Find Your 5

Find Your 5

I interviewed renowned psychiatrist Ned Hallowell recently; he  specializes in Attention Deficit Disorder and wrote the book Delivered from Distraction.

He agreed that our overscheduled, overstimulated and overwhelmed culture is conditioning us to become more and more ADD.

As achievers we are especially susceptible to this as we usually become victim of our own ambition and enthusiasm. Read More

You Are Under ATTACK!

You Are Under ATTACK!

The most disruptive, derailing and productivity-killing force in our lives (continued from Success is Not What You DO) is information overload and your attention is under siege.

In our modern society we all are suffering from information overload… there are more than 2 billion emails sent every day. More than 75 million blog posts are published every day, and 500,000 new books and 400,000 scholarly journals are published each year. Read More

It's Show Time!

I wrote an article for Jeffrey Gitomer’s ezine recently in promotion of his SUCCESS Challenge on the SUCCESS Blog. It’s an article I think you will benefit from too.

I got into real estate when I was only 20 years old. I remember entering an office of 44 veteran agents who all had experienced track records and thick Rolodexes of past clients. Read More

3-Point Game Plan to (Way More!) Productive Meetings

I was interviewed this week by a journalist seeking input on how to schedule and hold more successful meetings. It is a very important topic, so I share these points with you…

I think it would be a frightening statistic to know how much productive life force is squashed in unproductive, rudderless, meandering, ineffective, blathering, brain-numbing meetings. Read More