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Fear Not!

There is a Japanese proverb, “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.” 

Fear while an instinctual part of each and every one of us, should not control us or drive our actions, except in the case of extreme danger like being attacked by a shark or other such creatures. Obvious right?

Then why do so many let fear, some knowingly and most unknowingly drive their daily actions and limit the life they can lead? Read More

How to Build A Billion-Dollar Business

I want tell you how to build a Billion-Dollar Business. Oh, you don’t think you are capable or qualified to build a billion dollar business? Well that thought is incorrect.

You see, success is an equal opportunist. Success is blind to things like gender, age, race and especially background. Some of the wealthiest and most successful people you know or have heard of come from a background filled with hardships and even poverty. Read More

I am a FREAK

…a productivity freak to be exact. But yes, a freak!

It all started when I was 8 years old. Here’s what happened…

I was sitting on the olive green shag carpet of my grandfather’s family room floor. My grandfather was sitting behind me in his favorite chair crinkling the newspaper as he read it. I don’t remember what I was playing with on the floor, but I do remember what came on television. Read More

Conquering Connections pt 2

Now a question I hear a lot of people ask is how do you network if you are an introvert? Well, you asked the right guy.

You might be surprised to learn that I am mostly an introvert. I self-describe myself as an extroverted introvert, meaning I rise to the occasion when I need to be extroverted, but otherwise I am naturally introverted. Read More


Trying to be more successful can be stressful, am I right?

It seems the bigger your goals, the greater your ambition… also the greater your stress.

I lived most of my life like that: Big goals… and big stress.

But after spending time with many of the world’s greatest achievers I discovered something… They don’t. Read More

How to Attack Deliberate Practice: 4 steps

Last week I shared an example of deliberate practice through the story of Kobe Bryant and his insane work ethic. Now before you can attack this idea of deliberate practice, let me help further define it for you so you know how.

Deliberate practice is a highly structured and highly engaged activity with the specific goal of improving performance. Read More

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

Last week I shared with you an incredible example of success in development through the story of Clyde’s several reinventions. This week, to equip you for your own epic journey, I want to challenge you to attack the idea of deliberate practice. This is really the action plan for mastery in any endeavor you wish to excel at. Read More

The Epic Odyssey

The entrepreneur journey is usually an epic odyssey–one YOU can succeed at as Clyde is going to prove, no matter how old (or young) or your prior experience (failure or lack thereof).

I recently visited a local California farmers’ market and met Clyde, the owner of the Desert Olive Farms booth. Clyde looks like your quintessential cowboy; but as we talked I got the sense that this guy had seen more than just a few rodeos. Read More