Lost for Two Decades, I Found THE SECRET!

Secret Tablet

It seems that a secret international society slipped into the United States of

America sometime about the mid 1990s.

They stole our secret.

This is the secret we had previously stolen from Europe. This secret is what powered our rise to become

a superpower during the twentieth century.

But we have been without the

formula this secret reveals for almost two decades now. We have seen, felt and experience the results of being without it.

We have also seen the results of those who stole it from us. Members of this secret society belong to China, India, Mexico, Japan and others.

They tried to bury it and hide it from us.

But I found it.

Many millenniums ago it was etched on a stone tablet. Since it has been passed down by an esoteric group of people. Less than 3% of those who have ever lived have learned

of this secret. Even fewer have used its magic powers.

I have the tablet. I have the photo to prove it.

Do you want to see it?

Do you want the secret?

Are you sure?

If you learn of it and don’t use its formula, it could lead to a life of regret and despair.

In this case ignorance is bliss.

You could always excuse yourself by saying, “I just didn’t know the secret.”

But, if you want to know the secret… the secret to all success, in any aspect of life, the formula is etched on this stone table—click this link to discover The Secret (if you dare!)

Help reveal The Secret to everyone you know. Share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, text, etc. America needs The Secret back. HURRY, we are running out of time!




48 responses to “Lost for Two Decades, I Found THE SECRET!”

  1. yes that is true ,every goal you want you can be reached to it by hard working.very important secert that alot of african people need it to change their life make their continent very strong,wake up africa

  2. Thanks Darren…! you are right..
    I have a problem…. Can you please assist me in resolving it?
    How can i improve my I.Q level ???
    Actually my learning skill is very poor…! After many attempts i make myself able to get interest in relevant topic and in any sort of seminar, I usually understand 10 to 15% of it…
    That’s the big and still unresolved problem in my life….
    Can you give me some ideas to improve my learning skill please.? Thanks

  3. Very good. You won’t be hosting an invitation only conference on this. If so I missed out on your invitation.

  4. I agree with your answer being hard work Darren, but there are other reasons many succeed. What about who we meet and get to know along the way? Leading us to have favor with them and giving us positions, raises and titles we hardly worked for less more deserved leaving the truly hard worker to continue believing his day will come only to realize it’s retirement time? As my late uncle said years ago “You can work as hard as you can, but you had better know someone at the top.” I’ve seen this proven over and over again Companies, organizations as well as families pass over the most hard working and deserving person to promote or bring in someone they know or has favor with them. Most people would not be where they are today had it not been for someone giving them a break along the way(who they knew).

  5. @Clive Leach, you are the perfect example. You are a 30++ year overnight success story. Blood, sweat, tears and lots and lots of hard freaking work (doing the scary kind of work – talking to people…) has been your formula. That’s why you’ve got more pounds than most (the colored paper kind of pounds- the ones with the pretty lady on them).

  6. Great work Daren, I think we need to steal it and bring it to my country Nigeria. I saw a post on the wall of a friends office long ago and it reads: “We still make money the old fashioned way -hard work. There is no substitute to good old HARD WORK!

  7. I agree Darren, GREAT TRICK. NO DOUBT, that has been etched on a stone tablet many millenniums ago…
    Only for the sake of justice I can add also what “the man nobody knows” discovered for all of us two thousand years ago, so quite recently with respect to the stobe tablet…: the power of LOVE!
    Who can claim a bigger and brighter and widespread SUCCESS than Jesus, after 2000 years…?
    Beside personal actractiveness, quite huge, he also give birth to the most long-living international organization in the world… :-)

    (However all this has been already remarked by Bruce Barton during ’30ies, only a quotation…
    “Matthew 22:36-40
    36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
    37 Jesus replied: ‘LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘LOVE your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 ALL THE LAW and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”)

  8. The secret is that it takes ‘hard work’ to achieve anything in life. Thanks Darren for reminding us what the secret is. Saw you on the 24 March, absolute brilliant.

  9. When I read “hard work”, for the first time I did not read it in the line of Work Hard but more in the line of “Work hard on hard work”. What is hard work? Hard work is that which everyone pushes aside. It is the difficult work – thinking of new and cleaner technologies, finding new vaccines, faster ways of doing tasks, questioning the procedure,… etcetera. Personally, I think this is the most rewarding of all work.

  10. What’s great about this post DH is I know you don’t ask us to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself and then some!! BTW I loved the Insider’s Club Video!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    You are one powerful speaker my friend!! Cannot wait to see you live on stage in NYC!! Blessings for safe travels to you!!

  11. Hard Work is the major tool to produce a tablet 😉 I remember the story of Arkad from the book ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’. He started inscribing tablet for the rich people until he learned how to create his own wealth. <love this post!

  12. “There is no freakin’ secret” Now I wonder who said that two weekends ago. Ah! Yes, I remember. It was (roll of drums, tension mounts)… Darren Hardy! Loved this hilarious post and so well presented. Now I just need to find that grindstone.

  13. I shared this with my TEAM immediately! My mother beat into our heads growing up that “everythng in life that is worthwhile is HARD WORK!” Thank you Darren – it was good to see in big print. :)
    And — I did NOT find this a waste of time….I think the simplicity was profound and much needed :)

  14. Thanks Darren, I didn’t know so many people thought that success was measured first in dollars, But evidently many folks have only money on their minds, and will work only on the means to make it.
    They forget the more important and more difficult work of becoming a better person which is true success, overcoming the fears and distractions, and self destructive habits which attack us all. You don’t get to take your money with you but you get to be who you become.
    I have worked long, and now am striving to work smart, working toward new goals and dreams for my self and my family
    Keep spreading hope and truth,
    The dogs will bark but the train is moving on.

  15. Had to comment again on this HOT TOPIC!

    Most people with jobs ARE working hard I believe, our glorious capitalist free democracy works them to death by waving luxuries under their noses then takes just enough taxes to ensure they can never stop working.

    The last 20 years was spoiled by credit lending. The countries you name couldn’t get credit so they had to earn it rather than borrow….just like we used to do. Now we’ll waste 10 years+ paying it all off.

  16. The average IQ in America is 96. The average IQ for undergrad degree is 115. We in this country have out-sourced the jobs for the AVERAGE American. It’s called cheap labor and no environmental standards. Notice how successful a colony of bee are. Every bee has a job, knows their job and does their job. When this natural system fails it’s called colony collapse….You can’t sell to people who have no money…..Any questions

  17. This is incredibly offensive. The secret to wealth is being born into or marrying it or winning the lottery. The idea that if you just “work hard enough” is what we of the working class have been spoon-fed since childhood. It’s meant to keep us docile and complacent and unquestioning of the fact that a small percentage of the elite takes the vast majority of wealth produced by our labor for doing absolutely nothing but be born into privilege. You tell us to deny ourselves even the tiniest of creature comforts like an occasion latte because we should sacrifice absolutey everything so that we can send our kids to school to become the same mindless slaves that we were? Hell no! I’ve sacrficed enough. I don’t have any hope that I or anyone i know will escape the cycle of debt anymore than we can escape the cycle of death. I hope my kid can live in a world without class struggle, but personay I don’t have that kind of faith in our species anymore.

  18. Amen! We are in the IG generation…Immediate Gratification. If it takes too long…there must be something wrong. Will share this with my team. They love secrets!!

  19. @Jim, As I explained to another…You should watch the presentation I give away here: http://www.InsidersResourcePool.com. There is a big difference between LONG work and HARD work. Working long hours is not the key to success and wealth. As you say, plenty of busboys and the like work long hours. Doing the HARD work, that work which scares you, is difficult and challenging like calling on that scary prospect, planning and preparing, practicing and training, reviewing results, staying focused on that crucial project, NOT allow yourself to get distracted by email, drop-ins, needless phone calls, texts, etc. THAT is the ‘secret’. Doing HARD work, not long work.

  20. Hi Darren, as always you have a good point; you might also say the key is to work smart.

    I’ve seen too many people become “busy fools” without goal setting.

  21. I knew that was coming! Hard work is a secret that seemingly few people know about. I will help put the word out! Thanks Darren

  22. Thanks for the post! My motto from basketball coaching years ago: Work hard, work smart and have fun! Too many people complain that they are not getting their share yet they are not fully committed to hard work and they are miserable all the time. We need to get back to our roots! Thanks Darren!

  23. @Darren Hardy, Quite an insult to all those people who have worked hard during the last 20 years, many of them taking 2 or more jobs to make ends meet; others doing the work of 2-3 positions as companies “downsized.” I wonder what data you have to suggest that the 99% have not “worked hard” over the past two decades.

  24. Awesome! Work will win when wishing won’t. Darren, keep up the good work! God Bless!

  25. Darren you ROCK totally true and so many cant figure it out. Thank you for the reminder just love your brillence keep up the great work . Love to you and your Georgia and the fur babies Enjoy the beautiful weather comming your way.Love Cheyenne from Henderson Nevada

  26. @David, it’s not a joke.
    As a culture we have lost sight of the character that once forged this unique nation. Lost so far as to become a “secret” once again. We are more intent to give our hope to winning the lottery than we are getting off our rump and making our luck through hard work.

  27. Bravo Darren! I will add though that it is not ONLY Hard Work, but Hard Work in the right direction. We need to be true to our inner selves as to WHAT it is that we truly want. We can be working hard in the wrong direction only to find out years later that our hard work was in vain & has not brought us any closer to our goals.

  28. Second to “work hard” would be to “work smart”.

    The Compound Effect describes some ways to work hard by gradually increasing your efforts incrementally – an instance when working hard doesn’t seem so difficult.

  29. Success equals to work SMART not hard. Finding the right vehicle and doing whatever it takes for success. Not many will do whatever it takes for success. Success is not a destination it is the journey.

  30. True it’s the hard, bone crushing smart work. I have a friend who think he can have a car by the law of attraction. I told him the law of attraction unfortunaly doesn’t work on its own. It depends on the law of faith, law of hard smart work and law of becoming. Hard to say but that’s the truth. Keep on reminding us Darren

  31. I love your book, but this was complete waste of my time. I hate being interrupted for jokes. No offense intended.

  32. This is the answer in a nutshell, Bravo, Darren! Only the brave & totally focused folks will follow this secret though, the “way” of someone else’s secret is far too inviting. There is enough to go around for everyone, but this is what it takes to get it!

  33. This is good, but I thought the secret was love, compassion, empathy and saying please and thank you which many people just don’t know how to do or say any more – and that leads to being lazy, not working hard and not taking responsibility. I am so tired of the lack of responsibility and no one wanting to own up and work for what they want! (sigh)