Don’t Trust ‘Experts’

Don’t Trust ‘Experts’

After a keynote training I did this past weekend, a lady came up to me to ask what I thought of Rolfing.

“I don’t enjoy ralphing at all” I quickly responded. Then she explained it was a way to “structurally integrate and manipulate the whole body into gravity.” “Okaaay,” I replied. “Why, do you ask?” She explained she wanted to rise to the top rank of her sales organization so she has been paying a “personal manifestation expert” to train her. Read More

Are You Stuck?

Are You Stuck? I saw something absurd the other day. A highly engineered and specially designed high-performance race car stuck on a 35-mile-an-hour downtown street.

That is not what that car was made for. That is not what its creator (Enzo Ferrari) envisioned for it.

This 6-speed, F140 Aluminum V12, 4700cc engine with 660hp was built to go 0-60 in 3.8 seconds and race at 217 miles an hour (2010 specs). Read More

Life Isn’t All Great

Life Isn’t All Great

I did a keynote presentation for a great company last week called Ingram Micro, a $300+ billion, Fortune 100 company. In my keynote, I discussed:

• How these are the most exciting and opportunity-rich times to be an entrepreneur in all of human history (why that is, statistically).

• How technology is leveling the playing field (redistributing the wealth) between big business and small business, disrupting status quos, control of distribution channels, and direct and immediate access to massive global consumer markets. Read More

Enough Already!!

No more whining, bitching, moaning, griping and complaining.

At a social function recently, 90 percent of the chitchat I heard were whimpers about the economy, how bad Obama is doing and how much the health care plan sucks, ad nauseam.

Finally, I had heard enough and I blurted out, “In the ‘80’s when the economy was booming, did you get rich?”

“Uh, well, no” answered the small crowd’s speaker. Read More

Rise Up and Take Control

This month we want to help you take control of your life. When I was 18 years old, I was invited to a seminar that I believe really flipped on the light switch of my potential. That day, those ideas changed my life forever.

There is one idea in particular I’d like to pass on to you. Read More