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Tortoise vs. Hare. Who Wins? Think Again.

Tortoise vs. Hare. Who Wins? Think Again.

If you read The Compound Effect (hope so!) you know I am a fan of the story of the tortoise and the hare and the lesson it teaches about how hardworking, consistent and steady-paced people (or reptiles) will eventually overtake the fast, talented, experienced but complacent people (or mammals).

Someone recently shared with me an adaptation of the story that makes a poignant leadership point. Read More

Is Wolf Blitzer Hurting America?

During the media tour launching The Compound Effect, CNN asked me to submit an article for their website. So, what do I have to say to CNN? Below is the article I submitted

to my PR team. Even after they begged me to neuter it, to refocus it on 24/7 news (not just CNN and not just the Wolf man), CNN still didn’t have the backbone to publish the critical commentary. Read More

We're all gonna die…

We're all gonna die…

… anyway, so you might as well do some good and help peop

le while you're here.


Today we kickoff our pre-release for The Compound Effect in hardcover (so excited!).

Thousands of testimonials suggest that getting a copy of The Compound Effect into the hands of someone who might not otherwise have found it can be life-changing. Read More

Take the Path of MOST Resistance

Take the Path of MOST Resistance

In The Compound Effect I explain how the results in your life are rooted in one single factor—your choices.

Like it or not, good or bad, your accumulated choices have added up to your current waistline, business success, relationship strength and bank balance.

Your choices created your problems and the only way out of them is to start, and stick to, making new choices. Read More

My Thank YOU Gift

My Thank YOU Gift


treatment for ovarian cysts

I've been agonizing over what would be the perfect gift to give YOU to show my appreciation for all your support of this blog and all the experiences we have shared together.

I thought, instead of giving you a tree, how about giving you some seeds you can plant in the hearts and minds of other people. Read More