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‘Tis the Season for a Knockout

‘Tis the Season for a Knockout

While many people mistakenly excuse lack of productivity during the holiday period, NOW is the time when you can get out in front and gain some serious strides on the competition.

When I was in real estate, most of my colleagues went into hibernation mode in December. Since many people do not buy or sell houses around the holiday season, they rationalized taking it easy—big mistake! Read More

Help me, Help our Future Leaders

We need to rally together and do something about this!

I heard this statistic and tweeted about it yesterday:

@DARRENHARDY Get this stat:@end of this mo. 3M kids will graduate college-2.4M will be moving in with their parents!! They need SUCCESS!! Help me!

I got flooded with people saying the want to help, but asked how. Read More

Now Explode Off the Starting Line

Now Explode Off the Starting Line

Last week I discussed the half-dozen ways people stumble on their New Year’s resolutions and goals right at the starting line. It generated a healthy discussion and I appreciate everyone’s contribution.

This week I’d like to offer you the half-dozen ways you can explode off the starting blocks and set yourself up to not only stay in the race (this time), but actually finish victorious! Read More

Don’t Stumble at the Starting Line

Don’t Stumble at the Starting Line

Have you made New Year’s resolutions or set goals before and failed?

Have you entered a new year beating your chest and proclaiming your magnificent transformation from every mountaintop only to have it dwindle to a whimper by the time January gets torn off the calendar?

What went wrong?

In my experience, there are about a half a dozen ways you can trip yourself up right at the start. Read More