Are You In The Game?


Technology is powering the entrepreneurial revolution.

Are you in?

It was 15 minutes until a crucial web conference I was hosting. A $10 million deal was on the line. For three weeks I’d worked to line up financial and political players for a company I advise.

Then it happened.

My computer monitor went blank, my Polycom phone made that funny little burp sound it makes when you unplug it, and all the lights in my San Diego home office went out.


I ran outside to check the breaker. My neighbor yelled that his power was out, too. I went back in to try to log into the Go To Meeting website.  No power to the cable modem meant no Internet. I tried my cellphone to alert someone. No cell service—which meant no texting, tweeting or Facebooking!

Serious panic now.

Maybe a pole on our street had been hit, I thought. So I grabbed my laptop, jumped in my car and raced to the local Starbucks. The store was dark. In fact every house and business along the way was completely dark.

The meeting time came and went. I was a no-show. I never no-show.

My gut wrenched.

I went home to realize that my web radio, TV, refrigerator,  oven, stove, garage door, coffee maker, air conditioner, water heater and almost every other form of technology was useless.

This might seem like a story to relate how terribly dependent on technology we have become, but in fact, on that day and that very dark night—Sept. 8, 2011, when an unprecedented power system crash left several million people without electricity from Baja, Mexico, through San Diego County and into Arizona—I really came to appreciate the amazing wonders technology has brought to every facet of my life.

Without it, there is

no way I could manage several businesses and broker multimillion-dollar deals with people around the world  from a home office, complete with all these great amenities.

What a great time to be alive!

Technology has definitely liberated the  individual and is greatly responsible for powering the entrepreneurial revolution. Now, because of technology,  every ambitious individual has direct and immediate access to

a global market of resources and customers.

We have become unchained. From any desk, hotel lobby, cab or even while standing in line at a Starbucks, we can book an airline ticket,  participate in a worldwide conference call, approve contracts, wire money and stay in touch with old high school friends. We can access  the world’s knowledge, the world’s goods and the world’s marketplace from anyplace, at all times and with a device that fits in our pocket. It’s incredible, really!

Which leads me to ask: Are you making the most of these amazing opportunities?

Technology has leveled the playing field.

Are you in the  game?

Our July issue issue of SUCCESS is on newsstands now – it can help you.

That is

our intention. Turn your power button to “ON.”

Share your favorite technologies that help you be more successful, faster and with greater ease in the comments below. Let's trade tech tricks and tips with the community.




14 responses to “Are You In The Game?”

  1. Just want to say your article is as surprising. The clarity for your publish is just excellent and i could assume you’re a professional in this subject. Fine with your permission let me to take hold of your RSS feed to keep up to date with approaching post. Thanks one million and please continue the gratifying work.

  2. Interesting article!! But sometimes it makes me wonder are we using technology more than that is required. It is good that it is making things really easy but aren’t we totally dependent on technology for everything these days??

  3. I am gathering material for a new personal-development blog I plan to start in September. But I have no idea of where to start with regards to social media. How do you get started on Twitter if you don’t know anybody “in real life”? How do you get people to notice you as a newbie in a field full of millions — I don’t even know how to get started and “just say hi.”

    Twitter for me is like a party where you go and don’t know anyone, don’t speak the language, and oh, it’s populated by an unrecognizable species of aliens on which you are the sole human. It’s like Planet of the Apes especially if you can’t afford an extra “boost” to pay for likes or followers and get yourself noticed that way. I have never been what one might call a “social” person; it’s not that I don’t have good work ethic or quality content, it’s just that I have absolutely no idea of how to say hello. :’-(

  4. Darren, thanks for sharing your story. Sorry to hear that happened, but it made a great lesson. I agree that those who are not plugged in and taking advantage of the world wide online network are missing out. Technology enables us to scale our efforts in a big way.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Great article and many of the ideas I have implemented into my new business. My goal when I started the business was to use technology: smartphone, ipad and laptop to leverage my work area. The work area being the entire USA and Caribbean

    I want to be able to earn $4,000 to $6,000 a month regardless of where I am at. As long as I have internet connection via smartphone or hot spot I can earn money

  6. Darren,
    Thanks for Success magazine. On this month’s CD you talked about a downloadable doc to help us implement the ideas from the CD. I think that you said it would be available through your blog. Am I missing it her?

    Thanks again!


  7. yes….the humble bank on the corner
    yes…..the multi chop manual version
    yes the multichop manual version

    yes…the rolson battrey charger for mobile

    yes…the charged battrey to a laptop
    yes….to the man on foot with a petty cash budget and a set of wheels just a cart or a buggy

    yes….to the communication of spoke word…if technology fails

    where is my solar panel that will run the fridge…dont worry it stays cold just 24 hours

    where is my solar electricity being stored in a battrey to use in an emergency
    dont worry…we will find it one day…just 18 months away if the house equity covers it.

    i am eating cold on a day like that
    i am defrosting my cooked rice frozen just in the last couple of months

    i am defrosting a loaf

    and thawing out a baked potatoe

    my fish fingers cooked last month or so will need eating up

    and of course standing by at great expense two hapence of ready store style
    chilli con carne etc

    or the cold tin of sainsbury carrots

    the frozen litre of goats milk…it seemed a good idea at the time

    alas i am unsure i need all the communication in the world
    if my payment is lost between 2 stools and
    alas once again offline
    NO limit means no catalogue bought
    no manual order form means no manual order in

    heavens knows where the orders go
    its damned be to all good men and women who have online that doesnt run

    BUT what alas are you in your pocket…that keeps it all on

    if the network phones go out
    do you mean the sort i plug in a normal socket and hope that BT are still on

    a basic phone for the purpose
    a mobile network that still runs

    praise to the power that the sun the wind and the wave can generate !!

    BUT NO i wasnt in on your day either

    and i havnt had a power cut recently
    BUT warnings of one are a flicker or two at night
    little surges and slowings of flow of power that we pick up

    WELL done for thinking of it tho

    2011 sept or novemebr one thing after the other
    much has gone past…not much has let up

    but now i am waffle
    so switching down now

    and another cold frappe coffee instant…..if i cry on this one
    i know just another will do the job !!

  8. The game is great DH! I’ve implemented everything you and I and Brendon talked about in NY. Looking for game changing results in the very near future!! Thanks for your continued inspiration!!

    Have a magical day!!

  9. @Tope Omitola and @darren – echoing laurence’s comment…over the weekend, i was playing around on my iphone’s newsstand app. i was able to one-click and order an annual subscription for entrepreneur mag.

    and then i thought – let me go ahead and order success mag as well. (another perfect extension of technology to not have to go to a store to purchase an issue, or wait for the mail; not to mention the convenience of always having something positive to read during unexpected delays or forced downtime, like say when you lose power. :-)

    but no such one-click-charge-to-my-itunes-account option. but instead – a page of info i needed to fill out. not a huge deal – no – but it certainly killed my impulse purchase bc i didnt have my cc nearby and i didnt want to get up and go get it.

    and – im a *huge* personal fan of yours and follow your musings and posting religiously. i cant remember the last time i thumbed through entrepreneur mag, and i dont subscribe to any of their e-lists. i dont even remember how i got to their mag on the iphone app. but when i saw buy now, and clicked once and was done – entrepreneur just picked up a very casual reader with no loyalty from me or any efforts on their part.

    of course – the irony has now struck me that in the time its taken me to write this post, i could have filled out the info you asked for and gotten an electronic subscription. but my hope though is that im giving you good feedback representing the hundreds (thousands?) of others who would one click and order your magazine; but are not able to and you never hear from them.

  10. Darren

    I would like to subscribe to your excellent “SUCCESS” magazine using Paypal. Your subscription office said this facility is not available. It’ll be good if you make subscribing using Paypal feature available as this will open the doors to thousands of new subscribers. Also, you could also add paying by International Money Orders, as this would open doors to many more from developing countries with little or no access to credit card facilities to subscribe.



  11. Excellent post Darren.

    Share your favorite technologies that help you be more successful, faster and with greater ease in the comments below:

    1) Webinars- In my opinion this is the next best to meeting in person. Provides a global reach with visuals.
    2) Smart phones- voice, texting, email, internet video, music all in one. Incredible!!!
    3) Tablet computers & PC’s create unlimited potential as well.
    4) Internet / facebook. Opportunity to reach a network of 800 + million people. WOW!

    Although it’s exciting times and unlimited potential with technology I continue to allow time for face to face time and quiet time (smart phone turned off) as one of my best qualities for relationship building and value added.

    Have a great week!

  12. Darren: Since your fine reputation precedes you, the deal concluded very well later – I wager. I agree that we need to embrace technology since it’s become a matter of survival. Great post; thanks.