The White Knight Strategy


Welcome to the new online series I am developing specifically for you titled: SUCCESS in Action.

This series will feature actual ideas and strategies proven successful by the CEOs and business owners I mentor through my private HIGH-PERFORMANCE FORUM (HPF).

Now you can now take a peak into how these CEOs are producing their big breakthrough results. Enjoy!

The White Knight Strategy
In the FORUM, I teach a framework for how to be an absolute game-changer in your industry.
One component of that framework is called “The White Knight Strategy.”

This strategy helps you literally change the game in your marketplace.
Instead of being a sales solicitor who continually has to pursue clients, you become the hero of your marketplace endlessly attracting clients to


How? Let me give you just one example.

For my HPF members, I open up Nike’s playbook and revealed exactly how they “just do it,” step by step.
I ask members the same question I’ll ask you:

Question: What does Nike sell?

Shoes, athletic apparel, you say?

No. That’s what their competition sells.

Want to know what Nike sells? Watch this video.

While the competition is selling shoes, Nike changed the game and their messaging to sell self-esteem, confidence, and hope, which then (they argue) leads to the prevention of breast cancer, depression and abuse.

As Nike founder Phil Knight revealed to Oprah, “Sometime we hit it. That one hit it.”
You see, it’s no accident. Nike knows exactly what it's doing strategically.

Question: What do you sell?

What would make your marketing message so inspiring that Oprah would invite you on her network to talk about it (and show your commercial)?

Here’s how Lynne Wallace, President of VANTREO and one of my HPF members, used the exact Nike framework to reposition her insurance agency’s messaging into one of a White Knight.

Watch this video.

While most insurance agencies are selling discounts and other “me-too” sales messages, Vantreo is the protector of your children and your family’s legacy.

In Lynne’s words:
“With all the advertising about ‘discounts’ in insurance, we came at it from a completely different perspective. We refocused the message to ‘protection.’ Nike doesn’t advertise the best price for athletic shoes…they open people’s minds to the greatness in what their product makes possible. That was the concept I learned at HPF and through the Nike commercial. It had direct applicability for VANTREO.”

Lynne's new White Knight commercial is now playing in movie theatres across her marketplace in Northern California. It is being seen 125 times a day, 875 times per week, about 3,500 times per month, and over six months will run about 21,000 times.

Lynne says the recognition and praise pouring in from business leaders (prospective clients) across her marketplace is driving her competition crazy. She’s changed the game on them!

Ready to become the White Knight of your industry?

If you want to ask Lynne a question or give her kudos—please do so in the comments section below.

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22 responses to “The White Knight Strategy”

  1. Lynn,
    Great stuff in using Mr. Darren Hardy to advice you in using his White Knight series. I just want to know how to utilize the strategy for an National Private Company that is about to advertise nationally with over 5,000 active associates and being different from all the rest of the associates that advertise on facebook. Any suggestions?


    Clarence Gaul
    Independent Associate with LegalShield

  2. Lynne, wanted to re-connect and set up a time to talk. Will you be in the office next week 7/2/12?
    Thank you for your kind offer

  3. From direct experience I can say that Lynne and her entire team at Vantreo “walk their talk”. As a corporate client of theirs we have definitely benefited both qualitatively and quantitatively from their commitment to excellence in servicing our needs and putting us on the path to resolving our problems, specifically Workers Compensation issues. Modelling their approach we focus on being a solution to our elderly clients and their grown children who are faced with being their parents caretakers. We also focus steadfastly on being great employers to our hundreds of employees who go into peoples’ homes and assure that they feel safe, secure, and happy.

  4. I was reading Brendon Burchard’s book, “The Millionaire Messenger” this morning where he shared how one day in his life a messenger came to him who transformed his life…a mentor. Well, that is what has happened to me since I met Darren Hardy. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on wonderful coaches over the years and have learned a lot but Darren has been a transformer for me…and truly a mentor. I knew we were on to something with VANTREO but we have gone to warp speed since the February HPF on so many levels. The insurance industry has needed to have its game changed. I am very grateful.

  5. Hi Mentor,

    Wow, This is amazing idea, most of them look industry as just giving price discount and sell it, but this makes me think to strategize in a different view. Please keep posting more & more… Loving and adopting it up to full extent :)

    Thank you Lynne for your best idea :)

  6. Mr Hardy
    Thank you for the ideas, particularly this one about “Thinking outside the standard Message:….hitting the emotional target which is the true motivator.
    Thank you for your continual stream of ideas.
    Lou Sportelli

  7. Hi Darren, I stand benefitted by this article. I will be rewording the punchline for my service. I am sure it will reach my target sement with a more positive approach and motivating quick action.

  8. Thank you Darren for this thought provoking ideas! I love it! I work for one of the top 10
    best hospitals in US (US News ranking) where we deliver beyond outstanding care to improve people’s health which then can make the person happier and wealthier! I believe that people will
    are willing to invest premium for their health, well-being and peace of mind.

    Thank you Darren for your The Compound Effect book which I just finished reviewing today for the 9th time! My bday is on Tuesday and so I review and apply your wisdom from TCE, LYBYE while
    I do my Bday dreamlining in Hawaii next week! Thank you for your wisdom and inspiration! Happy and healthy bday to your wife Georgia too! Your book as impacted my life for the better more than any personal dev book I’ve read!


  9. Lynne ,

    It’s incredible. Knowledge is not power , applied knowledge is!! You applied it.
    Need your advice: I run 3 companies. One of them is to collect debt , we deal with debtors across the world. I own call center in India and one of the processes is debt collection. How do we do better in this industry? It may be negative industry but someone has to do this to keep economy in place. Otherwise bank would never lend. Need advise for Darren , Lynne and all who can give thoughtful suggestions. Thank you Love Mitesh

  10. Lynne

    I am the owner of a small p&c independent agency in North Carolina. I congradulate you for your foresighht to change the game as far as appealing to the client. We have done such a poor job in our industry teaching the insured that its all about price. No doubt the reason why so many look upon our industry as a necessary evil.
    May I ask what you would suggest a small agency such as mine could do along these lines? I do not have the resouces to mount such an advertising campaign as you did.

  11. Thank you Darren for sharing this eye opening message, and congratulations Lynne for paving your own path. I have long believed that it is easier to gain a large following through messaging directed that touches the hearts and minds of people, rather than one rooted in self-interest. Sadly, I have failed to follow this principle with my own start-up company, and this post, and your story Lynne is the reminder that I needed.

    From this day forward we will position ourselves as the White Knight in our industry.

    Thank you for the wake up call!

    Stevie G.