Times are Changing: Age, Sex and Our Future (2 of 2)


As we discussed in the first post, gender and generations are changing the landscape of business and the dynamics of the work environment in dramatic fashion.

If you can learn to adapt your culture and your leadership you will thrive as

we march forward into the future.

Don’t adapt and it could be curtains for your business and your prosperous future.

So I have two methods to suggest in helping you adapt, develop and thrive.

1. Reverse Mentoring
This is the best way to integrate the trading of skills, perspectives and experience throughout your organization. Have men be mentored by women and boomers mentored by millennials.

Have women teach men many of the communication, social and interpersonal skills that women are more naturally adept at and how a man should best communicate to, work with and help support women in the workplace.

Have millennials teach boomers new technology, web services, social media and how the should best communicate to, work with and help support their younger colleagues in the workplace.

You might be asking, why the one-way street?

Well, first, it’s where the

greatest gap and need exists, and secondly, mentoring the other way will happen naturally through the relationship.

Women will learn a lot more about their male counterpart in the workplace and how they, too, can adopt some of the skills more natural or prevalent in males in the workplace, and certainly millennials will pick up important leadership, discipline and mindset insights from their more experienced boomer workmates.

2. Be a Student Leader
This action item is particularly for you—the leader of your organization. I want to suggest you go around asking lots of questions to those outside your gender and your generation.

The best way to find out how they tick is to ask them… and listen… really listen.

Here is a questionnaire document I made for you to go through this

process. Download here

Interview at least 3 people (5 is better) from the opposite gender and 3 (5 is better) people from a generation other than your own (particularly the one you understand the least and might frustrate you the most as a result).

Next Step:
Ask one of those from the opposite gender and different generation to mentor you on the topic. Ask them to be your go-to person to talk through interactions and experiences you are going through with people of their orientation and get feedback and advice from them.

Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear what ‘ahas’ you get when you interview those of different mind and background. You can find me on my blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. I can’t wait to read your comments.

Take on these two suggestions and you will become a dynamic and influential leader of men and women… of all ages.
Wow, what power that will give you.

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10 responses to “Times are Changing: Age, Sex and Our Future (2 of 2)”

  1. Thank You Darren for your ongoing Insights, a True Leadership is always a student and continue to thrive. I thoroughly enjoy your articles Success Magazine & CD’s. Keep up the great work to establish true leadership skills and developing new skills, knowledge & application of performance
    Thank you

  2. Thank you Darren, what an eye opener and informative article. Totally agree and have learnt so much. Thanks tons!

  3. I really like the reverse mentoring bit. My mother taught me how to speak to women and the tricks, nicks and knacks that are involved, e.g. I learnt how to compliment women on their choice of lipstick, clothes, hair, etc, much to the chagrin of my father who thought it would make me effeminate. I tell you what, it has really helped me and I seem to be one of the few who can talk to women while most of the men stand in the sidelines. Good on you!

  4. I totally agree with you Darren. I think the opposite sex is not only the smarter, but the hardest working. Their work never stops. When I get home my meals are cooked and clothes are washed, dogs are fed and house is always clean. Men are definately the weaker sex, I admit, Thanks Jan, I love you and Happy Mothers Day. BTW, bonking? Ho Ho He He

  5. I enjoyed the article about being a student Leader. To be an effective leader you have to start by improving yourself. A great mantra is I am Responsible. Big fan of Success Magazine. Keep up your great work Darren! Jim Johnson

  6. Hey Mr Hardy,

    I do this challenge on an ongoing basis and quite frankly it rocks!! We are all here to teach each other so from that perspective there are no such things as other genders or generations only potential partners. Let’s learn all we can from whomever we can!! Deal?

    I also wanted to share that both May’s and June’s Success Magazine CD and Book Review CD’s were total home runs! I love love love the interviews with the two Dans (Sullivan and Kennedy)!! Thanks for all you do for us my friend!!

    Have a magical day!!
    Corey J

  7. @Pam, yeah interesting point. I didn’t shoot the photo of course. Just an image to suggest all different ages and types networking. And you never know, maybe they are in relationship! 😉 Don’t miss the point of the message (that I did write) however.

  8. Darren

    Normally, I enjoy your posts and comments, however this time I’m a little surprised by the picture you chose. If you exam the picture closely, the man central in the picture has his arm around the waist of the woman. Please help me understand how that image aligns with your statements above? In particular:

    “Have women teach men many of the communication, social and interpersonal skills that women are more naturally adept at and how a man should best communicate to, work with and help support women in the workplace.”

    That gesture in my opinion is not acceptable workplace behavior unless the two were in a relationship. Putting your arm around someone’s waist is courtship behavior and sexual in nature, and would not work well in a workplace environment.

    Maybe the first lesson of communication and interpersonal skills that a women can teach men in a workplace environment is what is “appropriate touch.”