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The Dirty Little Secret of High Performers

Posted in SUCCESS on March 4th, 2014 by Darren Hardy –

Anne SweeneyI think that you’ll find this fact shocking:

Most high-performing achievers are lazy.

Yes, LAZY—but they had big dreams and big goals.

To achieve them, they forced disciplines, routines and rituals on themselves.

Ultimately then they produced much, much more than people who didn’t have the same weaknesses but failed to proactively and aggressively build these important discipline systems into their lives.

If you don’t believe me, flip on SportsCenter, where you’ll see that some of the most accomplished athletes of all time—renowned for their strict eating habits, grueling fitness programs and intense training schedules, and now retired (goals accomplished)—have reverted to their more “natural” behavior, habits and discipline. Former National Basketball Association stars Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Charles Barkley quickly come to mind (more, more, more)

And me?
Most people think I’m one of the most disciplined and consistent people they’ve ever known. Which I am.

But I confess that I am naturally quite lazy.

If you question that, just ask my wife.
I’ve had to work at building in the systems, rituals, routines and processes to, well, really, protect myself from myself.

That’s why I’m so good at teaching these systems—because I’m my own neediest client!

I am intensely disciplined in the areas of my life in which I really want results, improvement and success. Outside those areas, well, not as much. I didn’t realize this dichotomy until I started to see the same reality in über-successful people I know and have interviewed. Outside their areas of focus, where they’ve built in routines and proactively developed habits, they’re not as disciplined or hardworking as you’d expect.

You can take away two great insights from learning this dirty little secret about high achievers: read more »

Why You Fail

Posted in SUCCESS on January 21st, 2014 by Darren Hardy –

Several years ago I got the chance to meet and interview a centenarian.

This man immigrated to the United States with his parents from what is now the Ukraine. He grew up in abject poverty, was raised in the basement of another family’s home for most of his childhood, and never even graduated high school. However, despite the odds, this man went on to become extremely wealthy, highly respected and very well loved.

If you know me at all, you know that I was fascinated. This man had achieved the ultimate in success; at over 100 years old, his life was abundant in every way—resources, happiness, health and love. I couldn’t wait to discover how he did it. What super secrets had he discovered in his century on this earth that made this type of success, especially after such humble beginnings, possible?

In preparation for our interview, I requested that he think through his 100 years on the planet and write down all the key lessons, insights, principles and philosophies he believed contributed to his extraordinary success. I encouraged him to spare no detail, suggesting that his writings would become a gift to infinite generations of his own family and humanity as a whole. Certainly, he had lived longer than most, but now was his chance for immortality; I would memorialize and propagate his findings to the millions who would listen so others could experience his level of abundance and happiness.

Yes, I was selling hard!

I wanted the goods—for you, of course (though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want them for myself, too). My appeal seemed to work. He agreed to tell me everything he knew—all 37,000 days and counting of it.

On the day of the interview, I arrived at the man’s home. read more »

Our $50 Million Issue

Posted in SUCCESS on November 5th, 2013 by Darren Hardy –

December 2013 SUCCESSThis issue of SUCCESS is worth $50 million to you.

That’s right, 5-0 MILLION DOLLARS.

How do I know the ideas in this issue are worth that much?

Because this issue reveals secrets about the single skill that earned that amount for one of Silicon Valley’s top venture capitalists—the guy everyone wants to know, the guy everyone picks up the phone for.

You’re thinking, Sure, one of Silicon Valley’s greatest venture capitalists… what does that have to do with me? He’s probably an Ivy League graduate, the son of Silicon Valley royalty or someone who got lucky and threw a couple of bucks at Facebook and rode that wild ride.

Well, that’s wrong on all counts (and this venture capitalist actually passed on Facebook—oops!).

No MBA; no fancy dad whose coattails he could ride on.

This 50-million-dollar man is a former rug dealer.

Yes, a rug dealer. And Pejman Nozad went from rug dealer to mega-millionaire by developing one skill: Networking.

Here are the basics of his story: read more »

I Love the F-Word

Posted in SUCCESS on September 3rd, 2013 by Darren Hardy –

October 2013 SUCCESS MagazineBy f-word I mean FAILURE.
(What did you think I meant?)

Failure is not my friend.
I don’t like failure.

I LOVE it.
And you should, too.

Here’s why.

I first met and fell in love with Failure in the early ’90s, when I got into the real estate business. Back then the market was tough. Really tough. And I was a 20-year-old kid with no experience, no clientele and no credibility while trying to make my mark.

Heck, I wasn’t even old enough to drink. I needed guidance. So when I went to my first seminar, I asked the lecturer to lunch. I wanted to get his best tip for being successful in real estate.

His answer?
“Go fail.” “

Huh?” was my reply.
He elaborated, “Go fail—a lot—and fast.”

I said, “Hey, man (language of a 20-year-old), I thought the whole idea of success was to avoid failure.”

“Quite the opposite,” he replied.
Then he recited a quote by Tom Watson of IBM: “The key to success is read more »

Do You Have a Fat Head?

Posted in SUCCESS on August 6th, 2013 by Darren Hardy –

Marissa Mayer September SUCCESSNorth America has a serious obesity problem (have you noticed?)

Two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight, and a full third are deemed medically obese (ouch!)

What caused this?

Some say it is because our food system has become industrialized, mass-producing an overload of cheap and fatty foods constantly at our fingertips.

Nah, while it doesn’t help, that is not why people get fat.

Look, the food doesn’t fly into people’s mouths unassisted. People have to choose to pick it up and stick it into their face. They could say no thank you and walk on by, as many do—you know, those insufferable lean and fit people (damn them!).

There is another obesity problem taking place here in North America and elsewhere.

This one is less visible but may be even more toxic and deadly to one’s life and potential. read more »