Yes WE Can!

Yes WE Can!

Who is the most important person involved in staging a global economic comeback?

  • The current President of the United States?
  • Whoever the next President is?
  • The Fed Chairman?
  • The U.S. Treasury Secretary?


The most important person for the future of the United States and global economy is YOU—the entrepreneur.

You have heard the statistics before, but they are worth repeating as it shows you the tremendous power and burden YOU have for making an economic recovery possible. Read More

Enough Already!!

No more whining, bitching, moaning, griping and complaining.

At a social function recently, 90 percent of the chitchat I heard were whimpers about the economy, how bad Obama is doing and how much the health care plan sucks, ad nauseam.

Finally, I had heard enough and I blurted out, “In the ‘80’s when the economy was booming, did you get rich?”

“Uh, well, no” answered the small crowd’s speaker. Read More

SUCCESS magazine wants to hear from you!


We are working on our August 2009 issue which is themed – Overcoming Obstacles.

Here is what we want to know… Have these challenging times provided a wake-up call for you? Has it given you a hard, long look in the mirror? What changes has it caused you to make?

Have those changes had a positive impact on your life, such as renewed focus and appreciation for your family, a grounding and strengthening of your relationships, the creation of a more efficient, thus profitable business, a return of attention to your health, the development of a healthier and wiser attitude toward wealth? Read More

Recession Gives Rise to the NEW Wealthy

Strike while the iron is hot! THIS IS the time of greatest opportunity for entrepreneurs.

I am serious – you need to heed this call to action. This is not some Pollyanna, head-in-the-clouds statement – this is a fact of history.


“Old money” failures give way to “new money” opportunities:

Every so often our capital structure “purges” and the existing deck of power, those holding and controlling the wealth, gets reshuffled. Read More

Important Video Messages from Darren Hardy

Important Message 1 — Media Madness

STOP THE INSANITY! It is time to take back control of your brain. You are continually being pumped with fear, worry and anxiety riddled messages. This could be having a profound impact on your creative potential and hindering you in ways you might not even be aware of. Watch the video below now. Read More