FINISH BIG in 2013


You might remember back in July, for the first time ever, I hosted a complimentary online workshop called GO BIG.

To my surprise over 20,000 people registered and nearly everyone showed up! We melted the webinar hosting company’s servers!

I had so much fun and received such incredible feedback that I have decided to offer an encore presentation…

AND the content will be completely different and VERY timely! 

My motivation stems from countless conversations I have experienced with people like you during my extensive travels over the past 5 months.

Hundreds of people approached me to say, “Darren, I love your work and I am excited to implement these strategies, but I’m behind on my goals, I’m feeling overwhelmed and I’m nervous that I will fall short of my goals for the year. What can I do?”

Sound familiar?

Too much to accomplish…

Not enough time…

Less than desired results…

This feedback set me on a mission to revisit some of the great minds I have had the pleasure of interacting with as part of my work at SUCCESS. My goal was to collect, condense and simplify the very best strategies that elite achievers implement to produce 3Xs more in the final days than most do all year.

Here is why this is so critically important for you to up your game and push your productivity:

  • 20-40% of all annual retail and e-commerce sales are done in last 45 days of year.
  • More points are scored in the final 2-minutes of each half in the NFL.
  • 9th inning strength is the key factor in MLB success.

All games on the court, field or in life are decided in the final push. Those final weeks, days and even minutes can revitalize your objectives and spark you to capture the extraordinary.

All your hard work spanning the entire year is going to come down to these final days remaining in 2013.

I want to help you FINISH BIG and I intend on arming you with key strategies and skills during an online workshop.

This is a brand new program that I have invested at least a hundred hours so you can walk away with…

  • The 3 strategies of “Success Compression” to finish the year BIG:
    • How to produce at least 3Xs more in the final days of 2013 than you have all year
  • And 3 strategies on how to win in 2014 even before the year begins:
    • Strategies of anti-conformity
    • How to get a running start
    • The one skill you need to master to really kick butt in 2014
  • Along with specific finishing strategies used by Tiger Woods, Lou Holtz, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Lady Gaga.

My goal for every attendee is that this program gives you the EDGE to FINISH BIG in 2013.

In order to get the most out of this experience, please bring the following:

1. A notepad ready to take a lot of notes feverishly.

2. A clear mind, calendar (hour or so) in an undistracted environment.

3. Items on your TO-DO list that MUST get done before 11:59pm  on December 31st.

I’ll see you here, next Thursday: 

I’m looking forward to it—I hope you are too!

Your friend in SUCCESS,
Darren Hardy

P.S. You are welcome to forward this to anyone you know who would benefit from learning the strategies elite achievers use to produce 3xs more in the final days of 2013 than most do all year. There is no cost to attend. It is my gift.

Forward them this email or send them these details:

“Darren Hardy’s FINISH BIG Online Workshop”
Thursday, November 14, 2013
6 pm PT / 9 pm ET
Register at:



9 responses to “FINISH BIG in 2013”

  1. I got the blank white screen. Darren, please rebroadcast the event or post a recording. My colleague and I both cleared our schedules to attend and were disappointed not to get in.

  2. I logged in 20 mins prior to the start and watched the countdown and after that a blank screen for 18 mins now….I’m really sad about this not working I was definitely looking forward to hearing him speak tonight!!!!!

  3. I called the provider from a back search but I do not have the code. SO it is difficult, I am assuming Darren has everything shut off – to focus.

    Have a good evening I am sure he will do this again for all of us who just could not get through.
    I iwll finish my Success Magazine reading…