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Help me, Help our Future Leaders

Posted in SUCCESS on May 13th, 2011 by Darren Hardy –

We need to rally together and do something about this!

I heard this statistic and tweeted about it yesterday:

Darren Hardy@DARRENHARDY Get this stat:@end of this mo. 3M kids will graduate college-2.4M will be moving in with their parents!! They need SUCCESS!! Help me!

I got flooded with people saying the want to help, but asked how.

So, I asked my SUCCESS team to perform a fire drill to come up with a solution we could collectively use.

This is the problem we are trying to impact:

  • Of the 3 million college students who will graduate this month, nearly 85% (2.4 million) of them have to move back in with their mom and dad!
  • The unemployment rate for the under-25 group is as high as 54%!
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor reports 12.8 million young people (under age 30) are either unemployed, working part time or working at a job that doesn’t require a college degree, after spending tens of thousands to obtain one!
  • Rick Raymond, of the College Parents of America, notes, “Graduates are not the first to be hired when the job markets begins to improve. We’re seeing shocking numbers of people with undergraduate degrees who can’t get work.”
  • Sum Report finds that young adults without a college degree have been pushed out of the labor market entirely and are finding work at a lower rate than anytime since the end

    of World War II!

What can we do about this? We can help them separate from everyone else by developing the success mindset, habits, actions and persistence it’s going to take to have them take personal accountability and control of their future. Whether they want to compete for their dream job or (better yet) take their ambition and initiate an entrepreneurial endeavor, they are going to need the inspiration, support, positive role models and mentors to help them realize their dreams.

There is NO better way to deliver all that to them than through a subscription to SUCCESS magazine and the personal mentorship of me and my mentor Jim Rohn. This is what I had my team put together:

  • Copy of Challenge to Succeed by Jim Rohn. My all-time favorite personal-development program. This is what launched my success journey. I have listened to this no less than 60 times. It’s the best there is. This will be a life-changer for a new grad (anyone really).
  • Complete set (book & audio program) of The Compound Effect. This is really what they need to read and hear. There are no ‘secrets,’ shortcuts or quick fixes to success, which takes hard work, personal responsibility and positive choices, along with a well-spelled-out formula for succeeding.
  • Living Your Best Year Ever System (journal, goal-designing program and 4-CD audio program). A system of planning and execution is what they need to design a plan and to stick to that plan, and this is the step-by-step, week-to-week system that will guide them all along the way.
  • AND… a 12-issue subscription to SUCCESS is included for FREE!! Every month they will be re-inspired, re-motivated and re-encouraged by seeing other people doing wonderful, amazing and difference-making things in the world, despite great challenges or obstacles.
  • AND… as a special gift I had them add in the Jim Rohn Lessons on Life gift book

Here the genius of Jim Rohn (my wrap-up at his Tribute):

Then I asked them (this was the hardest part) to cut the price as low as possible. Our first attempt was 30% off. After some arm wrestling with accounting, we were able to cut it by 57%! (Everyone is fired up about this!)

Okay, I have done my part (there’s at least two decades of my life in the above); now it’s up to YOU:

  • How many college grads do you know?
  • How many previous grads do you know who are still looking for their dream job or still trying to kick-start their life?
  • How many unemployed, underemployed or budding entrepreneurs do you know?

Invest in their future and buy them the Graduate Success Package
(learn more about package:

  • How many people do you know, who know any of the above 3?

Forward this blog to them (use email, Facebook, Twitter, yell out the window) and ask them to spread the word:

Love to hear if you buy the package for a grad and if you help spread the word about this. Tell me what you do in the comments below. Thanks for helping me help our future leaders!

Now Explode Off the Starting Line

Posted in SUCCESS on January 18th, 2011 by Darren Hardy –

Last week I discussed the half-dozen ways people stumble on their New Year’s resolutions and goals right at the starting line. It generated a healthy discussion and I appreciate everyone’s contribution.

This week I’d like to offer you the half-dozen ways you can explode off the starting blocks and set yourself up to not only stay in the race (this time), but actually finish victorious!

1. Big 3

If you are using Living Your Best Year Ever, it guides you through making several goals in all 8 key areas of life. It then helps you reduce your plethora of goals down to your Big 3. I know you will want to accomplish ALL your goals, but it is critical you reduce it down to just 3 to supremely focus on.

Pick the 3 goals that are most important to you and would have the most dramatic impact on your life and lifestyle. Resist the urge to chase after other shiny objects that come into your field of vision.

2. One Thing

As Curly in City Slickers said, “Find your ‘One Thing’.” In this case, it is the one key behavior that is most important to you accomplishing each of your Big 3 goals.


Goal: Liberate 20 pounds to become ideal weight of 180.
Key behavior:
45 minutes of exercise, 3 times per week at a sustained target heart rate of 175.

Goal: Earn $200,000 in sales income.
Key behavior:
Collect 5 “no’s” 5 days a week.

Goal: Deepen intimacy with spouse.
Key behavior:
Say something appreciative or acknowledging 3 times per day, (at least) 6 days a week.

3. Installation

You can figure out your Big 3; you can even identify your One Thing that will be key to making it come true, but remember this very key point: read more »

Don’t Stumble at the Starting Line

Posted in Living Best Year Ever Series on January 11th, 2011 by Darren Hardy –

Have you made New Year’s resolutions or set goals before and failed?

Have you entered a new year beating your chest and proclaiming your magnificent transformation from every mountaintop only to have it dwindle to a whimper by the time January gets torn off the calendar?

What went wrong?

In my experience, there are about a half a dozen ways you can trip yourself up right at the start. Let me help you avoid these common trip-ups:

1. Too Many, Too Much

You try to tackle too many goals, change too many ingrained behaviors and attempt too much too quickly. Look, you have probably been building, developing and reinforcing a poor habit for 10, 20, 30, maybe even 40-plus years. Breaking one poor habit and trying to install a single new success habit is tough enough (and worth it). If you try to do too many, you won’t do any.

2. Too Tough, Too Soon

Remember Richard from The Compound Effect? He had never worked out in his life, but then started working out 2.5 hours a day, 5 days a week. I told him to back it down to 45 minutes, 3 days a week—something he could maintain for the next 50 years. He swore up and down he could maintain this and was committed to his new plan. By the time the book went to press, he had just started this program. Guess how long he works out, and how many days a week today? Zero and zero. He set himself up to fail and he did. Don’t be a Richard. (Suggestion: refer to “Ease In” section, page 80 of TCE).

3. Too Hardcore

Is there such thing as too much discipline? Yes and yes. Yes, if you want to have any levity, fun and joy in life. And yes, particularly in the beginning of a transformation. Too much discipline too quickly will send your emotional and psychic system into a state of shock, then meltdown. Willpower fails, eventually, every time. Can you hold your breath indefinitely? Neither can you hold your willpower indefinitely.

4. Too Rigid

Give yourself some room for error. You will be off course 80% of time. Life will happen. You will fall. Just don’t stay down. Get up and get back on. Over and over and over again.

read more »