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Doing the Impossible

Posted in SUCCESS on December 3rd, 2013 by Darren Hardy –

Hsieh-cover-DH-blog“We are. We are going to stop them.”

It was a promise, a battle cry—to end a country’s longest war. But this battle cry wasn’t bellowed by a mighty Roman general or a U.S. president. No, it was uttered in a dark room in northern Uganda, to a frightened boy, by a recent college graduate from San Diego.

And it was impossible.

The college kid was Jason Russell, founder of Invisible Children.

The war in Africa led by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and warlord Joseph Kony, the first person indicted by the International Criminal Court for genocide and crimes against humanity.

The boy was 12-year-old Jacob, who—like 30,000 other children—had been abducted by the LRA. Jacob also had watched as his brother was murdered by Kony.

Russell believed that if U.S. citizens knew about these atrocities, they would stop them. But how could Russell and his two co-founders spread the word in the United States? Well, by appearing on Oprah!

But getting on Oprah was about as easy as stopping a war. read more »

Mining the Millennials

Posted in SUCCESS on June 21st, 2011 by Darren Hardy –

Millennials, also known as Gen Y-ers (80 million, born between 1980 and 1995), were raised by overly doting parents who coddled their self-esteem like fragile Fabergé eggs. They played in little leagues where the score wasn’t kept and where everyone was a winner and everyone got a trophy for just showing up.

Having hired, worked with and trained many, I had concluded that millennials were simply lazy, undisciplined, unmotivated, over-entitled and disengaged, with the attention span of goldfish.

Then I joined the Board of Directors of an organization called Invisible Children, founded by and made up entirely of millennials. I was quickly humbled to the fact that it is not that they are unmotivated, inattentive or disengaged—they were just unmotivated, inattentive and disengaged in working for ME!

The three leaders behind Invisible Children and their mostly volunteer army of incredibly motivated, hard-working and passionately engaged millennials have pulled off achievements in the last half dozen years that even SUCCESS hasn’t in the last 116 years. They have organized marches on Washington, simultaneous overnight rallies of millions of people in over 100 cities worldwide and pulled off wild stunts to get themselves on the Oprah show (which they did three times! video1, video2). They even wrote a bill that they personally pushed through the Senate and Congress all the way to the Oval Office and stood there while the President of the United States signed it. You cannot tell me this is an unmotivated, lazy and unfocused generation anymore. Go here to help support this group.

Having seen the talent, passion and capabilities of the millennials up-close, I now believe they pose one of the greatest strategic opportunities for companies today… if read more »