Overcoming Obstacles

Getting Knocked Down

Posted in Overcoming Obstacles, SUCCESS on April 20th, 2010 by Darren Hardy –

We all get knocked down from time to time—it’s part of what makes life interesting… always keeping us alert and on our toes.

I recently shared a perspective in a keynote presentation I did that helped reshape my view of obstacles and life’s difficulties; this might help you too…

My wife’s best friend has a friend whose husband, I am embarrassed to say, I envied. He had the life I wanted. We are close in age and both came from the Bay Area of San Francisco.

After several failed businesses, he started an electronics store called “Jacks.” The stores were relatively successful and were bought out for a good sum. He then invested that money into commercial real estate in the San Diego Valley, before the boom. He ended up owning several buildings that made him tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions.

We would go to his parties at the home he custom built in Rancho Santa Fe (one of the richest ZIP codes in the county). The home, estate really, was more than 10,000 square feet on an amazing piece of sprawling land and it was designed in just the style I love.

His cars were amazing and he also had a yacht in the harbor and a private plane. He was also a good-looking guy and had a beautiful family he adored and who adored him. He was warm, friendly and always the life of the party. I wanted his life. In my head (privately, of course) I would wish read more »

Sometimes we are SUPPOSED to Fall!

Posted in Overcoming Obstacles, SUCCESS on October 20th, 2009 by Darren Hardy –

I got a call recently from a former employee. “I need to apologize to you,” he said. I hadn’t heard from this guy in more than five years. I had no idea why he would be calling me, let alone to apologize. He went on to say, “I hated you.”

Turns out, he resented me greatly calling him out when he was late, sending back his work frequently for improvement and even pushing him in his personal life. He went on to explain, “You were holding me to a standard I didn’t want and I hated you for it. But now, I finally get it.”

See, it wasn’t until he got fired from his last job that he truly began to understand what I was trying to do for him. He quit working for me, got another job and quit that one after only a year. Got another job, quit. Got another, quit. Finally, he just got fired.

“It took getting fired for me to realize you had been trying to do me a favor. You were the only one who saw I could be better than I was and tried to help me. At the time I resented it, but now I am very grateful. Thank you.”

Isn’t it unfortunate how many times we must fall before we can begin to understand why? Why must we go down the road ourselves before we learn?

You can tell your child to not touch the hot burner… but reality is, the only way they are going to learn is to touch it and burn their hand!

This is true all the way through life. No matter what read more »