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Fake It Till You Make It

Posted in SUCCESS on April 13th, 2010 by Darren Hardy –

darren-blog-imagePlease don’t.

I just finished writing my commentary for our forthcoming SUCCESS Audio Series issue that is based on developing professional and other relationships. I thought you might enjoy the insight of these thoughts as well.

Hey, by the way, how do you like my new (blog) look? Groovy, eh? I have to thank Dimi Arthontidis for his always super cool design chops and our web service wizards led by Mr. Sunshine, Ryan Means—thanks guys! And I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Todd Smith who inspired my blog envy to try to make mine as fly as his.

Six ways to give you the relationship edge in business and in life.

Here is tip No. 1 and maybe the most important one of all…

1. Be real, be transparent, be authentic and be yourself… I mean your REAL self. Too often people spend incredible amounts of energy trying to project themselves as something they’re not. Most of their conversation is spent trying to impress and they think they have everyone snookered.

Here is the reality: no one is fooled. People are always transparent… even when they think they aren’t. I’m sure you meet people all the time who say all the right things, look the part, but you just know, in your gut, even if you can’t put your intellectual finger on it, that they are full of hooey.

We are all intuitive and sensitive beings. We can feel the truth. We can sense authenticity and we can sense when it isn’t present. Projecting pretense only pushes people away from you—quickly and regularly. Your real self—the one that isn’t king of the hill, has fears, is concerned about family and has a genuine passion for a product, service or helping other people succeed—is far more attractive to people than anything else.

I think the era of “fake it till you make it” of the ‘80s and ‘90s has passed. People are smarter today and more than ever are looking for authenticity. Now let me be clear, no matter where you are in your business, in your financial success or in life, I DO want you to start dressing the part and walking the walk. I want you to start representing your elevated self. I want those things to be demonstrations of your new commitment to be better, show up better and live better. I’m talking about not fibbing on the truth.

2. Treat people… read more »

Sometimes we are SUPPOSED to Fall!

Posted in Overcoming Obstacles, SUCCESS on October 20th, 2009 by Darren Hardy –

I got a call recently from a former employee. “I need to apologize to you,” he said. I hadn’t heard from this guy in more than five years. I had no idea why he would be calling me, let alone to apologize. He went on to say, “I hated you.”

Turns out, he resented me greatly calling him out when he was late, sending back his work frequently for improvement and even pushing him in his personal life. He went on to explain, “You were holding me to a standard I didn’t want and I hated you for it. But now, I finally get it.”

See, it wasn’t until he got fired from his last job that he truly began to understand what I was trying to do for him. He quit working for me, got another job and quit that one after only a year. Got another job, quit. Got another, quit. Finally, he just got fired.

“It took getting fired for me to realize you had been trying to do me a favor. You were the only one who saw I could be better than I was and tried to help me. At the time I resented it, but now I am very grateful. Thank you.”

Isn’t it unfortunate how many times we must fall before we can begin to understand why? Why must we go down the road ourselves before we learn?

You can tell your child to not touch the hot burner… but reality is, the only way they are going to learn is to touch it and burn their hand!

This is true all the way through life. No matter what read more »

Leadership: The Great Calling of Life–The Grand Challenge for Us All

Posted in SUCCESS on March 9th, 2009 by Darren Hardy –

What does it mean to be a leader?

Leaders are those who can turn a struggling, ragtag army freezing at Valley Forge into a force that topples an empire. Leaders are people who reach out to friends in pain to help them topple their fears and recapture their confi dence. A leader can take a nation engaged in civil war and help unite the factions. A leader can also help save a struggling marriage or warring family.

A leader can cast a vision and challenge a nation to achieve something seemingly impossible—even as audacious as putting a man on the moon. A leader can also cast a vision for a startup company that inspires a small group of people working in a garage to ultimately revolutionize an industry and forever change how we live.

Whether leading a nation, a multibillion-dollar corporation, a small sales team or a family, the qualities of a leader are the same. A leader instills confidence and helps people become more than they are. Leaders illuminate the path for others to journey forward, farther than they thought possible by themselves.

“Leaders illuminate the path for others to journey forward, farther than they thought possible by themselves.”

Whether we know it or not, we are all leaders. At every moment, everyone around us is watching our example. That is why it is important to make sure your example is one to reach for rather than one to be warned by. I think leadership is the great calling of life, the grand challenge for us all.

Leadership is not to hold power over others or to illuminate our own greatness; quite the opposite, in fact. I believe the most important responsibility of leadership is to read more »

‘Tis the Season for Kicking Butt

Posted in SUCCESS on December 9th, 2008 by Darren Hardy – Comments Off

While many people mistakenly excuse lack of productivity during the holiday period, NOW is the time when you can get out in front and gain some serious strides on the competition.

When I was in real estate, most of my colleagues went into hibernation mode in December. Since many people do not buy or sell houses around the holiday season, they rationalized taking it easy—big mistake! I did exactly the opposite, kicked it up a notch, and seized a huge market advantage.

Three Ways to Get a Jump on Your Competition in December: read more »

Creating Your Extraordinary Life

Posted in SUCCESS on December 2nd, 2008 by Darren Hardy – Comments Off

Our January 2009 issue of SUCCESS hits newsstand today! We’re excited to bring you peak performance coach Tony Robbins as the subject of our cover feature. Also in this issue, themed “Designing Your Best Year Ever” we have a terrific lineup of inspiring and insightful articles and columns to help you kickoff 2009. Please take a look at some highlights, as noted in my publisher’s letter below.

2009: Designing Your Best Year Ever

How was 2008 for you? Was it great? Did you set new achievement records for yourself and your business? If so, now you can parlay that momentum and set some SBHAGs (Super Big Hairy Audacious Goals!) for 2009. Was it less than great? I have good news for you too, this is your chance to punch the reset button and start anew.

I love this time of the year. January 1 is a chance to be reborn. No matter who you are or where you are now, everyone comes back to the starting line again. Once the clock strikes midnight on December 31, all the pains, joys, successes, or failures are wiped clean, and the door on the previous year shuts forever. All you bring forward are the wisdoms you have gained from the years thus traveled.

“This is your chance to punch the reset button and start anew.”

When the page flips on the calendar and you wake on Jan.1, 2009, that could be the day, the first day, of Your Best Year Ever. It’s a decision, and you can make that choice. You can decide— this is the one… this is the year I will set out to accomplish my forgotten dreams. No longer will I wait. No longer will I stand on the sidelines watching other people live their dreams. This is my time, my year. This is when I will get healthy, find the love I deserve, or give the love those around me deserve. This is the year I will live the life I was meant to live!

To help you in this quest, we went out and enlisted the very best experts available today. They are going to share their highly coveted insights and strategies for helping you get anything you want and anything you want to achieve in life—in 2009 and beyond.

I think you will find some inspiration for your own goals from our feature on what four entrepreneurs are doing to make 2009 their Best Year Ever (page 44). Then we offer the wisdom and insights of two of the true greats of the personal achievement movement—Stephen Covey on how to find your unique purpose (page 68) and a great, advice-packed article from my personal mentor, Jim Rohn, on principles for succeeding in any season of life (page 42).

And we are proud to present our cover story with Anthony Robbins who will show you how to unleash your personal power (page 50). Be sure to listen to my interview with Tony on the DualDisc™ where he reveals the keys to keeping those resolutions for the New Year.

Make 2009 the year you let your greatness shine!

Darren Hardy
SUCCESS Publisher and Editorial Director

In a couple of weeks we will be releasing the goal planning and achieving system I have used for two decades – Living Your Best Year Ever - The proven formula for achieving BIG and wildly ambitious goals. We have compiled it into a book and planning system, complete with an audio introduction. It will be made available soon… stay tuned!