Become a WOW Leader (1 of 2)

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WOW Leader-1As we continue our journey on helping you create a WOW year, over the next two posts we are going to focus on bolstering your WOW Power—your influence on people, circumstances, the community and the marketplace around you.

I want to help you become a WOW leader.

Having met, interviewed, studied and/or featured many of the greatest leaders alive today the most admirable, powerful, compelling, WOWing, quality of a leader is…

Wait… before I tell you, what do YOU think it is?

Think about it.

What do you think is the quality that people admire most in their leaders?

When you think of history’s most powerful, compelling, influential, movement-making and game-changing leaders, what do you think was their most admired quality? The one that attracted people to them and enrolled people into wanting to support their great mission, goals or causes?

Do you have your answer ready?

OK, let me reveal the answer… read more »

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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May-2014-cover_DH-blogWe are all excellent storytellers. We have a story for everything.

We have a story for why we can’t lose weight, stick to our diets, jog, do pushups, get up early, eat healthy, exercise regularly and stay disciplined.

“I’m big-boned.”
“It’s bad for my knees.”
“I don’t have time.”
“I’m too old.”
“It’s impossible when I travel.”
“I deserve a reward.”
“I have PMS.”
“It’s fat-free.”
“There are starving children in China.”

Recently my friend Kerri told me a story she heard when she was six months into her pregnancy. She had gained a significant amount of weight (she was, after all, pregnant) and started to worry whether she could ever regain her previous figure. She called a mom-friend and asked, “What really happens with this baby weight after my son is born? Will it all go away?” Her friend replied, “Well, a woman once told me you keep 10 pounds per child.” Kerri nearly dropped the phone. The friend’s pronouncement deflated her hopes of returning to her pre-baby weight and shape.

Later that week, Kerri was at the spin studio where she takes fitness classes. read more »

Giving WOW Presentations (4 of 4)

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WOW-Presentations-4In the last post I promised to give you the three-point formula that will help you WOW in any presentation you do. Ready for it?

But first, if you haven’t gotten a chance to check out  Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3 of the series, make sure to do so. Being familiar with these greatest presentations in history that I included in the earlier posts will give you the framework for what I am about to share now.

Also, I promised to share with you the commercial… or presentation, as I saw it, that was so effective. It was the commercial released at the 2013 Super Bowl by Dodge Ram called, “So God made a farmer.”

It wasn’t a fancifully produced commercial that shocked or alarmed your senses to grab your attention. There were no special effects. It wasn’t racy, lewd or funny… all the normal devices used to gain your interest…. it was simply a well-designed presentation… without the use of video at all. This presentation was delivered by a lone resonant voice over a succession of images telling a story.

How’d it do? It became the most talked about commercial of the year, according to Bluefin Labs, who measures the impact of television via social media. Within 45 minutes it generated 402,000 comments.

Go check it out if you haven’t seen it or don’t quite remember it… and now you will be able to see it from a totally different vantage point—it’s effectiveness as a presentation.

OK, it’s time to wrap up our learning from this four-part series of giving WOW presentations. As Ira Hayes said, “No one ever complains about a speech being too short.” Something to remember and something to prod us to get right to it.

Here is your three-point plan on how to start crafting a WOW presentation: read more »

Giving WOW Presentations (3 of 4)

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WOW-Presentations-3Welcome back to another week of WOW presentations. If you missed out on the previous installments, make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2. You don’t want to miss out on some of the greatest speeches to ever come from Lyndon B. Johnson, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

In next week’s concluding installment, I will provide a three-point plan on how you can start crafting your own WOW presentations. But first, let’s continue with another round of WOW presentations, including one of my all-time favorite keynote speakers.

If you had one last presentation to give before you died, what would it be?

Dr. Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh), gave his last lecture on September 18, 2007. During this final lecture, he talked about his childhood dreams and how he achieved them, and then how he went on to enable others to achieve their childhood dreams. Randy’s presentation, or last lecture, which has been viewed over 16 million times on YouTube alone, is filled with revealing stories of self-discovery.

Randy’s speech demonstrates how the audience is always much more receptive when you are not lecturing, but simply relating. Instead of telling, you are sharing. Instead of telling someone what they should do, you are sharing what you did wrong, how you discovered how to do it right, then the benefits you realized. This is a great example of that.

Next we will end with quite frankly one of the greatest keynote speakers who ever lived, certainly of our time. Who am I talking about? read more »

Ask Me Anything

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Q&A-DHLately I’ve been receiving a lot of questions through email as well as Twitter and Facebook. And I think the best, most efficient way to answer your questions is through this blog.

If there’s been a question you’ve asked in the past that has gone unanswered or even a topic you have been wanting further mentorship on for some time now, simply write it in the comment box below.

What questions do you have about success, goal achievement, productivity, leadership, past blogs or interviews I’ve done, The Compound Effect, Living Your Best Year Ever, Lessons of a Lifetime with Jim Rohn, anything at all! Now is your chance to ask.

Each month in one of my posts I will address some of the top questions asked. So ask wisely.

I care deeply about your success. Your questions matter because my passion lies in not only sharing the knowledge and practices I’ve gathered from the top elite achievers, but in helping you to grow and transform. Know that I am here to mentor, guide, and support you along the way to your success.

So again, post your question in the comment box below. And make sure to subscribe to this blog so that you don’t miss out on your question being answered. I look forward to addressing some of those questions in the future.

Your friend in SUCCESS,
-Darren Hardy