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Recruiting ‘But’ Kickers

Posted in SUCCESS on December 4th, 2012 by Darren Hardy –

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In our December issue of SUCCESS, you met the three-foot giant Sean Stephenson—one of the more amazing spirits dancing around our planet today (watch video below for proof).

During my interview with Sean for the SUCCESS CD, Sean talked about needing the right people to help you get off your ‘buts.’

Sean identified them as Frentors, Mentors and Advocates.

To do this, spell out your grand mission, vision and/or purpose in life. If you are still uncertain what that is, write out at least what your biggest goal is for yourself in 2013.

Then identify the people who fit each category.


What friends do you have who are frentors—those people who help, support, encourage and are a positive force for you in moving toward and accomplishing your purpose or big goal? Jim Rohn would call these your associations.

Identify the positive ones, the frentors, and figure out how to spend more time with them and less time with other types of friends, maybe those we can call frenemies.

Frenemies are read more »

Get IN the Game

Posted in SUCCESS on February 8th, 2011 by Darren Hardy –

Get IN Your GameNow that the Super Bowl is over, it’s time to get out of the stands and into the game of YOUR life.

Now I’m all for the spirit, entertainment and release that goes along with cheering on a sports team. At the same time, I do find it odd that many people spend time following and studying the lives of other people more than they do their own.

Again, catching a sporting event when it is on is all good fun; I watched the Super Bowl too (cost me money too – lost a bet with my 'cheese head' editor in chief). What I’m talking about is the investment some people give to the sports and careers other people are playing and living.

Think about it: What if the time you spend…

  • reading the sports page, you read a self-improvement book?
  • listening to sports talk radio, you listen to an instructional CD?
  • watching ESPN or Sports Center, you watch a seminar DVD or read a book?
  • talking about sports scores and players, you talk about your goals and plans to achieve them?
  • playing fantasy sports, you role-play your key skills training?

How would the trade of that time investment change your life scores and statistics? I’m certain it would make YOU victorious… and far happier.

Oh, and let’s not leave out the non-sports fans. What if the time

you spend… read more »

You Cannot Drive Forward Looking in the Rearview Mirror

Posted in SUCCESS on October 27th, 2009 by Darren Hardy –

I saw a horrific scene recently. A passenger car smashed itself half way into the back of a school bus. Thankfully, there were no children on board, but the driver of the car was severely injured. When the driver was interviewed, she was asked what happened and she replied, “I was looking in the rearview mirror.” Doh!

I also see people doing this on the road of their life…

At a dinner party last week, a woman was telling stories of how her former husband had treated her, details about things he said, did or never did. Eventually I asked, “How long have you been divorced?” She replied, “Thirty-six years.” Before this series of tragic stories (she thought to be amusing) she was complaining about not finding ‘Mr. Right’ and being single for 36 years. Doh!

At the same dinner party, another guy told blow-by-blow stories about his high school football glory days and how popular and cool he was ‘back in the day.’ Yet, just earlier that evening he explained he was going to splurge in spite of his doctor’s urgent orders concerning his Type 2 Diabetes (from obesity). He once again was turned down for a job and he hasn’t made a child support payment in six months. (His former wife was the high school head cheerleader). Doh!

Look, there is nothing more damaging to your future potential than read more »

Become an Entrepreneurial Philanthropist

Posted in SUCCESS on September 29th, 2009 by Darren Hardy –

Aid for Africa, The United Way, Save the Whales, PBS, supporting your local jazz station… take your pick. When it comes to making a difference through your charity there is a far better act of philanthropy you can perform—and it doesn’t even require your checkbook.

I attended the star-studded Andre Agassi Grand Slam for Children this weekend where $8 million dollars was raised within a few hours. This got me thinking about philanthropy. Here were some of the items sold to raise money:

• A private dinner prepared at your house by Emeril Lagasse went for $100,000 (twice!);
• A 45-min coaching session by David Beckham, Mia Hamm and Tony Hawk went for $25,000 each;
• A week vacation on a private island went for $125,000; and
• Art pieces sold for over $100,000 each.

The paddle was never raised at our table. It soon became obvious that this level of philanthropy exceeded the allotted commas of my charitable checkbook. And I’ll be candid, I felt a tad inadequate.

A friend of mine later shared with me lessons from The Eight Levels of Charity, written by Maimonides, a 12th-century Jewish philosopher. I’ve summarized them for you here:   read more »

FREE Audio Excerpts — Mark Sanborn

Posted in SUCCESS on September 17th, 2009 by Darren Hardy –

a href=””>This is a continuation (listen to segment #1 here) to the additional audio experts we are releasing from our Mark Sanborn audio interview, originally recorded for our October issue of SUCCESS.

SEGMENT #2 – In this segment Mark discusses why you need to have passion and process in order to be successful.

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SEGMENT #3 –In this segment Mark explains why you need to think beyond your current experiences and influences if you want to achieve greatness.

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Thoughts, comments, raves or reviews of what you heard? Tell me in the comment section below.