Children and the actions they have taken. THANK YOU for taking this issue to the level that it needs to be recognized. Keep the focus and not let the distractions of negativity take you from your goal. Press on. We support you!

  8. I didn’t realise there’d been a whole of negative focus on the Invisible Children. I did vaguely notice something on a media website but ignored it because the media manipulate and keep us subservient so I’m rarely interested in what they have to say. When I saw Invisible Children I felt so much hope and admiration to know there are people out there dedicating their energy to freeing the children. And I myself felt ashamed of how little I do. Thank you to the producers of Invisible Children. Thank you so very much. Godspeed to freeing those dear children.

  9. The biggest reasoning I see for opposition is that media has earned the status to not be trusted. You have to think about this, day in and day out we see media and journalism that is way too biased, sensationalized, or false. Because of the biases and falsehoods we see everyday, we as readers/viewers have to find evidence to vindicate or negate claims made in the media ourselves. I would say people nowadays are cautious maybe with a pinch of ridiculous. Don’t take it personally and just think if this is a true and virtuous cause, then it will withstand. You gotta have faith.

  10. Darren, I’ve watched KONY2012 a doz. times already. Have shared it with many friends from work and church. There is no doubt that these guys are incredible, their ministry / mission — WONDERFUL! Speaking on a spiritual level…the Bible simply states that our battle is not waged as the world wages war — there’s an evil out there that wants to win, too and will do whatever he can to take the focus off of the good. Jesus cared ENORMOUSLY for children. This is breaking God’s heart. Once a seed of doubt is planted it grows and that’s often the tool the Enemy uses. Thanks for your defense of IC. I forwarded your email on to many that I know who are following this story. We’re all praying for this organization, their leaders and the kids in Uganda.

  11. These three men make me proud, I remember hearing their story a year ago (success) and was so proud for what they had achieved. Since that day I have used their story as an example to my children as how we can all make a difference . Keep fighting the fight there are many of us who are proud and put our hand in our pocket to help.

    I feel sad for those people who must detract and put a negative slant on such great work. I guess the old saying reigns true “they can only do the best with the knowledge they have”.

    Thankyou for being such an inspiration to our family and to others


  12. How novel an idea to do something just because it is the right thing to do.
    Thank you Darren for posting this. Thank you for backing this message and this cause. This is an excellent movement to be a part of to change the consciousness of the world. To move from a competitive to a cooperative society.
    This is what 2012 is all about – Being the Change by working together.

  13. I have a completely serious suggestion. You may not like it, based on statements made in the video.

    Take the donations and pay Blackwater to go GET Kony.

    They have the expertise. They have the resources. They’d do it, I’m sure. Heck, they might even do it for just the pure PR value (ie, pro bono). You already have contacts on the ground they can use.

    With 90 Million views and obvious public support for bringing him to justice, there’s little risk of people getting upset at who gets him. And that is the point, right? To get him?

    Again, this is completely serious. They’d have MUCH more incentive to catch him quickly than the reservists sent over to train (possibly corruptible) Ugandan troops.

  14. Hey Darren,

    Wow. Great to know you are a board member of Invisible Children. – I have been following you on facebook for the past two or so years. & I am a Ugandan – living in Uganda. I am one of the very few among my friends who watched the Invisible Children film when it was released a couple of years ago. I remember watching Jacob, and recognizing many more ‘Jacobs’ in his teas – those fighting with the effects of war and disease. I saw a cry I had heard – and maybe prayed once or twice – whether it is better to live or die. This time again; I was the first among my twitter and facebook connections (who are not few – and represent a significant portion of ardent internet users in Uganda) to view the Kony2012 a couple of hours after it had just been uploaded. True, I did notice a few missing gaps in there – things like saying Uganda is in Central Africa (It is in East Africa); things like some problems are deeper than just getting the bad guy and solving the issue; and a couple of other minor things.
    But thankfully above all, in that I noticed a smiling Jacob – the same Jacob who was wishing to die now full of life and all grown up. I saw the now older Jason – not too experienced but with the faith & preparation he had put into this advocacy to get through to all echelons of all the powers that be to get his message across. In there, I saw SUCCESS and I was hooked. I retweeted; posted on facebook and went to bed. Some 12 hours later, KONY2012, Uganda, Invisible children, and STOPKONY were all on the worldwide trending topics on twitter.
    I know it has received some bashing from some sections of the press. Most in Uganda are seeing it as a form of American ‘patronization’ (given that Kony is as good as defeated here and he is now in DRC and Central African Republic with just a few hundred soldiers with him). However; I know he is still dangerous where he is and some of the now-bandits he moves with are not with him willingly but were kidnapped from their homes. So I totally concur that Kony should be stopped.
    But just a consolation on the criticism that you receive, If the disciples of the man from Nazareth (Jesus) had not got been persecuted – they would not have ran away from their homes and the world would not have heard of the gospel. Same as what I see happening with the Kony2012. If your conscience is clear, the critiques will come around later.

  15. You know this is why we as leaders must stand strong for what we think is right and as my mentor Darren Hardy often says: “Strive to do what is ridiculed and unpopular”. No matter what, we have to follow our true north even though criticism often arises out of the most noble efforts!! Tragic for sure but that’s why we stick together on our race to the top!!

  16. i don’t remember who said it – but: “first they ignore you. then they laugh at you. then they fight you. and then you win.”

    never tire of doing what is good and righteous – ur ordained victory is near at hand.

  17. Darren;

    As has already been said, there will always be those who find fault in something, even if it is something that they know is right; as in the case of bring awareness to the heinous crimes of Joseph Kony. What Invisible Children have done, is to bring this awareness to the forefront of our minds. Human nature, does not like to have these sorts of things thrust in our faces & go into a defensive mode. In private, I would bet that ANY ONE of those who opposed the video or anything to do with the mission of Invisible Children would admit that he is a “really bad dude” & needs to be brought to justice.

    I have a colleague from Uganda & in talking to him, he explains that it is not as easy as what may be protrayed. WHO said it would be easy? Nothing that is worth while & is often right in the face of opposition is easy. THIS is exactly why we (as success oriented people) take on the challenge.

  18. Your passion and unfailing dedication towards such a worthwhile cause is incredibly moving. Multiply that by millions of participants and viewers who have been moved into action and you have a powerful energy that is building momentum. Some may find that a threat and therefore feel the need to tear down what you’ve built. Don’t be discouraged. The masses are behind you. We need strong, courageous leaders that take us to places we might not go alone. Stay the course!

  19. Great post, Darren. You can either make the world a better place by raising your vibration with love and positivity or you can send negative energy into the world with your anger, fears and doubts and contribute to the slow slide into that which destroys us. Feed the good wolf. Love it.

  20. My family supports Invisible Children 100%. There will always be naysayers, whiners and people who just don’t get it. But MANY do, Keep going guys!