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The Secret Source Code of Achievement

The Secret Source Code of Achievement

Today I am going to give you what I consider THE Secret Source Code of Achievement.

Most people won’t tell you this. Why?

Because one, they don’t know what’s really running their motor.

They THINK it’s for all these projected altruistic motives, but the reality is it is rooted in something much more raw and profound. Read More

WOW Inspiration

WOW Inspiration

Today and here in the U.S. we celebrate Veterans day, a day to honor those courageous souls who put their life on the lines in order to protect their country.

Veterans serve not only as a shining example of bravery, but also of inspiration, which I want to address in this week’s post.

In a culture that is obsessed with measuring talent and ability, we often overlook the importance of inspiration. Read More

The Chase

The Chase

American mythology has us believe that the goal of life is to retire, or that financial freedom means you can now just travel around going from hotel to hotel, lie on beaches and play golf five days a week…

…But that is NOT how achievers are wired.

Let me share with you my own struggle and discovery with this reality:

When I was 28 years old, I sold a company for a very significant sum. Read More

What Could You Do?

What Could You Do?

What could you do if you put your full head, heart and soul into doing great work?

The June issue of SUCCESS features the young maverick entrepreneurs who are influencing our world today and will shape our future.

This isn’t a new phenomenon.

Long before they were born, a 17-year-old started a company from his family’s farm in a little-known place. Read More

How Goal Achieving REALLY Works

I promised you in the last video I would explain the process of how goal setting, and far more important, goal ACHIEVING actually works. This is the mystery of the ‘secret’ REVEALED.

This is how the Law of Attraction really works. It is not some mysterious, esoteric voodoo, as it sometimes sounds like, as it is being described. Read More