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Leading (Way More!) Productive Meetings

Posted in SUCCESS on June 25th, 2013 by Darren Hardy –

CEO Time CrunchNotice the graph on the left.

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Meetings account for ONE-THIRD of a CEO’s entire work life.

This says two things:

  1. Meetings are critical to running an organization.
  2. Improving this one activity can have a huge impact on results.

3-Point Game Plan to (Way More!) Productive Meetings

I think it would be frightening to know exactly how much productive life force is squashed in unproductive, rudderless, meandering, ineffective, blathering, brain-numbing meetings.

Yet, well-organized gatherings of prepared and fully engaged minds can be the most productive activity of your workday.

Here is how to have more victorious meetings: read more »

No More Narcissism

Posted in SUCCESS on January 29th, 2013 by Darren Hardy –

NarcissistAre you an egotistical, arrogant narcissist?

YOU ARE if you can’t delegate.

Delegation requires HUMILITY—recognition that you are not the only competent person in your organization or family.

Here’s the first step to building your humility: Admit what you suck at.

The problem is you think you can do everything better, quicker, simpler than anyone else, so you do it all yourself.

It’s not true, but

you must (arrogantly) think so or you wouldn’t be doing it.

Look, if you want to be a high-achiever you need to give up the activities others can do better than you so you can do what you are gifted to do.

The quality of your life and the quantity

of your achievements come down to one metric read more »

Finding Your Creative Center

Posted in SUCCESS on October 30th, 2012 by Darren Hardy –

The weekend before last, I filmed a video interview with The Voice winner Jermaine Paul.
Watch the interview HERE

You also heard Jermaine discuss his journey on the November SUCCESS CD and perform the release of his new single Everybody.

We all need to perform everyday—sales presentations, job interviews, staff meetings, networking introductions, fundraising pitches, etc.

Imagine performing for a live audience of thousands and a television audience of 10 million, all hanging on every note and pitch of your voice. Imagine battling head to

head with some of the most talented people in the country and being judged by your musical heroes.

How does one prepare for such a feat?

Picture it—The audience is screaming on the other side of the curtain, your competition is pulling off stunning performances and your other competition are tuning their voices, dancing and jumping up and down, trying not to act like the nervous wrecks they are.

How do you find your creative center in that mess?

That is the question I asked Jermaine Paul.

You can watch him give the answer HERE. The short answer is: read more »

Find Your 5

Posted in SUCCESS on June 12th, 2012 by Darren Hardy –

I interviewed renowned psychiatrist Ned Hallowell recently; he  specializes in Attention Deficit Disorder and wrote the book Delivered from Distraction.

He agreed that our overscheduled, overstimulated and overwhelmed culture is conditioning us to become more and more ADD.

As achievers we are especially susceptible to this as we usually become victim of our own ambition and enthusiasm.

I think many of us actually thrive on being busy… to our own detriment.

We want to “feel” like we are high in demand and being productive. But many times it is being busy to be busy, so we run out of time to actually do the difficult or scary work needed to really move the needle on our results and goals.

So here is a challenge I continually take on myself that I now offer to you…

Find your 5

  • There

    are probably five things you have done over the past three days that you

    probably shouldn’t have.

  • Now look forward and find five things you are committed to that you probably shouldn’t be.

Start identifying those things that are causing you to be busy at the sacrifice of being productive.

Find your five things that you will vow to stop doing. Either delegate or delete

them permanently from your task list.

Make this on ongoing challenge for you—to weed your calendar more and more of the tasks, obligations and commitments you should not be allocating your precious time and creative ability toward… 5 items at a time.

What 5 things are you going to delete. Identify them and share you comments below.


Your Competitive Advantage: REST

Posted in SUCCESS on August 16th, 2011 by Darren Hardy –

Refueling the jets… Learning to Value Time Off

By the time you read this I am off on my 10-year wedding anniversary vacation trip through the South of France and Italy. In that honor I am republishing an article I wrote on high-performance productivity a few years back. Enjoy!

How does America regain its supremacy in the productive world?

How do YOU improve your personal productivity?

ANSWER: Go on vacation.

438 million. That is the number of vacation days Americans failed to take in 2007, according to Harris Interactive research group—more than any other industrialized nation.

Here is the result: America ranks No. 1 in depression and mental health problems. Americans are experiencing burnout, reduced productivity, diminished creativity, failed relationships, stress or stress-related ailments such as depression, heart disease or stomach ulcers in record levels.

Our entrenched puritanical conditioning, being valued on how “hard” we work, fear of being replaced or left behind, and our addiction to always being “busy” are actually not only destroying our mental and physical health, but also destroying our creative productivity.

This is especially true in our new global economy, where our advantage and future is read more »