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Lie in Bed with Your Client

Posted in SUCCESS on April 30th, 2013 by Darren Hardy –

I was working with a CEO recently and he said, “I want my marketing message to speak what is in my heart.”

I responded, “No you don’t.”

Have you ever been subject to someone’s passionate (probably long winded) pitch about something they are all fired up about but you couldn’t care less about?

Yeah, me too, it’s painful.

Then he said, “I see a great need for this in the market.”

I said, “Then that makes one of you.”

It is not a need you see, it is a PERCEIVED need of others you are looking for. If someone doesn’t think they need a new car (even though you see they are driving a clunker), then THEY don’t need one.

These assumptions are why we see so much chest-beating, egocentric marketing messaging out there.

It’s obnoxious and what’s worse, it’s ineffective.

Let me give you a HUGE tip in crafting effective marketing messaging that connects with people on a gut level, grabs their hearts and moves them into action.

First, I ask you this… read more »

SUCCESS CD Interview Follow-up: Jeff Walker

Posted in SUCCESS on September 13th, 2012 by Darren Hardy –

On the October SUCCESS Magazine CD I interviewed Product Launch Formula guru Jeff Walker.

At the end of our interview, when the microphones were turned off, I asked Jeff if he had something else that I could give you—something cool and valuable (remember this post: Never Hurts to Ask!)

He graciously created a training document called: 16 Rules of Internet Marketing.

It’s the most valuable distinctions he’s made about marketing online over his 16 years doing it successfully. In about 16 minutes of reading you get 16 years of

hard earned and expensive lessons learned. Thank you Jeff.

Click link below to read or right-click

to download:
16 Rules of Internet Success

If you listened to the interview on the SUCCESS CD you

heard Jeff talk about how he went from Mr. Mom, with no job and no resume to building a million dollar business. I just watched a video where he walks through exactly what he did on a white board to create that result. If you are interested in the details you can watch that video here, it’s an amazing story. He swears anyone can do the same.

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SUCCESS CD Interview Follow-up: Mike Koenigs

Posted in SUCCESS on August 23rd, 2012 by Darren Hardy –

On the September SUCCESS Magazine CD I interviewed marketing expert Mike canadian pharmacy no prescription Koenigs.

Thankfully, some of you reminded me that I promised to post some supporting information Mike mentioned regarding his 10X10X4 Formula. This is Mike's method for creating compelling videos that drive traffic and convert prospects into buyers online.

Below is a video where Mike walks through the process with a lot of examples.
Additionally, here is a PDF that outlines the process quickly.

I hope this further supports your ever expanding SUCCESS! – Darren Hardy

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Building Your Personal Brand (Pt 1 of 2)

Posted in SUCCESS on August 21st, 2012 by Darren Hardy –

Describe yourself in one word.

What’s the word?

What one word do others use to describe you?

(Don’t know? Ask a few people.)

Is it the same word?

That word is your reputation, your personal brand.

Is that the brand you want and need to accomplish your goals in your marketplace?

If not, that could be what’s holding you back.

The world is changing all around us (noticed yet?). The 40-year

job security is a laughable memory. Pension? Social security? Hilarious!

No, in this day and age YOU have to create your own security. You already know that. That’s why you read this blog and SUCCESS magazine (smart!).

In this whirlwind of change the only thing that is constant and your greatest asset, no matter what the future holds, is your personal brand. It is your only security for

your future.

It’s time we build your brand—the one you want and need for your greater future.

First off, let me dispel what you might think a personal brand is. It is not your business card, brochure, website or magnetic car signs.

Your personal brand is the powerful, clear, positive idea that comes to mind whenever other people think of you. It’s what you stand for—the values, abilities and actions that others associate with you. Your personal brand tells your audience: Who you are, What you do and What makes you different or How you create value for your target market.

Look, here’s the deal… know it or not, like it or not, YOU are a brand.
And you have been shaping your brand since you first started walking and talking.

Every day, through every communication and interaction you have, every room you walk into, every hand you shake, every picture you post, blog you publish, comment you make, tweet, ‘Like’ or Facebook posting you make, you are sculpting your brand. These many thousands of chisel marks ultimately shape the statue that is your personal brand.

So the question becomes, How does your statue look to date? Is it as magnificent as Michelangelo’s David or might you need to improve your sculpting skills, just a bit?

Over the next couple posts I’ll outline a 5-point Game Plan to help you select, develop, package, distribute and reinforce your new, beautiful and compelling brand.

5-Point Personal Brand-Building Game Plan   read more »

DREAM 50 Strategy

Posted in SUCCESS in Action on July 26th, 2012 by Darren Hardy –

Last week we discussed how a BEST

BUYER client can be worth 100 times the average client—and cost you a lot less headaches and wallet aches.

Ultimately, you want to reduce the universe of available prospects down to your DREAM 50.

What’s a “DREAM” client?
Here’s your filter system: Of all the potential client target groups, which is EASY, FAST, and PROFITABLE?

EASY—They are easy to reach, costing you little advertising, marketing, and sales effort.

FAST—When presented with your solution, the value is quickly recognized and they are fast to make a decision and purchase.

PROFITABLE—Once converted, their lifetime value is richly profitable because of their transaction size, upsell purchases, frequency of repeat purchases, and referrals.

With this new narrowed focus, here is a 5-Step Action Plan for targeting your DREAM 50 clients.  read more »