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Jim Rohn: My 20th Year Anniversary

Jim Rohn: My 20th Year Anniversary

This year marks the 20 year anniversary of meeting my personal mentor, Jim Rohn.

There is no question I would not be the man (or achiever) I am today if not for his mentorship.

Jim cemented my philosophical foundation and nourished my mind with ideas and ambitions never before imagined. Jim chiseled my character seminar by seminar, tape by tape, book by book, then CD by CD, hour by hour. Read More

Be a Game-Changer

Be a Game-Changer

Stop playing the game.

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Change the game.

Bringing your shade of vanilla to the market is no longer acceptable. You are going to have to add some chili pepper or foie gras (seriously, try Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream in San Francisco).

Today everyone can be an entrepreneur. But to win—win big, that is—you can’t just join the game that has been running for 20 years… heck, not even the last five. Read More

Why Entrepreneurs Are Healthier

Why Entrepreneurs Are Healthier

I read a Gallup report recently that cracked me up.

I laughed because I thought, “Of course!” But it made big news in the mainstream media.

This was the conclusion of an exhaustive Gallup study of 273,175 people from all 50 states done over 10 months:

“Entrepreneurs are healthier than everyone else.”

See, you laughed, right? Read More

Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success

So how young is too young to start your entrepreneurial endeavors?

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Certainly you can sell lemonade on the sidewalk or bake homemade cookies and sell them on the street, but that’s just kid’s stuff, right? They’re not “real” businesses.

You’d think, but that is not what one little girl thought. Read More

Doing What You’ve Never Done

Doing What You’ve Never Done

Twenty-four years ago I sold water filters door to door.

Twenty-two years ago I had a real estate franchise.

Eighteen years ago I built an international distribution company.

Twelve years ago I led a turnaround for an educational software company.

Nine years ago I was president of a TV network.

Six years ago I became publisher of this magazine. Read More